How to use Telegram for business

We have selected interesting and relevant Telegram channels for you - from those that we read ourselves. The selection includes only Russian-language channels with a significant number of subscribers and regular publications.

Books in a Million

350,000+ subscribers

Author's channel of the young entrepreneur Alexei Kornelyuk. The author reads books on business, psychology and self-development, and about 1–2 times a week puts them apart, offering listeners a "squeeze" point by point. Yes, to the “listeners”, because Alexey personally records the episodes and publishes them in audio format. The author sometimes lacks the correct pronunciation and outlook, but he compensates for this by a good connection of some books with others, sometimes giving several recommendations at once. And most importantly, this format greatly saves subscribers' time on independent reading of books. In addition, it is convenient to listen to the recordings while playing sports or on the road.

Business Idea

139,000+ subscribers

The content of this channel is fully disclosed in the title: the authors share with readers relevant business ideas, selected from around the world. Directions: trade, production, services, marketing. In addition to a fairly detailed description of business ideas, the costs of launching a particular business, product margins, payback periods, requirements for "start-up" and related costs are often published. Thus, readers can not only find out useful information for themselves, but also calculate what "pretty penny" the launch of this or that business will cost.

Dark side

76,000+ subscribers

The author of the channel is Arkady Moreinis, entrepreneur and investor, founder of the Glavstart startup factory, Price. u. On the "dark side" you can find deposits of information about startups, investments and business in its broadest sense. There are many posts about the product and working with teams. The author's feature is news-breaking, where Arkady briefly examines significant business events from the “So what?” Position: news in such a presentation is readable and accessible. The channel is very active - they publish several posts a day.

Billionaire Thoughts

10 popular Telegram channels about business, which are useful to subscribe

Do you know why Telegram is more interesting and useful to read than social media feeds? Because there are tons of entertaining and, most importantly, useful channels with tons of useful information. All that remains is to subscribe to the necessary channels and follow new publications.

Today in our selection there are as many as forty Telegram channels dedicated to business and marketing.

Real Business

@true_biz: More than 7000 members

Author's channel dedicated to business, money, self-development and personal effectiveness. According to the author, he publishes on the channel only content of his own production. Currently, the channel is "on hiatus", but the creator plans to continue to publish useful information.

Crazy Brand

@instabizzz: More than 5900 members

The author of the channel tells how to promote Instagram accounts without cheating and outside help. He periodically makes new publications on aspects of work in this social network.

Business online

@fingrambiz: More than 100 thousand participants

The channel is entirely dedicated to doing business online - promoting in social networks, career growth, attitudes towards money and much more.

Starting a business

@startyourbiz: More than 2 thousand participants

Read the article on how to use Telegram for business, what ideas can be monetized. We will share a list of useful business bots and channels.

Telegram for business - cool ideas for making money

If you are thinking about doing business and making money on Telegram, then you should launch your own channel and start developing it. Which idea to choose? How to make it profitable? We will try to answer all these questions in the article.

The most affordable way to quickly promote your business and make money on it is to get a large number of Telegram subscribers, which are the main measure of the popularity of any channel or group.

Business in Telegram can be built in several ways:

Launch your channel on a given topic, promote it, gain subscribers and get profit for advertising. If you decide to create a blog, it is very important to decide on a topic. It should be interesting and understandable first of all to you. An author's blog is a very profitable niche for making money. When choosing a topic, be guided not only by personal interests, but also by the solvency of your audience, if you want to make money on Telegram;

If you already have your own business, then you can use the messenger as an additional source of promoting your product. Create a channel in which you will talk about your services or products. Thanks to this, you will increase the loyalty and trust of the audience to your brand and increase sales;

If you are a professional programmer, you can create bots and make money on them. Robots automate many sales processes, which is why they are popular among entrepreneurs. You can make good money selling bots;

If you have high skills in photo editors, creativity and good taste, then try to create sets of stickers and sell them. This is not the most popular method of making money, but within the framework of this topic, one cannot but mention it;

You can also run third-party groups and turnkey blogs. The page administrator receives from 2021 thousand per month for 1 profile and more;

At the moment, there is no way to launch business accounts in the messenger, as in Instagram. Therefore, you need to create a regular channel and purposefully start developing it.

