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Production of pile, terry toweling and other special fabrics

Production of artificial fur by weaving

Finishing fabrics and textiles

Production of artificial fur by knitting

Manufacture of finished textiles, excluding clothing

Manufacture of textiles for various purposes, not included in other categories

Manufacture of leather clothing

Manufacture of other outerwear

Manufacture of outerwear from textile materials, except knitted or crocheted

Manufacture of outer garments of textile materials, other than knitted or crocheted, for men or boys

Manufacture of outer garments of textile materials, other than knitted or crocheted, for women or girls

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Tell us who has a completely offline business, how do you adapt to a new life with the closure of points of sale?

How did you start moving your business from offline to online?

What problems did you encounter and what unexpected advantages were found?

Which tools showed the coolest effect, and which ones brought only a loss?

T. ... I myself am the owner of a retail outlet and I also had to suspend the business, then I certainly understand the importance of such products in our time.

We are still collecting leads and processing them, signing contracts after quarantine.

We thought about how to go online, but so far we haven’t come up with anything worthwhile. We think and look further.

Our business Tree Houses, Unique Playgrounds and Wood Rides.

In the city of Zelenograd, unscrupulous employers periodically deceive workers. The blacklist, reviews of employers in the Zelenograd region is a tool created so that job seekers can read honest reviews about companies and make the right choice. When looking for a job in the city of Zelenograd, it is better to check in advance if the employer is on the black list of the nahjob website. op. Reviews of companies allow you to understand the real picture of what is happening in the company. Add review

I didn't plan to write, but circumstances decided everything for me. Let's start with the fact that:

Awful office arrogance. The boss drives the boss to the boss. Direct managers are more or less adequate, but as a rule they are also not worried about the situation in stores. They like to be dismissive, not to hear requests, to show complete indifference to employees

They called from this sharazhkina office, a man with a nasty voice, asked his wife why she didn’t work, whether she was officially married and the most important question was whether the husband was able to provide for the family. When I picked up the phone and asked why he was asking personal questions, he said “ahh, it means that the husband is in charge of the family”, when asked that he had nothing to do during working hours, he hung up.

Previously, telc "Logical Choice" LLC, now they work as on behalf of "VsyaLogistika. y "and on behalf of Ariver LLC. the bottom of the most controversial places where I had to work. Among the advantages is a beautiful, tidy, clean office with good transport accessibility, corporate cellular communication. Now about the cons.

They are making unrealistic plans, since the company wants to recoup money for the construction of new stores in new terminals. The manual, I am telling on the example of terminal E and F in which I worked, can only promise and nothing more. The manager of these terminals especially likes to do this. In general, I do not recommend going to this office!

Sami called at the beginning of December 2021 and invited for an interview. The decision was pulled, neither yes nor no. We liked the company and the promised terms. During this time, I had to abandon real and good offers. A week later, they reported that my candidacy was approved. Quiet about the design again. December 25 was invited to a trial day. What's a trial day? I have been living for a month without money.

Demand that you be told in detail about the bonus system during the interview and not only for what you will receive bonuses, but also WHEN. Because when you ask this question, you are promised to answer it after passing the probationary period, like before that bonuses have nothing to do with you, and then they will tell you everything in detail.

A cheap trash heap! Avoid it! Never get a job here! The company is the bottom in the city! 0.24 kopecks per soldering point the most scanty ridiculous low prices not only in the city, but throughout the country! The management is greedy, they recruit a bunch of people without experience, and then it turns out that there is no work! No one is appreciated or respected! 24 kopecks!

I was invited to fill out a questionnaire, I filled it out, then a woman came with a greasy, dirty head and a boorishly catty tone began to ask questions of a personal nature that were completely irrelevant, more amazed by the fact that this woman began to say that nothing can be picked up will not work for a very "large" salary of 28000r on a probationary period which is for a minute three months, in

I was invited to fill out a questionnaire, I filled it out, then a woman came with a greasy, dirty head and a boorishly catty tone began to ask questions of a personal nature that were completely irrelevant, more amazed by the fact that this woman began to say that nothing can be picked up will not work for a very "big" salary of 28000r on a probationary period which is for a minute three months, in about

In the last article, we looked at accelerators in general: what they give startups and what a startup should give in return. In this article, we will look at the companies in Russia that allow you to burn out your business.


A sensational project. Even when I didn't know what a startup was, I knew what Skolkovo was. This is an innovative complex, a science city, the task of which is to create a favorable environment for the development of entrepreneurship and science. This place is also called the Russian Silicon Valley. There is a technopark in the Skolkovo structure, where participating companies can receive assistance in the following areas:

  • team formulation
  • business process development
  • management training
  • interaction with Russian and international venture funds
  • the possibility of using Skolkovo equipment
  • scientific and technical expertise, help from mentors.

One of the advantages of Skolkovo is that part of the funding comes from the state, which gives a startup such benefits as tax holidays.

