Top 10 business ideas operating in China, but not yet in Russia

Business in China

Most foreign companies register their business in Shanghai or Hong Kong. Learn about the benefits of these economic centers.

The People's Republic of China has long become a world workshop, which produces a significant part of the total world product. However, even taking into account the relatively low cost of labor, a favorable business climate and other advantages, this huge and densely populated country is also a very large sales market.

It is not surprising that many foreign businessmen want to open a company in China. For Russian entrepreneurs, this is, as they say, an unplowed field. However, there are also difficulties that frighten many. Complicated language, unfamiliar traditions, incomprehensible customs and other upcoming difficulties that lie in wait at every turn hold back healthy enthusiasm. So how do you open a company in China? Is it difficult, what will this undertaking cost, what should you be prepared for, where to start? The answers to these and other questions will be presented below, of course, in a very short form.

Which business to open

This refers to the type of property. Registration of a company in China is usually carried out in one of the two most common forms. If a foreigner owns a share in excess of a quarter of the value of the firm, then it receives the status of a "Foreign Invested Enterprise" (FIE for short). In the case of full ownership of a citizen (citizens) of another country, the abbreviation WFOE is added to the name of the company, that is, Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (an enterprise with one hundred percent foreign capital).

The concept of "limited liability company" in China is completely identical to the Russian meaning.

The second popular type of business is partial participation on a par with Chinese partners, that is, JV (joint venture).

The choice of the form of ownership depends on various factors ranging from financial to administrative, as well as on the field of activity of the company being opened. In the PRC, restrictions have been established for the participation of WFOEs, as well as, in some cases, the FIE, in strategically important industries.

How to start a business in China

In addition to the main issue of every businessman, which is the limited financial resources, one more important factor should be taken into account: in the PRC, the state is actively pursuing a regulatory policy, stimulating business activity in the directions it desires.

Over the years, Chinese business has been promising and showing steady growth. This happens not only in traditional spheres. Business in China, which Russia does not have, is also actively helping to strengthen the economy of its eastern neighbor.

business ideas in China, which Russia does not have

Top 10 business ideas successfully implemented in the Middle Kingdom can be useful in Russia in a form adapted for our country, or as an impetus for entrepreneurial thought.

Paid D-Print

In China, the use of 3D printers has become very popular for making souvenirs, toys, teaching aids, and even designer items for customers' orders - cases for smartphones, jewelry. The undoubted advantage of 3D printing is the ability to quickly and efficiently satisfy almost any request of the customer on a modest-sized production area - in an office or, for example, a garage.

The disadvantages of the business include serious initial financial investments - a high-quality printer (namely, this one can become an analogue of a copy center with essentially limitless possibilities) costs about 500 thousand rubles.

Kitchen gloves for cleaning vegetables

Chinese housewives today are eagerly purchasing oven mitts with an abrasive surface that can be used as a potato peeler and vegetable cutter. Russians would certainly not have refused them either - the gloves are made of waterproof material, the contact of vegetables with the skin of the hands is completely excluded.

Other positive points: the product is not traumatic, like, for example, an ordinary kitchen knife, and provides a high-quality result - it cuts a thin layer of skin from beets, zucchini or carrots, and not half of the vegetable, as is the case with most of the devices of a similar purpose known to Russians.

Manufacture of artificial products

An exotic business for Russians in the manufacture of artificial products (cabbage, rice, eggs) in China is actively developing. Such food looks quite natural, but in terms of its nutritional and taste qualities it is a dummy, which is its disadvantage. The white and yolk of an egg, for example, are formed from gelatin, calcium alginate and dyes.

Probably, each of us through social networks has ever received a tempting offer to buy goods from China at a low price, which is an order of magnitude lower than in the city's stores. And, probably, each of us wondered at what price the seller bought the product, if its price is so attractive? In fact, most of the goods produced in China are so cheap that the manufacturer, the reseller in China, and the end seller benefit from the sale. In addition, everyone knows that business ideas related to China are very profitable, because almost any world brands are fakes here, and this applies primarily to clothing.

How to create passive income in 4 days

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More and more often we find popular Chinese goods on the shelves of the store. This is due to the fact that the products of this country are confidently replacing goods from other countries. It is enough to go to the well-known Taobao online store and see the low prices for popular goods that can be ordered from China. Well, if you buy in bulk, the price will be even more tempting. This difference in price will allow for the implementation of business ideas focused on the resale of Chinese clothing. Every year there is a downward trend in the popularity of clothing markets, boutiques and stores thanks to online stores.

How to start a business selling goods from China?

Where can I find a supplier?

First, let's look at the question - how to find a supplier in China and how to conclude a profitable cooperation. Perhaps the easiest and most reliable way is to use the Taobao site. This is a very popular site where you can find yourself a supplier. You can use the Google Chrome browser, where the function of translating the entire page at once is conveniently implemented - this is definitely required.

There are many intermediaries who arrange delivery to the country. There will be no problems with finding an intermediary - the site has various banners where intermediaries offer their services, which, as a rule, cost 10% - 20% of the cost of the goods. The cargo, the value of which is less than 1000 euros, does not need to pay customs duty.

As a rule, parcels reach the addressee in 1-2 months. However, during the period of high volumes of orders, the terms may be shifted, since it will take longer to bring the goods from China during the holidays. Also, the delivery time is influenced by such factors as weather, transport situation, customs clearance, etc.

First, using the Taobao website, you need to find an intermediary. After accepting its terms and concluding a contract with him, you need to create your own website or a group on a social network. It is not necessary to make a preliminary purchase of clothes, since the client can place an order right on your website.