Telegram messenger for business is often used - young businessmen are looking for inspiration on channels to develop their own business, and experts share their experience. This is useful for both sides: you can implement the most incredible ideas and, in the future, raise the overall level of the economy. The consumer also gets his share - new entrepreneurs will offer interesting services or products that have no analogues yet.

How useful are Telegram channels about business?

Telegram was originally conceived as an application for exchanging text or voice messages, but after the appearance of channels, its functionality has expanded significantly. The benefits of this transformation are as follows:

  • specialists from different fields can share their experience;
  • no restrictions in expressing thoughts - you can discuss any topic and in any expression, even obscene ones;
  • you can independently control the flow of information by unsubscribing from the channel or setting up push notifications;
  • information is served in such a way that it is impossible to miss useful news;
  • the Telegram channel itself can become good business;
  • on the channel you can promote your own brand or services, offer new products.

Telegram channels about business are perfect for young businessmen who still lack the knowledge and experience to run their own business. Although advanced businessmen also use this method to gain new knowledge and ideas.

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  • What channels are there about business

    Telegram channels can be limited only by the imagination of their creators, so there are many different services on the network. But the most common classification is by type. According to her, the following types of content are distinguished:

    • Thematic channels. Offer useful information on a specific topic. The main disadvantage: the presence of advertising and relatively similar content. The amount of information in it is much more than in the author's channels, but it is not always useful or interesting.
    • Copyright. There is less information flow here, but all of it is of practical value. In such channels, there is an active interaction with the audience. This is useful if you need to ask something, clarify or suggest / choose another topic.

    But both thematic and proprietary Telegram business channels can be valuable. If you need to get as much useful information as possible and consider the problem from all sides, it is advisable to use both formats.

    Telegram channel direction

    There are hundreds of channels that, for the convenience of users, are classified by topic. People who are interested in getting an idea of ​​the business can go to the channels in the Business & Startups category. There is a lot of information on them:

    Telegram is one of the most popular messengers that will completely replace the competitive "dinosaurs" in the future. In connection with the launch of our Telegram channel @umombiz, we decided to tell you how the messenger can be effectively used for business and the development of our own projects.

    Telegram audience

    In January 2021, the Russian Telegram audience reached 6 million people. In January 2021, it was 2 million, which indicates high growth rates. The figure is formed from those who use the application every month. This is 60% of all users who downloaded the messenger on their devices.

    Telegram received the greatest popularity in Iran. Calculations show that the audience there ranges from 35 to 40 million people.

    In June 2021, Telegram managed to take first place among free applications for iOS in the App Store rating. Such figures allow us to say that the growth rate of the audience of the messenger in Russia will one day allow Telegram to take a solid place among the top three.

    Differences between Telegram and other messengers

    Pavel Durov, who is the creator of the project and the founder of the Vkontakte network, wanted to create a secure messenger for communication. This idea came to him back in 2021 during a conversation with specialists from the special forces unit.

    The messenger differs from other applications as follows:

    • Transfer of files of any format and size (archives, tables in Excel, PDF instructions, etc.)
    • Cloud storage of information
    • Synchronization with various devices. Telegram allows you to log in from multiple devices, without limiting the user by the number of sessions
    • Fast delivery of files and messages without freezes and brakes
    • Creating chats with a large number of participants
    • High security level. Nikolai and Pavel Durov promised a reward of $ 200,000 to anyone who can hack the messenger and read their correspondence. Nobody has succeeded so far
    • The application's security features allow you to configure self-deletion of correspondence. You can have confidential conversations as messages will be deleted after being read by the addressee

    Application Tools

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