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Profitable business in the countryside is a rather difficult question. And if there is no developed transport infrastructure, then it is practically insoluble. It is impossible to sell the same products grown on the ground, since they cannot be delivered to the consumer. Rural tourism is a different matter! This idea is interesting in every way. Let's take a closer look.

What is the meaning of the idea for a vacationer

What is rural tourism? This expression refers to a certain type of recreation for residents of megacities, during which they take part in agricultural work. That is, the townspeople go to the village in order to breathe air, eat fresh natural products, and at the same time try to live a completely different life - rural. I must say that this idea, on the one hand, is simple, since many people buy for this particular summer residence, on the other hand, it expands the possibilities of "vacationers".

It means that rural tourism is not just a trip to a suburban area, but an opportunity to visit other countries, get acquainted with the way of life and way of life of other peoples. This one differs from any other type of recreation by the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in that way of life, which is inaccessible for a city dweller, to feel like a full resident of the village.

Benefits to the Host

Here I must say that the idea gives the villagers literally unlimited opportunities! Developing your own business in the countryside is not easy. Not because there is not enough hard work or resources. Rather, due to the lack of a consumer. For a successful business, you need a constant influx of people who want to buy its result, otherwise the idea will not pay off.

Thus, rural tourism is becoming a "lifesaver" for those who are actively building their own business. But that is not all! Who will give up extra working hands! This can only be understood by a peasant who has a lot of things to do and time to spare. And if these "hands" also pay for their living ... Such a rural business becomes not only profitable, but also enjoyable! The peasant (owner) receives such benefits: profit from a tourist, help with the farm, an influx of new communication and information. This is a great example of a business idea from scratch in the countryside.

A bit of history

Rural tourism was born in Europe. This was due to the desire of people with small means to relax in nature. At the same time, they wanted to get all the "charms" of expensive hotels, together with the pleasure of feeling like the "owner" of the land plot.

To meet the demand, people began to offer accommodation with villagers' families for a moderate fee. I liked the service. Among the clients now are not only families with a small income, but also young people, especially students, people striving for solitude and a natural life. The demand for recreation in the countryside has not been falling for many years, bringing in up to twenty percent of the gross tourism income in some European countries.

Travel and exotic tours have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, and rural tourism is no exception. Many city dwellers get tired of the frantic rhythm of large cities and prefer to relax away from civilization and city bustle.

That is why rural tourism is considered a promising business area. A significant plus is that to start such a project, you do not need huge investments and a large number of documents. At the same time, the usual renting of a house for rent in any village will not bring very high profits. To increase earnings, you can create a guest estate and offer tourists turnkey services - accommodation, service, entertainment. How to properly organize the entire process, what nuances you need to know and what to expect from rural tourism, we will analyze in the article.

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  • 2 How to start organizing
    • 2. Choosing a location
    • 2. Premises and its filling
    • 2. Staff
  • 3 Legal side
  • 4 What to consider when drawing up a tourism business plan
  • 5 How to promote green tourism
  • 6 How profitable is rural business

What you need to know about rural tourism

Agricultural tourism in our country appeared not so long ago, but has already begun to gain momentum. The main idea of ​​this business is to give city dwellers an opportunity to relax in the countryside, far from the frantic pace of megacities and to plunge into village life, to experience the peculiarities of rural life and a healthy lifestyle in the bosom of nature.

The number of tourists in this niche is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because many of those who from birth live in the city and are accustomed to the comfort of the urban jungle have never seen how carrots grow or how cows are milked. What is common for a rural dweller may be exotic and even extreme for a city dweller.

At the same time, for most tourists one of the main criteria for choosing a place to stay is comfortable living conditions. This should be taken into account when starting the arrangement of housing for future guests. An authentic atmosphere with water from a well, a hayloft, lack of electricity and other benefits of civilization can attract lovers of such a variety, but most will not want to experience an overly harsh living environment. Therefore, you need to think in advance how to correctly equip your guest house.

Ideally, if the guest estate will be located in a separate building. If this is not possible, then take care of at least a separate entrance for tourists. The same goes for the amenities. Few people want to live in a house where there is no hot shower and the toilet is outside. Plumbing, sewerage and electricity are required.

In addition to communications, the house must also be furnished with all the necessary furniture, tools and kitchen appliances. It is not necessary to purchase the entire range of kitchen utensils, but the presence of a kettle, refrigerator, stove and microwave is a mandatory minimum. The same goes for the washing machine. If your tourists are staying for more than a couple of days, you will definitely need it.

Organization of horse and hiking trips is a relatively new direction in the field of tourism in our country, which, nevertheless, is estimated by experts as promising and beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The main disadvantage of this type of business is its pronounced seasonality. But, on the other hand, such a business, as a rule, "grows" out of a hobby, which allows you to combine business with pleasure. And besides, it doesn't require a lot of start-up capital to get it started. So at first it can be combined with work and viewed exclusively as a hobby.

