New original business ideas from Europe, overview

In the rapidly developing countries of Asia today there are many cool business ideas that work, these ideas are still little known, or not at all known in our country. So do not waste time, take the listed ideas into service and choosing the one that suits your city - start your business.

Roof hammock

This invention seems to be very simple and easy to implement, but now it is in great demand all over the world. This invention looks rather unpretentious: special spacers are attached to the car, to which one or two hammocks are attached, and that's it.

This invention is very cool for outdoor recreation, because you can lie in a hammock right in the car, look at the sky and enjoy life.

These hammocks are very easy to attach, fold and disassemble. You can install two of these on one car at once, which will allow you to enjoy the sunset or dawn in nature with your loved one. Plus, there are some special roofs for these hammocks. In general, you can come up with many additional modifications that will bring additional income. So such hammocks are a very cool startup to launch and sell in Russia, where people do not yet know about the existence of this invention.

Get off the water

In Russia, not so long ago, mirrored rooms were popular, which have already begun to fade. But in China this topic has long been outdated, but a new one has appeared. The Chinese have come up with a new innovative idea for entertainment and income - the rain room. For such a room, you need about 100 square meters, well, depending of course on the available and possible areas.

In general, on these square meters, there is just that very rain room with pouring rain, but the most interesting thing is that, after passing through this room, a person will come out completely dry.

There are cameras built around the perimeter of the entire room, which record human movements and drain water from him. In other words, the person is standing in the shower, but does not get wet.

This is unrealistically cool and surely many people will want to visit such a room and experience this phenomenon of nature for themselves. In addition, in such rooms you can take gorgeous photos, and as everyone knows, Instagram now rules and it will definitely become in demand. Moreover, it will be a plus and free advertising.

Now such rooms have begun to open all over the world, and most likely very soon it will reach Russia. So you can rush to open it first and become a leader and pioneer in the Russian market.

Hotel, hotel on wheels

How the top ten trends in Industry 4. (Industry 4.) will affect the economy and business in 2021 - 2022, the study makes it clear. Examples of 20 innovative startups operating in these areas today are presented. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods in different devices and processes forms the main trend of Industry 4.. Increasingly, growing companies are developing wearable solutions for industrial workplaces to ensure the safety and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Collecting data through cloud and edge computing and developing cybersecurity solutions enables companies to build the building blocks for smart enterprises. Advanced robotic solutions, including autonomous mobile robots, cobots and robotics, and robot software development are also an important part of Industry 4 trends.

Top 10 trends and innovations in Industry 4. in 2021 - 2022 + examples of 20 innovative startups

) Cybersecurity, transparency and privacy

The flow of information due to interconnectedness in Industry 4. raises concerns about security, transparency and confidentiality. As work practices become more personalized and customizable, the data management practices applied outside and inside the plant will have a huge impact on the attractiveness of the company.

The transmission and processing of sensitive industrial data must be secure in order to avoid cyberattacks on critical industrial facilities. Digital ethics and privacy, privacy technologies, self-adapting security, zero trust security, end-to-end communication security, DevSecOps, blockchain are just some of the new developments in this direction. The focus on cybersecurity needs to be balanced with transparency and confidentiality.

Spanish startup Alias ​​Robotics ( / ris.hp) is developing the Robot Immune System (RIS), an endpoint security platform for robots. This solution protects robots and their components from malware.

The modular architecture of RIS gives the system flexibility and adaptability and allows it to work with a variety of robots. The company also offers a secure data logger for investigating cyberattacks or robotic malfunctions. The use of industrial robots at all stages of production requires innovations such as RIS.

Industry 4. uses smart connected devices from different vendors. These devices must be constantly updated to the latest software, firmware and configuration files. Adolus ( is a Canadian startup providing a secure upgrade process for embedded devices. Cybercriminals can potentially interfere with the update process and compromise industrial facilities by forcing employees to install infected files.

Adolus is developing FACT that solves this problem by working with hardware vendors to collect unique fingerprints from files and compare those fingerprints with fingerprints received by manufacturers. FACT provides an assessment of confidence during installation, as well as visibility into upgrade processes on critical systems.

) Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing

The massive amount of data generated by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving the adoption of edge, fog and cloud computing capabilities in Industry 4..

An overview of several working business ideas from Europe. Very often you can hear from friends, relatives and even from businessmen the phrase “I have a cool idea for a new profitable business”. After that, everything usually ended exactly in the same place, at the stage of development of the idea. The most difficult way is to bring the idea to life. Let's take a look at some interesting ideas that have turned into business in Europe. Perhaps you will take them into service and start your own business in the city.

