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What do we need? First, aroma concentrates from Aliexpress. For example, such as in the photo. There are many of them in different variations. You can choose based on popularity and reviews to ultimately get the most "popular" scent possible.

  • Option with impregnated cardboard
  • Option with coffee beans or rice.


We take a cardboard sheet (thick, you can buy at any stationery store). We dilute the tincture with water (so that the smell is not very pungent). We place our cardboard in a container for 5-10 minutes. You can immediately the whole pack, as much as it will fit into the container. We take out, dry. Then we print the prints (go well with the names of the districts of your city) and glue them on the stink. We make a hole, insert an elastic band or thread. We pack.


The second option is more creative and naturally more expensive to implement.

We take burlap, the most common of which is made by sacks.

Cut into the pieces you need in size. We sew on a sewing machine in different sizes to spread around the cabin in the corners. To make them look more "presentable", we glue coffee beans on them.

To prevent the glue from leaking and gluing the bag from the inside, we put cardboard inside.

Then he filled the bags with coffee beans and tied them with string on top. Here's what came of it.

Grains, rice are also soaked in aromatic liquid for 40-60 minutes. Put it in a bag and you're done. Again, turn on your creativity, you can also buy small jars, pour liquid there and seal with a wine cork. The smell will be fragrant for a very long time, but it comes out quite at cost.

Implementation Methods

  • Bonsai are decorative small trees that anyone can keep at home!

Such a business is suitable for creative and patient people!

Enough time passes from the start of growing to making a profit, but the profit is tangible!

How to start a business?

Bonsai is not just a houseplant that grows in a pot. Its peculiarity is that it is planted on a tray, in a shallow pot, dish or tray. Outwardly, the tree looks like a real one. It has a trunk and bark, flowers and fruits. A landscape close to natural is created around it. But before you learn how to make money growing plants at home, you need to learn the intricacies of technology.

Experts identify several styles and techniques:

Secrets of growing technology

The success of the Japanese tree growing home business idea lies in the initial shaping of the seedling. When the trunk has a reddish tint and a height of 4-7 cm, a squat trunk and a beautiful root system are formed.

You will need the following tools to work:

- A well-sharpened knife or you can use a razor;

- soil for transplanting seedlings;

???? Meat products can be bought at the market, hypermarket and specialized stores. But not all residents of Russia can afford meat from there. Muslims have their own rules, which they try to adhere to. We will tell you how to open a halal shop.

Relevance of business idea

According to the latest data, about 14.5 million Muslims live in Russia, which is 10% of the population. The national distribution across regions is not uniform, but predominantly Muslim republics have dedicated halal shops for them. Finding one in an ordinary region will not be easy, despite the existing demand.

Opening a halal shop will be easier if you are familiar with Muslim culture firsthand. So it will be easier for you to assess the demand and needs, and at the same time calculate the success of the project in your region.

Costs and Benefits

Investments in the project will amount to 471'000 rubles. With an average monthly profit of 80'000 rubles, the initial costs can be recouped in six months.

Start-up costs: approximate calculation for Astrakhan

The first batch of goods 100'000

Unforeseen expenses 20'000

Monthly costs

Permits and Documents

The balloon business is profitable. But not all entrepreneurs can stay afloat. The fact is that despite the ease of entering the market and minimal investment, there is fierce competition in this business.


Helium balloons are in great demand. They are bought for birthdays as an addition to a gift, for weddings and holidays to decorate the premises.

  • Low entrance ticket. At the start, you will need no more than 50 thousand rubles.
  • At the initial stage, you can do without an office and warehouse. At first, all small work can be done at home or at the customer's site.
  • The service is in constant demand, since there are always holidays and birthdays.

  • Difficulties often arise with the purchase and delivery of material for registration. Especially in small towns.
  • Low income at the start of a business.
  • Finding customers is a tricky task in the balloon business. To get potential customers interested, you need to offer them something original.


Here the question arises: what clients are you planning to work with: if only with private customers, then at the first stage you can work and not register a business. And if you plan to supply balloons to organizations, then you can’t get anywhere without registering an individual entrepreneur.


The main equipment and materials of the "promoted" aerodesigner. these are: compressor, hand pump, helium cylinders, latex balloons, fishing line, decorative tape, scissors, tape, balloon sticks, cable, pressure meter. Market professionals advise taking cylinders of 40 liters, enough for 450 - 500 balls. The price of the issue is 6000 rubles. To inflate the balloons, it is better to use a two-way hand pump or an electric compressor, which cost about 5,000 rubles. As for the balloons, 5, 9, 12-inch latex balloons are perfect for decorating the hall. The most popular colors are white, red, yellow, pink, gold, lilac. Foil balloons go well for weddings, for children's parties - figures and surprises in a balloon. Luminous balls have become popular lately.


This is the key point in this business. It is worth hitting in several directions: both online and offline advertising. Distribute flyers near children's centers, advertise your services on the Internet and social networks. The main thing is not to sit still and constantly tell customers about yourself in order to receive orders.


You can listen to the podcast of the "Business Morning" program:

The topic of the "Business Morning" program was the lending program of the "Damu" Fund called "The Economy of Simple Things".

The share of GDP directly depends on small and medium-sized businesses, and currently the government wants to increase the share of SMEs in the state's GDP.

- Five years ago, the number of "active" entrepreneurs was 883 thousand people, today this figure has increased to 1 million 200 thousand people. Statistics show that the population wants to do business. The number of people employed in the SME sector is 3 million 300 thousand people - more than 30% of the total active population of the country. In the first half of 2021, the number of registered legal entities increased by 4 thousand units. A large number of entrepreneurs are engaged in trade, followed by the education sector. We see significant growth in the restaurant business, agriculture, construction, and administrative and support services.

I would like to know more about whether there are special priorities for the support provided. For example, who is more likely to receive a grant: from a hospitality entrepreneur or a businessman who specializes in education?

- If you look at the Roadmap 2021 support program, your priority, of course, is education. But if we talk about supporting entrepreneurship in mono-cities and villages, then we support all types of activities there.

Does your Fund work with entrepreneurs who have ideas but no start-up capital?

- For young entrepreneurs and the development of their startups, we have provided a loan program up to 20 million tenge. They can get a loan from the bank with the support of the Damu Fund in the form of subsidies and guarantees. For example, if an entrepreneur does not have enough collateral, then the Fund is ready to issue its guarantee up to 85%, and the businessman only has to pay 15% of the guarantee. Our branches throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan help entrepreneurs to draw up a business plan, collect the entire package of necessary documents: that is, they provide full support.

I would like to take a closer look at a simple example: there is a farmer who has 5 thousand horses and wants to take out a loan to build a stable. What does he need to do?

- Let's take 20 million tenge. Of these, it is enough for an entrepreneur to provide a pledge of 3 million tenge (15% of the total amount), the guarantee for the remaining amount will be provided by the Damu Fund. In this case, for the bank, this loan is considered fully collateralized.

And if an entrepreneur starts to have any problems, to whom will he answer: to the bank or to the Fund?

- First of all, the debt to the bank is closed, and then we will work with the businessman directly.

Basically, when issuing loans, banks look at pension contributions. What if the entrepreneur doesn't have them?

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