Illegal business ideas

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Four in the morning. The roads are empty. not quite, of course, Moscow never sleeps, but still there are fewer cars at this time.

The man looked around the entrance to the subway, the terminal station on the line. Then he got behind the wheel of an Evo IX parked next to the entrance. I started the engine, warmed up, took out a stopwatch and pressed the button. He immediately threw the stopwatch onto the right seat and, with the same movement, put his hand on the gear lever. Sharply cut the first and drown. The car perceptibly sat down on its rear wheels and pulled away with a squeal.

Nice night, cool, engine lighter. And dry.

Up to 80 in second gear, up to 120 in third gear. Faster!

The car was rapidly flying towards the region along the highway. The rooms are smeared with mud, the cameras will not record. The outfit will arrive too late, if at all.

Faster! The wheels screech at the junction. The body drags to the left, rest against the support of the seat. 150. Little!

And where are you from, it's night. Where are you going? Fast tags, enough space. Even faster!

Turn! Fitted in, though I had to change the lane and hook a little to the side of the road. At the exit from the turn - gas!

Business ideas for women in 2019 in Belarus

During a crisis, people grab any means of earning money in order to provide a normal standard of living for themselves and their families. Moreover, these methods may not always be “white”. In this article, we will talk about how to make money illegally: what methods of earning exist, what is popular, and what it threatens if you are still caught in illegal business.


First, let's clearly distinguish between terms and concepts. Illegal earnings are those that are not legalized before the state. That is, a person is engaged in economic activities, but at the same time he is not registered as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, he does not pay taxes and deductions, that is, he works "in black". Illegal earnings should be distinguished from illegal earnings.

Illegal earnings, although it is illegal, but still it is conducted relatively honestly in relation to clients: you simply are not registered and do not pay taxes. But illegal earnings are those that are prohibited by articles of the Administrative or Criminal Code. It includes fraud, theft, robbery and other crimes against the property of citizens and the state.

Important: we strongly advise against engaging in illegal earnings, because sooner or later you will be caught. Further, it all depends on the level of violations: you can either be fined, or sent to a prison or settlement.

Illegal earnings will result in you being sued, and as a result your reputation will be permanently damaged. There is no need to do such things: it will be very difficult to wash them off, and you will still be caught sooner or later. Of course, one-time petty deceptions can be committed without much fear, but if you put it on stream, then be prepared to meet with the police. Some people believe that there is nothing wrong with taking an advance payment and disappearing, selling a non-existent product over the Internet, stealing a badly lying item, etc., but all this spoils your karma and increases the risk of going to prison, so we strongly do not recommend doing things like that. Illegal earnings cannot be called good either, but if you work honestly, at least this is not covered by the Criminal Code and you will get off with a maximum fine.

Types of illegal earnings

There are many illegal ways to make money, from working as a taxi to your own production. They can be divided into several categories:

  • Handmade at home. This includes making soap, pastries, cakes, creating various crafts with subsequent sale, making souvenirs, etc.
  • Earnings associated with cars. This is work in a taxi, car repair, supply of spare parts, illegal installation of electrical equipment and various devices.
  • Own production in the garage. In a garage or a private house it is quite possible to organize the production of various goods: decorative tiles, joinery, sewing clothes or shoes, making furniture, etc.
  • Working on the Internet. Everything is simple here: you do work for other users or run your own business, but at the same time you do not register as an entrepreneur.
  • Provision of services. You work as a "husband for an hour", open your own advertising agency, provide services for the repair of plumbing, for laying electrical wiring and other engineering networks, doing construction or finishing work.

Who are self-employed persons

In fact, the above methods are self-employment. In 2021, Russia adopted a law on the legalization of the self-employed population with a proposal to pay taxes and deductions. Self-employed persons include people over the age of 16 who are not registered with the tax authorities as entrepreneurs, but at the same time are engaged in making money in various ways. In fact, these are individuals who work for myself. The only condition for identifying a self-employed from an illegal entrepreneur is annual income: if it does not exceed 10 million rubles, then you can apply for this title.

According to some estimates, in Russia up to 10% of the self-employed of the entire working-age population. The government is taking steps to legalize these people: starting in 2021, the legalization procedure will be simplified. It will be enough just to register from a mobile phone or computer and get self-employed status. In this case, you will be offered a job according to a simplified scheme:

  • The tax rate will be 4% of income when working with individuals.
  • 6% when working with legal entities.
  • 1. 5% of income goes to the Pension Fund.
  • 0.25% is transferred to the Health Insurance Fund.

Top-: illegal business

Not so long ago I read in one book an interesting idea that everything in our world is dual: there is only white and black, good and evil, development and regression, etc. Everything else is just "shades", "offshoots" of these two principles. Whether this is so, I will not undertake to judge, in order not to get lost in the philosophical jungle. However, I started the article this way because I wanted to remind you that business has two "sides of the coin" - compliance with the laws and illegal.

While respectable legitimate business is looking for new ideas, introducing new technologies, engaging in long-term investments, illegal business throughout almost the entire history of the existence of progressive humanity does not change its sources of profit, only adapting to the changes of time, and taking it is precisely the achievements of legal entrepreneurship that have been adopted.

Don't go kids to Africa!

