The correct opening of auto-parsing from scratch: features and nuances of business

The market for used spare parts is developing every year, this is due not only to the increase in the number of vehicles, but also the desire of people to save money. Every car enthusiast sooner or later encounters car breakdowns and when he comes to the store of new auto parts, he finds out that the assembly or individual spare parts are expensive, you can certainly buy not the original, but there are risks that it will not last long, or that due to the installation of such components they can suffer other parts of the car. The way out of this situation is to buy spare parts from auto parsers. They offer, in most cases, original spare parts for adequate money. All you need to do is go to the online bulletin board, select a part, contact the seller and complete the transaction. In this article, we will discuss how to start your own car dismantling business and start making money on it. We will discuss the prospects for this niche and the organizational aspects of starting a business.

Since car dismantling can be done with a minimal budget, there is a fairly high competition in this market segment, you can see this by evaluating the number of ads or by visiting specialized sites for the sale of used spare parts. To take your position in this niche, you can allocate a budget for advertising at the start of your business and concentrate on the most popular brands or models of cars.

Pros and Cons

As in any field of activity, auto dismantling as a business has its advantages and disadvantages, let's take a closer look at them.

  • Small start-up capital.
  • Easy to understand and not too difficult job of dismantling vehicles.
  • Many distribution channels.
  • Ability to work with various types of chassis vehicles.
  • Product demand.
  • Scalability.
  • Return on investment from 1 year.

  • High competition.
  • Difficulties with the correct design of the business.
  • The presence of risks when buying a car after an accident, in terms of the correct performance of the most expensive units.
  • Possibility of returns in the event of a warranty on the part.

In general, this field of activity is interesting and profitable, the main thing here is to learn how to profitably buy a car for disassembly and then quickly sell parts. But there are times when spare parts are sold for 6 to 12 months, but in the end you will definitely be able to sell all the goods from the warehouse, the main thing is to wait for your client.

To stand out from the competition, you can start working with just one make or one car model. So you will significantly reduce the search parameters for a disassembly car and will position yourself with this car. Customers buying one part will know that they will be able to choose the necessary parts for their car in the future with you. The second option is to start dismantling trucks. This is a separate branch of the business, where you can also earn good money and the competition here is much lower, but the conditions for work will be different in terms of the selection of the same premises for a workshop.

Where to start?

It's worth starting with market analysis. First of all, you need to decide on the brand of car with which you will work, look towards the VAG group, or you can look for Korean and Japanese cars.

To analyze the number of certain spare parts, you can go to the bulletin boards and drive a request for a car brand. Next, study what I'm selling, at what price, whether they give guarantees, the number of ad views and other parameters. After compiling a list of car models of interest, you need to go to auto sales sites and look for a car after an accident, or not on the move and see if there is an opportunity to buy such copies.

Auto dismantling as a business in the Russian Federation is quite a promising direction - parts are needed, good original components, which cannot always be obtained at official points of sale.

Next, let's talk openly about whether auto-parsing is promising as a business, how much money is needed to start, and what pitfalls can await a beginner entrepreneur in this niche.

Business Relevance

The peak of auto dismantling as a business came in the 2021s - then "foreign cars" only began to appear in the Russian Federation, it was difficult and very expensive to get original spare parts.

Now there is no such rush with spare parts - car markets, offers from private owners, online stores - getting what you need is not so difficult. Moreover, many have switched from the domestic auto industry to brands of foreign transport.

Nevertheless, in the foreseeable future, the auto-dismantling business is not going to slow down - parts are still needed, and given the fact that many still use Soviet cars, for which new parts are rarely produced, the idea is more than relevant.

Important: before purchasing consumables for disassembly, carry out an analysis to find out which car brands, or rather spare parts for them, are in demand in the region.

Auto Disassembly Varieties

There are two areas of such business:

  • Garage auto dismantling.
  • Spare parts for cars on order.

The number of cars on our roads is only growing, and they all require regular maintenance, and after several years, repairs. Not every car owner will buy a new car every time the components and assemblies of the old bolivar begin to fail, and replacing a part solves the problem. In addition to the natural process of wear and tear of structural elements of a car, frequent accidents play a role. Many motorists also purchase used cars, mainly imported models, which further creates certain difficulties with the purchase of spare parts that may simply not be produced anymore or cost a decent amount. In the absence of an analogue, the original part for the car often has to wait from the manufacturer's country for weeks, or even months.

Recommendations for opening autoparsing.

In such situations, auto dismantling saves, where the motorist can find the spare parts he needs for his car among the offered assortment of parts. Automobile disassembly is the name given to enterprises that buy cars for disassembling them into parts and then selling them for spare parts. The option of purchasing parts in this way is common both in Russia and in the territories of other states. A business, one way or another connected with cars, is always profitable with the correct planning of actions and miscalculation of all the details, and a competently drawn up business plan will help to launch a mechanism that makes a profit. If you are thinking about how to open auto-parsing from scratch, then you should know in advance about all the nuances and pitfalls that may be encountered when implementing a business.

Business Relevance

Even the most reliable components and assemblies of a car wear out over time, so the topic of auto parts will always be relevant. Another thing is that the competition in this business is now quite high. Auto dismantling was at its peak at the turn of the 1990s-2021s, when it was not so easy to get spare parts for a foreign-made car. Now the activity of the auto-parsing business is gradually declining due to the large number of car dealerships, including on the Internet, offering new parts for cars at reasonable prices with delivery in a short time. Sadly, modern cars last much less than car models from the 90s. In the coming years, auto-parsing as a business will not lose its relevance, since even cars of 15-20 years of age still feel good with proper care, the same can be said about car models produced 8-10 years ago. But then it is already doubtful that the cars will have something to disassemble, since manufacturers every year reduce the declared service life.

