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Idea Bank started operating in 2021. He is one of the members of the European group Getting Holding. Branches of the organization can be found in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine. The bank serves customers using an online service. Services are provided on a global level.

In order to become a member of Idea Internet banking, you must register in your personal account on the organization's website.


There are several ways to become a client of Idea Bank.

  • on the main web page;
  • at ATMs;
  • by contacting Sberbank employees.

How to register yourself

In this case, an individual will need to do the following: 1. On the ideabank24 main page. y click on the "Register" button.

2. Go to the section "Bank client". Register the information from the passport that the system will require. For a resident of Belarus, this will be an identification number, and for a citizen of Russia or any other state, you must select the "Foreign passport" tab and enter its number.

3. Check the box next to the agreement confirming that the user agrees to the processing of personal data.

4. Click on the "Continue" button.

Idea Bank started its work in the banking segment of Belarus in 2021. Today, a financial institution called Idea Bank also operates in Ukraine and Poland. Access to all the functionality of the institution is carried out from your personal account.

Login to your personal account Idea Bank

Internet banking is a method of remote interaction between parties. The client, being in any other place, gets online access to the bank's functionality and to his own accounts. An outsider will not be able to register on the bank's website: this option is available only to clients of a banking organization or to holders of a bank card. In addition, organizations that have a current account with Idea Bank will be able to use Internet banking.

The registered user gets the opportunity:

  • open / close deposits remotely;
  • perform operations from the card;
  • monitor the state of the personal account;
  • make payments for various services;
  • view information on the loan: balances of unpaid amounts, payment schedule, etc.;
  • perform loan operations;
  • buy foreign currency;
  • track your level and the number of points in the loyalty program.

Many repetitive operations can be saved as a template. Thanks to this option, in the future, you can make payments without entering the details. Among banking services, there is also an auto payment option. It is especially convenient for making utility bills, payments for the Internet, television and cellular communications.

Legal users can also use their personal account, in which the following options are available for them:

  • provision of account statements;
  • processing of payment orders;
  • processing of card index documents;
  • processing online loan applications for an enterprise.

To enter the system, the user must enter the site from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with Internet access. Also, owners of a bank card and new users registered in the Interbank Identification System can get access to the portal's functionality. ISI is a government system used for remote client identification. After registration in the ISI and authorization on the site, the client can receive services using the digital functionality of the service.

Let's look at how to log in to the bank's website for an individual:

  • Go to the official website of Idea Bank ideabank24. y.
  • Find the Online Banking section at the top left.
  • In this section, select the subsection Internet bank for private clients.
  • The system will open a login form. Enter login and password.
  • Press the blue login button.

Bad news came from the Polish financial market. The famous Idea Bank was on the verge of bankruptcy and the decision of BFG (Bankowy Fundusz Gwarancyjny - Bank Guarantee Fund) is subject to forced restructuring. As a result, from 03.1.1 year all the property of the troubled bank was transferred to another financial institution - Bank Pekao SA.

Details in the material of the "Polish Consultant".

Reasons for change

The Polish BFG, when deciding on the forced restructuring, acted within its powers. According to the president of the organization, such a step was prompted by the following circumstances:

  • Idea The bank is on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • There was no indication that the measures taken by the management would avoid bankruptcy.
  • Forced restructuring is necessary for the stability of the Polish financial sector and the safety of deposits.

In addition, it is reported that according to the report for the third quarter of 2021, the bank's solvency ratio was 2.5%, with the required minimum of 10.5%.

How will the bank work?

According to the statements made, PECO is transferring all property to Idea Bank, including deposits and loans. All the bank's clients will continue to use the services on the previously reached terms.

It is promised that Idea Bank Internet banking, including the mobile application, should work without any problems. The cards issued by this financial institution will continue to operate, ATMs and branches will operate. All logins and passwords remain the same.

The situation is similar with loans - the conditions for servicing them remain the same, but in fact, the debt has been transferred to the PEKAO bank.

Nationalization and raiding?

That is what the main shareholder and chairman of the board of directors of Idea Bank - Leszek Czarnecki called what is happening, nationalization and raiding. According to the businessman, such a restructuring is illegal, i.e. he and his other businesses are able to invest in the bank the large sums needed to stabilize.

Idea The Bank, together with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, launched the Women in Business program. Within the framework of this program, Idea Bank launched a special product for settlement and cash services for women entrepreneurs “Women's idea”.

The goal of the program: to help women of Belarus in the "Small and Medium Business" segment to get access to financing necessary for the growth of their own business, as well as to provide non-financial support in order to increase efficiency, development and better promotion and growth of the company.

* The subscription fee is charged on a prepaid basis in the first month of service at a time.

** This package can only be connected by an organization that meets the requirements:

1) Women - who are individual entrepreneurs; 2) A unitary enterprise in which a woman is the founder; 3) Legal entities: - in which the woman (s) have a share of ownership in the authorized capital of the enterprise of at least 10%, and also necessarily occupy a leading position (s) by the company (director, deputy. director, commercial director, financial director); - in which the woman (s) have a share of ownership in the authorized capital of the enterprise of at least 50%; - where one of the leaders of the organization and at least more than 70% of those in the organization are women.


We value your time, therefore the procedure for opening an account with Idea Bank is as simple as possible and takes a minimum of time!

To open an account with Idea Bank, you must provide the documents listed below:

Legal entity

To fill out the card, the client must have:

Certification of the authenticity of signatures of persons entitled to sign documents for settlements, and seals of business entities on cards with their samples for opening bank accounts is carried out by an authorized employee of the bank.

Samples of signatures are entered into the card at the bank in the presence of an authorized bank employee.

The full name and legal address of the company in the card must match those indicated in the constituent documents.

Material on the topic: "Idea bank business" with full explanation and justification.

Bank of Business Ideas

Our Bank of Business Ideas is under development and will be constantly updated. The catalog will present not only super-new business ideas of 2021, but also just interesting niches for business in different industries.

The description indicates the approximate amount of start-up capital, advantages and disadvantages, and other features of the business idea.

If you are looking for an Investor, partner or business angel, you can fill out the Investor Search form and after some clarifications we will include your project in the mailing list for Investors:

If you are planning to sell a ready-made business, then you can send us information about the main parameters of the business being implemented to place business ideas in the Bank. In addition, we have a special Commercial offer for you.

You can use the information published on the site within the framework of common sense, taking into account any possible changes in all areas and industries, and also assuming that this information may have been used by hundreds of thousands of people over several years. See next: Disclaimer.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation revoked the licenses for banking operations from the banks Vologdabank, MIR, IDEA Bank and FORUS Bank.

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