How to open a roadside cafe

One of the most profitable commercial activities is the highway business. It is the roads that provide the highest level of traffic and demand. Therefore, among aspiring entrepreneurs, the question often arises: what business idea to implement on the highway. In this article, we will outline the main business ideas in this segment.

How to start a business on the highway?

Before deciding on the direction of activity, you need to take into account that you will not have to rely on a regular clientele. Nevertheless, there are quite a few inconsistent consumers. It is important to understand that the supply of goods and services must meet the needs of the population.

Next, you should register your company. For a small segment, the organization of individual entrepreneurship is more suitable. Further, depending on the scale, we determine the required area and location. Choose the most passable place, that is, those routes that are laid, for example, on the way to resort towns or cities of industrial importance. The purchase of equipment and the hiring of personnel should be carried out in accordance with the chosen type of activity.

We offer you a selection, which lists the main ideas for business in the roadside segment.


The determining factor for this idea is the availability of a large parking lot, otherwise the flow of customers will be significantly reduced. A motel with a scale of 10 rooms will need approximately 150 sq. meters. The view from the windows of each room should overlook the parking lot so that guests can see their cars. The decor inside the rooms can be minimal:

  • bed ;
  • cabinet ;
  • side tables ;
  • TV ;
  • shower room.

Create a comfortable atmosphere for your clients in the form of a pleasant renovation. Then on the next trip they will stay with you again. An important factor for customers is the availability of payment terminals for mobile services, as well as the acceptance of credit cards. For optimal attraction, it is recommended to decorate the building with a specific theme.

Roadside Cafe

When opening a "business on the highway", you need to understand and take into account - the seasonality of road traffic, the typical identity of the majority of travelers, the location and possibilities of the road, the proximity of urban and other infrastructures, geolocation, and other local features and factors affecting your the final profit. But let's talk about everything in order.

We recommend that you consider ideas not separately, but synthesize and combine one idea from them - your idea for business. By the way, most businesses need a piece of land next to the road - owned or long-term leased.

One of the most expensive, but also the most profitable types of business "on the road" is its construction, maintenance and repair.

There are two troubles in Russia, and one trouble repairs the other. Remember this joke? In fact, road construction and its subsequent repair is a serious and very capacious business. It is quite difficult and expensive to get into such a business. It's not even about bureaucracy, but the cost of all the equipment you need. As a rule, construction, maintenance and repair of highways and federal highways is played out in various tenders, where all the necessary conditions are strictly prescribed. In addition, you must have knowledge, your company must have design engineers and technologists, complex specialized road equipment.

After all, road construction means not only laying asphalt, but also geological exploration, laying and transferring communications, building complex road junctions, bridges and tunnels. Do not forget to include in this list the construction of various roadside facilities - gas stations, hotels, parking lots and parking lots, and much more. This is also a very profitable item of work.

And get ready to work all over the country, as there are roads not only in your area.

Opening a petrol station on a road or highway has an undeniable advantage - a constant demand for fuel.

The construction of a gas station on the highway is somewhat different from its urban counterparts. First of all, the amount of products consumed. If in the city they rarely fill up, but often. Then the customers of gas stations in suburban directions refuel - "to a full tank" - and the tank for most people passing through is from 200 liters.

Additional service at the gas station is also welcome and is either an attractive factor or additional profit. Shop of spare parts and auto chemical goods, parking with an overnight stay, toilet, cafe, motel and other things that can be built on your site.

The cost of opening a gas station is quite high and you need to approach the opening with all responsibility. With the right pricing policy, it may happen that residents of a nearby city will come to you for fuel.

Opening a roadside cafe can be considered a fairly profitable business. Such establishments are no longer considered some kind of second-rate, they are in good demand among motorists and other travelers.

And it is not at all necessary to choose large buildings, the main thing is that your establishment is located near highways with high traffic. At the same time, as with any other business, there are a number of peculiarities. You can learn more about how to open a roadside cafe, what documents to collect, what equipment to buy, etc.


