How to open a private clinic

Who among us has not found ourselves in a situation where you urgently need to consult a doctor, and there is absolutely no time to visit the clinic. Often we resort to advice from friends and acquaintances, but trusting the opinion of amateurs is a thankless job, especially when it comes to our own health. Therefore, the idea of ​​organizing a business in the field of medical consultations via the Internet or cellular communication can be quite interesting for organizing your own business. At the same time, there is no doubt that these services will be in demand.

Like them

Experts have calculated that the use of mobile health can reduce the cost of medical care for the elderly by about 25 percent, by a third - infant and maternal mortality, and by a quarter - on collecting all kinds of statistical information.

In Russia

The first successful examples related to the implementation of business projects designed to generate profit through the provision of professional medical advice to the population appeared in our country back in 2021. This is not to say that mobile doctors are very widespread. Nevertheless, today in Russia there are several hundred successfully operating projects in this area, which indicates great prospects for this business idea. Today, a number of similar projects are already successfully operating in our country in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and many others.

How to organize your business with mHealth

  • via cellular and telephone communication;
  • via online correspondence on the Internet;
  • a combined system using internet sites and mobile communication.

In the first case, a person who wants to get a consultation from a medical worker calls a short service number, after which he gets into a special menu, where he can choose a topic for consultation or a specialist profile that is needed at the moment.

Mobile data transmission technologies make it possible to make not only audio, but also video calls, which allows the doctor, if necessary, to conduct a visual examination of the patient.

When a patient contacts a doctor on the site, communication usually occurs through a special form, where a person can ask questions of interest and get a qualified answer.

The third option for communication between the patient and the doctor involves two ways of communication at once - through the form on the website and by mobile phone. Cellular communication is used when the person who has applied for an online consultation has a weaker or unstable Internet connection. In large cities, such problems usually do not occur, but in the regions there are still plenty of them. If the connection with the patient on the website is interrupted, the medical specialist himself calls him back to the number indicated when registering his account.

How much does it cost

Business ideas in medicine

How to make money in the medical business?

In which niches of the medical business can a startup start up?

You can make money in the field of medicine without much investment, the main thing is to have a doctor's diploma, confirmation of qualifications and a license for safe activities.

To start a business in the field of medicine without much financial investment, you must:

  • Register an activity.
  • Be confident in success, improve your professionalism.
  • Show your clients that they will get something of value when they seek medical attention and solutions to their problems.

Business in the field of medicine is a special relationship between the client and the person who will provide these services. The staff can latently copy the line of conduct of their leader, and if the leader's tactics are wrong, the business can go bankrupt very quickly. The medical business in Russia began with the emergence of private doctors.

Private medicine was then prosecuted by law, and semi-legally developed in those areas of medicine that were underdeveloped in public clinics:

  • urology,
  • sexology,
  • dentistry (pediatric dentistry and painless caries treatments have become very popular),
  • cosmetology (including plastic and aesthetic surgery),
  • today the most popular field is laser vision correction.

Today, a lot of unique goods and services have appeared - thus, a private medical practice can compete with the state one and provide qualitatively new services. Private clinics mainly choose a narrow specialty. This is due to the special conditions of a startup and profitability (equipment for such a business is very expensive). A large investment from a startup will also require the purchase of special furniture and renovation of the building.

Financial model of the medical center

Brief Investment Memorandum

Just 10 years ago, few people believed that private medical centers would not only be in demand, but would also bring good profits to their creators. However, the reality is that every year more and more people make a choice in favor of paid clinics. This means that this direction is not only profitable at the current time, but also has great prospects for income growth in the future.

The attractiveness of this type of business has led to high competition in the paid medical services market. Nevertheless, there are free niches in this market, and they can be successfully mastered. Naturally, people who are far from the field of medicine have doubts:

Should I enter this market without special education?

In fact, all that is needed to open a medical center, as for any other business, is the talent of a manager, as well as a clear understanding of the competent functioning of a paid clinic.

However, before deciding to invest in the opening of a medical center, you need to carefully study the specifics of this business. Doing business in the healthcare sector involves not only legal, but also high psychological responsibility, since you are in your hands with the health, and sometimes the lives of patients.

When choosing the location of the medical center, pay attention to the proximity of public transport stops. Advantageous accommodation will have a positive impact on the attendance of your center. At the same time, a clear advantage of this business project is the fact that a profitable medical center can be located both in the city center and in a "sleeping" area.

The level and quality of service is of great importance to patients. The interior of the center should be relaxed and the staff should be as polite and helpful as possible. At the entrance to the center, place an information board with licenses for each type of medical services, certificates and diplomas of specialists. The main thing is to build the client's trust in your clinic from the very first glance.

The main factor in demand for the services of your center is the qualifications of specialists. The reputation of the doctors working in your clinic is inseparable from the reputation of the center itself. Therefore, when looking for employees, pay attention to the level of education, professional experience, and the presence of a database of regular patients. Engage qualified specialists working in district polyclinics with at least 3 years of experience. Thus, the majority of clients will find out about your medical institution just after being admitted to a free clinic.

Any medical center is obliged to comply with the sanitary norms and rules for this type of institution. This applies to special requirements for the organization of the premises, regular professional development of specialists, monitoring the serviceability of equipment. In case of any non-compliance with state requirements, you can lose the license for the activity, which must be obtained every 5 years.

