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Types of cafes

Verify cards

When opening a cafe from scratch, first of all you should think about the Product, that is, about the menu. Look, the establishments with what formats, what kind of cuisine are already present in your proposed location, what is missing there. To do this, it would be nice to be a little puzzled and carry out mapping - building a map of the trading territory. It is not necessary to attract highly paid specialists for this, you can do it yourself. Nevertheless, the results of your observations are worth transferring to paper. This can be useful for your partners (if you are going to do this business with partners), for writing a business plan (if you plan to apply to the bank for a loan), it will also be useful to you six months after opening, when you decide to "compare cards" and understand whether your business is developing as expected, or is it worth changing something in it.

What a terrain map analysis plan usually consists of:

  • Characteristics of the territory - general description, specifics, influencing objects, development trends
  • Traffic and pedestrian flows. Stream nodes. Points of grabbing attention
  • Characteristics of the contingent. The size of the potential audience. Visiting potential.
  • Competitors - characteristic, location, zone of influence
  • Potential partners for cross-marketing - characteristic, location, consumer ratings

Besides, things change quite quickly in the food industry ... The rate of change, by the way, depends directly on the size of the city. In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the rate of trend change is the highest. Here you can observe such examples, when some institution was at first a pub, after 2-3 years we see a fashionable restaurant of author's cuisine here, and a couple of years later - an oriental restaurant. At the same time, a change in concept may or may not be accompanied by a change in business owners. In millionaires, like Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and others, everything is already happening more slowly, with a certain time lag from the capitals. In the provinces, there may even be in favor the trends that have gone out of business a dozen years ago - for example, pizza and sushi.

How to understand what trends will "enter" the market of your city now? How to open a cafe that will be not just another catering, but a successful business? Perhaps there is only one advice here - broaden your horizons, visit industry exhibitions (the largest of which is the Moscow PIR), you can go on gastronomic tours (if you decide to take seriously the search for the only correct concept). It is clear that if you decide to open a café of Georgian cuisine (this trend, by the way, is still growing in many cities of Russia), then in the column “destination” in your trip there should, of course, be Georgia.

Team and Plan B

Continuing the theme of Georgia ... When you open a cafe from scratch, and a cafe is Georgian cuisine, you need to clearly understand who will cook in your kitchen. Ideally, of course, it should be an authentic chef - Georgian by nationality. In this way, you differentiate yourself from the competition, guarantee the recipes “toughness” (from the English. True) and present to the public one of the “physical evidence” (an established term). Evidence that you have a real Georgian cafe, and this must be supported by the interior, staff and atmosphere of the cafe as a whole. At the same time, being on a gastronomic tour in Georgia, you can combine business with pleasure - shoot interesting videos, take beautiful photos, and upon arrival, start creating pages in social networks and create a channel for your future institution on YouTube ... - we will continue the marketing topic below.

Who else should be on your team? People who will "close" other important areas and areas of responsibility - finance, commodity accounting, economic and legal security, management, bar, service, supply ... Decide for yourself what you will do in this scheme, and what other team members will are they employees or your partners? Who will be the investor?

If there are several partners, then it is always important to agree on who contributes, does and has “at the entrance” and “at the exit”. What will you do if everything goes according to plan? What if things don't go very smoothly? And the investment, for example, will pay off with a delay from the original plan?

Due to the rapid pace of modern life, more and more working and studying Russians have begun to give preference to meals and snacks in public catering establishments: cafes, coffee shops, canteens, pancakes, pies and so on. This approach is convenient for people in a hurry for many reasons: there is no fiddling with containers or thermoses, food is prepared quickly, often deliciously home-style and acceptable in terms of price.

And since there is considerable demand, many entrepreneurs are interested in the business idea of ​​opening a cafe. Any newbie in business is looking for answers to questions, where to start, what is needed for a business and what pitfalls and unpleasant moments you can stumble upon. Based on the recommendations and experience of successful restaurateurs, we have drawn up a general action plan to help those who are just embarking on this path.