According to experts, the catering industry outside the city is not sufficiently developed, so it makes sense to think about a roadside cafe. In European countries, both a coffee shop and a fast food restaurant can peacefully coexist on the roads. But judging from the Russian experience, fast food is the most acceptable option, since the visitors of such establishments, as a rule, are in a great hurry.

In addition, it is worth considering not only how to open a roadside cafe, but also where to start one. The best options are gas stations, places near settlements, as well as shopping centers. A cafe can also be opened near the recreation area (on the banks of a river or lake). Many advise you to choose the southern direction (that is, south of the city, village), so you won't be bored even in winter.

Choosing a room

Very often the premises that are rented to organize an establishment on the road are in a deplorable state. To bring them into proper form, you will have to do expensive repairs. It is most profitable to open a cafe already on the basis of ready-made complexes, which are located at the junction of major roads. Several nearby points of sale are sure to catch the attention of travelers.

Some features

In addition, having figured out how to open a roadside cafe, it is advisable to comply with several unspoken requirements:

  • the institution must be designed for at least 70 seats and have an area of ​​at least 100 sq. m;
  • the room should not be too spacious, a cozy atmosphere should reign here;
  • the cafe is equipped with parking, and not only for cars, but also for trailers and trucks, in addition, you need to create comfortable driveways;
  • it is desirable to arrange the interior in a restrained and simple way, however, the interior decoration should not resemble a Soviet dining room, which completely discourages appetite.

A lot of people live in a frenzied and hectic pace, being in constant motion. Cruising between cities, they sometimes remain hungry, simply not finding a place where they could have a tasty and satisfying meal. Fortunately, in most regions of Russia, all kinds of roadside cafes and restaurants are scattered on busy and not very highways. Is it profitable in the current realities to open such establishments near small towns? There is no definite answer - too many non-obvious nuances affect the profitability of a given business. Nevertheless, many businessmen are increasingly thinking about how to open a roadside cafe from scratch on their own. Below we will try to cover this topic as thoroughly as possible.

Stages of organizing this business

Decided to open your own roadside cafe and don't know where to start? The first step towards future success you will take at the branch of the Federal Tax Service, where you will need to register as an individual entrepreneur. To do this, you will need to fill out an application in the prescribed form, bring a photocopy of your passport and pay 800 rubles in duties to the state treasury. But that's not all: the most important thing in the IP registration procedure is the correct choice of the appropriate type of activity in OKVED. The opening of a roadside cafe fits the following points of the classifier:

  • 56. 0 “Restaurant activities and food delivery services”.
  • 56. 0. "Activities of full service restaurants and cafes, cafeterias, fast food and self-service restaurants."
  • 56. 0. 1 "Activities of catering establishments with takeaway service".

Choosing a taxation system is also an extremely important step that will directly affect the future development of a business. Ideal for a roadside cafe - USN, or "simplified". This system is fully consistent with its popular name. Preparation and submission of tax reports will not be a big problem for you - even a beginner will understand the nuances. The simplified taxation system implies the deduction of 6% of the total business income or 15% of the net operating profit to the state bins.

After completing all the above procedures, you will receive the main state registration number (OGRN) and a certificate in a few days. Having acquired the honorary status of an individual entrepreneur, you can safely proceed to the most important stages of organizing your business.

Procedure for opening a roadside cafe

Opening a roadside cafe on the outskirts of a small town is not a difficult task, but it has its own nuances and pitfalls. The step-by-step instructions below will help you build the correct sequence of actions when organizing this business.

  • Analysis of competitors and selection of the location of the establishment. If there are a large number of competing establishments, it is necessary to place your cafe as far as possible from the main entrance to the city so that drivers will see it first. If the cat cried a lot of competitors, then it is best to organize a roadside cafe at the very border of the city.
  • Rent or construction of premises for a roadside cafe. A small room will be required - about 100 sq. meters. On such an area, a hall, a kitchen, a bathroom and a couple of utility rooms will comfortably fit. To minimize the cost of building a building for a roadside cafe, you can limit yourself to an area of ​​50-70 "squares" and additionally arrange tables in the open air.
  • Recruitment. You will need to hire two cooks with assistants, as well as two administrators, three waiters and a cleaning lady. The cafe should be open 24/7.
  • Advertising and promotion. A couple of banners on roadside billboards indicating the proximity of your cafe and a bright sign - no more advertising needed. Creation of a cafe website is optional, but if you wish, you can create it and place the restaurant's menu here.

