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  • 4 How much you need money for starting a business
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  • 6 Which OKVED must be indicated when registering a business
  • 7 What documents are needed to open a business to renovate offices for key
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose when registering a business
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We spend most of the day at the workplace, and the efficiency of work and, as a consequence, the efficiency of employees depends on how comfortable it is there.

A well-renovated and elegantly decorated office not only creates a favorable atmosphere for work, but also raises the company's prestige in the eyes of clients and business partners.

And, of course, for all this to be, people will be required who can provide this "comfort".

On the renovation of offices, you can create a promising idea for a business.

How to start a turnkey office renovation business

To get started, it's worth recruiting:

  • painters ,
  • finishers ,
  • carpenter ,
  • electricians ,
  • plumbers etc.

Since the office renovation service is turnkey, then you should have all the specialties that may be required in the course of work.

You also need to open an individual entrepreneur and, in this case, select the tax STS 6%.

A successful business person is distinguished by the ability to get the most effective return on existing assets, that is, from the conventional "factories, newspapers, ships" belonging to him. And if a person has no factories, no magazines, no airplanes, and only owns an empty non-residential premises suitable for an office? What to do in this case and how to "squeeze" the optimal income out of such property? From the point of view of a business person, this problem has many solutions.

The Three Whales of Weighted Choice

Choice is always good. The main thing is to remember that the choice made should not be random, thoughtless or contrary to common sense. To determine the optimal use of the office space, the owner first needs to decide for himself:

  • does he intend to directly participate in the office's activities in the future;
  • how serious commercial risks he is willing to bear;
  • does he agree to invest additional funds for the arrangement of the premises.

It is these points that should be guided by further consideration of the available options.

Reasonable choice - 50% of business success, but finding the optimal solution is not immediately possible

For the wise and careful: rent

Let's say the owner prefers to receive passive income (without personal participation in the office business), wants to minimize risks and is not ready to invest additional funds in the premises. Then the most suitable way is to rent an office.

The profitability of the project in this case will be determined by many factors:

  • geographic region;
  • the location of the premises within the settlement;
  • the physical characteristics of the office (area, availability of high-quality repairs, equipment with office furniture) ;
  • the surrounding infrastructure (the presence of nearby inexpensive and "tasty" cafes, shops, parking lots);
  • the proximity of transport interchanges;
  • the number of direct competitors;
  • rental period.

According to ROSRIELT, in July 2021, prices for office space rent in Russian cities ranged from 2,993 rubles. per sq. m per year in Orenburg up to 12,870 rubles. per sq. m. per year in Vladimir (excluding prices in the capital). In Moscow, the requested rental rates for office space were up to RUB 25,500. per sq. m per year.

I must admit: an ordinary office owner will hardly be able to get rich in this way. But there are minimum risks and costs. You can lease, in principle, anything and in any condition: everything here is determined by the price of the issue. With the consent of both parties, even the repair of the premises can be carried out at the expense of the tenant. It is strongly not recommended to save only on the services of a lawyer for drawing up a competent lease agreement: property-money relations are a thing potentially fraught with conflicts and proceedings, therefore it is better to discuss really important and controversial points right away.

Entrepreneurial activity based on the operation of the office premises owned by us is attractive for its simplicity and affordability. You can use the office in different ways, depending on the capabilities and preferences of the owner and the specifics of the premises itself.

General principles for choosing an office business

For any business, the need for an initial investment of capital is obvious - for opening a business, purchasing materials and means of production, promotion, advertising, etc. A significant part of the costs falls on the acquisition and then maintenance of fixed assets. These costs are significantly reduced in a situation where the already available office space acts as a tool for making a profit.

An entrepreneur who owns an office, with a competent organization of the case, can make a profit with a minimum cost of finance, time and moral strength. Buying office property is also commercially viable, provided that it is used skillfully.

Like any business, the office business requires balanced decisions based on detailed research and analysis.

The main parameters influencing the choice of the direction of activity are both internal, related to the characteristics of the office and the capabilities of the entrepreneur, and external, directly dependent on the market situation.

