How to start a laundry from scratch

For a novice businessman, finding a more or less free niche in the service sector is quite problematic, since small business is gaining momentum thanks to government support. But not everything is so sad. For example, laundries, which are very popular abroad, have not yet managed to win a wide audience in Russia. But it is precisely this moment that makes it possible to fill the existing gap without fear of great competition.

When properly organized, a self-service laundry as a business will provide a wide field of activity that will help form its own customer base, as well as allow a relatively quick return on the initial investment.

With a small investment, it is possible to open a self-service point. Of course, additional services will allow you to include them in the check price and thereby increase your profit. But targeting the average and low-income consumer will increase demand and visitor numbers. Moreover, there are still very few such laundries on the Russian market, and expert analysis shows that the demand for them is growing.

People are beginning to understand and appreciate the opportunity to save on time, which is usually not enough, and money, since the payment of utility bills for water and electricity consumption is heading for a constant increase. Therefore, it makes sense to open a laundry right now, given that income from 170 thousand rubles and above can be received in a maximum of a year and a half, having invested only a million rubles in the business.

Market overview and business outlook

Market analysis shows that the demand for this service is constantly growing. In the near future, more than a third of all residents of the country will come to it. And this is a good prospect, despite the fact that at the moment at least one and a half thousand such establishments have already been opened. They work mainly in the capital and large industrial centers, so it makes sense to start exploring the outback. The planned growth in demand ranges from 15% to 17%, which is a lot.

The data show that the crisis has practically no effect on this niche. Now there is only one laundry for every 50 thousand citizens, and this is very little. For example, in Europe, one establishment serves a thousand people. This means that demand will only grow, because today it is only 3% in the service sector. From all that has been said, it can be concluded that the case is promising. This article will tell you what is needed for this, which steps to take, how to open a laundry from scratch.

Legal details

Despite the seeming simplicity, starting a business is associated with some difficulties, especially for beginners. A serious obstacle can be the registration of documents associated with a large number of instances that give permission to start activities.

The most influential services that make a positive / negative decision are SES - Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Then you need to get support:

  • Gosenergo.
  • Gorvodokanal.
  • Rospotrebnadzor.
  • When replanning - BTI.

In addition, approval will be required from OSH, Utilities. This means that special attention should be paid to the premises when choosing it. It must meet all the requirements from all services: the fire department is required to have good ventilation, the SES must comply with sanitary standards, and the Gorvodokanal has a positive test result for flushes and the suitability of water for use.

So before you open a laundry, you need to have a lot of patience for at least three months, or even up to six months. But all organizational issues can be resolved much faster by seeking help from competent services dealing with these issues professionally.

How to start a laundry from scratch

A clean business: how to start a laundry from scratch

Opening a laundry is a good idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. The invested million can be returned within the first year of operation and reach a stable profit of 170 thousand rubles per month.

Laundry services are a popular destination abroad, but for Russia they have become a forgotten and rare phenomenon. Previously, in Soviet times, laundries were actively used in our country, and now they are a novelty. Why are laundries so popular abroad? Firstly, people there are very mobile, often live in rented apartments and do not have their own washing machines. Secondly, in many European countries, water and electricity are expensive, so washing in laundries is more economical.

Ready-made ideas for your business

As for Russia, according to experts, this service can cover a third of the population. And if in megacities the niche is occupied, then in small cities there are very few laundries. Perhaps not every person wants to use the laundry service - because the payment is "beyond his means". But the format of self-service laundries allows you to reduce the price of services and make them available to anyone.

Market Watch

Self-service laundries came to Russia from abroad and have already become a familiar and demanded service in large cities. At present, the domestic cleaning and laundry industry includes more than 4,000 enterprises, of which more than 1,500 laundries. Most laundries are concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while the market is not saturated in other large cities. The development of the market was significantly influenced by the economic crisis, which led to the consolidation of enterprises in the segment. However, under these conditions, the market is growing - both in volume and value terms.

In 2021, the volume of the Russian market for dry cleaning and laundry services is more than 800 million rubles. and is projected to grow by 15-17% annually, despite the economic crisis. On the contrary, the decline in income among the population has led to the popularization of a more budgetary option for such services - self-service laundries.

