Profitable business plan for opening a sauna

Selecting a Decent Offer

It is risky to buy from someone already functioning and for some reason disappointing the owner of the business in the sauna sector. You can find many problems with organizations that control the sanitary condition and fire safety of the facility. The real reason for the sale can come to light at the stage when the money has already been spent, and result in big losses. The best option for those who do not want to create a business on their own "from scratch" (this is also not easy for the same reasons of strict control and high requirements for premises, equipment, utilities) is to buy a ready-made business. The sale of a ready-made business created specifically for these purposes is carried out on specialized portals. The variety of offers allows you to choose and buy the ideal option from the many offered for sale.

The main focus of the purchase should be on:

  • convenient location of the facility (better - in a recreation area near densely populated residential areas);
  • the presence of a convenient entrance;
  • the possibility of expansion business over time, entering the range of additional services (for example, cosmetology, etc.).

Initial costs and pricing considerations

Initial investments to be made or paid:

Final expenses: from 400 - 500 thousand rubles with a minimum set of services.

The margin, depending on the type of services provided, can be 50-200 percent. Bath is a fairly profitable type of business.

Making a deal

Optimally - registration as an individual entrepreneur with the subsequent choice of a simplified accounting system (ideally -

UTII or PNS, if the region provides for a patent for this type of services to the population). If you buy

a ready-made bath business "from scratch", the problems of obtaining the above permits and approvals with fire and sanitary and epidemiological authorities will be resolved.

Difficulties and prospects of the bath business

Nowadays, in order to have a stable income and be financially independent, many people pay attention to entrepreneurship. And good business ideas are needed in this matter. Sauna is a pretty good and profitable business.

It attracts the attention of many people, besides, private saunas are great because they provide an opportunity for a group visit. For these reasons, these establishments are now very popular. This means that this entrepreneurial idea is very promising and attractive. However, as you know, in every case you need to have your own plan. And the sauna is no exception.

You will need a detailed business plan for the sauna, which will contain all the nuances of such activities, as well as include both financial costs and a job description.

Organizational part

The business plan should include the construction, rental or purchase of premises, as well as the purchase of all the necessary equipment that is required for the sauna. Do not forget about the documentary part of entrepreneurship.

When drawing up a detailed business plan for a sauna, great attention must be paid to repair and construction work. For a comfortable rest of the client, it is important to install equipment, design the environment, lighting and furniture in such a way that they do not stand out from the general style.

In addition, it is impossible to imagine a sauna without a cafe, changing rooms and steam rooms. You will also need to arrange premises for medical and cosmetic services. And if you are going to build swimming pools, jacuzzis, waterfalls, hot tubs, then you should follow safety precautions.

In other words, all of the above requires a lot of financial investment. Subsequently, utility bills will still await you. It should be understood that when equipping and decorating a sauna, it is best to use environmentally friendly materials.

Financial investments and fundraising

It is quite possible to create a joint stock company. The sale of securities can bring the necessary funds both during construction and after the sauna starts operating.

Premises can be rented out for medical and cosmetic services. If gyms and gyms are created in the complex being built, this will increase revenue.

The advantage of this method is that you will not be responsible for the services provided, and you will also be able to save on staff wages. And the fact that your organization provides a variety of services can bring popularity to the entire business as a whole.

Many people dream of starting their own business, but not everyone succeeds. Some even try to buy a ready-made business, however, this does not guarantee the success of the enterprise, stable profits and even reimbursement of expenses. The best option is to open a new business, which will be built according to the mind and can guarantee a stable flow of money. However, for the business to work, it is important to draw up a business plan. This applies to any business.

Among the most successful options for doing business is opening a bath complex, that is, a bath or a sauna. This is one of the best solutions that will allow you to have a stable income and clientele. However, before opening such a business, you need to thoroughly study the question of how to open a sauna. Only then can you start drawing up your sauna business plan. A ready-made sauna business plan will allow you to optimally calculate all material investments, the possible profit from the operation of this enterprise, as well as the payback period. So how do you open the sauna?

First Steps

Step one. First of all, asking the question “how to open a sauna”, you need to decide what your enterprise will be: whether it will be a sauna or a bathhouse. Is it necessary to equip a steam room, swimming pools and other premises in the room? A lot will depend on this, because the entire sauna business plan will be based on these parameters. This will largely determine the initial investment and the possibility of a quick payback of the enterprise.

Step two. Will the bath complex be organized from scratch or it will be a ready-made option. In the first case, a sauna business plan will need to be drawn up, it will indicate all investments, including the cost of equipment, personnel, a set of products, and the like, as well as the payback period and average monthly profit. This will allow everything to be foreseen and count on a certain profit. You can use the second option, however, with the first option, you can significantly save money and open a bath complex that will appeal to all visitors. This guarantees an influx of clients and stable profits.

