How to open shawarma

If you have ever wondered "How to open a shawarma stall?", then this article is definitely for you. Most of the world economy is small and medium-sized businesses. Food on the street is in demand outside of place and time. Surely you have often noticed small stalls with shawarma on the streets of your city.

So, let's see why shawarma is so attractive to customers and why it is the favorite food of many gourmets. First, this is the prevalence, which we have already mentioned. Shawarma can be bought almost anywhere. Secondly, the affordable cost - the average price of shawarma in Russia is 140-200 rubles, which is approximately equal to the price of a cup of coffee. Thirdly, taste that will not leave indifferent any lover to feast on.

This type of business wins against the background of others due to its simplicity and speed of creation. Initially, you need a relatively small investment, and if the situation is successful, your expenses will quickly pay off. There are many options for the final look of your cafe - from a small kiosk selling only shawarma to a large room in which visitors can sit at comfortable tables. This is why the food business is so attractive to newbie entrepreneurs.

  • 1 How to open a shawarma shop?
  • 2 Choose a format: stall, food court, camper van, your own pavilion
  • 3 What documents are needed and permissions?
  • 4 Choosing a location for shawarma
  • 5 Purchasing equipment
  • 6 Choosing suppliers: where to buy ingredients for shawarma
  • 7 Selection staff
  • 8 Shawarma advertising
  • 9 What kind of shawarma is in demand?
  • 10 How much does it cost to open a shawarma stall?
  • 11 How much can you earn on the sale of shawarma?
  • 12 Possible problems and risks of business

How to open a shawarma?

In order to open an establishment that sells shawarma, you need to draw up a checklist, or a detailed plan of basic affairs. It will be especially useful for beginners, as it will help to avoid mistakes and think over all the details.

Below you can see the standard checklist:

Choosing a format: stall, food court, camper van, your own pavilion

The next step is to select the format of the workplace. A food court, stall, camper van or your own pavilion is suitable for selling shawarma. Depending on your initial capital, you have to choose between renting or buying your own premises, as well as building the premises yourself.

Let's consider the features of outlets:

Where to start

Perhaps, a stall or a mobile trailer with shawarma can be attributed to the most low-cost types of business, but you shouldn't expect fabulous profits either. This is a fairly stable small business, which, when several similar points are opened, becomes a medium-sized business. Having established the work of several stalls with shawarma, you can earn 500,000 rubles or more monthly. At the same time, product suppliers will be common for the entire network, which will positively affect the operation of all your points.

You need to start production and sales from one kiosk, especially if this business is new to you.

There are 2 options for the premises for the sale of shawarma: a stationary stall and a mobile trailer-trailer. First you need to decide which one you will use for the production and trade of shawarma. Both options can generate income, but they have their pros and cons.

The car is advantageous for its mobility. It can move during holidays and important events to a place of large crowds, thereby increasing demand. The shawarma stall is good with a constant customer base. Having "fed" the buyer, he will have a regular, stable sale of his products. Used stall, purchased or leased. You can also rent a larger room, but then you will need many other goods.

Next, you need to think over the assortment, since the execution of documents that need to start preparing early depends on this, since this process can take up to 3 months. If you plan to trade alcoholic beverages along the way, your company needs to be registered as an LLC, if there are none, then the most suitable option is an individual entrepreneur. While the papers wander through the authorities, you will have time to go through all the other preparatory stages before opening the shawarma.

Investment volume

It won't take much to open shawarma, but you shouldn't save on the quality of products. Also, you do not need to spare money on advertising. Shawarma advertising is good because it does not need extensive geography. It is enough to inform the residents of the nearest quarters about the opening. You will need a bright sign, pavement sign, pointers. Customers will also be attracted by pleasant music and a cheerful animator in a funny costume. Its services can be used when opening shawarma and during city holidays. The initial investment is made up of the following costs:

  • Rent of a stall - 20,000 rubles.
  • Paperwork - 15,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment - 100,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of products - 40,000 rubles.
  • Advertising program - 33,000 rubles.
  • Disposable tableware - 2,000 rubles.

The average figures are considered, since the rent and the cost of products vary depending on the region, the location of the stall, the ability to find profitable suppliers of products, but in any case, the initial capital is small.

The advantage of a business based on shawarma trading is that a refund with a profit will go from the very first day. Leaving funds "just in case" is not necessary, although cautious entrepreneurs try to hedge themselves against equipment breakdowns or food spoilage.

Step-by-step instructions

  • 1 Business advantages
  • 2 Business registration
  • 3 Shawarma cost price
  • 4 Shawarma business plan
  • 5 Project summary
  • 6 Production plan
  • 7 Technological map of shawarma
  • 8 Location of the kiosk
  • 9 Suppliers
  • 10 Resolving organizational issues and purchasing equipment
  • 11 What equipment is needed for making shawarma:
  • 12 Recruiting
  • 13 Financial plan
  • 14 Marketing plan. Shawarma Advertising
  • 15 Risk Analysis

In the fast pace of modern life, “fast food” and “food on the go” are gaining popularity. For the most part, we are talking about those dishes that fast foods offer us. Shawarma (shawarma) is very popular among them - this is an oriental dish that successfully combines meat and vegetables, slightly seasoned with sauce and wrapped in pita bread.

