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A wedding is a solemn and exciting event in the life of every person. Especially girls are waiting for her. Therefore, when organizing it, people try to do everything as beautifully as possible. At the same time, the families of the bride and groom want to save money and not go beyond the budget allocated for the wedding. In such a situation, they start looking for a company that can organize a holiday, demanding reasonable money for it.

There are quite a few firms that are engaged in organizing weddings today. This area is now becoming popular. To create a holiday for someone is a pleasant and not dusty occupation. A person who decides to open such a business should think about whether he will find original ideas and whether he will be able to bring them to life. After all, the main thing in such a case is fantasy. Considering this business idea, you need to understand that in order to maximize its relevance in your city, you will need to prepare a business plan.

Customer search

As paradoxical as it may sound, advertising will help to find clients in the wedding business. However, here it will have its own specifics. To begin with, it is worth resorting to the capabilities of the global network. There are many women's forums and sites in it. Advertising displayed on them will surely attract the attention of many future brides. Also, you can use the social. networks. Most modern people spend a lot of time in them. It is likely that someone will see the ad and request services.

Another effective option is to distribute business cards and brochures through public places. For example, you can spread them out in a shopping center. There is always a crowd of people here. If from 1000 distributed business cards, there will be a return of 10 people - then this will be a good result.

It is very important to take every customer seriously. A well-decorated wedding will give the company a good reputation and, for sure, many more newlyweds will apply for its services.

Investments in wedding decoration business

Here, as in any other type of business, you cannot do without investments.

To beautifully decorate a wedding or any other celebration you will need:

  • Balls.
  • Colorful ribbons.
  • Flowers.
  • Beads.
  • Material for decorating rooms.
  • Candles.
  • Printing products

Business idea: decoration of weddings and celebrations

The competition in business at weddings is very high. There are more and more creative ideas and ideas: from the services of "bridesmaids for rent" to the organization of weddings in the style of popular TV series. In this article BBPORT. U has selected the most profitable and interesting ideas for a wedding business.

Girlfriends for rent

Have you watched the American sitcom Rent The Best Man? In this picture, the main character was to get married. The organization of the wedding was in full swing. The wedding salon provided the organization and decoration of the celebration. There was only one thing missing - a best man friend. And the main character found a way out of the situation - he hired an actor for the role of his best friend. Do you think this is a good plot for another wacky American comedy? Not! This is a lucrative business idea that began to gain popularity in America, but is still in its infancy in Russia. There are many variations - guests for rent, witness for rent, and so on.

Xu Lisha, an entrepreneur from China, brought to life an original idea of ​​this kind - she opened a bridesmaids rental agency. Lisha finds the performers of the roles of fighting friends among young and beautiful university students. Formation and recruitment is like a hard casting and requires girls:

  • were well-groomed;
  • had a beautiful figure, face and hair;
  • had good manners.

According to a young creative entrepreneur, the service is gaining popularity. The business idea is to provide photo and video bridesmaids that will provide the bride and groom with beautiful memories of the most festive day of their lives. Newlyweds-to-be can also choose dresses for their "rolling girlfriends" or order new outfits to match the wedding.

Wedding Mobile App

The business idea for the application is to create a user-friendly mobile interface of choice:

  • venues for the celebration;
  • shops with wedding accessories;
  • decor and floristry companies;
  • pastry shops that will bake delicious wedding cakes;
  • wedding dress salons, etc.

The wedding mobile application is a service for future newlyweds, where they can find not only contractors for organizing their weddings, but also private professionals such as hairdressers, stylists, photographers, seamstresses, artists, presenters, and so on ...

This idea of ​​a wedding business is very relevant, because a wedding application can become a single platform where newlyweds can find everything they need — proven and reliable specialists in the field of wedding organization, with reviews and ratings.

Let's take a look at the business idea of ​​opening your own wedding and party decoration agency today. Despite the considerable competition in this area, it is still possible to make money in this niche.

Ideas for this type of business are based on the normal human desire to live with a loved one, in a pair, supporting and helping each other. The wedding business belongs to those types that will be in demand always and everywhere, like the sale of food, services for newborns, the sale of basic types of clothing, funeral services, etc. In this article, we will give several ideas for a wedding business, and you decide for yourself which you will choose from them. And it's best to take one into development, and then implement several in turn.

Idea Dating Club

Let's tell you more about this work. The first thing an agency does is collect a database and organize it. A psychologist works with all applicants, forms are filled out, applicants are selected on the basis of psychological compatibility. Then a portfolio of applicants is drawn up, they are given makeup (for women, of course), they are photographed, and these photos are placed in folders in which it is very convenient to view them for all other clients.

The client pays money for all these services, as well as for organizing meetings with applicants for communication. In addition to these meetings, the client is invited to parties where there are 10-15 women and the same number of men, all clients of the agency. During the event, people get to know each other and spend the evening with contests, games, dances, prizes and dinner.

