How to open a sewing atelier for making clothes (business plan)

Is it possible to open a tailoring and repair shop? Of course you can, why not? This is a modern idea that will always work, because it provides an individual approach to each person. Each man and woman's figure has its own unique characteristics - there are places that need to be hidden or correctly emphasized. How to create a profitable atelier that will be loaded with work and will generate income. we will talk in this article.

Atelier opening

Atelier is a place where people can order repair and tailoring of everyday, holiday and outerwear. In general, two types of such enterprises can be distinguished:

  • a mini-studio in our own home;
  • a sewing studio in a rented space.

Business plan for tailoring and repair shop

In order to create an atelier, you will need at least $ 10,000, which will pay off in about one year. It will not bring a lot of money right away, but at the expense of clients who will constantly contact, income will grow over time. If you don't have enough money to open a full-fledged tailoring atelier, you can start repairing it:

  • to fit clothes;
  • to shorten curtains and clothes;
  • to hem and sew.

All you need to get started is to purchase materials and equipment and rent a small room - about 8-10 m 2. If the location is successful, and the quality of the work performed is at the highest level, then a small studio can easily bring 80-100 thousand rubles a month.

To open a full-fledged atelier, you need to spend a little more, and there are risks too. An enterprise can specialize in sewing a certain kind of clothing, or it can sew whatever the customer wants - outerwear, suits, bags, evening dresses.

For multifunctional sewing, it is necessary that there are qualified and experienced workers who can cope with any task and do the job well, efficiently and reliably. In a multifunctional atelier, there should be not only seamstresses, but also such specialists as a fashion designer and a cutter. Depending on what kind of work will be performed, you need to take care of purchasing specialized equipment, without which it is impossible to do in order to perform all the functions.

A business at a tailor shop for tailoring and repairing clothes can recoup the initial investment in six months, after which it will bring the owner about 100 thousand rubles. monthly income. Such a project can become an outlet for those who know how to sew and want to open a sewing studio, or it can result in a good family business.

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How to start opening a tailor shop for tailoring and repairing clothes

The first thing to determine before opening a tailor shop is its location. There are several approaches, namely:

  • locate the atelier in a crowded place, for example, a shopping center;
  • provide tailoring and repair services in a residential area of ​​the city.

Proponents of the first approach argue that if an atelier is located in a shopping center, then the flow of customers is higher. When shopping, people immediately try to fit new clothes, so they turn to a seamstress who is in the same building.

This is true. To be convinced of this, just look at the workload of ateliers located in crowded places: in clothing markets, near (or inside) department stores and shopping centers.

Proponents of the second approach argue that not everyone has time to give away the purchased items in the ateliers, which are located near the place of purchase. In addition, it is even more often necessary to repair previously purchased clothing. It is extremely inconvenient to go to the center specially for this. In such cases, ateliers located in residential areas are very helpful.

The advantage of the second approach is that the rental price is lower than in the city center. If you have to pay 35-60 thousand rubles for a room of 12-18 m 2 in a shopping center. per month or more, then in a residential area renting a similar room will cost 1.5-2 times cheaper.

Another approach to starting your own business is buying a franchise. The positive thing about this approach is that it is necessary to go through the steps proposed by the franchisor, which have previously led to the success of more than one enterprise. There is no need to figure out how to open a tailor shop for tailoring and repairing clothes, you just need to follow all the recommendations, each of which has already been tested in practice.

Many people believe that buying a franchise only increases the initial investment. But if you calculate how much it will cost an entrepreneur to make mistakes when starting a project and bringing it to the estimated profit, then these costs can be several times higher than starting a franchise business.

Despite the fact that an entrepreneur can draw up a very detailed business plan before opening his own atelier, in reality this document will have to be corrected to one degree or another. And if the business owner is also a beginner in this business or has little idea of ​​the business processes, then the real figures from the calculated ones will be very different.

It would seem that due to the large-scale supply of clothes for every "taste and color" from China, open trade channels with Europe and America, sewing ateliers should have become obsolete due to the lack of demand for services. But no, the demand for tailoring jobs, on the contrary, has increased dramatically, and this business has become quite popular. It is enough to look on the Internet and check the statistics for the request "ready-made business plan for tailoring and repairing clothes", and everything will become clear.

What is the reason for this growth in the popularity of sewing services, we will analyze in more detail in this business plan, which, without claiming to be exceptional completeness, can serve as an excellent guide when drawing up your own action plan when organizing a sewing business, or after a short adaptations are ready-made instructions for creating a business from scratch.

We warn you that all the above calculations are relevant for the second half of 2021 for Moscow and the central regions of Russia. In other areas, the figures shown in the business plan differ significantly from the real ones. back to contents ↑


This project is a business plan for a tailor shop from scratch with a payback period of 7-9 months.