List of required documents for opening a cafe

First, perhaps the most troublesome part of the process - collecting all kinds of evidence, permits and approvals. So, you will need to arrange:

  • Certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur;
  • Patent for conducting trading activities;
  • License for retail trade;
  • If you plan to trade in cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, you will need a License to sell tobacco products and alcohol;
  • A lease agreement for premises or a Certificate of ownership;
  • Service agreements concluded with Energosbyt and vodokanal;
  • Permission from the fire safety authorities;
  • Conclusion on raw materials and finished products;
  • Results of medical examination of personnel;
  • Permission for placement object. It is issued by Rospotrebnadzor.

This is a general list of documents for any food service location. Based on the concept of your particular establishment, you may need some additional documents.

How to open a cafe: a concept and an overview of the market for similar services

One of the creative parts of a cafe business plan is developing an idea or concept. To make it a little easier to navigate which cafe to open, answer the questions: who is my visitor and what will lead him to me? How will my cafe be different from others? Based on the audience, the location, pricing policy and the proposed range of food and drinks will be clear. And on the "chip" of your institution, you need to focus on during promotional events.

It will not be superfluous to conduct a study to find out who in the city (district) is already working in this area, that is, to probe your future competitors. Maybe you will drop by to visit them in order to find the pros and cons in the work of their establishments, and this visit will inspire you to create your own unique "zest".

Choosing a room for a cafe

When the concept is ready, you can start looking for a suitable room. The main question about it is whether to buy or rent it. The first will be a good investment and, if necessary, can be used as collateral for a business development loan. However, if this is not possible, then opening a cafe on a rented territory is also a very good option.

As for the renovation and its scale, it all depends on whether this room is adapted for a place of public catering: whether it has a kitchen and halls, toilet rooms, two entrances and exits.

When opening a restaurant, pastry shop or cafe, the decisive role is played not so much by the budget as in the competent and correct preparation of the business plan. He must take into account a lot of nuances that help make the business profitable and promising. Having a business plan for a cafe with clear instructions for each stage will make it much easier to implement a project.

Choosing the format of the establishment

To choose the format of the establishment, you need to decide which segment of visitors it is designed for. This moment is important for choosing the right premises, its location, key services.

Cafes differ in several ways:

  • assortment of offered dishes (mixed cuisine, national cuisine of any country);
  • by service (with waiters or self-service);
  • by seasonality (summer cafes or year-round);
  • by location (in individual buildings, on the territory of shopping centers or hotels, on the first floors of residential buildings);
  • by type establishments (children's cafes, internet cafes, art cafes).

Choosing the concept of a cafe, it is necessary to draw up a portrait of a typical visitor with a description of his age, marital status, lifestyle, material opportunities, type of activity. The most common and versatile solution is to combine the format of a canteen and a beer bar.

Tip! If you clearly know which visitor to open a restaurant or cafe for, it is easier to understand what he needs.

Niche Analysis

After the owner has decided on the format of the establishment, you can select the main competitors and study them. The marketing analysis should take into account all the little things, since in the catering industry they are most often the ones that play a decisive role in building a business.

Be sure to evaluate:

  • assortment ;
  • interior, general style of the room, comfort of stay in the institution;
  • quality of service;
  • pricing policy;
  • approximate flow of customers;
  • availability of discounts, promotions;
  • options for set meals;
  • chosen place;
  • work schedule.

Only by thoroughly examining the competitors, you can identify their disadvantages, the main mistakes in order to turn this data into your advantages. By analyzing the niche in the city where you plan to build a business, you can make your own cafe an order of magnitude better than others.

Cafe Business Plan

For those who have decided to become a catering entrepreneur, the first and most important problem is how to open a fast food cafe. This type of entrepreneurial activity can become very profitable and profitable, because the frantic pace of life and hours of work makes a cafe of this kind a convenient place to eat.

Benefits of a fast food cafe:

  • Fast service of visitors is the main difference between such establishments and other catering places. The menu is short, straightforward and fast and easy to prepare.
  • As a rule, an institution has several cash desks. Tables and chairs are simple in shape, allowing you to linger in the cafe for the time it takes to eat.
  • The main part of the menu consists of dishes that are prepared in a few minutes. For cooking, semi-finished products are usually used.
  • The menu can only be limited to burgers, fries and drinks.
  • Fast food cafes are characterized by disposable tableware, ready-made dish packaging and convenient simple serving.
  • Self-service is encouraged.
  • Dishes are affordable, which makes them popular among the general public.

