Suburban construction: business organization

Construction and finishing works are profitable in any state of the economy. People always need housing and they constantly want to improve it.

In this article we will look at all aspects of starting a construction company from scratch. We will start by choosing a field of activity, draw up a business plan, calculate costs. We will tell you how to look for clients.

  • 1 How to start a construction business
    • 1. 1. Choosing a direction of activity
    • 1. 2. Registration of a construction business
    • 1. 3. Joining an SRO (if you decide to play high)
  • 2 How to draw up a business plan for a construction company
    • 2. How much money is needed to open a construction company
    • 2. How much can you earn with a construction company
    • 2. Recruitment
    • 2. Searching for clients for a construction company
    • 2. Advantages of the construction business
    • 2. Cons of the construction business
    • 2. How to come up with a name for a construction company

How to start a construction business

No one will give a large order to a company without a name and experience, they will not risk money, that is, to receive a large order, you will need to significantly lower the price tag of your work so that this order is not given to the company with a name and recommendations. In the construction business, as well as in many others, in addition to the price list for the work performed, the factor of "word of mouth" and "first you work on the book ..." is very strong.

Choosing a line of business

70% of all profits revolve around the construction of new facilities, but as mentioned above, such an order will be difficult to obtain without a good name. The main points you need to understand for yourself:

For a start, it's better to open a company for the repair and decoration of premises. This type of activity has several advantages:

Do not forget that it is much easier for a young firm with no experience to receive an order for finishing than for construction.

Any line of business can be supplemented and expanded. In addition to the main case, you can:

This way you are independent of the state of affairs in one particular industry and avoid downtime. After all, many construction works are seasonal.

Registration of a construction business

  • 1 Liquidity of the business line
  • 2 How to start building a cottage community
  • 3 Who draws up the main document?
  • 4 Ways to implement a business project for the construction of a cottage village
  • 5 How much can you earn
  • 6 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 7 How to choose equipment
  • 8 What OKVED must be indicated for the construction of a cottage community
  • 9 What documents are needed to open
  • 10 What taxation system to choose for the construction of a cottage community
  • 11 You need whether permission to open
  • 12 Business Technology

The current state of affairs dictates its own conditions for successful entrepreneurship.

If the period of perestroika allowed starting a business with minimal investment without much effort, today it is required to make difficult decisions affecting not only financial aspects, but also intellectual aspects.

Currently, the main niches that serve as a successful start for doing business have been mastered.

Therefore, businessmen have to look for new ways of further development, for example, business ideas related to the development of a cottage residential complex, any commercial real estate are quite profitable.

However, such areas are financially intensive and highly profitable.

There are several successful business areas that have not lost their relevance over the years:

  • real estate market;
  • service sector;
  • communications;
  • production of various goods, both small and and a large enterprise.

Liquidity of the business line

Which direction of entrepreneurship is the most liquid:

The most liquid and short-term of all four presented areas is residential or non-residential real estate.

The demand for this type of goods has been and remains quite high.

Another issue is the cost of space, depending on the type of building. The high price tag makes housing unaffordable for the average person.

Statistics show that private households account for about a quarter of all housing commissioned in the Russian Federation It follows that the construction of houses for sale can be a promising and profitable idea.

We will calculate the required initial investment in the construction business. In order to start making money selling houses, you will need:

  • register a business - from 5,000 rubles;
  • purchase the necessary tool - an average of 1,000,000 rubles;
  • purchase special equipment - on average 10,000,000 rubles;
  • rent production and office premises - about 300,000 rubles;
  • organize an advertising campaign - from 100,000 rubles.

According to the most rough estimates, your primary expenses for setting up a business may amount to 11-13 million rubles. You can significantly save on the biggest expense item - the purchase of special equipment, if necessary, rent it. Practice shows that the initial investment pays off within a year.

The construction business can be implemented in different ways. Let's consider the most interesting ideas.

Construction of floating houses

The idea was born in Holland in the middle of the last century. However, the construction of floating houses became widespread only at the beginning of the XXI century. Their appearance is associated with the problem of overpopulation in large cities.

Design Features

Typically, such a house is a two-story panel structure. Buoyancy of the structure

attached by pontoons. The frame is made of a metal corner. Sheathing boards can be wooden or plastic. After assembly, the house needs to be insulated, and also equipped with the necessary communications:

Suburban construction today is one of the modern business trends, which is associated with the desire of urban residents to be closer to nature. You can use this feature with considerable benefit by opening a suburban construction business, including with the use of pile-screw foundation technologies.