The selection conditions are as follows:

  • the status of the Project Participant is assigned to the legal entity that submitted the application;
  • depending on the specifics of the activity, there are 3 types of Project Participants: startups, a center for applied research and research centers of partners ;
  • the application is submitted by filling out an electronic questionnaire posted on the Foundation's website. By submitting an application, the applicant assumes the obligation to carry out activities in accordance with the Law and the Project Rules. Then the application undergoes an examination.

More detailed information can be found in the Regulations on the status of the participant. There are many advantages and opportunities in Skolkovo, especially since it is the first “from scratch” science city in Russia in the post-Soviet period. But reading the criticism, you understand that the situation is the same as with AvtoVAZ))) What is Skolkovo criticized in:

  • most new companies - 90% - do not survive for more than 2 or 5 years;
  • most of the rest will not be able to expand their business and overcome the $ 100 million milestone; <
  • self-liquidation of participating companies and startups due to the lack of effective support, original innovations and fierce competition;
  • the failure of the Project and the massive exit of participants, 60-80%.

Someone may be afraid of such statistics, but to be afraid of a wolf - do not go to the forest. In the case of startups, you need to try and not give up.


AddVenture is one of the leaders in the Russian venture capital market. His successful projects were:

  • AlterGo - a service for locating, finding places, friends, routes;
  • HomeMe - the leading furniture retail in Russia;
  • Pixonic - social games developer ety;
  • Delivery Club, food delivery, was sold to Food Panda for $ 50 million

According to the results of the first half of 2021, the online retailer Utkonos, according to the estimates of the Infoline agency, earned 8.05 billion rubles, 66.2% more than in the previous year. But despite such significant growth, the company, which for many years remained the undisputed leader in the online product sales market, ranked only second in terms of turnover. It was replaced by X5 Retail Group, which is growing in the e-grocery segment (sales of consumer goods on the Internet), whose online services turnover, according to Infoline, reached 8.2 billion rubles.

How did Platypus manage to maintain leadership for so many years and can he return it?

Pioneer, Luzhkov and the Iron Woman

More than 20 years ago, Utkonos was a pioneer in the e-grocery segment in Russia. The business idea - a food table of orders - was born in 1999 by Sergei Razumov, executive director of the Ellit trading house and a commission agent for servicing export-import operations of Severstal. As an investor, he attracted the main owner of Severstal, Alexei Mordashov, to implement the project. The first Utkonos points were opened in Zelenograd near Moscow, offering consumers a new way to buy food - by phone or via the Internet.

“The latest technology has resulted in significant time and cost savings in order processing, so our prices are always significantly lower than in a regular store or on the market,” explains utkonos. u in 2021. Utkonos was one of the first in retail to install self-service terminals in stores, recorded a catalog of goods on digital media and used an "iron woman" - a program to communicate with customers. In 2021, Utkonos opened its first seven-story distribution center in Moscow and acquired a fleet of vehicles. In the fall of 2021, VAZ-2105 VIS branded vehicles were already delivering orders around the city.

The retailer continued to open retail outlets, but with a minimal assortment, most of the goods could be ordered here through the terminal and received the order the next day. Once the mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, visited the store, he was so impressed by the format that the mayor promised to allocate premises for shops and warehouses with inexpensive rent in all districts of the capital.

In 2021, the Moscow government issued a decree "On additional measures for the development of the Utkonos order store chain in Moscow in 2021-2021". Alas, doing business in the points allocated by the prefectures turned out to be unprofitable: the format of the order table did not take root, and residents also complained about noise and other inconveniences due to the operation of stores. "Platypus" was fined, there was no development. According to the results of 2021, the uncovered loss of the company, according to SPARK, amounted to about 2.6 billion rubles with comparable revenue.

In the future, the company completely abandoned the development of offline retail and went online. In 2021 and 2021, according to Forbes, Utkonos was one of the three largest Internet companies in Russia after Yandex and Mail. u. However, in twenty years, despite numerous attempts to change the development strategy and restart the business, Utkonos has not become a company that consistently generates profits. In 2021, the net loss of Novy Impulse-50 (the retailer's operating company), according to SPARK, amounted to 1.2 billion rubles, in 2021 - 2.9 billion rubles.

Not the first

According to the Infoline agency, Utkonos's revenue in 2021 amounted to 10.2 billion rubles, which is almost half of the entire Russian market for food delivery (its volume was estimated at 23 billion rubles) and three times more than the nearest competitor - Ozon (3 billion rubles). However, over the past two years, competition in the segment has intensified. New players have appeared in it: Perekrestok. u, Pyaterochka, Sbermarket. The Ozon and Wildberries marketplaces have recently been particularly actively increasing the sale of products on the Internet. The coronavirus pandemic has given a new impetus to the Russian e-grocery market, which is growing at a phenomenal pace - in 2021 its volume may reach 135 billion rubles against 45 billion in 2021, Infoline predicts. At the same time, the top 10 players now account for about 35% of the total market volume.

In April 2021, increased competition led to a change of leader: Utkonos lost to X5 Retail Group (services Perekrestok. u, Delivery. Yaterochka and Perekrestok. Ystro). And in May, the position of Utkonos was replaced by the online delivery service Sbermarket, which is part of the joint venture of Sberbank and Mail. u Group.

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