Waste disposal as an idea for your business

“The West has long understood that ecology is not only a morally important component of human life, not only benefits the environment and health, but can also be a highly profitable business,” says Roman Pukalov, director of environmental programs at the Green Patrol. - The fact is that out of 3. billion tons of solid waste, at best, 10-15% is recycled. Everything else rots and smolders in eleven thousand landfills. In industry, things are a little better. About a third of the waste is processed there, but solid household waste - only 3-4%. "

According to the ecologist, reaching 30-35% of household waste recycling is a quite achievable and even cost-effective task, all that is needed is business support from the municipal authorities. As a rule, landfills are located outside cities, often behind industrial zones, therefore, buildings of abandoned factories can be used for industrial waste processing. The same practice of recycling household waste is used in the West. So in the EU countries, waste processing plants are a mandatory element of waste filtration.

Business plan is the basis for a successful start

In any business, it is important to start right. Business angels, investors, municipal authorities understand this, but aspiring entrepreneurs often rely on personal ingenuity and the Russian "maybe". As a result, there is a high percentage of failed startups in Russia. “Garbage recycling is no exception,” says Arthur Poghosyan, a businessman from the Moscow Region. - I started at the same time with one friend. He burned out, I paid off the investment in eight months. " Consulting agencies, he said, rely in their developments on the experience of foreign companies and on economists who optimize business processes.

Everything is important here: companies that are ready to buy recyclable materials, and the transport component, and support from the authorities, which will simplify obtaining a license from the Ministry of Ecology and permits from "firefighters", and local sanitary services. “The authorities are interested in improving the environment,” says another businessman from the Volga region, Ivan Gordeev. “However, the paperwork can take six months. Largely because of doubts whether the entrepreneur will overcome this burden, will he harm the ecology of the city even more? A high-quality and detailed business plan can become a guarantee of success and even help. "

Production prose of life

There is usually no one-size-fits-all formula for what a waste recycling plant should be. Much depends on the starting capabilities of the entrepreneur. It is believed that production should be located on the one side not far from the landfill, on the other, no closer than 600 meters from residential buildings. Ideally, to negotiate with local utilities on the supply of garbage to the workshop on the municipal waste collection vehicle, thereby reinsure yourself against the claims of environmental services. Otherwise, you will have to purchase specialized trucks.

“The garbage processing shop can be located even in a small room, say in a hangar, with an area of ​​three hundred squares or more,” says Artur Poghosyan. "A covered area is suitable for a warehouse, the main thing is that there are convenient access roads." The equipment can be purchased, both complex and by item. The minimum set of machines includes a sorting line, an electromagnet, a press, a crusher and storage bins. The performance of these mechanisms must be synchronized and supplied with electricity. Their cost starts from 1.5 million rubles. The same Poghosyan does not advise buying imported cars, they say, "ours work no worse and are repaired cheaper."

Social Business

In this business, it is important to properly and systematically organize the sale of recyclable materials. Experts have calculated that the production of finished products from recyclable materials is twice as cheap as from scratch. In addition to direct income from the sale of recyclable materials, such enterprises can receive income from the city authorities.

“Smoldering landfills are a real headache for mayors,” explains Roman Pukalov, director of environmental programs for the Green Patrol. “And often they even turn into political problems, since only those authorities that are concerned about the health of the townspeople will enjoy popular support. In the West, there is a widely developed program of co-financing of such processing plants ”.

*** This business has every reason to be called social, since it reduces the negative impact of solid waste on the ecology of cities, especially those with a population of over one million. This becomes especially relevant with the growing prosperity of the townspeople, who will consume more and more goods and at the same time increase the volume of household waste.

Human activities are associated with the production of large amounts of waste, many of which pose a threat to our planet. Therefore, the business of processing household waste is considered not only profitable, but also useful.

Idea Features

The main feature of this activity is that it does not stop at the stage of waste destruction, but can be continued in the form of organizing mini-factories for recycling. Such businesses generate additional profits.

Another feature of the waste recycling business is the low level of competition. In the CIS countries there is a tendency to expand landfill sites and to bury or incinerate all types of waste products, which is harmful to the environment.

Western Europe has a lot of experience in recycling, but waste recycling as a business in Russia is not yet developed.

The fact that the correct conversion of waste helps protect soil, water and air from pollution encourages the state to support this type of activity by providing grants, interest-free loans or tax incentives to the businessman. The big advantage of this activity is that the organizer does not have a shortage of raw materials.

A mini-factory for sorting and recycling scrap can have a minimum staff, which allows you to reduce salary costs.

Business Profitability

Although the initial investment in organizing a waste conversion enterprise may turn out to be high, experts assess this activity as profitable - up to 25-30% for each ruble (against the background of 12-15% for medium and small entrepreneurs on average Russia).

Those wishing to start a garbage business from scratch must have start-up capital to purchase (or build) the necessary production facilities, rent or purchase transport and hire workers.

The invested funds will pay off in a period of 3 to 5 years with the correct organization of the enterprise.

