Pancake making business idea

The modern active pace of life is conducive to the fact that set meals replace snacks in fast food stalls. Regular sandwiches or burgers are boring right away, but everyone needs a quick bite. To offer such consumers an alternative, a crepe shop can be opened near the offices. This type of business can be a very successful project. There is always a demand for fast food. And if you follow all the rules and stages of opening such an establishment, then you can start making good money on such a business, and eventually open a whole chain of pancakes.

Market Analysis

Drawing up a business plan for opening a pancake shop provides for a detailed analysis of the demand market and competition in the region. When analyzing demand, you need to define your target audience. The parameters for this will be as follows:

  • Age of potential buyers.
  • Social status.
  • Consumer tastes and preferences.
  • Financial position.

All these parameters will help determine the location of the future outlet, as well as the range of products and pricing policy. Competitor analysis will help establish an adequate price for the finished product. It will also depend on the average financial situation of potential clients in the region. Also, an analysis of competition in the region will help determine your opportunities for development in a similar field of activity and whether it is worth entering such a niche at all.

Pancake opening plan

The business plan for opening a pancake shop will include the following steps:

  • Analysis of the supply and demand market.
  • Select a place and room for a pancake.
  • Calculation of future income and expenses, profitability and payback period.
  • Official registration of business activities.
  • Purchase of equipment for making pancakes and furnishing the premises.
  • Selection of working personnel.
  • Advertising campaign.
  • Start the project.

The implementation of each of the stages of this business plan must be approached responsibly.

Choosing the room and location of the pancake shop

One of the most favorite dishes of Russian cuisine is pancakes, there are a huge number of recipes for them. This can make a good business with a stable income, so many novice businessmen are interested in the question: how to open a pancake shop from scratch?

Pancakes are considered a universal dish, served both for breakfast and dinner. It all depends on the fiction of the mistress of the house.

For a number of reasons, people often do not have the opportunity to eat at home, so they use the services of restaurants, cafeterias, and various snack bars. Pancake establishments are also always filled with visitors who want to taste a unique dish with a wide variety of fillings.

Entrepreneurs who once dared to invest their own money in a pancake house have long been satisfied with this choice. The opening of this institution is a pretty good option for people who have little capital to start their own business.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a pancake cafe

Collecting documents

Any business begins with the preparation of the necessary documents, its registration, drawing up a business plan. To register a pancake shop, you can take the legal form of both an individual entrepreneur and an LLC.

If the issue with the premises of the cafe has already been resolved, then you can collect documents for obtaining permission to carry out trading activities for the SES, fire inspection.

If you have money, but there is no desire and time to engage in paperwork, you can contact a specialized agency for help, whose employees will collect the necessary package of documents in the shortest possible time.

Room selection

  • The selection of premises for a pancake cafe is a rather serious undertaking that must be treated with utmost responsibility. The profitability of the business will depend on its location.
  • The most favorable places for organizing pancake establishments are city parks, railway, bus stations, streets with high traffic, etc.
  • You can open a mobile pancake. To do this, you need a car with a trailer equipped with all the required equipment.
  • Businessmen with a fairly large investment fund may well consider creating their own stationary cafe, which will have a hall with tables for eating, a fairly wide range of offered dishes.
  • The area of ​​the pancake room with the ability to simultaneously serve 15 clients must be at least 40 squares.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, it would be very original to build a small gazebo near the reservoir.


For the kitchen to work, you will need to purchase special equipment. Depending on the assortment of dishes that will subsequently be sold in the pancake establishment, you may need the following equipment:

Pancakes are one of the most traditional Russian dishes, a kind of symbol of Russian national cuisine. Both residents of the CIS and foreigners love this dish, which has not lost its popularity for many centuries. Pancakes can also be prepared with a wide variety of fillings - thanks to this, they can be served as a main course, appetizer or dessert.

Traditionally, they are baked at home, but today pancakes are sold in cafes, in mobile carriages and even in some restaurants. Opening your own pancake is a good start in the catering niche for beginners without experience and impressive start-up capital.

Read also how to open a fresh bar.

  • 1 Two formats of pancake business
  • 2 Pancake franchise
  • 3 Pancake on wheels
  • 4 Business plan pancake
    • 4. Project summary
  • 5 Production plan of the pancake cafe
    • 5. Premises
    • 5. Pancake equipment
    • 5. What should be the plate for pancakes
  • 6 Financial plan. How much does a pancake cost
  • 7 Marketing Plan
  • 8 Business Registration

Two Pancake Business Formats

The pancake business can be opened in two formats:

  • A cafe whose menu is based on pancakes. You can also serve other dishes there (soups, main meat / fish dishes, salads, snacks, side dishes, desserts, drinks). This option requires about the same startup costs as opening a regular cafe.
  • A pancake on wheels in the format of a mobile stand. Usually in the assortment of such small outlets there are several types of pancakes with meat, cottage cheese, mushrooms, as well as sweet pancakes. This option is not too costly to start, and besides, it gives maneuverability and allows you to get high profits.

