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We continue to consider various options for making money in the segment of specialized car services, and in this article we will talk about an auto electrician. Modern cars are equipped with a large number of electrical components, ranging from rain sensors, smart optics to advanced alarms and audio systems. Failure of electrical equipment, for example, of the same ABS, is fraught with a decrease in the level of safety, and if the generator breaks down, then the car will stop at all and all these tasks are solved by an experienced auto electrician.

Before realizing the business idea of ​​launching a car electrics repair service, it is important to become a master in this niche yourself. The experience and knowledge of the staff is the foundation of this business. And work in this area of ​​activity is rather employment itself with elements of business processes. If you rely on staff, then after the master leaves, you will not be able to quickly find a good specialist, and your business will stop, hence the loss of money and reputation. That is why we recommend starting to understand this issue on your own.

For starters, you can go to auto electricians courses, learn the basics, while studying theory, and in particular the electrical circuits of various brands of cars. Further - this is work in a car service with an experienced master. In terms of time, it may take 2 - 3 years, but in the end, during this period, you will already understand what and how it works, what equipment to use and what breakdowns are most frequent for various models of machines. Only then can you start launching your own technical service.

What tasks does an auto electrician solve?

Generally speaking, these are all issues related to electrical assemblies, wiring, and electronics. Here is a list of the most common work tasks.

  • Computer diagnostics of nodes, chips, microcircuits and units.
  • Clears error codes.
  • Repair modules: ABS, VSC, TRK, EFI, SRS.
  • Cleaning the solenoid valves.
  • Unlocking the belts after SRS has been triggered.
  • Repair of speedometers and tachometers.
  • Adaptation of the engine control unit.
  • Connecting and configuring car radios, immobilizers.
  • Electric power steering repair.
  • Restoring the operation of nodes after exposure to moisture.
  • Installation and repair of alarms.
  • Repair of the microcontroller unit.
  • Diagnostics of units: ABS, transmission, engine, sensors, security systems.
  • Gearbox adaptation.
  • Installation, replacement, repair of optics.
  • Work with the injector.
  • Test and replace the battery.
  • Generator repair.

This is not a complete list of problems that an experienced auto electrician solves, and a competent master has a workload for a month in advance. A separate niche is the maintenance of trucks, there are some nuances, but earnings there are even higher.

Office space

In order to open a full-fledged point for the repair of car electrics, you need to find a room that will fit a number of parameters.

To place the tool in the garage, you will need to fix the wall structures, mount some metal shelving, and install a work table.

An automobile generator is a unit that converts mechanical energy from the rotation of the engine's crankshaft into electrical energy. With the help of this device, electrical appliances are powered: ignition systems, automotive lighting equipment, on-board computer, diagnostic systems and others, and it is also used to charge a car battery.

Usually, high reliability requirements are imposed on generators, but, like any equipment, it breaks down and stops delivering a charge, after which the car can only be operated until the battery is completely discharged. After a breakdown, the vehicle owner has two options for solving this problem: buy a new generator or repair the one that is already installed in the car. And often, buying a new device is quite an expensive pleasure, and many drivers are looking for craftsmen who can repair the generator.

In this article, we will talk about how to open a business for repairing starters and generators, consider the main options for breakdowns, and the organizational aspects of launching in this niche.

The main malfunction of the auto generator is low voltage or its complete absence. Usually, the battery icon on the instrument panel will light up.

Several tests can be performed to diagnose generator failure.

  • Removing the terminals from the battery with the engine running. If, after that, the engine stalled or starts to troit strongly, then we can definitely talk about a generator malfunction.
  • Connect a voltmeter to the battery terminals and check the voltage. The normal indicator is 12.5 - 14 volts.
  • Battery indicator on the instrument panel.

If all these tests work out and show a malfunction, then we can definitely talk about the need to repair the car generator.

Possible malfunctions of the vehicle generator

There can be many reasons for breakdowns, but the craftsmen working with these nodes have identified several of the most popular breakdowns. Let's take a closer look at them.

