How to open a burger

A hamburger (abbreviated burger) is a type of sandwich consisting of a chopped fried cutlet served inside a cut bun. Typically, a wide variety of fillings are added to the meat in a hamburger, for example, ketchup and mayonnaise, lettuce leaves, chopped pickled cucumber, raw or fried onions and tomatoes.

Step by step instructions for opening

Burgers are now experiencing an active growth in popularity. This is due to the fact that this food is quite simple, fast and often very tasty.

Even Black Star decided at one time to open their own burger restaurant, which is now one of the top similar establishments in Russia. In an interview with Dmitry Nagaytsev on the Life Bee YouTube channel, Pavel Kuryanov [one of the founders of the network] said that its payback then was only 2 months with an initial investment of 20,000,000 rubles.

Step by step, your actions from scratch should look like this:

  • Research your competitors. This is the easiest way to find out the nuances of a business: menus, prices, interiors, demand, coffee shop workload, mistakes, reasons for success or failure, examples of whom to look up to. Record them in a notebook and / or photo, take them into account in the next steps. Read reviews of competitors on the Internet, learn what their customers like and dislike.
  • Explore the experiences of other entrepreneurs. On YouTube and other sites, you can look for real reviews of your food service businesses. An example of an error case:

  • Create a menu. You can't do without it, because burgers are different. In addition, in addition to food, you will also have a variety of drinks and side dishes.
  • Find suppliers of products and supplies. Not all establishments are engaged in baking buns on their own. Some people buy, for example, already prepared, but frozen by shock freezing technology. To use them, you just need to defrost them later without any cooking. Such cooked frozen buns can be purchased, for example, from Läntmannen Unibake or Paneteria.
  • Start searching for premises to rent. It should be with good traffic. A lot of entrepreneurs (from any field) make mistakes at this point and then go bankrupt.
  • Come up with a brand for your future establishment. It should be beautiful and memorable.
  • Decide on the tax system. In the Russian Federation, OSNO, USN, UTII (except for Moscow) and the patent system are available for the catering sector. The simplified tax system and UTII can be used only if the area of ​​the hall for visitors does not exceed 150 m². The patent form (PSN) can be used with an area of ​​up to 50 m². Several small burger shops can be opened with one patent on the territory of a federal subject.
  • Create a business plan. In each case, the costs will be different, so using ready-made plans is not entirely correct, since in any case you will have to change something in them for yourself.
  • Register your business. It can be an individual entrepreneur, LLC or their analogs in your country. If you decide to trade in alcohol, then in the Russian Federation you will have to choose an LLC. Your OKVED can be:
    • 56. 0 - Restaurant activities and food delivery services;
      • 56. 0. - Activities of full service restaurants and cafes, cafeterias, fast food and self-service restaurants
    • 47. 1. - Trade in drinks and tobacco products in a non-specialized store;
    • 56. 0 - Production and sale of drinks for direct consumption on the spot.
  • Enter into a rental agreement. Remember that there is such a thing as a “rental vacation”. This time (for example, 1-2 months) is usually in the form of a discount or exemption from payment for the duration of the repair. The worse the condition of the premises, the longer the vacation period. The very fact of providing vacations is not obligatory on the part of the landlord, so their duration depends on your ability to negotiate. Look for a good landlord!
  • Make a renovation. Furniture and finishing materials must be of high performance. Tables and chairs, armchairs, sofas, bar counter, doors, floor coverings with a high degree of wear resistance will not lose their appearance for a long time, despite the high attendance.
  • Purchase burger equipment. More about it below.
  • Obtain permits from the Fire Inspectorate and Rospotrebnadzor, a license for alcohol, and conclude a garbage collection agreement. In the Russian Federation, an obligatory item will be the installation of an online cash register. In the case of selling alcohol, you will need to connect to the EGAIS system. Additionally, in the Russian Federation, from July 1, 2021, all catering organizations involved in the circulation of goods of animal origin must use the FSIS Mercury.
  • Hire staff. Think about which positions you will be recruiting people with experience, and which ones without experience. In the Russian Federation, personnel must have health records.
  • Buy a van or other equipment needed to transport food, if needed.
  • Enter into contracts with selected suppliers. And purchase the products you need.
  • Create your own website and / or social media groups.
  • Sign up with Google My Business, Yandex. reference book, 2Gis.
  • Start promoting your burger shop. You can find the first clients already among your friends on social networks. To do this, just leave a note on your page.
  • Have a grand opening. On this day, be sure to hold some kind of action that will help draw attention to your institution and advertise it. For example, the action “Two burgers for the price of one”, etc.
  • Continue parsing. Keep track of trends, competitors, staff efficiency, menu relevance, reviews about your establishment.

Burger maker

The main equipment in this business is a vegetable cutter, a meat grinder (or the like), a press for forming burgers, a grill and a frying surface on which a cutlet is prepared, scales. They differ and the taste of food prepared with them is different. In the USA, cutlets are often cooked on a classic charcoal grill, but it was there that they began to actively use frying electric surfaces, which are actively used, for example, in the same McDonald's.