Main stages when opening

An aspiring entrepreneur who is thinking about where to start a business should come up with a waste recycling business plan. It is necessary to decide whether he wants to build a universal plant for the disposal of all types of waste or is configured for a narrow specialization (conversion of tires, metal, glass, etc.). Regardless of the direction of the enterprise, its activities must be legalized.

Setting up a business at work with recyclable materials is a very profitable business and brings good income with a skillful approach to business. After all, everything that is connected with business always requires the necessary economic and legal knowledge, the availability of initial capital and, of course, a great desire to work.

A man, as the main producer of garbage, will endlessly provide material.

General information

Recyclable materials are waste that can be used for processing and further manufacture of various types of products. Every person in Europe knows that garbage is a secondary raw material, since 80% of this important resource for a number of industries is processed there.

Secondary raw materials are divided by types:

  • Bio waste
  • Waste paper.
  • Glass containers.
  • Tree.
  • Electronics.
  • Building materials.
  • Plastic.
  • Scrap metal.

For the first time, the United States of America thought about garbage recycling. The first recycling plants also appeared there, and the first were ideas about separate waste collection. Even then, enterprising Americans calculated how economically profitable this business was. And how minimal is the cost of creating it.

During the Soviet Union, every student participated in the collection of waste paper and scrap metal. The kids knew that recycled paper preserves the trees that were used to make paper products. Recycling of scrap metal is a less expensive process than obtaining metal from ore and is economically beneficial for metallurgical enterprises.


Relevance of the idea

If you decide to devote yourself to saving the planet from garbage, you can reassure yourself that there will not be a large number of competitors in this business. There are not so many people who want to work with waste, such a business is considered "dirty".

Garbage - problems of ecology and waste disposal. How to open your own garbage business with a budget of 100 thousand rubles.

Garbage is a unique resource: you are willing to pay for both its purchase and sale. Moreover, it is inexhaustible. Each year, each resident produces 300-400 kg of household waste. This means that a city with a population of 1 million people has 300-400 tons of garbage per year. And over time, this number increases. The business idea is based on this.

Relevance of garbage business

A huge amount of household waste has accumulated in Russia, requiring urgent disposal. At the moment, only 1% of solid waste is recycled in the country, and more than 31 billion tons remain unused. Of these billions of tons, about 60% are recyclable and recyclable. These raw materials include paper, metal, glass, polymers, etc. But garbage continues to accumulate in landfills and pollute the environment. Today, the issue of waste disposal, which has become an environmental problem, is discussed at all levels - and, nevertheless, has not yet been resolved. The problem of waste disposal in the 21st century seems ridiculous because at every stage of the process you can make money from almost nothing.

Not so long ago, the garbage business was not considered highly profitable. But now the situation has changed dramatically. Throughout our country there is a huge number of landfills that need to be cleared. The small number of processing plants operating in Russia cannot cope with the scale of work.

A business idea based on waste recycling will not lose its relevance as long as humanity continues to produce it. And this process is unlikely to stop as long as we live as a consumer society.

Advantages and disadvantages of garbage business

It is not uncommon in business articles on garbage recycling to find the opinion that this is an area of ​​low competition, but this is far from the case. The fact that there are few participants in the segment does not mean that few people want to deal with waste recycling. This means that not everyone can get into it.

Since January 2021, Federal Law No. 458-F3 has been in effect, which regulates the procedure for collection and disposal of waste. According to him, certain territories will be served not by commercial organizations, but by regional operators. They are selected on a competitive basis in the last quarter of the year for 10 years. In their competence: to coordinate the work of the management company, to organize the collection, transportation, storage and processing of waste. This law leads to the centralization of business, which intensifies competition. Large players will fight for the place of a regional operator, while medium and small ones will fight for survival. These processes are for new entrants, but will create higher demands on new entrants.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

At the same time, it cannot be said that there is no room for new players in the sphere. You can start your own business, but the market has its own specifics, which can become more complicated with changes in legislation. Therefore, those who want to open such a business on garbage need to constantly keep their finger on the pulse and carefully study everything that happens on the market. You should communicate with other market participants, analyze the actions of competitors, attend events organized by ministries, the executive branch, etc.

Why start a trash business

The problem of garbage disposal remains relevant despite technological progress. With the right approach, you can create a profitable waste business. Recycling reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills or disposed of in an environmentally unsafe manner. At the same time, recyclable materials are a promising source of income.

Waste recycling as a business

Recycling supports the claim that with the right approach you can make money out of waste. This direction is promising and profitable, especially in the Russian Federation.

This is due to the following aspects:

  • There are few processing plants in the country, therefore, there is practically no competition.
  • The amount of garbage generated is gradually increasing.
  • Secondary raw materials are in stable demand due to their cost.

In view of the above factors, a waste processing plant will become an alternative to other popular business ideas in Russia.

Pros and cons of the activity

The main advantage is a positive impact on the ecological situation in the region. By starting a garbage business, you can contribute to protecting the environment.

Other benefits include:

  • Support to local authorities (in matters of financing, finding premises, organizing work).
  • An inexhaustible amount of raw materials.
  • If there is no start-up capital, first open a collection point or processing plant.

The owner should not count on profit in the early period of the enterprise. But after 4-6 months, when the work is established, the business generates income.

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