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Thank you very much, it was very interesting! I was for the first time and was a little embarrassed, because I did not understand how the program works, but as a result I liked everything. I met pleasant and interesting people, tasted delicious dishes, and talked. I am very pleased, I will come again!

Increasingly, the world is discovering Kazakhstan as an attractive platform for investment and business development. The ZagraNitsa portal brought out the basic constants: why it is worth going to Kazakhstan for work and why it is worth staying, what attracts the country of the Silk Road and what kind of business climate prevails there

Ease of registering a business in Kazakhstan

Business registration in the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the simplest in the world. New in 2021 - the abolition of the state duty for registration of small and medium-sized enterprises. By the way, the authorized capital is also zero. For registration, a passport, an individual tax code (for individuals) or constituent documents (for legal entities) will be enough. No translation or apostille is required for documents from the CIS countries. Decided - and opened!

We have already written step-by-step instructions on how to open a business in the Republic of Kazakhstan: read here.

Taxes - minus!

Of course, the first thing that interests a novice entrepreneur is the country's tax system. In Kazakhstan, in this sense, there is democracy and the absence of inconceivable extortions: 0% or 12% VAT, corporate income tax - 15-20%, insurance premiums - 11%.

In addition to the above mentioned moderation of state taxes, there are special economic zones, of which there are a dozen in total. They have their own specialization:

NINT (Atyrau), Pavlodar, Khimpark Taraz (investment size - about $ 50 million) specialize in the development of projects in the chemical, petrochemical industry;

Saryarka (Karaganda) with an investment of about $ 3.2 million - implements projects in the field of technological processes (development of the mining sector, agro-industry, metallurgy, metalworking);

PIT (Almaty), with investments of about $ 700 million - implements information technology, telecommunications and communications, electronics, instrument making;

"Khorgos - Eastern Gate" (Almaty region) - food production, logistics and warehousing, textile production, design and construction of buildings;

Learn to do business from the comfort of your home

Forbes columnist about the new program. z told the director of the department of training and service support of the "Damu" Fund in Almaty Andrey Romanov.

How a student can become a successful businessman

F: Andrey Anatolyevich, Damu is already providing entrepreneurs, including non-financial support within the framework of the Business Road Map 2021 program. In particular, the fund trains top managers of SMEs, helps companies establish business ties with foreign partners, and assists in attracting external consultants to enterprises. Why did you need to create a new program?

- Already working instruments of non-financial support are designed primarily for existing entrepreneurs. And in the new program, the emphasis is on assisting citizens who are just going to do business, start-up entrepreneurs. We want to help them put their business ideas into practice.

F: Like for example?

- One of the new tools is help in starting your first business. All citizens over the age of 18 can participate in this project. With an idea of ​​their business, they can contact any Entrepreneurship Service Center (CSP) "Damu". There, from the collected applications, the best projects in the region will be selected every quarter, and their authors will be offered training.

F: And where will future entrepreneurs get their knowledge?

- Everything will depend on the region. Somewhere with the participants, the trainers will contact "live". Someone will receive video tutorials. And somewhere the training will take place online - this is also a requirement of the time. Modern technologies allow you to take the course without leaving your home, saving money and time.

Lessons will be directly linked to practice. For example, in the morning a businessman will take a course on how to open his own IE. He will immediately receive a task - in fact, to register as an individual entrepreneur. From the lesson he already knows: you need to take an identity card, go to the public service center, choose the code of the economic activity that he will be engaged in. After receiving a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur, the entrepreneur reports to the mentor. The next day, the student takes a new course - for example, how to open a bank account. And then he receives the appropriate task. The next lesson is how to make a business card site for your business, and so on.

READY BUSINESS from 55.00 ₽ * Healthy lifestyle and nutrition, especially today, are actively gaining momentum, and now, while this niche is still practically free, we invite you to join our project in order to achieve success together by catching new trend. render completely.

We invite you to take the path of proper nutrition and benefit people, doing something useful for society and making money! Our company offers a wide range of dishes, most of which are completely exclusive, which favorably distinguishes us from our competitors.

1. Recognizable brand 2. We cooperate with Yandex. and Delivery-club 3. Help in finding clients 4. Ready-made design of printing (business cards, leaflets, stickers) 5. Promoted pages in social networks 6. Business development strategy worked out in practice 7. Ready recipes (exclusive dishes) 8. Video training , master classes on cooking 9. Providing branded clothing 10. Contacts of suppliers of available products 11. Business cards, leaflets 1000 pcs., stickers 500 pcs., menus and packaging for the first time 12. We help in finding partners for the sale of the product (yoga and fitness centers ) 13. Continuous support, training on self-development and business development. Holding joint meetings, discussing and implementing new ideas in branches throughout Russia

Our representative office in Kazan is actively gaining momentum, branches have been opened in Moscow, Saratov and Ulyanovsk. In the near future there will be an opening in the city of Ufa and the city of Ryazan. For all questions you are interested in, dial Trubnikova Alexander +79033077869 WhatsApp, founder of Vegtaste.

IMPORTANT: There can be no more than one representative office in one city

The cost of the franchise directly depends on the number of people in your city:

300,000 ₽ - cities over 1,000,000 people. 150,000 rubles - cities over 500,000 people. 99,000 rubles - cities with less than 500,000 people. 55,000 rubles - cities with less than 100,000 people. Payment by installments possible

+ ADDITIONAL INVESTMENTS / investments in opening a kitchen, hiring staff, etc. /

from 30,000 ₽ - home cooking from 300,000 ₽ - cafe for delivery from 600,000 ₽ - restaurant + delivery

ROYALTY / uniform for any city, grace periods are possible /

Many people dream of starting their own business. However, the main obstacle for most is the lack of start-up capital. And launching a business using loans received from a bank is a double risk. To support start-up entrepreneurs, the state launched the "Enbek" program, within the framework of which it is possible to receive a gratuitous grant in the amount of more than half a million tenge. Learn more about how to get a grant, under what conditions it is issued, whether you need to return the funds later and where to go to receive money ...

Who provides grants and why?

By the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 919 dated 29. 2. 016, the "Program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship" Enbek "for 2021-2021 was approved. The program includes several areas, the development of which is designed to help Kazakhstanis to obtain professional qualifications in demanded professions, if necessary, to retrain or organize their own business.

One of these areas is the development of mass entrepreneurship (II direction of the program), within the framework of the Bastau Business project (one of the components of the Enbek program).

The essence of the project is to teach those who want the basics of entrepreneurship, and then to finance the start of their own business. The program as a whole and the Bastau Business project itself are funded by the state. Operators of this direction are:

  • Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • regional employment centers;
  • social welfare departments of akimats.

  • project participants are required to undergo preliminary profile training or training in the basics of entrepreneurship at special courses organized by the Employment Centers (including at the Atameken Chamber);
    • after receiving a certificate of completion of training, participants are required to protect the business project of their future business;
    • as a start-up capital for starting their own business, those who successfully defended are given a gratuitous state a grant in the amount of 100 (277,800 tenge) to 200 MCI (555,600 tenge);
    • for a year, a beginner entrepreneur is supervised by the regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, helping in the implementation of a business project ...

    Please note that a government grant is not a loan for business development. It does not need to be returned, no interest is required. The only condition for the allocation of money is the use of funds for their intended purpose - to organize their own business.

    Who can get a grant?

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