One pancake can eventually become a whole network. The most popular pancake chain in Russia is Teremok.

Pancake Franchise

Often the owners of such businesses prefer to work under a franchise: they buy ready-made pancakes and filling, and at the outlet they simply put the filling in the pancake. After that, it remains to warm it up. It is easy and convenient to work in this way, but such pancakes taste worse than freshly made ones. The franchise has advantages - the ability to work under a recognizable brand, as well as the ability to train staff and quickly acquire all the necessary skills for a successful launch, avoiding the mistakes of beginners.

Pancake on Wheels

A pancake on wheels allows you to move freely around the city and choose the best places, for example, on weekends - near parks, at lunchtime - near business centers or universities. You will need a minimum of equipment as the area of ​​the van is limited.

The van itself can be bought or rented. The disadvantage of this format is seasonality. Food tracks work well only during warmer months.

  • 1 What equipment to choose for a pancake making business
  • 2 Where is the best place to place a pancake making point
  • 3 Where to start a pancake business cooking pancakes
  • 4 How much can you earn in production
  • 5 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 6 What OKVED must be specified when registering the preparation of pancakes
  • 7 What documents are needed to open
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose for starting an activity
  • 9 Do I need a permit for the production process
  • 10 Technology of starting a cooking business pancakes

Today I will tell you about a tasty and profitable business idea, namely, how to make money on making pancakes.

It has long been believed that pancakes belong to Russian cuisine, because even kids know about the great Maslenitsa holiday. We all remember how our grandmothers baked the desired pancakes, which, not having time to cool down, fell into our mouths.

This dish is loved by everyone, since everyone can choose a recipe that suits them. Pancakes can be made with sour cream, kefir or milk, they can also contain a variety of fillings: caviar, jam, minced meat, rice with onions and much more.

You can endlessly list the types of pancakes, and each housewife has long discovered her own best recipe, which is ideal for every family member.

What equipment to choose for a pancake making business

In order to bake pancakes in large quantities, one frying pan and stove will not be enough for you, so you will need to purchase a special apparatus, the cost of which will be from 7 thousand rubles, depending on the manufacturer.

Such a "pancake machine" consists of a mechanical dispenser, an electric stove, a spatula and a dough dispenser. Any beginner can handle such equipment, besides, remember that when buying it, detailed instructions are always attached, and with additional questions, you can always turn to the Global Network, where each process is described step by step.

By expanding the range of your pancakes, you can please every customer. Selling salads, tea, and coffee can serve as an additional profit.

Where is the best place to place a pancake making point

Certainly, there is no better place than a point in a shopping or entertainment center, however, opening a small stall or shop in the market, you will not lose either, because who can resist smelling the pleasant aroma of fresh pancakes.

Do not forget about the staff, who must have health records. Their clothes should always be neat and clean.

Pancake kiosk as a business. What do you need to open a crepe shop? The cost of pancakes and fillings. Is it profitable to tear off a pancake? How to open a pancake kiosk: decoration, equipment, extra charge.

A street food outlet in a good crowded place is always profitable, the need of people for a quick snack is always and will be. If you open a small pancake shop on wheels or in an ordinary converted stall, you can earn good money, because the difference between the cost of making a pancake and the final cost of selling it can be up to 500%.

Opening a pancake kiosk

So, let's take a step-by-step look at the whole process of opening a pancake business in a stall in an ordinary small town.

Pancake room

The key to successful trading is placing a sales outlet in a good public place. It should be understood that the main consumer of street food is a person who is in a hurry and needs to eat quickly and inexpensively.

The main clients of the street pancake are students, office workers, visitors. Therefore, place a pancake kiosk near educational institutions, train stations, places of entertainment (attractions, embankments). Traditionally, street food is always in demand near the entrances to markets, but in such places you have to compete with outlets selling belyash, hot dogs, shawarma and other fast foods.

If you manage to rent a stall in such places, then you can count on a profit from a pancake. You only need to conclude a lease agreement with the owner of the kiosk, preferably with a monthly payment.

What you need to open a pancake shop

We open an individual entrepreneur and immediately submit to the tax service within 5 days an application (UTII form - 1) on the transition to UTII (unified tax on imputed income). In the process of doing business, you submit reports and pay tax on a quarterly basis.

Then you need to come to the pension fund within 10 days and fill out the form in the established form.

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