Sports business development

Increasing the number and share of small and medium-sized businesses in the economy, including in the field of sports, is currently a state priority.

In 2021, the President signed Decree of the Russian Federation No. 204, which sets out national goals and strategic objectives, as well as the need to develop mass sports. This is practically impossible to implement without promoting sports entrepreneurship, therefore the state provides support to businessmen providing services in this area.

What benefits can you expect

Many constituent entities of the Russian Federation provide tax benefits to institutions of physical culture and sports. Also, the Ministry of Sports is now developing possible mechanisms for supporting investment projects in this area: it is planned to provide subsidies for the creation and operation of facilities to investors.

In addition, the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses "Support of Russia" is creating a special specialized committee on the sports industry. It aims to help fitness ‒ operators and manufacturers of sports equipment with support and public ‒ private partnerships at the federal level. Modern regulatory requirements and professional standards of the fitness industry are also being developed (for example, the inclusion of such concepts as “fitness ‒ trainer” in OKVED). Also, a project is being developed for package offers from the largest state and private investors for the sports health sector with a reduced threshold (from 100 million rubles).

Through the efforts of this organization, an online portal “For Business” was organized to receive complaints from entrepreneurs against regulatory authorities. It is supervised by the Prosecutor General's Office, the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

From January 1, 2021, amendments proposed by the Ministry of Economic Development came into force to include sports institutions in the list of those for the financial support of which businesses will receive a tax deduction.

Each region also has a program of grants and competitions for small and medium-sized businesses. Projects related to mass sports are often considered first and foremost because of their public importance. Competitions can be monitored on the Federal Portal of Small and Medium Enterprises, for this in the section "Support for regions" you need to select the site of your region and find up-to-date information on existing grants.

The National Center for Public ‒ Private Partnership has been established to help implement projects for the development of public infrastructure. Supporting projects for the creation of sports institutions is one of its priority tasks: an expert assessment of the project is provided, assistance in its implementation and attraction of partners, conferences and training programs are held.

In addition to material support, the state also provides consulting and educational support. Each region has its own program, for example, in the Moscow region, the municipal centers "My Business" are actively opening. they not only answer all available questions, but also help to draw up documents for free, get federal, regional or municipal support, including material support, and also find a room or site.

Foreign experience

Kozubenko Lyubov Konstantinovna

If you are the type of person who can boast of having a sports experience, then starting your own business with the same topic can be an excellent option for making a profit. If you have experience and connections, it is quite possible to organize your own business, which will have a sports or similar orientation.

This article provides a list of the most interesting businesses that are ideal for an athlete. Among them, attention should be paid to the following.

What kind of business an athlete can organize

Zipline attraction

Zipline is a special extreme attraction, the scheme of its action involves downhill using a steel rope. The main problem is finding a really suitable place (here you should give preference to a hilly and picturesque area).

Since the descent itself takes approximately 30-55 seconds, the zipline itself has a fairly high throughput. Analyzing the pricing policy, we can conclude that the average price of one descent will fluctuate around 400-1300 rubles. Therefore, this idea is distinguished by a fairly quick payback and high profitability immediately after the start of operation.

Parachute Club

To open a full-fledged skydiving club, you should remember about the need for large financial investments. A certain capital is very important even if you are going to open only the school itself, where there will be no personal simulators, as well as full-fledged air bases.

It is also worth noting that this type of business, for the most part, is not opened in order to receive high income. It is rather a personal desire of the person himself, the area in which he wants to work, because it brings him pleasure.

Despite the rather high cost of parachuting, it is characterized by not very high profitability, it is usually about 10%. This is due to the fact that the very cost of one jump is quite expensive. Therefore, setting a high margin is almost impossible.

Zorbing Center

The sports business can become a profitable field of activity for a novice businessman. In the modern world, more than ever, the question of leading a correct lifestyle has become relevant. Everyone wants to be slim and fit. And sport is such a diverse field of activity that you can do anything. Opening various sections, hosting sports events or selling sports equipment - all this brings good profits. To make good money on such a business, you need to familiarize yourself with all the nuances of its organization. This will be discussed later in the article.

Gym Organization

One of the lucrative sports business options is opening a gym. Since most sports complexes open in the central parts of the city, you can find your consumer in residential areas. The fashion for the right way of life is developing, which means that the opening of a sports hall does not lose its relevance. The main disadvantage of this form of entrepreneurial activity is the need for large investments.

Where to start?

To open a gym, you must select the form of organization for its official registration. The best option would be to register an individual business.

The next step is to choose a location for the gym. The room must be chosen with an area of ​​at least 200 sq. ... This will be enough to organize a free area for weights, set up exercise equipment, and decorate changing rooms with showers.