Mobile app for cheap food

This is a specific application site where you can find nearby restaurants that are nearing the end of their expiration date. In this application, a person buys a plate that is standardized, comes to the institution, puts as much food as it can fit into it and pays a fixed price for it. For example, in a London restaurant for the number of dishes that cost 40-45 pounds, thanks to this application you can pay only 7 pounds.

In Russia, many restaurateurs throw away food that is close to the expiration date. Of course, not everyone does this, but most certainly do. It is difficult to say how viable this idea is for Russia, but it is definitely worth a try. What you need to do for this:

• create an application; • create a website; • Hire a sales manager to make certain agreements with restaurants.

Favorite TV series tour

Films and TV series are gaining more and more popularity not only in Europe, but also in Russia. And the age of travel agencies is gradually coming to an end. Except for wild last minute discounts, people in travel agencies are no longer attracted by anything. So why not combine TV shows and films with a travel agency.

In Europe, many different travel agencies have already been created that are engaged in themed tours for TV series. That is, the tourist, in addition to the usual tour (viewing the country and all other attractions), also receives a special route, drawn up according to the preferences of the tourist himself, to the places where certain series or films were filmed. And there is no doubt that such a travel agency in Russia will be popular.

Blooming life after death

Quite scary and scary business, but no less profitable and no less innovative and interesting. The guys in Europe, instead of the usual cremation of the body after his death, did one very interesting thing. They suggested mixing the ashes of a deceased person with the seeds of a tree. That is, after the uto dies, it is planted in the ground and in its place is formed not just some kind of gray tombstone, but a real, large and beautiful, flowering tree.

Europeans began to consider this a very beautiful death that gives a new life. Therefore, their agency already has a rather long queue and they are very popular.

Green life in a glass

The coffee business in Russia is not losing its popularity in the same way as in Europe. And at the moment, every coffee house in Russia is trying to stand out with something, but not everyone succeeds. And thanks to European scientists, it is now possible and very easy to stand out.

Support for innovative enterprises includes both financial assistance with the involvement of funds and budgets of different levels, and the creation of a regional organizational and technical infrastructure, as well as information support, participation in exhibitions, fairs and much more.

An important link in the technical support for the development and implementation of innovations is the Akademgorodok technology park (Akadempark). On August 20, Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development Sergei Syomka visited the Academpark with journalists, where he got acquainted with the new developments of young scientists.

A tour of the Center for Technological Support of the Academpark was conducted for the guests. On the floors of the building, in small boxes, mini-companies work, which sometimes consist of two or three people. Based on the existing infrastructure, including all the necessary equipment and workplaces, developers can implement any technological project - from a drawing to the manufacture of the first prototype and the release of a small batch. For developers, all conditions have been created here for a relatively small fee - one thousand rubles per workplace. Many innovators' developments are already in demand in the region or promise to become such in the near future. For example, analyzers of the composition and impurities of gases and liquids, created by employees of the physical and chemical laboratory "Academlab", are already used in the work of the regional Ministry of Emergencies. Scientists are also ready to offer their development to Roshydromet, where it could also be very useful.

Another interesting development, which the journalists were introduced to on that day, is the so-called "Moscow window", created at O ​​Two Trade LLC. It is a compact supply ventilation system that allows "pumping" air into the room from the street, simultaneously cleaning and heating it.

Serial production of such a vent has already been established in China. In the fire safety system, for the control of heating mains and temperatures in hazardous areas, optical fiber developed by SibSensor LLC can be used. And the employees of Surdofon LLC in the Academpark have created a device to help people with hearing problems to translate sounding speech into sign language, which can be used in mobile communications and on computers.

Most of the technological equipment on which scientists work was purchased under the program to support small and medium-sized businesses, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Economic Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development of the Novosibirsk Region.

In total, about 671 million rubles are planned for the implementation of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses in 2021. In the first half of 2021, 80.5 million rubles were allocated to this area under the regional program.

The General Director of the Academpark Dmitry Verkhovod considers it realistic and sets a goal to release at least 20 innovative companies from the walls of the technological cluster every year. And there are prerequisites for this. This year, the largest IT incubator with 90 jobs was launched in the Academpark. The most labor-intensive biotechnological business incubator is currently being prepared for launch.

- A line of 11 technological innovative companies has already been created on the basis of the Academpark, - said the Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Development Sergey Syomka. - This year, about 6.5 million rubles will be spent on the creation of the Center for Youth Creativity. And next year we will create a new engineering center in Akadempark, where the preparation of products will be carried out from the stage of drawing up to launching into mass production, the minister promised.

A business incubator in the Koltsovo settlement is also successfully working with innovators. Here, entrepreneurs are also helped to create a business from scratch, which in the future will be in demand both in the region and beyond.

Support for innovative enterprises includes both financial assistance with the involvement of funds and budgets of different levels, and the creation of a regional organizational and technical infrastructure, as well as information support, participation in exhibitions, fairs and much more.

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