Step three. In which city will the bathhouse be open? If it is Moscow or St. Petersburg, then the costs will be the same, but if it is a small town somewhere in the vastness of Russia, then the investment is much lower. It should be borne in mind that the profit in these cases will be different, since the standard of living in each region is completely different.

Step four. You should also think about organizational issues: will it be an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, and also think about some other aspects.

After analyzing all these points and choosing what suits you, you can start drawing up a business plan for the bath complex.

Business plan

We will draw up a business plan for the bath from the fact that it will be opened in Moscow. The work schedule is round the clock. It will also be necessary to take care of the registration of the activity, as well as other permits, which will need to be obtained and coordinated with utilities and local authorities. At the same time, to open a bath, you will not need to issue a license if alcohol sales are not carried out in the sauna, including various medical services. In total, all questions upon agreement may require up to 50,000 thousand rubles.

Total: 50,000 rubles for registration of entrepreneurial activity and approval of papers.

The cost of renting and repairing the premises

Services can be organized for several categories of bath customers. For example, for people who come to rest and relax, visit the bathhouse for the purpose of recovery, including those seeking to lose weight. To compete with other saunas that are located nearby, you can place two types of baths, for example, a Turkish or Finnish bath. Naturally, in this case, you will have to rent about 160-180 square meters and spend a significant amount.

The demand for saunas is growing in Russia every year. In the early 1000s, there was even such a thing as a "Russian sauna", which differs from the Finnish design and temperature regime.

Saunas have become a place where they not only improve health, but also meet friends, hold parties and parties. Therefore, the opening of a sauna is a demanded and profitable business, and most importantly, a quick payback.

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  • 2 Sauna business plan: what documents are needed
  • 3 What equipment is needed for a sauna
  • 4 Sauna business plan: recruiting staff
  • 5 How much does it cost to open a sauna from scratch?
  • 6 How to open a sauna with minimal investment

Opening the sauna: how to choose a room

How to start a sauna from scratch? First of all, you need to decide on the room. In this case, you need to consider:

  • location (the sauna should be located so that it is easy to find and easy to reach);
  • area (the sauna room should be at least 100 sq. M.);
  • the condition of the premises.

The premises can be rented, or they can be built from scratch, which is not as difficult and expensive as it seems, the refurbishment of the rented premises may require no less time and money.

On the territory of a prestigious sauna you can place:

  • steam room ;
  • shower ;
  • pool ;
  • bar or cafe;
  • a room for relaxation and sports;
  • a room for SPA procedures;
  • a billiard room;
  • utility rooms.

The most important thing for any sauna is a good steam room. Therefore, when starting to decorate a bath, first of all, you need to pay attention to this room. The steam room should be made from environmentally friendly materials.

For example, deciduous trees are used in Russian saunas. In Finnish - conifers. Wood must not be treated with paint or varnish.

Sauna business plan: what documents are needed

For a long time, the bathhouse and sauna have become not only a means to steam and improve their health. This is a separate special rest - they go to the bathhouse both to chat with friends and to celebrate a holiday. Even corporate events are often held in the sauna. Therefore, by going into the bathing business, you can get good benefits.

Ready-made sauna and bath business plans

Do not forget that before starting any business, it is important to draw up and carefully work out a business plan. Opening a sauna is a tricky business, and you can't do without a business plan.

We suggest you download and view an example of a bath / sauna business plan, so that you have something to start from. Download sauna business plan

How to open a bath / sauna

Naturally, you need to start by choosing the type of bath. The most common types of bath facilities today are a private sauna, a public bath, and a bath on wheels. The first type is more profitable if you are primarily pursuing commercial goals. “Everything for the client and every whim for your money” is practically the slogan of many existing saunas.

The public bath differs from them in that it has a higher capacity for people, and anyone can visit such a bath at any time without prior reservation of seats. Yes, and it is impossible to reserve the date and time of visiting a public bath by a certain group of people. This is not to say that the opening of such a bath is not capable of bringing in a lot of money.

Provided that the business is properly organized and successfully promoted, public baths can earn no less than private ones. But still, in the cities there are slightly fewer of them, which means that something is holding back entrepreneurs from opening baths of this type.

Another option for opening a bath is a bath on wheels. This idea is no longer new, but it is still considered quite original. The bath on wheels is a mobile, mobile bath, which is built from the body of a covered car, trimmed inside and outside with wood. Inside, the bath is equipped in the same way as a stationary one, in accordance with all the norms put forward by legislation.

A bath on wheels cannot accept many customers at the same time, as a rule, it is no more than six people in total, and at the same time in a steam room - no more than four people. The advantage of such a business is that the bathhouse can be easily delivered to anywhere in the city at the request of the client - to the dacha, fishing, home, even to a recreation park. And a certain element of unusualness and novelty will play into the hands of an entrepreneur.

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