Classification of tourist routes

So, if you are going to make a living by conducting tourist trips in the format of a "weekend tour" or a multi-day trip with a rich program, first of all, you need to decide on the routes. There are several different classifications of tourist routes for different reasons.

thematic routes, which provide for excursions and, in general, cognitive orientation prevails;

health and fitness activities with mandatory inclusion in the program of sports and physical education and health activities (they also include yoga tours that are fashionable today);

combined, which combine elements of the above route types.

Routes are also divided according to seasonality into year-round, or off-season and seasonal (for a certain time of the year - ski, mountain, water, etc.). According to the structure of the route, routes can be subdivided into linear ones with the obligatory visit to one or several points along the way from the point of departure to the point of destination; radial (stationary) with a visit to one point on the route; circular (crossing-tours) with the coincidence of the starting and ending points of the route and visiting several points along the route.

In addition, experts divide routes by duration into multi-day routes (from two weeks to a month), weekend routes (1-3 days) and excursions (several hours long). On the route, you can use your own transport, and transport rented from other organizations, or personal transport of tourists (for example, if we are talking about cycling trips, it would be rather expensive to provide each tourist with a bicycle).

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Depending on the type of movement, there are hiking trails or walks, the length of which can be from 2 to 50 km, depending on the preparation of the participants; routes with movement by animals (for example, horses, less often - deer and dogs); railway routes (the least common option now, when travelers live on a train, spend the night in carriages, and visit places of interest during the day); air travel (the most expensive tour option), water routes on boats of various types, yachts and other small watercraft, as well as watercraft, including rafts and rowing or motor boats. There are also combined types of transport using several different types of transport within one tour.

It is desirable that your campaign has one goal, clearly and clearly formulated. This can be, for example, hunting or fishing, visiting certain memorable places, relaxing in the mountains, etc. One of the promising, albeit difficult, areas for work is extreme tourism, which involves active methods of movement (sports games, rock climbing, rafting, underwater tourism, safari, etc.).

Today, Russians can buy a ticket and go on a trip to almost any country in the world. Seeing interesting places on the planet and unique natural parks, visiting exotic countries and great sights is one of the most cherished and constant human desires. Therefore, the organization of comfortable travel for people is considered a very attractive industry for entrepreneurs. The big advantage of this business is the low financial threshold for entering the market and the absence of the need to obtain special documents.

The complexity of working in the tourism market lies in the constant volatility of consumer preferences, high competition and sensitivity of demand to the financial capabilities of the population.

Let's try to figure out how to open a travel agency, taking into account all the features, pros and cons of this direction. We will find out how profitable this business is, where to start working.

Features of the tourism business

The tourism industry is in constant development, so the main task of the new agency is considered to be able to withstand the rapid pace of market changes, as well as to take its "place in the sun" among a large number of competitors.

Where to start?

Choosing a direction of work

There are several options for entering the travel industry market as a travel agency:

  • buy a ready-made business;
  • start working on a franchise;
  • organize a travel business from scratch.

All three options have their pros and cons.

It is quite difficult to open a travel agency from the very beginning, as new market participants cause distrust among the end consumer. Therefore, it will be necessary to allocate additional budget for the initial promotion of the company. In addition, you will have to independently build the entire system of work: select a room, hire personnel, develop an office design and an advertising concept, and select contractors. A startup is not immune to mistakes at the very beginning of its activity.

Financial model of a travel agency

Brief Investment Memorandum

The rhythm of life of modern people makes us more and more often think about quality and pre-planned rest. That is why the need for travel agencies is quite high, because many people prefer to entrust the organization of their vacation to professionals. Cancellation of licensing of tourism services has provided more opportunities for organizing this type of business.

Despite the depreciation of the ruble, which began in 2021 and led to an increase in the price of tourist vouchers, it cannot be said that Russians have completely abandoned resort vacations. It's just that now people are choosing more affordable destinations, for example, vacation in Russia. So, according to the Federal Agency for Tourism, the domestic tourist flow in 2021 amounted to 29 million trips, in 2021 - 40, in 2021 - 50. Thus, the annual increase is about 20%. Due to the closure of accessible destinations such as Turkey and Egypt in 2021-2021, the demand for travel to Tunisia has tripled, as evidenced by data from the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

Thus, the activities of travel agencies directly depend on political and economic factors, but with the correct organization of the business, you can always find and develop profitable directions, as well as diversify them in order to level possible risks.

The initial investment amount is 490,800 rubles.

The breakeven point is in the third month.

Payback period - 8 months.

Average monthly profit - 96,050 rubles.

Description of business, product or service

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