Vertical garden and sauna on wheels

Vertical Gardens

Idea: to make panels with an irrigation system from natural flowers. This thought was born when the founders of the business, Sergey and Maria, saw a photo of a designer dress made of flowers.

Implemented as:

- The technology was developed by ourselves, - says Sergey Volnykh. - Flowers are planted on a vertical surface in a special fabric that prevents mold and allows the roots to dry out. Then we learned that such structures are being made in Paris, but there are expensive materials. We found our own version. To attract customers, we installed a flower wall in the shopping center, we work with designers. But mostly word of mouth helps. The competitors have a paid service, but we check our flowers for the first months under warranty.

Bath on wheels

Idea: a bathhouse equipped in a truck will come to you both in the city and in the forest. The authors of this idea in Russia are considered to be Barnaul residents Oleg Kochetkov and Igor Chupin, who just wanted to take a steam bath while hiking in the forest.

How it was implemented: the GAZ-66 body was divided into a steam room and a rest room. Today Barnaul residents float for 1 thousand rubles. in hour. And their followers in Izhevsk have engaged in a massive alteration of trucks for those who wish to open their own business. A ready-made bathhouse costs about 400 thousand rubles. It will pay off, as promised, in a year.

Copier machine

Idea: urgently need to make a copy of the document, but nowhere! At such a moment, you will pay half of your kingdom for a copier. Maxim Mozhar and Mikhail Yakovlev understood: they can make money on this when they saw a paid copier machine at a foreign airport.

How we implemented: imported devices turned out to be expensive. But the partners have developed their own copier and set up its production in Russia. Their machine accepts not only coins, but also bills, using the GSM-module, informs the owner about problems and that the paper is running out. Such copiers are willingly put in notary offices, universities, libraries. The company makes it possible for others to earn money - you can buy an automatic machine, install it in a crowded place and collect money. Competitive struggle forced to look for new ideas. As M. Mozhar told "AiF", the new machines are also able to print documents from flash media, scan them and save them.

Almost free restaurant

Idea: ate in a restaurant - pay what you can. Abroad, such cafes are set up as part of charity events or for the sake of experiment. They say that on "free" days, the revenue is even higher than on normal days.

How they did it: opening a similar cafe in Moscow, Ivan Mitin and his friends set a goal to recoup the lease of the premises. But the institution closed down. In their new cafe, visitors pay 2 rubles for space. per minute for the first hour, then - 1 rub. per minute. Tea, biscuits - free of charge, food can be brought with you.

In the real world and the general state of affairs, more and more citizens decide to start their own business. There are many options for becoming an entrepreneur and making a profit. It is impossible to list all the schemes of earnings within the framework of this article. Attention will be paid to options for doing business online. This is the optimal solution in terms of relevance. But more importantly, in order to start your own online business, you do not need a large investment. So what are the most versatile earning ideas in 2021? What can be implemented as quickly as possible, with minimal or no investment? Let's figure it out together.

Benefits of making money online

The Internet has become an integral part of the life of an ordinary modern person. Different types of business ideas that can be implemented online are taking on more and more varied and profitable forms. Among the main advantages of making money on the Internet are:

  • work from any city and anywhere in the world;
  • no office rent;
  • flexible working hours;
  • the possibility of earning additional income without interrupting the main job;
  • a wide range of professional areas.

In order to carry out such an entrepreneurial activity, it is enough to have access to the network, a functional gadget, certain professional skills and abilities in a particular area. Many ideas may require a small investment. But there are many options for how to implement a project to make a profit without any investment.

So let's take a look at the TOP 10 most profitable and low-cost business ideas. Where you need to invest at least the minimum amount, approximate spending will be marked. If there is no mention of money, it can be judged that no investment will be required.

Idea - Online copy center

The essence of this profitable business is quite simple and straightforward, but at the same time it is quite original. Many are faced with the urgent need to print certain documents.

If there is no printer at home, and there is no opportunity to visit the office, contacting the online copy center will be the best solution.

The essence of doing business and making a profit is the following operations:

  • The client sends a file with data by mail - photos, texts, tickets and so on.
  • Printing is in progress.
  • Stapling in progress.
  • Packing and shipping by courier.

These entrepreneurs perform document editing for an additional fee. This is the best idea for a big city. It is enough for an entrepreneur to purchase the necessary equipment and pay for inexpensive advertising. There will be no end of orders.

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