Dating Party Idea

You don't have to organize a dating agency, but specialize only in hosting parties. It's a pretty lucrative business. Judge for yourself: tickets to the party are sold for 2 thousand rubles, 30 people are invited, therefore, the income amounted to 60 thousand rubles. Renting a cafe will be free for you, you just need to explain to the owner that 60 guests will come to him that evening to drink, eat and have fun. The host of the evening and the musician will cost you 10 thousand rubles, prizes for competitions 2 thousand, printing (invitations and diplomas) - 2 thousand. Total costs are 14 thousand. Net profit - 46 thousand rubles.

If such parties are put on stream, it will turn out very well. You can diversify them, change genres and types of parties. Dating in nature is now very popular in Europe. Those who wish are invited to the farm, to the peasant farm. They lead the acquaintances to the field, give work, dig, weed, huddle. Then everyone cooks dinner together, a colorful village party is organized with the learning of national songs and dances.

Such parties can also be held in the forest, with the passage of an obstacle course, as in "Fort Bayard". And in the evening after such adventures, an outdoor party in costumes is arranged. In this process, everyone gets to know each other, the tasks are lined up so that they are performed in pairs that are constantly changing.

Idea Newspaper Release

You can also post articles in the newspaper on how to find your soul mate correctly. In some European countries, where morals are much more advanced, they publish newspapers about divorce. That is, from the entire secular chronicle they write only about divorces, in order to notify the townspeople that this or that person is free. In our country, such a press will be interpreted somewhat differently, therefore for us only a newspaper with acquaintances is acceptable. By the way, newspapers where the profiles of foreign grooms are published are still popular and bought in our country. Russian brides are appreciated abroad, so there will be no shortage of grooms for an entrepreneur.

business idea wedding accessories (January)

The need for new item details tends to diminish with household budget cuts, but newlyweds still spring up for personalized and theme-related trinkets and novelties. Perhaps this is partly due to the tradition that the bride's parents come to the wedding.

If you are not interested in planning events but offering wedding-related products or services, contact every wedding planner you can find.

Submit your product and service information and samples, then follow up a week later by phone.

Bridal Shower Planner

If you don't plan all weddings, you can plan bridal showers, serve them, or offer decorating services, place to place showers, or offer gifts and / or moments.

Most weddings are used for a variety of products to set the mood and quests to take home. Products include flowers, candles, vases, candy, fountains, ice sculptures, napkins, storage holders, bags of rice, and small personalized gifts that wedding attendees can accept.

Write invitations and wedding vows

If you have great writing skills and a good listener, consider writing wedding vows for couples. You can offer these services in person, online, or by telephone. You can also apply your talents to create personal invitations and announcements.

Start a Power Pointe Business

Many weddings, parties, memorials and receptions now offer PowerPoint presentations to share with guests. Presentations usually involve the use of photographs with short text and films.

Be a videographer

If you like people and video, start your wedding video. Even though most people own or have access to camcorders, a wedding requires more professionalism.

The first thing to start a business with is to determine the direction of the services provided and the available start-up capital. Based on your own knowledge and skills, you can choose a suitable market segment. Enthusiasm and fresh solutions will help you achieve success in the chosen direction.

Wedding Salon

Even in the most severe crisis, a bride cannot do without a wedding dress. In addition to selling such outfits, the salon can provide rental and custom tailoring services. The entrepreneur's additional income will be the sale of shoes and accessories. This segment of the wedding business requires the largest start-up investment.

In addition to renting and arranging the salon, you need to take care of a wide range of outfits. Despite the crisis, don't forget about high-income shoppers who want to see models from expensive bridal fashion brands. For the business to function, you will need two salespeople and an outsourced accountant.

The success of a wedding salon directly depends on the location, service level and careful selection of suppliers. Opening a small store will require an initial investment of $ 50,000 or more, which will cover the first months of the lease, renovation of the premises and purchase of goods.

Such a salon will pay off in 2.5-3 years.

Wedding Planning Agency

The most trendy direction of wedding services. The desire to save time and efficiently allocate budget is increasingly forcing couples to seek help from organizers. As an intermediary between newlyweds and service providers, agencies receive commissions. In addition, the main responsibilities of wedding organizers are the development of a festive concept, planning, timing and coordination of the solemn day, budgeting, selection of a location for an off-site ceremony, and helping the bride for the entire period of preparation for the wedding.

In a crisis, this segment is the first to suffer losses, but price flexibility, non-standard ideas, cooperation with proven contractors will help maintain demand. The first thing to start a wedding business with is a thorough preparatory work: studying the trends of such a fashion, monitoring the city's services market, meeting suppliers, drawing up a competent commercial proposal. It is better to open a wedding agency three months before the start of the festive season. This will require a well-equipped office in the city center and two managers for customer service.

The initial investment of a wedding agency is estimated at $ 2,000. Payback of the project is achieved in 3 months.

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