At present, the share of laundry enterprises is 3% of the total volume of consumer services in Russia. On average, there is one self-service laundry for 50 thousand people, while in European countries this figure is 1 thousand people. From this comparison, we can conclude that the domestic market for cleaning and laundry services is far from saturation and is quite promising. It is expected that in the coming years, self-service laundry services can cover a third of the population of Russia.

Benefits of laundries as a business line:

  • lack of competition;
  • ease of doing business;
  • lack of pronounced seasonality of sales;
  • self-service laundries are more simple in organization and budget options, which is beneficial for both the entrepreneur and the consumer;
  • no need for special training of personnel.

Negative aspects of laundries:

  • significant capital investments: opening a self-service laundry will require at least 1 million rubles;
  • a long payback period, which is 1-2 years;
  • risk of low profitability. Despite the business prospects, the profitability of which is 50% abroad, in Russia the average profitability of laundries does not exceed 10%;
  • the difficulty in finding a suitable premises for which there are many requirements;
  • the complexity in obtaining all permits.

How to start a laundry from scratch: a step-by-step plan, approximate calculations and payback periods. The nuances of the case, business registration

Not long ago (during the Soviet Union), laundries were popular, people did not want to waste time and energy on self-cleaning and caring for things. There were no such washing machines yet, and those that were offered on the market had limited functionality. It was affordable to take the dirty things to the laundry, where they got a new life.

Today, mini laundries are becoming popular, this is due to the provision of a professional approach to washing things. The machine will not be able to wash all products by removing dirt and not damaging the very structure of the fibers, the color and shape of the wardrobe item. Things made from delicate fabrics that are sensitive to temperature and washing modes cannot be washed in a regular machine, this will damage the product, it will lose its previous appearance, and become aesthetically unattractive.

Self-service laundry is also finding its piece of the market. Many of us have learned about such laundries from foreign films. Abroad, many do not burden themselves with the purchase of real estate and therefore, self-service laundry as a service has quite firmly occupied its niche there.

Self-service laundries have begun to take root in our country. Such a business is located, as a rule, closer to hostels, to train stations, next to shopping malls, sports centers, etc.

If you are thinking how to open a self-service laundry, this is a rather expensive undertaking and a pleasure that requires attention, time and nerves. It is important to decide on the current format of the upcoming business, given that according to the name of the services, the specifics of the service, there are two different formats of laundries:

Large laundry, in it the widest range of services is provided for the client, from dry cleaning to ironing. The peculiarity of the project is characterized by the fact that all the work will be performed by specialists, the client's task is to bring things and make payment after accepting the garment back;

You can try opening a mini self-service laundry, it is a mini version of the first option. It is worth noting the relatively small investment, but the received proceeds will not please with huge fees, because the client does all the work on his own.

If the capital is relatively small (and in fact it is minimal, limited to several hundred thousand rubles), it is recommended to try to open a mini laundry at home, this approach will reduce material costs for renting a profitable premises.

In our article we will consider opening a mini self-service laundry. We will find out how much it costs, calculate the profit and estimate whether it is worth investing in this business.

Full service mini self-service laundry

When analyzing how to open a laundry, it is worth considering the services provided. If everything is clear with a large enterprise, in a small one it is necessary to provide services for self-washing, ironing, drying. These are three separate procedures, for each of which its own place is allocated in the room, with all the necessary equipment. You can organize a resting place, free wi-fi, a mini buffet, where the client can have a snack and enjoy a quality pastime while the linen is being prepared for delivery. A profitable solution will be the installation of a coffee machine, in which fresh coffee of several varieties will be prepared, this will make the leisure of the laundry visitors bright and create a homely atmosphere. The area of ​​the premises is distributed for services, each department should be selected with a margin so that many visitors do not accumulate in it when others are empty.

What documents are needed to set up a laundry business?

To get started, an entrepreneur needs to register his enterprise, it can be an LLC or an individual entrepreneur. When registering, the name of the activity must be indicated - OKVED "Washing, dry cleaning". You will need to choose a taxation system, familiarize yourself with the regulations of normative acts prescribed in this direction. The package of documents looks like this:

Laundries were quite common during the Soviet era in our country and abroad. And now they are often found in European cities. But in modern Russia such establishments are a curiosity. The service looks promising in the absence of competitors. Let's figure out how to open a laundry from scratch and how much you can earn from it.

