How to open a smokehouse

The popularity of smoked products among the population of Russia is at a consistently high level all year round. It is for this reason that many aspiring entrepreneurs are thinking about starting their own smokehouse as a business. At the same time, already at the start, a certain variability opens up - you can either simply produce a product and sell it in bulk, or open a retail outlet and go out to much more significant profits.

The main stages of starting a business

Launching will require a number of mandatory steps and procedures. At the same time, the start-up capital may be relatively low, depending on the planned scale of production. You will also need to first study the main competitors in the region, find out the cost of their products at wholesale and retail prices, select a suitable assortment at launch and already start negotiating with suppliers of raw materials and buyers of finished goods.

Preparation steps include the following:

  • purchase or lease of a production facility;
  • interior decoration and arrangement of a work shop;
  • registration of a company with regulatory government agencies;
  • setting up a stable inflow of new raw materials for non-stop production;
  • launching various products on the market and analyzing the speed of their sales;
  • adjusting the required production volumes in accordance with demand.

Smokehouse for small business involves the manufacture of various finished goods, including meat and sausages, as well as fish.

Features of choosing a smokehouse

First of all, it is worth deciding on the type of power supply on which the unit will operate. You can choose from gas, electric and coal smokers. In general, there is no difference between all options in terms of product quality, dimensions or design. Nevertheless, it is recommended to start a smoking business with an electric device, because it is easiest to install indoors and consumes less energy. The capacity of such units is usually from 5 to 100 kg, which is quite enough for a small business. As a first experiment, use a smoker with a 50 to 100 kg stack with a stainless steel body. On average, the installation will last about 15 years.

The most suitable type of smokehouse will be a combined one with a built-in automatic smoke generator, which will automatically replace chips from ready-made briquettes with this pressed material. Without human intervention, such a smokehouse can function up to 8 hours. The upper price bar for such a device reaches about 150 thousand rubles.

Among the parameters, the following are the most important:

  • available places for installation;
  • chamber capacity;
  • type of food and fuel;
  • availability or no water seal;
  • thickness and type of body material;
  • additional functionality.

Smokehouses for small businesses have the following benefits:

  • kills bacteria and prevents their growth;
  • prevents mold formation;
  • increases the shelf life of the product;
  • improves taste and aroma;

Smoked meats are distinguished by a beautiful color: the fish acquires a pleasant golden color, and the meat acquires a light brown color.

Of course, this business niche is not free, but if you approach business wisely, you can achieve high results. Many gourmets prefer home smoked products, and there are always few of them on the market. The demand for products prepared with technology and love is growing every day, so this business has been and remains very promising.

How to start a business?

Of course, the best option is to equip a mini-shop for the smokehouse. Production can consist of a small installation - a mini smokehouse. This unit does not require much space, it can be installed in a small area. There is a large assortment of mini smokehouse on the market.

Assess the pros and cons of a business

  • market, volumes of products offered;
  • prices and assortment in your region;
  • quality of competitors' products.

If you are planning to open a large smoking workshop, it is better to rent a place outside the city. According to state standards, even a mini workshop should have an area of ​​more than 100 m2, both cold and hot water should be in the room. The place must fully comply with the requirements and norms of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, which includes the presence of ventilation systems, a bathroom and a sewerage system, a service room.

Starting a smoking business from scratch is quite a realistic idea. Buy a small smokehouse, and over time, you can expand production. Regardless of the scale of the smokehouse, a separate workshop for salting and packaging, for containers and waste, as well as a room for finished products will be needed.

How to open a smokehouse, the business plan of which is designed to create a highly profitable project? This small business has some undeniable advantages as it is associated with food production. A smokehouse for business provides good starting opportunities; a business plan for such a project does not require large investments at the initial stage. It is enough to open a mini-shop of a smokehouse for a small business, and you can already start organizing production and sales.

Enterprise Concept

The task of the smokehouse as a business project includes the supply of high quality smoked products to the consumer. The main competitors for private mini-shops are not the same enterprises designed for a limited amount of final products, but large meat processing plants. Their similar products are produced in larger quantities and a varied assortment, and their cost is lower than that of private traders.

Despite this, the population willingly buys smoked products from private producers. This is due to the fact that large enterprises send meat to the smoking workshop as raw materials, the shelf life of which is coming to an end. And to reduce losses, these meat products are smoked, thereby extending its shelf life. The final product comes out, although edible, but not of very high quality.

The business plan of the mini-smokehouse provides that the main product of the production of such an enterprise is hot smoked meat. Moreover, the main assortment is poultry meat:

  • chicken carcasses;
  • thighs;
  • legs;
  • breasts;
  • wings.

At the initial stage, it is better to focus on smoking poultry meat, but over time, the range can be significantly expanded due to smoked pork products. A business plan for smokehouses can also be drawn up in the production of smoked fish.

Where to start the project?