There are many ideas for using the office for profit

Table: external and internal factors for evaluating office business

In order for the business to be in demand, we take into account the strengths and weaknesses and choose the appropriate idea for using the office.

It is not easy to answer the question: "What to do if you have an office?"

Office Business Ideas

An office business can be both dynamic, with the active involvement of the owner, and inertial, aimed at generating passive income. Both the first and second methods are attractive in their own way. There are many interesting and lucrative office use ideas.

Office space for rent

Office business is currently the most common type of activity. On the basis of the office, you can implement various business ideas. Buy business portal offers original business ideas for implementation in the office.

Lie detector

The field of business based on polygraph testing of people is becoming more and more popular. A topical office idea for a business would be to check security workers, as well as people who work with money. This service may also be in demand by married couples who have a misunderstanding. It should be noted that all checks will be carried out with the consent of the person.

In order to start implementing this office business idea, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • rent or purchase of an office;
  • purchase of a polygraph;
  • recruitment of personnel;
  • employee training;
  • advertising.

The first step to implement an office idea is to obtain a certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur. To do this, you need to provide an application, a receipt for payment of the duty, a copy of your passport to the tax office. In 3 working days you will receive a certificate of registration and an extract from the register.

Next, take care of buying a polygraph. The average cost of a lie detector is 100,000 rubles. Polygraph includes: a collection of tests for work, a set of documents and recommendations, video tutorials.

To implement this idea for an office business, it is recommended to hire the following employees: administrator, accountant, employee who will conduct detector tests.

The idea of ​​an office business will be in demand after the advertising campaign. You can spread information about an office idea, for example, at business trainings. It is recommended to organize specialized seminars for businessmen and staff on the topic: "Using a lie detector in work." They can tell you how a polygraph will help in recruiting. After the training, it will be appropriate to distribute advertising brochures about your office business.

One of the advertising ideas will be the creation of a website. It needs to be filled in with interesting and informative articles on the subject of your business. Examples of topics: What is the most effective test of spouses' fidelity; What is a personnel polygraph test and so on.

Cooperation with recruiting agencies can be an interesting marketing ploy. Agencies can offer a service to employers.

If you decide to implement this idea in the office, then the cost of the business starts from 350,000 rubles. Most of the costs will be spent on the purchase of a polygraph and personnel training - from 200,000 rubles.

Organization of legal business in the office

Lifehacker and Ricoh talk about how to make the office comfortable for employees and increase productivity at the lowest cost.

There are many ways to transform an office from a dull and unfriendly place to a modern and comfortable space. This will give employees the opportunity and incentive to work more efficiently, and you - to save money and achieve better results.

Down with access cards

The office does not even start with a hanger, but with a front door that needs to be opened somehow. Keys and access cards are a thing of the past. They are lost, broken, forgotten in the workplace.

Any key card can be stolen and gain access to the office.

A good solution is to use a fingerprint. In the smartphone market, devices with a fingerprint scanner have long been the norm, why not bring this simple and useful feature to your office?

This is convenient for employees and saves them time and hassle (after all, the chances of forgetting your finger at home are extremely small). In addition, a fingerprint scanner at the office entrance will reduce the cost of printing, firmware and administration of an infinite number of cards.

Don't buy a coffee machine

All or almost all employees drink coffee. This is a morning ritual, and an opportunity to finally wake up, and a desire to discuss something in the common kitchen.

You shouldn't take this opportunity away, but you can reduce your company's costs. For example, instead of buying a coffee machine, you can rent it. Many companies do not charge rent if they supply grain to you.

This is also convenient because if the car breaks down, there is no need to spend money on repairing it. The new one will be delivered much faster than the old one will be repaired. If the team grows, it will be possible to change the coffee machine to a more productive one. And you will pay only for the grains.

Get a good MFP

The copier, printer, scanner and fax machine, which once occupied a huge amount of space, have long been placed in one compact MFP (multifunctional device). It stands modestly in a place accessible to all and quietly does its job.

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