Magic in your pocket: 20 unusual mobile apps

The world of technology has confidently entered the life of almost every person. Diaries, notebooks, financial accounting - all this has moved to the virtual world as programs and mobile applications. If you want to make life easier for the population, you can make good money by developing popular applications. Read about how to start a mobile app development business in our article.

Registration and important aspects of business

Before starting to sell applications, and even to the development itself, you should register your company. This can be done by applying for a regular IP. This form is much easier to maintain and does not require professional skills.

Application Development Team

To develop high-quality and simply attractive applications, you should get a team of professionals. Minimum set of people:

  • Programmer. The number of specialists directly depends on the complexity of the developed applications and their volume.
  • Designer. An important link, because even a high-quality application is criticized by users for the absurdity of the design.
  • Marketer. It will help you understand what is in high demand and what not to focus on. A good marketer can predict future consumer demand.
  • Tester. Speaks for itself.

This kind of staff means developing simple programs. Building 3D games or complex applications that use powerful engines will of course require more workforce. You can save on wages by transferring some positions to remote access. In addition, this solves another problem: often in one city (especially if it is not Moscow or St. Petersburg) it is simply impossible to find several qualified programmers of a narrow specialization.

Development and Debugging

The first step is to think over the main idea of ​​the application. This is what determines its future popularity and relevance. The concept of an ideal application has three components:

  • Uniqueness.
  • Functionality.
  • Targeting a wide audience.

Diaper moisture analysis, virtual hair dyeing and furniture authentication. In this collection, we have collected examples of the freshest and most unusual mobile applications of the end of 2021.

There are many applications, but the needs they are trying to satisfy are far fewer. If you are looking to find a niche for a mobile app business, knowing these needs is the first step in order to do something worthwhile and truly in-demand.

Looking at today's examples of mobile applications, you can notice that the vast majority of them rely on the same needs of modern people. This is the need to keep everything and everyone under control, the need for entertainment, the instant search for something, and the desire to pre-test any products or services before placing an order or purchase. The most trending ways to achieve any of these goals today are augmented reality (AR) technologies, methods for analyzing big data and methods of geolocation.

Diet Effectiveness Analyzer

The ketogenic diet analyzer and mobile app associated with it was developed by startup Keyto. The ketogenic diet is a popular low-calorie diet with a high intake of fat and moderate intake of protein, as a result of which the body begins to intensively burn fat instead of carbohydrates. The Keyto device allows you to estimate the acetone content of the breath. It is believed that thanks to this data, it is possible to track the level of ketones in the blood, the amount of which increases during the ketone diet. Thus, the user can evaluate the effectiveness of their diet. With the help of the mobile app, he will also be able to get advice on how to improve his results and adjust his diet.

Baby Care App

Two devices from startup Littleone, Smart-Bottle and Smart-Peepee, allow parents to monitor the nutritional status of their kids' diapers using a mobile app. The Smart-Bottle is a smart feeding bottle that can monitor the temperature of the milk it contains and track your baby's feeding schedule. Smart-Peepee is a diaper sensor that hangs on the outside of the diaper and analyzes the moisture level. Both devices report the received data to the mobile application, and parents, accordingly, receive notifications that the child is either time to feed, or he urinated, or the milk in the bottle is cold.

Interactive water packaging

An interesting cross-promo example is demonstrated by the augmented reality app Zappar and aseptic carton manufacturer SIG. The fruit of the joint activity was the W-in-a-Box interactive water packaging. With the help of an augmented reality application, the user can admire animated advertising characters, read about the benefits of mineral water, the use of eco-friendly packaging, and also get acquainted with the range of products in a playful way.

Virtual hair coloring

Madison Reed has created an app that allows users to try out their hair color range in real time. The fitting takes place using augmented reality technology: through the camera, a girl can see how her hair will look in more than 40 colors. For the convenience of making a decision, the screen is divided into two parts by which you can compare your current hair color with the desired one. For the beauty industry, the use of AR technologies is far from news: there are many applications for the selection of earrings, nail polish, makeup and other things, but until recently there were difficulties with hair. It was hard for software to mimic hair, especially when it came to consumers with dark hair who were about to dye their hair blonde.

Smart hair straighteners

During the coronavirus period, technologies are especially in demand to reduce the number of contacts with anyone or anything: with sellers and consultants, payment machines and any surrounding surfaces. In this collection, we'll talk about just such ideas.

Contactless technologies most often mean contactless payment technologies (NFC technologies in the field of retail payments) - that's what people are interested in first of all. Nevertheless, the “non-contact” trend is inherently much broader - it carries the global idea of ​​reducing the waste of time and mental resources on unnecessary and tedious transactions with the world as a whole.

Contactless technologies are fast, so they simply save our time, allowing us not to contact for longer than necessary, and if possible, not to contact at all! This also applies to contact (fiddling) with things (digging in a purse, picking money and dirty cards), as well as contact with people-sellers.

Fast payment with one gadget (most often now it is a smartphone) not only saves time and nerves, but, according to experts, it is also much safer than older payment schemes, even safer than a bank card. Let's take a look at a few examples.

Contactless car purchase

Auto Trader is a UK based firm that trades cars of various brands. They recently invented a stress-free way to buy a car. Auto Trader believes that going to a car dealership and communicating there with funny boys - car salesmen - is a great stress for almost any person. Indeed, these salesmen in car dealerships are rarely tactful, as if the very work in the constant environment of expensive cars makes them all a little deranged and cocky. They can laugh at the fact that you are a woman and want to drive, they can laugh at the fact that you are buying a cheap car, if you are a man, they can laugh at your ignorance of some details in the auto industry, they can still a lot of things ... In general, the less you communicate with the seller, the better - says modern marketing.