Start this project by renting premises and purchasing a special installation - a mini-smokehouse. You can smoke meat, fish and other food products in it. Such an installation does not require much space; it can even fit in a spacious kitchen or in some kind of shed or garage.

Carefully keep track of all preparations: consumption and yield of meat, what are the costs of electricity, spices, etc. But spices are not always used. In most cases, they are used to prepare pork products. The deboning itself in spices occurs after the smoking process. Let's try the received products not only to relatives and friends, but also to friends. Once you have achieved good quality products, you can launch them on the market.

Smoked meat and fish products, and if also homemade, are in demand among the population of any income. So, considering such a direction of business, even for a novice entrepreneur, is quite the best option.

Business overview and market specifics

There is no shortage of smoked meats, if you look at the store counters. But, in fairness, it should be said that the product that we see in the shopping center is not entirely directly related to real smoking. For the most part, this is just a product that is thermally processed and saturated with special additives with a smoke smell, dyes, and so on.

On the one hand, it gives the green light to a private producer - a real product that is made using all technologies, which means it is many times healthier, and surpasses in taste what the food industry offers. On the other hand, a smokehouse as a business requires investment, and therefore the total cost of the product will be higher than that sold in stores.

These two factors must be taken into account when drawing up a plan for running a smokehouse as a mini business. In addition, it is important to familiarize yourself with the very technology of smoking - cold or hot. Colder smoking requires more time - the finished product can be obtained only after a week, but the hot smoking method gives the result in a couple of days, but we will consider this aspect in more detail later.

Another advantage of such a business is that there will be demand for the product at any time of the year, especially during the winter holidays. So with a properly established clientele and the issuance of a good product, the profitability of the business of smoking products will be high.

A quick tip - before you start drawing up a plan for a smoked business, you need to conduct a market analysis, as well as "monitor" competitors in your region. It will not be superfluous already at this stage to determine your target audience, to preliminarily agree with public catering, retail outlets for the sale of products.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The following can be said about the benefits of smoking as a business:

  • You can equip a smoking workshop at home - one smokehouse is enough to get started.
  • Profitability of the business of smoking products - the investment pays off in just six months.
  • Free schedule - so this type of business can be combined with other activities.
  • Easy scaling - just buy a few more smokers to expand your business.
  • Stable income.
  • The equipment is easy to use, so everyone can master the technique without the support of specialists.

But there are also negative sides:

  • A fairly large number of business permits need to be obtained.
  • If you have to prepare large batches, then there is a risk of reduced product quality.
  • Against the backdrop of all this, financial risk.

But, there is a risk in any entrepreneurial business, and with proper planning, you can reduce all this to a minimum.

People loved smoked meats for a long time, and now the demand for them is not falling. Many people understand what a smokehouse is, and even have one at home for personal purposes. But making a professional system and organizing the production process is more difficult. However, those who nevertheless decide to organize a smoked meat business have a chance to make excellent money and dynamically develop their business. How to open a smokehouse from scratch, where to start, is it profitable or fraught with losses, as well as what are the pros and cons of this business, we will tell in this article.

Project Description

The opening of your smokehouse can be organized in any locality of the country, from a village to a large metropolis, and products can be sold outside the city. It is important to organize a comfortable place, because the smokehouse can cause dissatisfaction with neighbors. It is best to rent a room and equip it according to the rules and regulations. But you can also work at home.

A smoking shop is a small business, the profitability of which can be over 50%. Small shops for smoking products from fresh raw materials are especially relevant.

The main competitors of small smokehouses are enterprises that process meat and fish. However, they often use raw materials that are nearing the end of their shelf life. The quality of raw materials in small local smoking plants is usually higher, because homemade is always tastier. Accordingly, the competitiveness of a home smokehouse is achieved by the high quality of finished products.

Let it be small in quantity at the beginning, but you can teach the buyer to constantly take the goods in one place, from you. It is necessary to establish the correct value of the goods produced and sold, i.e. a too low price can lead to low profitability, and an excessively high price can lead to low demand and dissatisfaction from potential buyers.

It is imperative to monitor prices in the city and region in order to form a pricing policy that would suit everyone. The markup should be raised within 3-6 months from the date of production launch.

The following products are produced in smoking shops:

  • Fish (salted, dried, smoked).
  • Minced meat (fish, fillet).
  • Pork, beef, poultry (smoked, cooked-smoked).
  • Lard of different smoking levels.
  • Smoked cheese.

There are hot and cold smoked smokehouses. The finished product is different and can reach different target audiences. Someone likes cold smoked meat or fish, others choose hot smoked products.

There is a significant difference in the shelf life of finished products. With hot smoking it will be 3 weeks, with cold smoking it will be slightly less, no more than 1.5-2 weeks. It is advisable to work on order so that the products are always fresh and of high quality.

Business advantages and disadvantages

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