Distinctive features of suburban construction: rules, technologies

In connection with the emergence of a new prestigious industry in construction related to the construction of country houses, entrepreneurs starting a business in this area should know some important features.

Country houses today are considered a prestigious acquisition, in addition, they provide an opportunity for a city dweller to change the environment, being closer to nature. This factor is responsible for the growing interest in housing outside the city. According to modern forecasts, in the near future, the demand for country houses will only increase, so the establishment of a business for their construction will become a profitable, quickly payback idea.

In the video: How to start your own construction business

Starting to do business, you should immediately decide on the construction methods in which the new company will specialize. So, the pile-screw foundation can be considered the optimal solution for today. Such a foundation is created by screwing screw piles into the ground at a level below the passage of groundwater. The main advantages due to which most customers choose this type of foundation for their homes will be the following:

  • high quality, strength and reliability of the foundation;
  • low cost of work;
  • no need to use special equipment to create a foundation of this kind; <
  • insensitivity of the foundation to weather conditions and other negative factors;
  • long service life.

In comparison with the strip foundation, the pile-screw version turns out to be much cheaper - the savings can reach 50%, and it will also be more unpretentious to the action of natural factors.

In the video: How to start building affordable cottages

A start-up construction company can significantly reduce the start-up investment by choosing the pile-screw foundation method. In addition, such a construction technology will minimize the process of building a house: in a few months you can put into operation a finished cottage, having received a significant profit.

It is necessary to start the establishment of a construction company by studying the selected topic and analyzing the existing market. It is desirable that the owner of the company himself has a specialized education and relevant experience in this area.

The following is an overview of supply and demand, selection of a suitable site that will be used for construction. Before purchasing a land plot, you should make sure that it will suit future customers geographically: a small distance from the city, the availability of infrastructure and the availability of a convenient transport interchange are desirable. Having decided on the site on which the building will be carried out, it is worth contacting specialists in the field of geodesy to make sure the quality of the soil and the ability to build.

Over 200 thousand country houses are commissioned in Russia every year. This fact makes the cottage construction business attractive. After all, the demand for the services of such firms is very high. Nevertheless, the competition here is not low, and the lack of domestic labor is compensated for by state workers. Therefore, you need to start competently, taking into account the different risks and characteristics of this field of activity.

Home construction business: general characteristics

Such a company is simply engaged in construction work. The range of services can be different - from the construction of modular structures to the construction of a fundamental traditional cottage. The company can carry out and conduct:

  • complex construction;
  • reconstruction of houses;
  • annex or superstructure;
  • assembly or demolition of a building.

Such a business can be started from scratch at your own expense or at the expense of the customer's money allocated as an advance on the basis of the concluded agreement. A common solution is to subcontract some of the work.

Requirements for a construction company

Setting up a business in the construction of country houses usually does not require special education or other additional conditions. Anyone can create such a company. Professional knowledge and practical experience make it easier to do business and can be a guarantee of its prosperity.

Who can contact a company where the owner does not have the appropriate knowledge and qualifications? This also applies to the hiring of workers. An entrepreneur must know how his employees perform contract work.

Exception - all necessary functions are performed by hired personnel with appropriate qualifications. But this approach is unprofitable for the following reasons:

  • Substantial additional costs. More space in the office will be required, the monthly payroll (payroll) will grow by 40-60 tons. and more per employee;
  • Low efficiency. A business owner who understands sales and performance of work, sells services (it is desirable for him to do this during the formation of the business) much more efficiently, potential buyers close for sale 2-3 times more often;
  • High risk of customer withdrawal ... Managers can refer leads to other firms for a percentage of the deal. Often they create their own firms on the model of the employer, and at his expense they are provided with orders.

Certain construction activities require an independent technical permit. If all the requirements of the licensee are fulfilled (relevant education, qualifications, material and technical base), you can apply for the corresponding licenses. They will enable the company to perform the necessary technical functions in construction.

But getting a license will require some effort and expense - time and money. A sensible alternative is to hire appropriate professionals from self-regulatory organizations for jobs that require a license. They have already issued permits to carry out such work.

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