Implementation of the idea: 4 steps to implement the project

Everyone says - in order to become rich, change your mindset, and in order for the implementation of an idea for a business to come true - set goals with high quality. What does this all mean? We now know.

We know a lot of success stories, but we don't know even more stories that end with nothing. How many ideas soars into the sky and does not explode with fireworks of realization ... it is useless to count, like the stars in the sky.

How many ideas did you leave at the fantasy stage? They are still there. They are waiting for you to stumble upon this article and learn how to bring these ideas from the realm of the intangible to the world. Have you ever wondered what your ideas are up to while you pretend they are unsuccessful?

What does this even mean? Who came up with this technical task for the universe? Impossible to calculate everything!

It is not your ideas that are unsuccessful, but your solutions. Strategy helps you find a shortcut to your goal. The more details you give your team, the more accurate the project analytics will be.

To make your dream come true - detail it

What if God had said the same thing when he “coded” our universe? Imagine a computer game where characters get stuck in textures, some commands do not work, and at some random stages the same action does not allow you to go further ...

Our world, with its beauty and ugliness, and all-all facets, is a very cool project. Causal relationships work here and the “gameplay” is very finely tuned. And he wouldn't be like that if God's purpose was not clear enough. And if he stopped doing detailing on the fifth day, and not on the seventh, for example. Man also knows how to create. The main thing is to know where to start and the boat will float.

We were tormented by these lengthy recommendations, so a secret algorithm was found, which inevitably leads to a quality goal setting.

When the implementation of an idea looks vague, take these four key steps

A business idea is a phrase that entices people to create their own business. It seems that it could be easier, I came up with a business idea and it started working right away. But the facts suggest otherwise. Until recently, 8 out of 10 new startups in Russia were closed in the first year of their existence. Now, while the self-isolation regime is in effect, it is useful to think about what mistakes were made by those 8 businessmen who were unable to develop their business. And it's not bad to understand what the remaining 2 entrepreneurs did to turn their business idea into a full-fledged business.

hobiz Experts. u have repeatedly shared their point of view that an idea for a business is just the beginning of a long theoretical path that not every businessman can go through. Although it would seem that there are such proven business ideas, where it seems that success is monetized by itself.

For example, a shawarma business. Favorite example of hobiz. u. Business with low cost of equipment - from 65 thousand rubles. Time-tested demand. Low cost of the finished product and minimum requirements for opening. But not everyone succeeds. Shawarma spots, like mushrooms after rain, regularly open here and there. Most of them, after working for a short time, are closed. Although, they started something strictly according to a business idea - to open a point with shawarma, examples of which work everywhere. But for some reason it didn't work. Others, who have done much the same, have a thriving business. Why then? Professional businessmen who are exactly on the topic of shawarma will immediately give the correct answers that, they say, the potential demand at the opening point has not been studied; the design at the trade establishment was indistinct; untested recipe; the staff is inept; related products that can make up to half of the profits were missing; etc. All these nuances, for example, hobiz. u have already described in shawarma business idea.

All of the above can be combined into one obvious idea: implementing a new business idea is usually much more difficult than coming up with one. Therefore, perhaps it is worth warning people who have their own business idea against premature success. The idea itself is valuable, but it will remain so if you do not work out the details of the business in practice. The path from idea to action is very long and difficult for most.

So, for example, any technological or production business idea will inevitably face difficulties in choosing the implementation path. Determination of the sales market - consumer or commercial sector; which, in turn, will affect the definition of the design of the manufactured product, packaging, cost. All this should be reflected in the business plan. To show business opportunities, competitive advantages and profit forecasts. But production and implementation have not even begun yet, so far only a theory based on a business idea. And even a non-production business idea will follow a similar path.

In addition, creating a business implies interaction between various people involved in the desired business processes. Including potential partners, investors and even clients. Yes, dear hobiz reader. u, customers - the basis of the business - must be included in the business plan, studied from all sides and calculated how they will be involved in the business idea.

Having solved these theoretical stages, the author of the business idea will move on to practice. Searching for real money and other resources for the implementation of the case. Which, unlike a business idea, cannot be written off so easily if the idea does not find a response from customers.

However, most of the above risks can be minimized if you are guided by certain positive steps that allow you to be critical of your own business idea. For the latter to increase its own chances of successful implementation.

At least, this is a deliberate and correct step for an author who knows only the phrase “business idea” about business. The partner will share their own business skills from the niche where the business starts. But do not assume that you can delegate the entire implementation of a business idea to him. Partnerships, in this case, are equal opportunities for participation.

For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates invited Steve Ballmer, with whom he studied at the university. Initially, Gates was the ideologist of the company. That is, the author of a business idea. In addition, as a programmer and a genius of mathematics, in his business he took on the role of a technologist, responsible for all the initial "stuffing". Ballmer, with experience in marketing and company development and previously at Proctor & Gamble, took over the business. By the way, Steve Ballmer is perhaps the only dollar billionaire on the Forbes list who made his fortune as an employee. Which he is to this day.

Besides the fact that a new business idea requires writing in order not to forget. The process of writing down an idea with a possible implementation plan helps to quickly find the real requirements for a business idea, its strengths and weaknesses. Especially if the records are shown to a person who knows. Found in the first step.

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