Idea from the USSR

Why are laundries so popular abroad? People there are very mobile, often live in rented apartments and do not have their own washing machines, in addition, in Europe, water and electricity are expensive, so washing in laundries is often more economical. As for Russia, experts are confident that the service can reach a third of the population. If in megalopolises the niche is partially occupied, then in small cities there are only a few such establishments.

Step-by-step instructions for implementing a laundry project:

  • Definition of the concept of the establishment, development of a business plan.
  • Selection of suitable premises for rent, renovation.
  • Purchase of necessary equipment, installation.
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities, business registration.
  • Advertising campaign.
  • Selection and training of personnel.

Who is the client?

How to start opening a laundry? First of all, with the choice of the format of the institution, because this will help determine your target audience and the scale of washing.

  • One of the options is laundry-dry cleaning, which offers customers a full range of professional services - from removing stains to ironing. More affluent customers - high start-up costs.
  • To service legal entities (restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, hospitals), you will need to organize an industrial-scale laundry, since you will have to wash hundreds of kilograms of linen a day.
  • You can open a self-service laundry: the client himself loads the laundry for washing and picks it up after a few hours, payment is accepted through special receivers before washing. Available to students living in hostels, tourists, does not require large costs.
  • Another option is to organize a laundry at home. This is a way of additional earnings for women on maternity leave, retirees working at home. You only need free space for drying, if you wish, you can purchase more professional equipment. An affordable service for business travelers, those who have a broken machine, students.

Where to open?

Self-service laundry will be more profitable to be located near educational institutions and hostels for students, workers, near military camps, hospitals with inpatient treatment, in sleeping areas or next to new buildings.

It just seems like laundry isn't a big deal. On the streets of many cities, people were asked questions: "How do you see a self-service laundry?" and "can you make money on it?" Most of the respondents were skeptical about this case. In their understanding, the laundry is located in a damp basement, where elderly women in dirty bathrobes work at the washing machines.

“I don't believe you can make money in laundry. Well, perhaps, that zeros work, "- answered mainly the second question. Meanwhile, American Patrick Clifton from Chicago proved to the whole world that "laundry is a gold mine." Just think, Mr. Clifton charges only $ 0.5 (15 rubles) on Wednesdays for washing on his ultra-modern machines installed in beautiful halls, and on Sundays - $ 1.5 (45 rubles), excluding the cost of powder.

The demand for such services is huge. Many people live in rented apartments without their own washing machines. There are those who mistrust household appliances (they can leak and flood their neighbors). And if we add to the first and second those who wash “rarely but accurately” - that is, very large volumes of linen - then the army of customers of self-service laundries can make up to a third of society. In Russia, these are fifteen to twenty million households.

In the footsteps of millionaire Patrick Clifton

Patrick Clifton certainly took into account the mistakes of his predecessors. And unlike them, he opened his laundries in residential areas, with convenient transport accessibility, and without unnecessary services. The businessman wisely decided that housewives would go to the laundromats, carrying a huge pile of dirty linen. Having simulated the typical behavior of such women, they compiled an ideal model of visiting the laundry, which was later confirmed in reality.

“I'm going to the nearest supermarket,” says Virginia Parker, a typical American housewife, “I leave the car in the parking lot, find an empty stroller and put a basket of dirty laundry in it. In the shopping center, in addition to shops and cafes, there is a self-service laundry. The dispatcher gives me a free washing machine. After loading my laundry, I go to the store to shop. " According to Virginia, it's very convenient. It is even more convenient than washing at home.

Setting up a self-service laundry

Actually, setting up a self-service laundry is not a particularly difficult task. Based on the area of ​​the premises in any company that supplies washing machines with coin or bill acceptors, they will calculate the number of machines and make a simple project for connecting communications.

Here we must take into account the high cost of foreign laundromats, about three thousand dollars per device, and more. It will take years for such a washing machine to pay off. By the way, you will also need drying chambers and ironing equipment.

It just so happened that in the same America, in many residential high-rise buildings, washing machines are generally prohibited by the operating rules. Therefore, in the basements, laundromats work almost around the clock, and the water is heated outside the washing machines, in a special gas boiler. This is a clear plus as it saves expensive electricity.

According to the calculations of experts, the arrangement of a self-service laundry of ten laundromats in the American format will cost a businessman almost one hundred thousand dollars.

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