Therefore, Auto Trader decided to save the buyer from a stressful visit to a traditional car dealership. Maybe, among other things, you will be upset by the number of foreign cars that you cannot afford. And they will even mockingly offer you to test them, persuading you to make a purchase that you are clearly not ready for.

In general, welcome to the streets of London, where there is a lone vending machine, inside of which there is only one product - a Renault Zoe car. If it suits you - silently pay for the purchase right there, from your bank card and the car will immediately be delivered to you wherever you say. And the documents will be drawn up right in front of you, upon handing over the car keys.

Of course, this way of selling has risks. But if the company generally has high authority, then the defective car will not be slipped to you.

The Covid-19 pandemic will probably only accelerate the introduction of this method of buying cars. Louisiana-based 360 AUTO also recently introduced a solution that will allow consumers to complete a car purchase transaction without having to visit a dealership. The uniqueness of 360 AUTO technology is that it creates an individual website for each client. According to company representatives, the need for such a tool is ripe: 50% of consumers with different types of consumers are already using digital retail tools that can speed up and simplify the process of buying a car.

Men's shirts with contactless payment cuffs

Mobile Apps 2021: 10 Profitable Business Ideas


The field of mobile application development is developing very actively. Seeing its prospects, many entrepreneurs and IT developers strive to create a product that will be in demand by users of mobile gadgets. For a mobile app to be successfully monetized, it must be truly unique and useful. And if you have an idea, and you are still thinking about the rationality of its implementation, there are several pressing questions that will help determine the feasibility of a future startup.

How to understand if your application will be in demand?

Want to know if your app will become popular with the intended target audience? Then try to answer these questions with an open mind:

  • Will it have real uniqueness?
  • Are there any popular applications in similar segments, and will your product be able to compete with them?
  • What are the prices of these competitors?
  • Will your application have significant advantages over them?

In addition, it is very important that the developer himself and the whole team try to put themselves in the shoes of the average user of a mobile gadget and answer the question of whether he would like to pay the price you provide for such an IT product. A sober approach to all of the above nuances becomes a guarantee that you will not waste time and resources, but will be able to develop or order the development of a truly unique, useful and potentially demanded application. When developing an application, special attention should be paid to design.

Idea: a collection of promotions and discounts

Saving is a significant motivational factor in the lives of many people. The vast offer of goods and services on the modern market encourages entrepreneurs to attract people to purchases with tangible discounts. But the buyer has one problem - it is very difficult to follow all the shares of the points of interest at once.

If you look closely at the issue, it may take so long that the savings will be quite ghostly. Especially if we talk about people who work for themselves and feel the principle of "time is money" literally. It would be much more convenient for such buyers to download an application with information about discounts and promotions in their city for the product segments of interest for a relatively low fee. Regardless of the idea, the interface of your application should be fresh and pleasant to the eye of the user - this is the first thing he will notice. Watch the following video on design trends and read this article:

Idea: poor quality roads or dangerous sections of the highway

Trading on wheels is an idea that came to us from the USA. It was there that the first such point appeared in 1872. This trend came into vogue in Los Angeles in 2021.

One of the most important means of achieving business success is the maximum approximation of a commercial product to the consumer. The easier it is to buy a product or receive a service, the higher the sales amount will be. This concept is reflected in various trading methods, and among them mobile business on wheels occupies a worthy place.

The idea is not new. Offsite trade has existed for decades. Cinema halls were brought by car to remote regions of the country. Even during the war years, there were truck shops that supplied the troops with household goods through the Voentorg line.

Today there are new original ideas for business on wheels, which will be useful for the reader to get acquainted with. Who knows, maybe they will inspire someone who wants to start their own business?

Features and benefits of doing business on wheels

In addition to the already mentioned desire to get closer to the consumer, an entrepreneur who decided to build a business on his own wheels is motivated by other advantages of this sales method:

  • Purchase or lease of premises is optional.
  • Relative cheapness of the organizational phase.
  • Simplicity of paperwork.
  • Ability to navigate in search of a mass gathering of consumers.
  • Saving money on advertising.
  • Flexibility in changing the profile of a trade or service.
  • High liquidity of the fixed asset.

To be fair, there are some drawbacks that should be noted. These include:

  • Limited opportunities for intensive development. To put it simply: one equipped for business - a vehicle that can serve a limited number of customers. To increase turnover, you need to increase the number of cars.
  • Vehicle participation in road traffic. This results in certain risks associated with the risk of road accidents and financial losses in case of traffic violations
  • Expenses for fuel and lubricants and transport operation. The more intensively the car drives, the faster the wear occurs. Depreciation is charged to the cost of goods and services.
  • Gaps in the current legislation governing the procedure for the sale of food products in a mobile mode. RVs are subject to the rules and sanitary standards introduced for stationary catering and trade, and it is not easy to comply with them.

Despite some difficulties, mobile sales are developing rapidly in many countries, and Russia is no exception. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • insufficient coverage of some services in remote areas, especially rural areas;
  • high demand for “quick” meals, coffee, tea and cocktails that can be consumed quickly; <
  • the desire of buyers to save the energy required to deliver groceries home.

These positive factors do not mean guaranteed business success. Its organization always, as in the stationary version, must start with marketing. Correct positioning, a promising idea, competent economic calculations - all this will give confidence to an entrepreneur.

Consider ten promising and popular ideas for making money on trade from transport.

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