Fast and budget shawarma is a favorite snack for everyone who is in a hurry, or does not have the opportunity to dine in a cafe or restaurant, but wants to eat deliciously.

Business Benefits

Opening a kiosk where they will sell shawarma means launching a business that is budgetary in terms of organization, but profitable from the first days. The main secret of sales success lies in choosing a place with high traffic - where there will be maximum traffic for your potential customers.

Advantages of selling shawarma versus opening a cafe or canteen:

Read how to open fast food on wheels.

Business Registration

Register as an individual entrepreneur in order to take advantage of all the advantages and benefits of this form of activity - including those related to the tax system. According to the law, an individual entrepreneur has the right to sell food and non-alcoholic beverages.

After you have been registered with the tax office, prepare the following package of papers:

Cost of shawarma

The cost of shawarma, depending on the ingredients, is variable: from 100 to 250 rubles.

The cost of one shawarma is 50 - 130 rubles, depending on its size and products used.

Shawarma, Turkish doner kebab or Armenian kebab are some of the favorite fast food takeaways among the majority. You can buy them at restaurants, roadside bars or regular food service kiosks or mobile food trucks such as food trucks.

The popularity of shawarma makes a very attractive idea for small businesses. It is undoubtedly a highly profitable business with great demand and short payback periods. But it is worth considering the other side of the coin by giving answers to the questions:

How to open a mobile food point with shawarma? What sanitary requirements for preparation, storage and sale conditions must be observed? We will give answers to these and other questions in the review of this business idea.

Ready-made shawarma business plan with cost calculations

Mobile shawarma requires, first of all, the purchase of a car or a food truck trailer, preferably immediately adapted to the gastronomic business. The used diner car itself can be purchased for $ 6,000-$ 7,000, but upgrading it in terms of food sales and shawarma will require an additional $ 5,000 -6,000. You can pay about $ 10,000 for a used food truck. Plus, the cost of catering equipment $ 2,500, displays, documents, purchase of meat, fuel. In total, you must have at least $ 15,000 to open such a business. This amount does not yet include the cost of supplying ready-made salads, French fries, boxes and packaging for ready-made shawarma and utensils for frozen meat.

To equip a food truck, you need a shawarma toaster - starting at $ 1000 for the smallest device. You will also need an electric knife to make trimming the meat easier and speed up the serving of food to customers. The knife can be purchased for less than $ 100. Just keep in mind that a weak knife breaks quickly, so it's worth investing in quality equipment.

Shawarma is very popular in a roll or tortilla, so a food grill will be useful in a truck. Its cost starts at $ 50. You can also serve a French fries as a side dish (it breaks popularity records with orders), but for this you need to buy a deep fryer. It starts at $ 25 for a basic solution.

In the food mobile truck for making and selling shawarma, we should also have a cold salad counter. Its cost starts from $ 2021. It would also be wise to store and sell cold drinks.

Technical Requirements for Food Mobile Truck Equipment

Food cart or food to go is an idea for a catering business on a budget as an entrepreneur. Today, you can often find many food trucks selling fast food in the vicinity of a large crowd of people. They sell casseroles, hot dogs, grilled chicken, hamburgers, fries, and many other fast food items. Shawarma can also be ordered at a mobile food service point.

If you want to open it yourself, it is worth knowing what requirements a vehicle designed for a food truck must meet. It should be equipped like this:

  • Walls, countertops and floors should be made of smooth, washable, non-absorbable material.
  • Points for contact with water, a sink for washing hands or a sink with a soap dish, a place for washing dishes and catering tools, must have hot and cold water (therefore, an instantaneous heater is needed).
  • There must be a waste water drain - a sump.
  • Refrigeration and freezing equipment must be combined with an external thermometer for constant temperature control.
  • Well-installed equipment for heat treatment - grill, stove, deep fat fryer, stove, stove, must comply with fire safety requirements.
  • Work surface (countertop) - must be properly designed taking into account the limited space of the food truck, in which all furniture must also be safely and ergonomically positioned: shelves, cabinets and cupboards, trash can with a lid, etc.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Today, many people are in constant motion and do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time on good nutrition. In the rhythm of the modern city, people are used to snacking on the go. In addition, there are many people who cannot afford to eat in a cafe: schoolchildren, students, seasonal workers, etc.

Opening a shawarma stall does not require large investments, and this business begins to generate income from the first days of work. The main thing is to choose a location with high traffic, and then it's up to a good chef and the right price policy.

This type of business is a great start in the catering industry. Opening a shawarma stall has many advantages over opening the same restaurant or cafe:

  • Small investment.
  • The probability of finding a good master who will cook shawarma is much higher than a unique chef for a restaurant.
  • Simple registration procedure.
  • Checks are much less frequent than in the same restaurants.
  • The ability to scale the business.

In this business plan, the option of opening a shawarma stall in June is considered. You can choose another month to start and see all the necessary calculations in the financial model.

The initial investment is 262,830 rubles.

The break-even point is reached on the sixth month of operation.

The payback period is from 8 months.

Average net monthly income is 60,000 rubles.

Return on sales 13%.

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