Tip! Order paper bags with your restaurant logo and sell takeout food in them. Together with the order, you can put a small souvenir in the bag (for example, a magnet with a good wish) - customers will be very pleased with this concern, and they will definitely share their positive impressions with friends and acquaintances.

Roadside cafe equipment

First of all, you should order the production of a bright neon sign with the original art. The desire of customers to stop and eat at your establishment will depend on its attractiveness and creativity. As for the interior "decoration" of the cafe, the following equipment and furniture should be purchased:

If earlier roadside cafes were considered "second-rate eateries", now their status has risen to the category of "decent establishments." Too many motorists, truckers, employees on business trips are forced to look for good places on the route where you can eat tasty, satisfying and inexpensive food.

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Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply, that's why roadside cafes on highways grow like mushrooms after a generous rain, but domestic restaurateurs have not yet fully mastered the niche. We will tell you about this business idea in detail and list the benefits that a budding businessman can get from this venture.

Roadside Cafe: a project from scratch

The restaurant business is somewhat reminiscent of the wild jungle: the strongest survive in it. Fierce competition, in which restaurateurs compete in the quality of service and the number of dishes on the menu, scares newcomers the most. The restaurant business does not forgive mistakes, so an inexperienced entrepreneur can be “chewed” and “spit out” to the sidelines in just a couple of months. Of course, competition becomes a catalyst for development, but it's worth starting with easier tasks.

Roadside cafes are a promising niche in the restaurant business, which is just beginning to be explored by domestic restaurateurs. If, for example, we take the United States, then such "eateries" have existed there since time immemorial. In almost every movie about road adventures, the protagonists visit typical cafes. With retro-styled neon signs; waitresses in uniforms; the constant pot-bellied coffee pot with which they bypass every visitor; a crowd of stern truckers in caps and plaid shirts. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Many successful restaurateurs started out with such small establishments somewhere outside the city, which, even without them, was teeming with good and not so good cafes. It is enough to choose a point where there will be no competitors nearby to rid potential buyers of an alternative. Then hungry travelers will simply have no choice. In rare cases, you can build up next to an "old-style" establishment that looks more like a scrapped dining room, where a burly cook feeds visitors with yesterday's cutlets with buckwheat. In this case, the restaurateur can play in contrast: a brand new cafe will shine even brighter against the background of a nondescript neighbor.

The specificity of roadside cafes in Russia differs from the specificity of similar establishments in the USA or Europe. The domestic consumer prefers to take food with him and not sit in a cozy coffee shop or themed restaurant. Our people do everything on the run and are constantly in a hurry on business, having no time for long stops, so the format of the institution must be appropriate. The emphasis should be on the speed of service and the ability to take food with you (express cafe or fast food). A novice restaurateur should take into account the following nuances:

  • Location. The track on the side of which you plan to build your roadside establishment should be busy. Pay attention to the cost of communications, food delivery, garbage disposal. If you buy a land plot in an open field, you will, of course, avoid competition, but you will spend several times more on power lines and water pipes.
  • Small dimensions of the room. Almost half of your customers will take take-out food, so there is no need to place many tables in a cafe and take up a large area.
  • Operation mode. Roadside cafes have to work around the clock, because motorists and truckers set off at any time of the day, and some even prefer the night because of the small number of cars on the highway.
  • Access roads and parking. The task of arranging the area for cars in front of the cafe will fall on your shoulders. You can, of course, try to open a cafe near the motel, but they usually have their own catering, and this is direct competition.
  • Advertising. Use clever tricks. For example, if sightseeing buses regularly follow the route, you can negotiate with a guide and receive a steady influx of visitors for a small reward.
  • Menu. In the menu, emphasis should be placed on those dishes that can be prepared and served to the customer in a maximum of half an hour. Remember that most motorists are in a hurry and will not sit for a long time while waiting for an order, so it is advisable to have hot sandwiches, pizza, several types of salads in the assortment, which you just need to fill and mix.

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