Before taking decisive steps towards the auto dismantling business, you should consider your own opportunities and risks associated with a lack of demand for specific car parts. The payback of the business of dismantling a car for parts and its timing directly depend on the chosen location for the organization of auto dismantling, the relevance of the product, the quality of the services provided and the campaign to attract customers. It is necessary to thoroughly analyze the market, assess the level of competition, and also identify demand in existing directions.

Varieties of auto dismantling

Depending on the chosen disassembly option, the costs and the specifics of organizing and running a business differ.

Garage Auto Dismantling

The business is carried out according to a simple principle, which involves buying a car (bat, old, etc.) at the price of scrap metal, followed by disassembly by screw and sale of spare parts. You can help out on auto-parsing three times more costs. The advantages of a way to organize a business are:

  • High profitability (earnings from each disassembled car will be 150-300%);
  • Minimum initial investment (if you have a garage, you can start from 50,000 rubles, spent on buying a car for analysis);
  • Use of the premises for the purpose of additional services.

Investments Profit Payback 1. 07.00200.00 per month9 months

Now I am the owner of a large car service, but recently I was engaged in auto dismantling, so I can share my experience.

I want to say right away that you need to work only with foreign cars, only then can you make good money. You will tinker a lot with domestic cars, work, and earn too little in the end.

Brands that I could recommend if you are going to open your auto-breakdown:

These are the most popular brands and I only dealt with them.

If we talk about the financial component of business, then here it is quite possible to earn 150-200 thousand rubles a month. Most importantly, take care of who and how to sell the parts. Also, do not warm up the fifth point on the windowsill and wait for all the details to be sold out from you. Dismantled one car, great, it's time to look for money and disassemble the next one. Sooner or later, all the parts will be sold, the main thing is to constantly look for someone to sell them to.

I've been doing auto dismantling for 5 years and eventually the business grew into a full-fledged auto service.

Studying at the university for three years and at the same time earning money, I saved up for a car. I saved 900.00 rubles. I really wanted to buy some BMW, not the first freshness. I ended up buying three cars, but not a BMW and not on the move. This is how my story in this business began.

I thought that owning a car is very good, but after university I will need to somehow arrange my life and BMW will not help me in this case. Therefore, at the beginning of the fourth year, it was decided to open my own small business. In the first semester, I bought an old Ford, Opel and Volkswagen and took them apart for half a year.

After the new year, I had to write a diploma, it took a lot of time, I could no longer tinker in the garage, and all the cars were dismantled, but there was no new money. It was decided that it was high time to actively look for clients. Every day I spent at least an hour and a half looking for buyers. I climbed various message boards, tried to order contextual advertising, even created my own website.

Luck turned to face me and I began to slowly sell my parts. I analyzed which methods of attracting customers worked best and paid attention to them. As a result, by the time I defended my diploma, I sold all the parts, earned 1. 50. 00 rubles in revenue and 450. 00 rubles in net profit. Of course, I bought more cars and continued to do so. I work alone now, but in the future I plan to assemble a large team and rent a warehouse for spare parts.

Do not forget to send your photo and name at your discretion ????

The organization of auto dismantling is becoming a popular type of business. In these materials, we will prove it to you. We will also provide information on the main ways of generating income in this direction, how to open a business and what is required for this. In addition, a step-by-step recommendation will be given on how to set up an auto-dismantling business.

In the 2021s, car dismantling was one of the hallmarks of automotive life. Before the introduction in 2021 of "draconian" duties on the import of used cars from abroad, millions of "five" BMWs in 34 bodies or right-hand drive Toyota Mark IIs "wandered" across the Russian expanses, which clearly demonstrated to the average post-Soviet citizen what real comfort is. They almost buried the domestic auto industry. Even its new representatives had practically no advantages over the 10-year-old "German" or "Japanese".

Original spare parts were quite expensive, auto parts stores for foreign cars have not yet sprung up like mushrooms, unlike in the 2021s. These were the only downsides to owning a foreign car. They rescued auto dismantlers, which offered any used spare parts - from hover parts to engines - at affordable prices.

Varieties of auto dismantling

There are two types of showdowns that require different start-up capital and differ in the specifics of doing business.

Option Garage Disassembly

The principle of its operation is simple - buy a damaged or faulty car at the price of scrap metal and disassemble it into parts that can be sold separately. The profitability is quite high: from 150 to 300%. Having bought a car for 50 thousand rubles, you can sell its remains for 100-150 thousand.

  • High profitability.
  • The minimum amount for entering the market (if there is a garage, from 45-50 thousand rubles). You can start with the cheap segment ("Germans", "Japanese" of the 1990s) and gradually move into the "expensive" category.
  • The room can be used in parallel as a garage service (do not forget to indicate the appropriate OKVED when registering).

  • Unpredictable payback period for even one machine. Parts can sit in the garage for years.
  • One garage will become small very quickly. It is advisable to enter the market with your own house with land of 10 acres or more, or the ability to purchase or rent several adjacent garages.
  • Large "dead balance" (spare parts that can no longer be sold). Previously, it included body parts, since foreign cars did not rot until 12-13 years old. Today, due to the age of the cars of the 90s and the "quality" of half of the cars of the 2021s, bodywork is scattered like cakes.

Option Delivery of used spare parts to order

This direction has always been considered "elite", since the profitability was striving for crazy numbers: from 500 to 1500%. Moreover, the work was carried out and is being carried out exclusively to order with an advance payment, which completely eliminates risks.

The essence is as follows: receive an order for the supply of a part (usually - large size: engine, gearbox, original sports suspension assembly) from Europe or Japan, buy it at a bargain price at the "car graveyard" and sell with a 30-50-fold markup.

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