The buyer places an order on your website, on which you have set a favorable price for you. The site or group created by you should have a certain popularity, because in a short period of time you will need to collect several orders from customers and send them to an intermediary. The intermediary must receive an advance payment from you, then you give him links to the goods that your customers have chosen and pay for the delivery in China itself.

How much money does it take to open a Chinese goods store?

the most interesting business ideas

  • Top 20 Business Ideas
  • Digital Cosmetics Store
  • Hotel of the Future
  • Cat Food Subscription <
  • Instagram cafe
  • Automatic clinic
  • Drone to collect floating garbage
  • Pet shop in a former slaughterhouse
  • Curtains for air purification
  • Smart table for feeding babies
  • The most compact electric pump
  • Dough sculptures
  • Compliments for money
  • Cups with cat paw
  • Virtual presenters
  • Self-driving train
  • Lounge boxes
  • Selling videos of luxury living
  • Beauty Stations
  • Cabbage Bouquets
  • Superbook

China is a country of innovations. Every day this country develops new technologies for trade and business. China's perfectly effective non-standard business ideas amaze the whole world! The Chinese are capable of making a popular hit among society out of a completely ordinary thing. The people of China always amaze with their business ideas, since some are completely ordinary, and some excite the mind with their peculiarity and creativity. The article will tell you about 20 new business ideas from China that will not leave people unattended.

Digital cosmetics store

A few years ago, women dreamed of such an innovation as creating a suitable beauty image using the program. Today, this is no longer a dream, this technology has become a reality. There is MAC cosmetics store in Shanghai, which stands out from other stores with the latest technology. Customers are given the opportunity to make a purchase in the interactive center. The procedure is that after entering the store, customers scan their mobile phone in order to register in the MAC WeChat application. This program is the most important attribute in shopping. The program has a built-in virtual mirror that can select the lipstick, eye shadow, blush, mascara that suits the client, and also determines the ideal shade of the foundation.

Buyers have the opportunity to create their own palette options or use existing ones. Wunderman Shanghai is the creator of the store. This company has been observing customers for about six months in order to understand how to make purchases pleasant and interesting.

Thanks to this business idea, the store is popular, as it is heard by many people, and also makes a lot of profit from happy customers.

Hotel of the Future

FlyZoo Future Hotel - "the hotel of the future" has opened in Hangzhou. There is no staff among people in the hotel, live staff are replaced by robots. Robots clean rooms, bring food to visitors, and can perform other functions. Guests can enter the room only using biometric data, that is, when registering a guest, the system takes a picture, with which the person standing at the door of the room is subsequently compared. An interesting technique of the hotel is a smart speaker that regulates the room temperature, lighting contrast, switches TV channels instead of the remote control, and also closes and opens the curtains. The hotel contains about 300 rooms. There is also a restaurant, bar and many other entertainments. In the bar, guests are served by a robot arm. Using any service, guests do not need to pay for it right away, it is added to the cost of living. There is only one way to check out the room - through the mobile application.

Go Inside Alibaba’s FlyZoo Future Hotel

Subscribe to cat food

Subscribing to pet treats is no longer new, but a convenient service for pet owners. There are many young people in China who love to have pets, especially cats. Due to the fact that people work or study, they do not always have time to go to a pet store and often pets are left without treats.

The subscription service is very convenient for cat owners. Mollybox delivers cat food, litter and other goodies to your home every month. This service cuts down the time spent shopping for cat food and keeps pets full. The cat box contains nice treats for your favorite pets. The design and filling of the package are very neat and interesting. The packages are brightly colored with the image of cats. In addition to the addition of food, the box can contain bones, cat toys, leashes, shampoos for cats and much more, so the cat box is interesting not only for cats, but also for their owners.

Since Soviet times, everyone knows that the East is a delicate matter. There are huge differences between European and Asian mentality, and Russian entrepreneurs do not even realize their scale. All would be good, but when doing business in China, it has a very strong impact.

Now China is a huge production site, where the latest world technologies flock, where export-import channels are established and good conditions for business are created

As much as we respect our Chinese friends, this is one of the most controversial countries in terms of doing business. You need to understand that the Chinese are great sellers, and they will try to sell you anything - service, products, even what you don't need. But do not forget that "being dishonest" is a model of their business communication. You will always lose just because you are not from the Chinese side.

To minimize risks, you need to know some rules of doing business in China:

The law in China always works against you

In any country, no matter what parallel it represents (West or East), the law always gives preference to its own. They will not take so much care of you here: the dollar and the euro do not have a special price here, and your market is no longer so large in comparison with the Chinese one.

The law is always on the side of "their"

Even if you are doing everything right, but for reasons beyond your control you suffer losses, then what to do?

  • Behave as if you are a simple foreigner who does not know anything about business at all: Let them explain everything to you on your fingers, the main thing - do not be afraid to ask. Participate in any discussion and stay on top of any conversations.
  • Be extremely precise and simple in your statements.
  • Don't take any steps before you get a perfect sample of your products

Always required

In China, there is no concept of "potential customers in the future"! The principle works here only here and now. None of the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire feed their families with "potential opportunities." Therefore, if you order something through suppliers, never do it over the phone or online. So you leave the production of the product entirely to the discretion of the supplier.

Decide who will conduct the inspection - your representative or local agent

  • Be present yourself or hire someone
  • Control the production yourself
  • If you have hired people, then provide them with strict requirements for verification

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