The main investments in the opening of the medical center fall on the purchase of medical equipment and commissioning (85% of the investment). The second item in terms of the scale of expenses consists of investments in the repair and decoration of the premises. During the period of obtaining a license, you will not be able to provide services, but you will be required to pay the rent for the premises and the salaries of the main employees.

Hello dear friends! We sincerely wish you good health in such a difficult time. However, enterprising smart people can benefit even in times of general chaos. We mean, of course, legal ways of doing business. In this article, you will find a business idea that is really relevant as never before - the sale of medical masks. Moreover, we will consider not speculative options for organizing such a case, but a full-fledged business with an eye to future development and functioning in "regular" conditions, and not just in a pandemic.

Stages of Business Organization

The first question to be resolved is as follows: to organize an individual entrepreneur or not? If you position this business as seasonal and do not plan to develop it in the long term, then you can do with self-employment. Otherwise, you will have to try on the status of an individual entrepreneur. Be that as it may, the subsequent stages of the implementation of this business idea will look approximately the same. Namely:

  • Search for suppliers and conclude appropriate agreements with them. Alternatively, you can buy not ready-made masks, but materials for their manufacture. Each city has several sewing workshops that can provide services for sewing medical masks. The notorious Aliexpress can be an excellent option for a "supplier" of ready-made masks. But there it is better to buy exclusive and original masks in small quantities.
  • Search for distribution channels. You can personally walk through large chain supermarkets and small retail outlets in the sleeping areas of the city, offering the owners their services for the supply of masks for sale. There will be many who wish, especially if we offer them more or less favorable terms of cooperation and original goods.
  • Organization of additional sales via the Internet. Here you shouldn't bother with creating a landing page and even more so - a full-fledged website. The Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki groups will be enough, as well as the corresponding Instagram page. A small investment in the initial promotion and you will receive your first orders.

Important! Observe all personal safety measures when interacting with suppliers and buyers. Do not forget to wear a mask yourself, in case of close contact, wear gloves or treat your hands with a sanitizer.

Sale of medical masks: dumping or cheating?

When it comes to the sale of vital goods, which are now, of course, medical masks, you cannot ignore the thorny issues of morality. Some not particularly conscientious businessmen earned gigantic money in the spring by selling medical masks with a wrapping of hundreds and thousands of percent. Now, of course, you will not find cosmic prices for these goods, but in some places, simple medical masks are still unreasonably expensive.

How do you strike this shaky balance between morality and the desire to maximize profits? There is no definite answer to this question. You can organize a wholesale of masks, get a minimum profit from each unit of goods, but take in quantity. Also, an excellent option would be to sell medical masks not by the piece, but in sets of 10-20 pieces. Here, the markup can be slightly higher than when selling in large wholesale. In any case, the initially low cost of medical masks does not allow dumping prices - the business will simply lose profitability.

We will advise you to practice a creative approach to the implementation of this business idea. Selling medical masks can be really fun if you get creative with it. Target a youth audience for whom masks have already become part of their everyday look. Collaborate with an intelligent designer and come up with original prints and styles. There will be no problems with sewing - any sewing workshop will cope with the task of making several thousand masks in the shortest possible time.

Offer consumers a wide range of solutions - from inexpensive standard options to models made of quality materials and original designs. Simple multi-colored masks in sets of, say, seven colors of the rainbow will sell well. There are also seven days in a week - just one mask for every day. The female audience will certainly "enter" such proposals. Make an adequate markup for each product item and, regardless of your competitors, take your niche in this market!

Instead of a conclusion

Unfortunately, the demand for medical masks will only grow in the near future. The second wave of the notorious "crown" is only gaining momentum, and they say that there will also be a third one ... In some regions of Russia, restrictions and a strict mask regime began to be introduced again. From a business point of view, the whole current situation, of course, is helping to increase income. Therefore, prompt delivery and sale of medical masks in key retail outlets and via the Internet can bring good money in the near future. Up to a thousand products can be easily sold per day.

Any entrepreneur can open a private medical clinic, if desired. You do not need to be a practicing doctor and have a medical degree for this. Besides, it's even better for business. if a clinic is opened by a specialist with entrepreneurial and organizational skills, experts say. They open their clinics and insurance companies in order to reduce the cost of medical care under insurance policies

Highly specialized medical centers are more attractive to entrepreneurs due to the relatively affordable private investment and quick profit.

The most profitable areas of paid medicine: dentistry, gynecology, urology and cosmetology.

Private clinic: Premises

The location of the clinic plays an important role. The ideal option is to be located near a metro station or with busy transport arteries, in the city center, at the same distance from residential areas.

The premises for the clinic should be chosen depending on the number of services it will provide.

If this is a dental office, then an area of ​​25-30 m2 will be enough, where one office with an area of ​​14 m2 will be located - this is how much space is needed for one dental unit according to sanitary rules and regulations (SanPiN); one sterilization room, occupying at least 6 m2, and a small hall where the administrator's seat will be located.

According to the requirements of the fire service and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, it is imperative to carry out special ventilation, lighting and special repairs to the premises. Special repair standards can be found in the document SanPiN 2.. ... 1375-03 "Hygienic requirements for the placement, arrangement, equipment and operation of hospitals, maternity hospitals and other medical hospitals."

Private clinic: Equipment

The most expensive part of the clinic is the purchase of medical equipment. Modern equipment is very expensive, for example, an ultrasound machine costs at least $ 160 thousand, a diagnostic apparatus for a laboratory - from $ 10 thousand to $ 70 thousand

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