Further, it is necessary to equip the gym and provide it with the necessary equipment. The amount of investments for this can be about 1.2 million rubles. To equip the gym, you need to do the following:

  • Design changing rooms and showers (separately for women and men). Installation of furniture, showers and toilets will cost about 300 thousand rubles.
  • Check out the reception. Signs, racks and special furniture will cost 100 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase sports equipment (horizontal bars, pancakes, etc.). It is necessary to allocate about 200 thousand rubles for this.
  • The purchase of various exercise equipment for all muscle groups will cost at least 600 thousand rubles.

The next stage of opening the gym will be staff recruitment. To do this, you need to hire at least 5 employees:

  • Senior administrator who will manage the entire room, keep financial records, etc. His salary can be about 40 thousand rubles.
  • The junior administrator who will handle the work with clients. His salary will be 20 thousand rubles.
  • First aid worker. He may need a salary of 15 thousand rubles.
  • A professional trainer who can work with beginners, draw up nutrition programs, etc. His salary will be about 20 thousand rubles.
  • Cleaning lady. Her labor can be paid in the amount of 15 thousand rubles.

Athletic achievement often comes with a lot of money. Having their own small business in sports can significantly help novice athletes turn their favorite business into a means of earning money for special meals, pay for the gym, equipment and much more.

Gym Organization

One of the most popular small sports business ideas from the 90s. In those days, in the complete absence of fitness centers, such semi-basement "simulators" were the only place where you could pump muscles and communicate with like-minded people.

Nowadays, with the widespread use of private fitness centers and fitness centers, a small gym may simply not be able to compete if it is not located away from major competitors (a small city or a remote urban area) or has an attractive pricing policy. Or you should use non-pricing techniques to attract customers.

Large investments in the creation of the hall will not be required. Renting a suitable premises, its equipment and the purchase of exercise equipment, barbells, dumbbells are the main expenses. You can save on inventory by renting it or purchasing used exercise equipment.

  • personal consultations with a coach and drawing up an individual training program;
  • revenue from a sports bar;
  • sales of sports magazines, books, films; <
  • trade in sportswear and accessories;
  • placement of third-party advertisements.

Organization of the sports section

This is a good small business in sports with minimal initial investment. The sports section at school is a simple entrepreneurship. Agreeing with the administration of an educational institution about renting a gym in the evenings is a completely feasible task for everyone. The rent is usually deducted monthly from the collected money.

It is easier to train adults, but organizing such a business is more difficult and costly. The sports space will have to be rented only in special complexes, and the qualifications of the coach will become a key factor in attracting clients.

Sale of sports nutrition

The correct organization of the diet is the basis for the success of any athlete. But modern high-performance sport is impossible without food created specifically for athletes. Proteins, vitamin-mineral and fat-burning complexes, amino acids - all this is important in modern sports.

Sergey Bragin worked as an engineer in Arkhangelsk for eight years before moving to Ryazan, where he decided to fulfill his old dream - he opened a sports and acrobatic center with a social bias. Subsequently, his club "Acrobat" merged with another sports center. Why?

Sergey Bragin told Kontur. essay on how a social project can survive in a highly competitive environment and what participation in entrepreneurship support programs gives.

Thirst for Change

Before moving to Ryazan, I lived in Arkhangelsk, where at 22 I got acquainted with capoeira, a Brazilian martial arts. There are many acrobatic elements in this sport, and in order to practice them, you need a safe and comfortable environment. Several years ago in Arkhangelsk there were few halls and grounds where one could study in peace.

I was thinking about opening my own sports and acrobatic club in the city - just a hall with a soft floor, then there was no talk of trampolines. I spied the idea in Rostov-on-Don, where there is a sports center where people with health problems train for free.

I wanted to create a sports club with an emphasis on acrobatics when I was in my final year at university in engineering. Then I myself was fond of acrobatics and admired my colleagues, who were surprisingly good at controlling their bodies. Nevertheless, after that I worked as an engineer for almost eight years.

With the birth of my child, I realized that I want to change my life and work with people, not machines. I read books, attended trainings and started teaching capoeira as a coach.

For several years I had the dream of opening my own sports center and at the same time worked as a mechanic, engineer, master-inspector - repairing and servicing cars. It turned out that I was serving someone else's dream. At first I liked my work, but later from the monotonous activities I got bored.

Since I was 12, I have admired capoeira - a Brazilian martial art that I first saw in the movie "Only the Strongest" with Marc Dogascas. In Arkhangelsk, those who practiced capoeira were treated as a suspicious sect - we danced, sang in a foreign language, played unusual musical instruments. Thanks to capoeira, I met my wife and found friends.

In 2021, my future wife and I moved to Ryazan away from the cold for a new life. We were driven by a strong desire for change. I started working again in my specialty and resumed classes in capoeira, a sport that was practically unknown in Ryazan at that time.

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