Project goals:

  • Creation of a highly profitable enterprise
  • Organization of obtaining stable profits
  • Satisfying the consumer market for the provision of services for tailoring to order, repair clothes, restoration and alteration of things to a different size.

Project financing source: own funds or bank loan

Form of doing business: individual entrepreneur

Total cost of project implementation: 100 - 250 thousand rubles

Payback period: from 4 to 6 months

Calculated interest rate: 25% per annum

The total amount of interest payments will be: 8,334 - 31,250 rubles

Irina Lapina, founder of the Iris atelier in Vologda, in an interview with Kontur. Urnalu talked about the most pressing problems of entrepreneurs engaged in sewing business, about the factors that determine success and solving financial difficulties.


I've been interested in sewing since childhood. In eighth grade, my mother gave me a good electric sewing machine, and I started taking orders for sewing products from Burda magazine. After finishing 11th grade, I continued to study to be a tailor cutter to deal with patterns and processing of products. After receiving my diploma, at first I worked for a while in an atelier, and then went into free swimming.

By the time Iris atelier opened, I had enough regular customers who already knew me well. Initial investments amounted to 100,000 rubles. In the first month, I came out on top. Six months later, I was already able to hire a seamstress, and we began to work with her together. My colleague was involved in repairing products and fur coats, shortening trousers, and I focused only on sewing.

After a year and a half since the opening of the studio, several specialists already worked for me: two on repairs and two more on sewing. At the same time, the studio moved to the central part of the city, where the traffic is much higher than in a residential area.


There are a lot of tailor shops in Vologda. There are serious specialists who are engaged in individual tailoring, making excellent dresses. I am more specialized in sewing and repairing fur coats. Now the Iris atelier is actually a fur atelier, and all services for shortening trousers and sewing clothes are additional.

The industry I work in is heavily focused on feedback. Therefore, first of all, word of mouth brings us clients. If a person likes your work, he recommends you to someone else. After all, customers go to the atelier for quality.

Nevertheless, I am constantly investing in advertising. It is imperative to be in front of people so that they know and remember about you. For example, we have a large advertising screen in the city center, and I constantly advertise my services on it. I also try to cooperate with various city magazines, participate in fashion shows. In general, I take every opportunity to declare myself.

Financial difficulties

To close the problem with fabrics once and for all, I opened a fabric store in parallel with my main business. I found a very good supplier of fabrics from Italy and now I can be sure about the quality of the products. I order inexpensive fabrics in Moscow.

Another problem is the seasonality of the business. We have frosts under 30 degrees, when no one goes to the studio. And I need the revenue to be at least 5,000 rubles. a day so that the staff is provided with work.

As for accounting, for me personally, this is not a problem, but related activities - something that every entrepreneur should do. The only problem that has not yet been resolved is money. I have so many ideas that I don't have enough time or money. I would like to develop, discover something new. I tried to get a grant and even started to draw up a business plan. And only when I plunged into this business, I learned everything to the smallest detail, I realized that a grant is not so easy. Yes, you will be given this money, but within several years you must account for it, you cannot deviate from your business plan, which is very difficult. After all, business plans are not always implemented the way you want.

How to open a tailor shop

The abundance in clothing stores does not mean that any customer can choose the right model: someone does not fit the design or size, and someone does not like the material. In an effort to keep costs down as much as possible, suppliers favor cheap synthetic or blended fabrics, reducing the quality of the finished product.

An alternative is to contact an atelier for sewing clothes from natural fabrics. The final price of such things is quite comparable to the store price: the trade margin will be equal to the cost of work in the workshop.

Project presentation

The atelier's business plan is designed for large cities with a large number of solvent clients interested in high-class fabrics and individual design. The workshop for sewing clothes from natural fabrics is focused mainly on the female audience.

In parallel, services are provided for the repair of any textile products.

There is also a store of high-quality European materials in different price categories - from everyday to evening, as well as accessories. How to open a clothing store and how profitable the investment will be, we wrote in another review.

Since the atelier is not able to offer the widest possible selection of fabrics, it is expected to establish cooperation with stores with a suitable assortment. In order to ensure the constant workload of the equipment, it is possible to manufacture clothes for subsequent sale outside the studio.

Product samples are displayed on mannequins in the reception area. Working hours - seven days a week, from 10 to 20 hours, on Saturday and Sunday the working day is reduced by one hour.

Recommended room standards

The location of the enterprise is a place of high traffic, on the first floors of residential buildings, in shopping centers or complexes of consumer services for the population.

It is recommended to start with a small space of up to 50 m2, with the prospect of moving as the business expands to a more spacious space nearby, so as not to lose customers.

A workshop should consist of at least three types of premises:

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