Ideas for business: investments from 300 thousand rubles

The start of a successful entrepreneurial activity depends on the amount of investment, the chosen direction of activity. These are only two important conditions for a successful business. A business for 300,000 rubles, the ideas of which are being implemented by many entrepreneurs, is characterized by more opportunities than opening an economic activity without investment.

The ability to correctly distribute money to invest in starting a business in 2021 is a condition for an initial, successful start. Important! An idea for a business should be regionally in demand and useful to society. Potential customers should be able to purchase the offered service or product. For 300,000 rubles, you can consider options for a good opening of economic activities in different forms of ownership.

Profitable business with investments in rubles

Business activities that are invested with even a small amount of capital increase the chance of business success. A business for 300,000 rubles, ideas for implementation can be found in various fields of activity - a source of a successful start.

Factors affecting the stability and profitability of economic activity:

how much the demand for a product or service is greater than the supply on the market in the chosen niche of activity;

how are mutual relations with partners, suppliers of raw materials, materials for the production of products organized, what is the cost;

how extensive were the marketing activities to advertise the business, the end product of the entrepreneur;

usefulness of economic activity for society and the ecology of the region;

the ability of the population to purchase a product or service.

In 2021, experts advise starting entrepreneurs to pay attention to the main stages of starting a business:

The stage of preparation for starting a business, it includes: drawing up an action plan (business plan), identifying target buyers of services or products, drawing up opening documents for the selected form of economic activity (individual entrepreneur or "LLC"), search a source of starting a business for 300,000 rubles.

Business ideas with the investment of rubles

A business with an average level of start-up capital has good payback rates and often has a better chance of survival than a business without investments or with investments of up to 50-100 thousand rubles.

Let's look at a business idea with an investment of 300,000 rubles.

Mobile Planetarium

There are stationary planetariums only in large Russian cities. Small towns, villages and villages have never seen such luxury. There are mobile planetariums with an inflatable dome on the market, which can be easily transported from one settlement to another, bypassing schools, squares and parks.

Costs: a fully equipped planetarium ready to work with visitors will cost over 200,000 with a dome diameter of 5 meters and 300,000 with a diameter of 10 meters. In the second case, it is better to purchase not a ready-made kit, but only a dome, getting the necessary equipment to it as needed, since only a dome of this size costs 220,000 rubles.

Business payback: an entrance ticket costs 100 rubles, the capacity of a ball with a dome of 5 meters is 15 people. You can recruit two groups per hour, earning 3000 rubles. Part of the costs will go to electricity, rent of the territory (although this is not necessary in schools), payment for the cashier's work (if you have a shift). The profit will directly depend on the number of sessions that you can organize. In any case, it will amount to at least 50,000 rubles a month. This means that you will reach full payback in six months.

Glass and Mirrors Business

The cost of one mirror, large, non-standard shape in a beautiful frame can reach several thousand rubles and even more. You can make a business on this if you want to do it yourself.

You can buy a sheet mirror from wholesalers at a price of 200 rubles. per square, glass - from 140 rubles. per square. It is possible to offer the service of making mirrors to the customer's size, as well as cutting glass for glazing doors, cabinets, shelves. For this purpose, it is better to expand the range to a variety of glasses - textured, colored, matte, etc. Even simple cutting to size increases the cost of the mirror and glass by 150%. If we talk about curly cutting, then the business will be even more profitable, albeit laborious.

Costs: you need to buy an installation for cutting and processing glass, manual glass cutters, a large cutting table, racks for storing raw materials and finished products. On sale you can find semi-automatic cutting tables, which themselves, with the help of one person, can carry out straight and figured cutting. They cope with an unsharp wave, a circle, a semicircle. But the cost of such a table starts at 1 million rubles, so you still have to earn money to buy it.

Without such a table, you can keep within 300,000 rubles, and this is taking into account the purchase of sandblasting - a device that allows you to process glass with a jet of sand under pressure. In places of contact with sand, the mirror or glass loses its transparency, the output is a pattern of combined transparent and opaque elements. The cost of manual sandblasting starts from 50,000 rubles. In this way, bends can also be made. Additionally, you can offer the service of glass drilling, laser engraving and processing, and eventually expand to the production of mirror tiles, colored glass, volumetric stained-glass windows, etc.

Business payback: practice shows that even a basic set of glass cutting and processing services is enough for a good payback. The cost of 300,000 rubles will pay off in less than six months.

The average salary rarely allows a Russian to count on additional expenses. But sometimes you want to add red caviar to bread and butter, which means that there is a need to look for additional income. If you connect ingenuity and intuition, everyone can easily earn 300 thousand rubles per month. It is important to find some simple ways to make money that will allow you to get one step closer to your dream.

300 thousand rubles can be earned even in a month

By combining several types of earnings with investments, the average Russian will be able to increase his capital in just a few months. If there are no extra funds at all, salvation can be found in earning money without investments with minimal risks.

Earnings without investment

90% of people don't even know that you can get rich with minimal effort and no investment. This is not about formal employment in a second company, but about easy profit, for which you need only ingenuity and a little time.

Selling unnecessary things

Free classifieds sites allow you to unload your wardrobe and get rid of unnecessary household appliances. Ease of navigation will help buyers find the right category themselves. goods.