Cafe opening instruction

To open an institution of this kind from scratch, you will need to prepare the initial capital in advance, select the premises and draw up a package of documents.

There are certain step-by-step instructions on which you can open a fast food cafe in a short time.

  • To study the public catering market and determine the most acceptable consumer category for yourself. Pick up business ideas for setting up a cafe.
  • Be sure to think over the basic concept of the future establishment. It is important to find your zest, a distinctive feature that will attract the client.
  • Determine the form in which the company will be registered, choose the appropriate taxation system.
  • Find a room for rent. It is important to make a choice taking into account the target audience to which the business will be directed, the presence of competitors and the demand for the services offered.

  • open-air establishment;
  • mobile, mobile tents;
  • stationary fast food establishments;
  • serving visitors to shopping and entertainment centers.

After the ideas for the implementation of the business have been selected, the market has been studied, it is necessary to obtain all the necessary permits to open an institution and carry out business activities. A package of documents to open your own business includes:

  • certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur;
  • if the premises are rented, then the lease agreement;
  • permission to open a fast food cafe in a specific premises;
  • medical books for all employees;
  • quality certificates for the food products used.

Even during the crisis, the popularity of the restaurant business did not fall. On the contrary, experts believe that this is one of the most promising areas. Despite the gigantic scale of our country, there are fewer catering establishments than in developed countries. For example, in Poland there are 3 times more cafes and restaurants, and in Western Europe - six times. Unsurprisingly, you are wondering how to open a cafe bar from scratch. This article provides step-by-step instructions.


First of all, you need to decide where to start. The first and main component is the room. Ideally, it should be on the red line in the city center, where there is a large parking lot. In this case, your establishment will definitely not be ignored. The location also depends on the chosen concept and target audience. It is also worth examining the technical side of the rented premises: water supply, heating system, electrical networks and the infrastructure in general must meet the necessary requirements.

Note that the selected taxation system will depend on the area. To get under UTII, the hall should not be more than 150 square meters. It is imperative that this area is separated from the production areas and the kitchen, and the area is recorded in the inventory documents. If you are satisfied with an area of ​​up to 50 square meters (again, we are talking only about the service area), then you have the right to apply for a convenient patent taxation system. But in this case, the maximum annual income that you can receive is prescribed (for each subject of the country, its own threshold is set). If you pass this value, then the right to apply the patent is automatically forfeited.

Public catering activities are regulated by state standards and sanitary norms (GOST 30389-2021). The premises are subject to strict requirements (SanPiN 2... 079-01). Here are some of them:

  • Zones should be located in accordance with the technological process: warehouse, production, trade, other administrative and auxiliary premises.
  • Crossing of opposite production flows is prohibited: customer service and personnel, movement of clean and dirty dishes.
  • Zoning should be appropriate for fire safety.

Any catering establishment includes the following workshops:

  • Warehouse.
  • Washing.
  • Vegetable workshop.
  • Meat and fish shop.
  • Cold shop.
  • Hot shop.
  • Trade group, which includes a hall, a bathroom, a wardrobe, a bar, a showcase.
  • Administrative premises, staff premises.

If the trade group occupies at least 60 sq. meters, then at least 40 sq. meters. Thus, the total area of ​​the premises should be from 100 sq. meters. Renting such areas will cost about 200 thousand rubles a month.


The bar assumes a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, so an LLC would be the best choice, since an individual entrepreneur has no right to sell alcohol (with the exception of beer and beer drinks, poiret, mead, cider and other low-alcohol drinks). If you want to open a beer bar, then the IP is fine for you. At the same time, an individual entrepreneur can choose the patent taxation system (it is much simpler and cheaper than UTII or the general system). So you need to weigh the pros and cons.

The following OKVED codes are suitable for the activities of a cafe-bar:

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