  • Loose or broken alternator drive belt. If the belt looses, you need to tighten it. To do this, slightly unscrew the adjusting fastener nut and tighten the belt by tilting the generator in the direction opposite to the engine. Next, the device is fixed and the adjusting nut is tightened. If the belt breaks, then you need to unscrew both adjusting nuts, put on a new belt, tighten it and fix the fasteners.
  • Worn brushes. Brushes perform the function of supplying or removing stress from the slip rings of the rotor. In the event of their wear, contact with the rotor disappears and, accordingly, the charging current of the generator is absent. For repairs, first disassembling the generator, disconnect all wire connectors of the generator and unscrew the fixing screws (usually two of them), on which the brushes are attached. The old brushes are thrown away, and the new ones are installed in the generator, after which they are assembled in the reverse order.
  • Broken winding. In this case, you need to disassemble the generator. The brushes are removed and the fastening nuts on the device body are unscrewed. Next, the fastening pins are pulled out, which are long bolts, and the stator is separated into two parts, the rotor is pulled out. Depending on the design of the car generator, the field winding can be located either on the rotor or on the stator. Next, you need to measure the resistance of the winding. The operating resistance indicators should be given in the technical characteristics of your generator, if there are serious deviations from these indicators, then the winding must be replaced with a new one. Please note that this is a complex and responsible process that requires experience and skills from the master who is carrying out the work. Sometimes there is a problem with the short circuit of the wiring, in which case it is also replaced. Then comes the process of assembling the generator and installing it in place.
  • Diode bridge breakdown. The generator is disassembled and the diode bridge is dismantled. There may be problems with the fact that some contacts have moved away from the semiconductor elements. You need to find them and solder them back. The second point is traces of burning on the surface of the diodes, in which case it will be necessary to replace the diode bridge with a new one.
  • Broken rotor shaft bearing. In this case, the breakdown is accompanied by noise from the generator. It is necessary to disassemble the generator and replace the bearing. If this is not done, then the imbalance of the shaft can lead to contact of the rotor with the active steel of the stator and a short circuit will result, which will directly affect the voltage level in the vehicle system.

There is no need to say that in the next 100 years or more there will be no need for repair and maintenance of cars. The number of cars on Russian roads is growing steadily from year to year. So, according to the UGIBDD of the Trans-Baikal Territory, as of January 1, 2021, there are 372.2 thousand vehicles in the region - an increase for the year amounted to 5.4 thousand.

Auto mechanic and car mechanic - who is more important?

As the number of cars grows, so does the need for qualified car mechanics and mechanics. By the way, despite the fact that these two professions are in many ways similar, they also have some differences.

So, a car mechanic is a worker who must diagnose and repair the engine, chassis of a car, adjust or replace components and assemblies of a car, change technical fluids, tire fitting, adjust wheel alignment and camber. Ideally, one car mechanic should be able to do all this at once, in practice he usually specializes in one or two profiles, but more on that later.

An auto mechanic is also a worker who repairs and maintains cars, as well as controls their technical condition using diagnostic equipment and devices, such as a dynamometer, autoscanner. The range of its professional functions is very wide.

According to experts, a mechanic manages a car mechanic in most cases, that is, he is the immediate boss. At its core, an auto mechanic knows where to turn and how to turn, but a car mechanic only knows how to turn. Often, car mechanics are engaged in repair work, and auto mechanics give orders for repairs and monitor its progress.

This is probably why Transbaikal residents are more willing to study the profession “Auto mechanic” than to the specialty “Locksmith for car repair”, and there are more opportunities for training. According to the data of the vocational education department of the regional ministry of education, as of April 1, 2021, 429 auto mechanics study in the region, and in 10 educational institutions, ranging from vocational schools in Baley and Borzi to technical schools in Krasny Chikoy and Krasnokamensk. In 2021, admission to this specialty was 243 people, graduation - 128. True, only slightly more than half of the graduates found a job - 52%.

As it turned out, car mechanics are trained in Transbaikalia only at Chita vocational school # 33. There, as of April 1, only 29 people were studying, admission in 2021 was 75 people, graduation in the same year - 84, employed - 31 or 37% of the number of graduates.

It is clear that in most cases, when a vocational school graduate comes to get a job at an enterprise or service station, the line between a car repair mechanic and an auto mechanic is to some extent erased - for convenience they are simply called a car mechanic, and then by profile of work. The defining concepts remain - the ability to work, learning and the desire to work. It is all the more surprising to observe that with employment rates of 52 and 37 percent, the need for workers in the Transport and Communications industry in the Trans-Baikal Territory is currently more than 600 people - almost three times more than the number of 2021 graduates in the specialties “ Auto Mechanic "and" Car Repair Locksmith ".

And if some car mechanic tells you that he is sitting idle because there is no work - do not believe him. According to the regional employment service, in 2021, 669 vacancies were announced from employers looking for specialists in the field of car repair and maintenance. Of these, 351 vacancies are in Chita. 70 people were employed with the help of the employment service. Perhaps many of those who were registered at the employment center found work on their own. The average salary declared by employers was 11.8 thousand rubles. Obviously, it differs sharply from real earnings, and, most likely, a bare salary is meant.

In 2021, as of May 14, 92 vacancies were announced in the region, and 32 in Chita. So far, only three people are employed. The declared average salary for the year increased to 16.6 thousand rubles.