"Avito" is the # 1 service for posting free ads

There are many competitors in online ad placement services that can be easily bypassed and sold in a matter of hours if you follow simple rules:

  • Study the pricing policy of competitors' products.
  • Set an adequate cost.
  • Write the full characteristics of the product, indicating all the nuances.
  • Come up with a nice bonus or discount for the customer.
  • Promptly get in touch with the buyer.

12. 0. 018 at 22:25 Artem Semiletov

Ask yourself whether it is easy to make money on the Internet 100 or even 1000 rubles without investments and without invitations. The answers sound very simple - “There is a desire, opportunities will always be found”, “Start and earn”, “Start small”. The vastness of Internet platforms is open for active people who do not waste time, but are ready to work hard for a reward.


Make a forecast on Binarium where the rate of the selected asset will go Up or Down. If the forecast is correct, you will receive up to 85% of the profit from your bet. Free training on a demo account. In our article, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with reliable sites for making money on the Internet. Your personal qualities, your allotted time, will lead you to monetary success. Most importantly, you do not have to wait long, because you will start making money on the Internet right now.

Earnings on clicks, completing paid tasks (rubles per day on the Internet)

Every beginner can make money on the Internet, for this you can start with making money on clicks. This is one of the common directions. They pay a little for completing tasks, but over time, you can significantly increase the amount. To do this, we bring to your attention the most active sites:

If you have long dreamed of making money on games, be sure to pay attention to the Money Banks project. Eight virtual banks are able to bring much higher income than a classic bank deposit - all you have to do is invest and from time to time exchange the accumulating silver for real money. And if you do not want to invest, you can earn additional funds on paid browsing, collecting bonuses or spinning a virtual roulette wheel with various prizes. It has arrived on the shelf of browser games - and the new Fruit Trees website has become not just another simulator, but a very high-quality embodiment of a classic investment project with six tariff plans in the range of 50-94%, a 20% additional bonus to the deposit amount, a three-level affiliate program and side activities like paid viewing other people's sites in a special section. The best part is that such a gameplay is absolutely not time-consuming - you can replenish your account once, buy several trees and only from time to time go to the site to cash out profits.

Social public, the advertising platform has been operating on the market for 10 years. During this time, she managed to earn trust and attract a large number of participants. An accessible interface, easy registration, a large number of orders - all this ensures reliable and long-term cooperation. You don't need to do hard work to earn 100 rubles a day. It is enough to complete simple orders from advertisers.

  • Orders on the site are divided into the following categories: assignments, visits, letters, surfing. These include viewing advertising sites, liking on social networks, writing comments, taking tests, registering on sites, and much more. The amount of payment depends on the complexity of the task, it varies from kopecks to rubles. You can withdraw it in different ways.

Great, fair game with real money withdrawal - Golden Mines. Simple scheme of earning:

Advantages: favorable conditions, quick payback, large reserve fund, stability, round-the-clock technical support, system transparency!

When choosing a business for himself, a beginner entrepreneur is usually forced to make a choice between two things - to invest with only one goal of earning money as quickly as possible, or to do a business, to which the soul can lie more, I want to do something pleasant for people and money as such does not come first.

This article will tell you which business to open for 300 thousand rubles, in this case a mini coffee shop, what you need to know about the styles and culture of drinking coffee, and how to make this business profitable, despite crises and other transitory aspects of ordinary human life.

Choosing a competitive advantage - style or efficiency?

Despite the fact that the culture of coffee houses in Russia itself appeared relatively recently, but thanks to the fact that many compatriots have long made a choice in favor of the European lifestyle, habits and leisure patterns, where coffee houses are an important attribute ... Having visited foreign countries and looking at how in many civilized countries free time and leisure of colleagues, friends or families are used, undoubtedly, many have a desire to preserve good taste once and for all.

Therefore, when choosing a format for a coffee shop and its style of work, you should, first of all, carefully study your potential customers, their way of life, and only after that only form your own market strategy. There are several types of coffee shops that are in demand in the vastness of Russian cities, small and large.

Standard format of a European coffee house in a separate room

Each of these types of coffee houses has its own type of visitor. Mini coffee houses are characterized by young and middle-aged clients, office workers, managers, students, families with children. For this type of client, it is important to find a place where you can sit quietly, talk, listen to music or go to the Internet (you cannot do without WI-FI), have a cup of coffee, enjoy a delicious and fresh cheesecake with cherry syrup, or just drink good natural juice or mango cocktail.

Thus, the target audience of a mini cafe can be approximately 20-30% of the total number of visitors to the shopping center or the flow of passengers at the airport.

The next important point that must be studied is the choice of location. Despite the fact that most small-format coffee houses have an area of ​​no more than 20-30 sq m, it is necessary to make a calculation or evaluate the following factors before making a final choice:

Approximate daily attendance at the shopping center or public place where the coffee shop will be located. This can be done by spending some time on video filming or conducting simple counting, for example, people entering the shopping center for an hour (on weekdays and weekends). The resulting figure, adjusted for the approximate percentage of potential customers, will provide benchmarks for market capacity. Carrying out such micro-studies, one can also visually assess the composition of the public, its ability to pay.

The next step is to determine the amount and form of competition. These may not necessarily be coffee shops. Competitors will be all those who distract potential customers with tea tastings, fast foods, ice cream shops, etc.

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