Remember how in the good old Soviet cartoon about Dr. Aibolit, parents used to say these golden words to their children? So here too - practically all government structures warn against engaging in illegal business, but the prospect of huge, relatively easy income outweighs common sense.

It is very easy to do illegal business (just don’t consider this a guide to action!). If you don't register your business, your business is already illegal. In general, in Russia, there is even a legal guide to ideas for illegal business! Don't believe me? It is called the Criminal Code. Open and almost every article is an illegal business idea.

I bring to your attention (purely for informational purposes!) a kind of top-8 types of illegal business, which are engaged in in our country. And, I ask you, there is no need to say that this does not exist. In the 20th century, for several years, people were told that: “There is no sex in the USSR,” but the country did not die out. So it was after all ... back to contents ↑

Doubtful buzz at the cost of life

The illicit drug trade is the most lucrative type of illegal business. Can you imagine that the world turnover of "drug money" was equal to the budget of an average European state? To be honest, I'm not very good. But, nevertheless, believe me, the way it is. By the way, I was always surprised that many publications indicate "approximate" figures for income from drug trafficking. Where do they get it? What are drug dealers filing a tax return? I think that the true profit from this "business" is hard to even imagine!

And one more thing: the illegal circulation of any types of drugs, from "harmless" smoking mixtures that have literally flooded the country recently, to "heavy" synthetic drugs, includes both the sale and their cultivation, cultivation, manufacturing, transportation. In general, a complete list of all these acts can be found in the "Directory", which I wrote about above.

There is a body - there is a work

Why does business work illegally?

"I didn't manage to earn a ruble, I already owe the state 10", - many novice businessmen face similar situations. Of course, entrepreneurship is a complex and risky activity, but working in the shadows, as a rule, is explained not by the unbearable taxes and outrage of the supervisory authorities, but by the inability or unwillingness of the novice “businessman” to establish business processes. So why does business in Russia operate illegally? It is not necessary to answer this question in order to justify the work “under the counter”, but to reveal the weak points of the economy, which require careful study and attention of the entrepreneur.

1. You pay first, then you earn

Working without registration as a self-employed, individual entrepreneur or legal entity in Russia remains illegal. At the same time, a novice businessman has to pay for the very fact of registration - the state fee will be: Even with zero turnover, a registered individual entrepreneur will have to deal with tax reporting and make contributions to the pension fund - 23,153.33 rubles per year. If a businessman earns something else - plus 6% of income. For hired workers, you need to contribute about 30% more of salaries to extra-budgetary funds.

After a businessman “surrenders” to the tax authorities and is registered, he finds himself in the light of all supervisory authorities: tax service, Rospotrebnadzor, labor inspection and dozens of others. All of them will be able to "trample the path" to the place of business registration for scheduled and unscheduled inspections. Fines for violations discovered by auditors can be calculated in tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Finding an illegal entrepreneur is much more difficult - he has neither a legal address nor documented commercial transactions.

If the police found an illegal outlet or a disgruntled client complained about you, the fine for doing business without state registration will be from 500 to 2021 rubles. (Art. 14. Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation).

For work without a license, individuals are threatened with a fine of 2.5 thousand rubles, but for registered legal entities - from 40 to 50 thousand rubles. It's cheaper not to register.

3. Drown in the requirements and rules

The simplest form of doing business is considered to be work as an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system. However, “simplified” does not exempt an entrepreneur from income tax or income tax, contributions to the pension fund and the health insurance fund. For all forms of activity, you need to submit regular reports, buy a cash register, and so on. It couldn't be easier ...

Many people from time to time sell something, provide services to their friends and receive a reward for it. When such activity is of a regular nature, carried out on a commercial basis, it must be legalized. Otherwise, there is responsibility for illegal business.

The concept of entrepreneurial activity

Citizens can receive income from trade, provision of services, rental of premises and other legal means. Commercial activity is subject to mandatory registration.

There is a misconception that only citizens who receive large incomes draw close attention of the tax authorities in Russia. Even in the case of handmade jewelry making, if it is put up for sale and regular payment for the product is received, this activity can be interpreted as "organizing an illegal business." One thing depends on the amount of hidden earnings - reaching a certain threshold will lead to a transfer from administrative to criminal liability.

Reasons for recognizing activities as entrepreneurial can be:

  • Information provided by buyers who paid for services or goods, receipts of money from them.
  • Advertising activity.
  • Availability of product samples for sale.
  • Purchase of wholesale consignments of goods, establishment of business relationships with contractors.
  • Rent payments for premises used to generate income.
  • Accounting for performance results.

Civil legislation provides certain categories of citizens to receive income without registering as an individual entrepreneur. So, the owners of rented premises can conclude an agreement with tenants and report once a year, filling out a tax return and paying tax on its basis.

Forms and signs of illegal activity

  • Performed on a regular basis and with the aim of making a profit from goods, services or work.
  • The labor of other people is used without official registration of their employment.
  • Absence or violation of registration procedure.
  • In the case of carrying out licensed activities without the permission of regulatory authorities.

In the service sector, it is allowed to work without creating an individual entrepreneur or LLC, if contracts of a civil nature are concluded. But in this case, the entrepreneur's work is limited, since he has no right to advertise his services. In addition, such activities can lead to difficulties with customers. Tax authorities may see this business cooperation as an employment relationship without registration. Therefore, preference is often given to registered entrepreneurs or companies.

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