How to open an escape room: cost and profit calculations

Quest projects today are a rapidly developing area of ​​the entertainment industry. It is a real pleasure for people of any age to tickle their nerves, as well as have fun with friends, while getting new impressions.

That is why the creation of a quest room will become the embodiment of a promising business idea. High demand for such a service will allow you to receive a good income. And this is with a minimum investment of initial capital for the promotion of the project. Consider a business plan for a quest room with calculations.


Until relatively recently, it would hardly have been possible to say that the quest project would be a huge success in the entertainment market. But today we can safely say about the relevance of this direction.

Quest rooms are a relatively new type of entertainment designed for leisure. Its essence lies in the fact that people (as a rule, these are teams of 2-4 people) are placed in an enclosed space. Here they become detectives, spies, the last of the people who survived on the planet, or find themselves in the lair of a former killer. The team's goal is to leave the room within a certain period (usually 60 minutes), solving the most difficult puzzles and unraveling mysteries using the clues and their logic that are on the spot. At this time, the line between imagination and reality is blurred.

Is it profitable to open a quest room? The independent agency "Guild of Quests" is engaged in popularization of this direction. According to him, more than a thousand of these rooms are open and receive visitors on the territory of Russia. And every year their number continues to grow. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of free niches in this market. The entrepreneur's success will be brought by the creativity of his ideas and the correctly chosen direction of marketing policy.

The attractiveness of this type of business is obvious. With a relatively small investment, its payback can be achieved after five months of work. The break-even point is possible already in the second month of the activity.

Opening a quest room has its undeniable advantages. They are concluded in the absence of the need to use expensive premises and decorations, as well as to hire highly specialized employees. The success of the project will directly depend on the twist and sharpness of the plot.

How much does it cost to open a quest room? The initial investment will amount to about 540,000 rubles. What is it made of? This is what the business project is considering.

According to marketers, no economic crisis can affect demand in this segment of the entertainment market. This is explained by the fact that people tend to forget about their problems and difficulties for a while, for which they leave for a new reality for them. And although there is still a certain amount of deceit in these statements, it is still true. In addition, such a business has one unusual feature. Here competitors, willingly or unwillingly, help each other. After all, a person who liked a visit to one of the quest rooms will certainly look for other interesting offers that exist in his city.

After a novice entrepreneur has a ready-made business plan for opening a quest room, he will be able to assess the real prospects for the development of this direction, as well as the difficulties that will be encountered on his way, in the form of fixed costs advertising, depending on the quality of the new script, special effects and decorations.

Concept selection

How do I open the quest room? The business plan for such a project should include the choice of format as well as the development of the concept.

Today you will not surprise anyone with entertainment that has become commonplace and familiar to many. Therefore, the entertainment industry began to look for new ways to attract customers, which allow not only to have an interesting time, but also to test their mental and physical abilities. Quest rooms are an interesting and rather successful business idea. This type of business is quite young, therefore it is quite promising and interesting.

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Adults want to experience unforgettable emotions no less than children. Reincarnating as a spy, becoming a detective, a crazy doctor or a hostage - all this is really possible. Quest rooms are intended for such entertainment, blurring the line between real life and imaginary.

Step-by-step business plan for opening a quest room

The business of organizing quests in reality can bring high profits and quickly pay off. At the same time, there are good prospects for the development of this exciting, creative business. But this type of business also has some difficulties associated with a high threshold for entry, the need to implement a constant and competent advertising campaign, the search for new scenarios, care about changing the scenery and the ability to use effective special effects.

How much will it cost to open a quest room? Investments at the beginning of the activity will depend on the region in which this project will operate, the scenario being implemented and other details.

How much money do you need to start a business?

You can select a scenario that requires minimal investment in decoration. For this, it is important to find the most suitable premises in order to rent it. The rental price will depend on the location, the size of the premises, etc.

  • rent of premises - 70,000 rubles / month.
  • remuneration of staff (minimum number - 4 people) - 100,000 rubles;
  • advertising costs of the quest room - 40,000 rubles;
  • taxes - 10,000 rubles;
  • additional costs - 30,000 rubles;

Monthly expenses - 240,000 rubles.

How much can you earn from organizing quests?

How profitable is the opening of the quest room? You can roughly calculate the profit for 1 month, focusing on the income of already operating quest rooms. The cost of a ticket for such entertainment is on average 2,000 rubles per client. On weekdays, attendance may be low, 4 people / day are taken for the calculation. On weekends - 12 people a day.

Reality quests appeared in 2021 in China and were successfully taken over by our enterprising businessmen to attract numerous youth companies. The flourishing of this direction is attracting more and more entrepreneurs to this market, because there are still few competitors in it. Be prepared to invest money, time, and talent - it's a worthwhile undertaking that can generate a solid income.

Relevance of questomania

Modern youth is so attached to computer games, science fiction films and the parallel reality invented in them that the embodiment of someone's inventions in the plots of games is gaining the interest of an increasing number of consumers. Quests are akin to the once popular lightning bolts, strongly associated with health, team play, and an interesting chain of tasks. Business in this direction is attractive because it offers cheap leisure time with a regularly changing menu. Prices for a team ticket vary from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles, the duration of the game is about 1-2 hours.