But job searches are not limited to employment centers alone. There are a lot of advertisements that car mechanics are required on the Internet. Here are the results presented on the portal of the news agency “Chita. y "in the" Work "section on the request" locksmith ":

Artem Zhuravlev, partner of Autogir in Kaluga, told how an online store is better than a regular outlet.

Autogir is a network of automotive electronics stores. 90% of sales are made via the Internet, the emphasis in attracting customers is put on contextual advertising, the company is promoted through Yandex. Direct and Google AdWords have five stars on Yandex. arcade. They buy goods directly from suppliers, then sell them to network branches, earn on the difference.

The first store was opened in 2021 in Moscow, they have been selling the franchise since 2021. In two years, we launched 12 projects, of which 11 came on the recommendation of friends.


Artem has been in sales since the age of 18. Having dropped out of university, he got a job at Euroset, where he worked until 2021. When the company changed its leadership, the motivation of frontline employees suffered. In search of a better place, Artyom went into the sale of tourist equipment, and from there - to GPS40. u, the most famous car electronics store at that time in Kaluga. Small devices for cars have always interested Artyom and were his specialization.

At the beginning of 2021, the owner of the GPS40 network. u decided to leave the business for personal reasons and offered Artem to buy out one of the stores for the rest of the goods. At the end of May 2021, Artyom was paid 300,000 rubles and from an employee he became a boss.

Things were going well at first. Summer is the season for auto electronics sales. People often travel outside the city, so navigators without an Internet connection are in great demand. With the arrival of autumn, the excitement of buyers faded, in October the store's turnover fell below 200,000 rubles, which barely covered the cost of its maintenance.


The guys from Autogyr came to the rescue - they delivered goods to GPS40. u and offered Artem from the customer to retrain into a franchisee. Autogir's main emphasis in trade is on the online store, and Artyom's offline sales by that time were close to zero. He, without hesitation, agreed - there was still nothing to lose.

Usually, to buy an Autogyr franchise, you need to pay a lump-sum fee of 150,000 rubles and order goods from the company for 400,000 rubles. Since Artem has been cooperating with Avtogir for several years now, and the rest of the goods that he bought from the previous owner of GPS40. u was also purchased from them, the company made a discount - Artem signed a franchise agreement and got down to work without any additional payments.


In fact, the only thing that Artyom did when he started working with Autogyr was to change the sign. He already had a store room. Showcases, reception, sofa for clients and office equipment came from the old owner. No renovation was required either - the white walls of the office perfectly matched the style of Autogyr.

Car maintenance is a profitable and stable direction. With a starting capital of 500 thousand rubles, you can open a car repair shop for installing alarms and earn 150 thousand rubles a month.

Do you love cars and are looking for a niche to start your own profitable business? Then start installing car alarms. The number of cars is growing every year, their owners are interested in safety. Therefore, there will always be demand for your services. All you need to do is organize your business correctly. Let's figure out how to do this.

Market Watch

Before planning to open a business, you should study the market: demand, competition, trends.

Relevance of business and demand for services. According to the traffic police, over the past 10 years, the car fleet of Russians has increased by 65%, and the annual increase in the number of cars is 1.5 million units. With the growth of the domestic vehicle fleet, the number of crimes related to theft of vehicles also increases. At the end of 2021, 13,700 car thefts were registered. According to the police, about 30% of the total number of crimes are solved. This means that only every second car is returned to the owners.

Disappointing statistics reveal the need to protect the car from theft and install security systems. The modern car alarm market offers devices of varying degrees of protection, complexity and cost. However, according to experts, the share of cars protected from burglary and theft is only 18%.

Besides, the peak of the crisis in the Russian car market has passed. In 2021, about 1.5 million new cars will be sold in Russia. Each car owner is a potential customer of the alarm installation service. Getting a new car, drivers, first of all, care about its safety. Also, do not forget about the maintenance of used cars. When purchasing a used car, many owners also install a security system or change an old one.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

At the moment, there are many different options for protecting a car from car thieves: it can be both elementary steering wheel and pedal blockers, and rather expensive, complex electronic security systems. Recently, there has been a growing trend in the popularity of expensive security systems, which provide reliable protection and are rather difficult to install, which forces car owners to turn to alarm installation masters. Most motorists have already appreciated the benefits of working with private craftsmen, since the services of an official dealer are often much more expensive.

These circumstances make this type of service in demand, such as the installation of car alarms. Such a service is able to bring a stable, high income, since the cost of services for the installation of car alarms varies between 5,000-20,000 rubles.

Competition. The installation of car alarms is a fairly developed area of ​​commercial activity, so it is quite difficult to find a free niche. In a large city with a population of about 1 million people, 40-60 car services can operate, which provide services for the installation of alarms.

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