Your goal is to create interesting plots and puzzles, to provide a design in a given style. These can be popular films, where the main characters are played by players, or a narrow specialization of a genre (horror, detective, knights, Vikings). You can take the popular game "Ford Boyard" as a basis and put on each island in the chain of adventures a person who, for a completed task, will give out the coveted key to the chest. There are a lot of ideas, you just have to make creative efforts.

There are two ways to say whether this is a costly project. Talented people with a good imagination will be able to make an interesting puzzle out of nothing - in this case, the costs will come down to decorations, attributes and rent (if the quests are planned indoors). Someone can afford to buy ready-made mechanisms for opening doors, unlocking chests, entering codes and other things that add reality to what is happening. Reality quest gurus say that business payback occurs in the first six months of work if the city is not filled with a competitive offer.

Getting ready for the opening

Document processing

To organize quests, it is more optimal to register as an individual entrepreneur. If there are several instigators of the idea, then register an LLC with the required number of founders. It is better to use STS as a tax regime. If you know in advance that most of the expenses cannot be documented, choose a rate of 6% on income. No special permits or licenses are required to conduct quests.

Indoor or outdoor?

The choice of the location for the quests determines the seasonality of your work (in winter, active games on the streets are less attractive for the client) and the required amount of investments. For a street adventure, players are offered a lot of space, you can use natural resources to build puzzles, make hiding places from improvised means. In fact, you only have to think over the sequence of moves and purchase some attributes - this is always a mobile quest in which up to 10 people can take part at the same time.

With indoor tasks, the situation is different: space is limited, and you will have to create all the decorative part yourself. The premises are selected with an area of ​​60-70 sq. m for 2 quests (on average 40 sq. m for 1 quest). An administrator is needed, with a larger area - his assistant. The cost of decoration will be only a fraction - you will also need accessories for the atmosphere (torches, chests, carpets, furniture, clothes), puzzle mechanisms and spare parts for literally everything.

Where do the stories come from

Investments Profit Payback645. 0084.80 per month8 months

Quest rooms are becoming more and more popular. Entrepreneurs come up with more and more interesting activities for their visitors, and interior decoration evokes vivid emotions. Today we will talk about how much you can really earn on your own quest room and how much money we need to start a business.

Is it profitable to open a quest room?

Before starting a business, you need to find out whether it is profitable to open a quest room or not. In Europe or the United States, such an entrepreneurial business pays off quickly. This result is achieved due to the stability and stability of the market. But in our country, the quest is marked by good indicators. There is a high seasonality of such entertainment, especially in the cold season. Only in the summer do people give preference to nature.

To avoid the negative impact of seasonality, you can start cooperating with training centers. They often conduct quests for employees of various companies. Offsite events will help increase profits. The most profitable month is January, when income can double.

There are two points to overcome in this business:

But not many entrepreneurs can go beyond the first point. It all depends on a well-designed business plan.

Market in Russia

It has changed significantly in recent years. A sharp boom can be noted, but many weak firms simply cannot stand it and are closed. It is necessary to study the business plan of the quest room, competitors and other important factors. This will allow you to understand the important points.

Today there are up to 950 companies in the country. They are open in many cities. The largest firms in the market are "Locked", "Questrum", "Vyhod" and others.

The economic crisis does not have a negative impact on this type of business, which is considered a huge plus. People at different times want to have fun, rest from work, study. Despite the demand for quest rooms, not many firms were able to "survive" low-quality companies were weeded out. Only interesting and affordable entertainment remains on the market.

Target audience of quests

Important: this business plan - similar to other projects from the Business plans catalog - is developed on the basis of average costs and revenues from open sources. For your project, the numbers may differ! Make individual calculations based on the current exchange rate and the situation on the industry market in your city.

Project Summary

A business plan was drawn up for a company that organizes quests in reality - intellectual role-playing games in special rooms. A game scenario and thematic equipment is developed for each room, which includes various secrets, tasks, tips and special effects.

The task of the players (clients) is to get out of the room in a limited time. Along the way, players jointly solve puzzles, find hidden clues, use objects and technical devices in the room. In some games, players are scripted to play a fictional role.

The goal of the project is to create a small business with 4 escape rooms. The main income of the enterprise is payment for passing rooms. The number of participants is 2-6 people. Entrance price - 2,000 rubles for a company of 2-6 people. Average time to complete a room is 75 minutes.

The opening hours are dictated by the entertainment nature of the services, peak loads are from 18:00 until closing. Usually by this time all locations are booked.

Approximate schedule for enrolling in quests:

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  • Monday 11:00 am - 9:00 pm → 10:00 am
  • Tuesday 11:00 am - 21:00 → 10:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 21:00 → 10:00
  • Thursday 11:00 - 21:00 → 10:00
  • Friday 11:00 - 22:00 → 11:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 23:00 → 13:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 23:00 → 13:00

Number of working hours per week: 77, per month: 308. Time for a lunch break is "floating" when the load on quests is minimal.

The entertainment industry implies work in the "seven days a week", that is, 7 days a week and even on holidays. Friday to Sunday are the most profitable days. For weekdays, it is reasonable to set discounts for visiting the quest during hours when customers usually do not come.

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