For starters, you can buy a regular manual press (from ₽1500), but not everyone will like to constantly press with your hand.

Note that not all recipes require a press.

To store food, you need refrigerators, freezers, and a vacuum sealer. There are also so-called refrigerator tables, thanks to which you can keep the cutlets still unfried fresh. From cooking, everything else concerns fries and drinks: a deep fryer, a juicer, a coffee machine (if needed). For fries, it is better to buy ready-made sliced ​​semi-finished products in frozen form, and not peel and cut with your own hands.

Burger business plan: business relevance + main components of the plan + business registration + market analysis + choice of the concept of the establishment + selection of premises, equipment and personnel + advertising and promotion of the burger + calculation of costs and business payback.

Catering business has been one of the most profitable business areas for many years. But time does not stand still, day by day new types of establishments appear, which are becoming much more popular than the already familiar restaurants and fast food cafes.

These enterprises include burger shops - restaurants and cafes of the "new" generation, which have a narrow specialization and offer their visitors a wide range of burgers.

Such a business in Russia is not yet very developed, but it can rightfully be called one of the most promising. If your attention was also attracted by the opportunity to launch such an enterprise, there is no doubt that such a business will definitely bring a good profit.

In this article, we will analyze a detailed burger business plan so that you can see how to open such a place step by step and make it popular.

Burger opening: the relevance of a business idea

It makes no sense to talk a lot about the fact that all kinds of restaurants and cafes are very popular among the population.

This is mainly due to the fact that the pace of life of a modern person has greatly accelerated. Every second person, working hard, simply cannot allocate enough time to spend several hours every day preparing food.

This is especially true for those citizens who spend almost days in offices or educational institutions.

A simple scheme allows you to compare the attendance of different types of institutions in 2021 and 2021:

The statistics show that the attendance of restaurants and fast food cafes is in the leading positions. And this, in turn, suggests that the catering business in Russia is very relevant.

Moreover, such a statement applies to all catering establishments, and especially to the still underdeveloped, new directions, which undoubtedly include burgers.

The popularity of fast food makes foodservice establishments a very profitable business. Therefore, opening a burger can be the best idea for your own business for beginners who do not have colossal funds for start-up investments.

How to open a burger and why is it profitable?

The first thing to do when thinking about starting a business is to assess the prospects of such a startup and make predictions about its future. Burger is a potentially profitable business for several reasons:

At the stage of preparing for the opening of a burger, you should study the relevant sector of the market and, having analyzed the proposals of competitors, find your own niche. Previously, you also need to draw up a business plan, which provides for all the upcoming costs and plan the stages of creating an enterprise.

The following OKVED OK 029-2021 codes (NACE rev. 2) are suitable for opening a burger:

  • 56 (main) - Food and beverage services

The main stages of opening a burger

There are several main stages in opening a burger from scratch:

  • official registration of business, preparation and execution of permits;
  • rent or purchase of premises, repair and preparation for work;
  • equipping a burger the necessary equipment, furniture and appliances;
  • hiring personnel, training and preparing them for work;
  • marketing development of the enterprise: advertising, promotion of a new company on the Internet and other actions that contribute to the influx of customers.

In the absence of sufficient start-up capital, it makes sense to buy a franchise from a well-known company in the market, which will make it possible to save on a number of costs, including advertising costs. The same solution will be optimal if a novice entrepreneur is not confident in his knowledge and experience: the franchisor provides information and technical support to the buyer of the branch, helping, among other things, in design and advertising development.

Steps to start a business

How to open a burger: the concept of an establishment + register an individual entrepreneur + hall rental + equipment for a burger + what needs to be purchased from products + staff for work + advertising strategies + when will the burger pay off?

Burger or hamburger is a street food known to everyone. To prepare it, use a cut roll, cutlet, sauce, herbs and vegetables to taste.

There are a lot of burger recipes now: someone loves spicy sandwiches, someone loves fresh vegetables, and someone, on the contrary, - salty. A burger is a great option for a quick bite that can fill you up for a few hours.

Today, every third person is an active opponent of fast foods, high-calorie foods, but still there are many fans of a tasty hamburger snack with cola. Therefore, the question of how to open a burger remains the same.

If you are also interested in this idea, then rather read our business plan, because this is a detailed guide on how to build your business from scratch.

Concept development for a burger shop

First, let's think about the concept of our catering.

We can open a McDonald's-style café with a variety of fast food items, as well as an equipped lounge for customers to sit down to eat. But it will be difficult to compete with such a large and popular establishment, it will take huge capital. You will have to invest a lot in advertising, work on a unique burger menu, think over ways to lure customers.

The second option, which is more suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs, is to open a burger shop. That is, a place where you will only cook a variety of burgers, sell strong drinks and juices. People can enjoy delicious street food bought from you at home, at work, in the park, etc.

So, you will save on renting a hall for a burger, because all you need is a fully equipped kitchen and a small counter for receiving orders. You don't have to buy furniture for the hall and hire a large staff.

Do you have a car? Offer shoppers delivery of burgers to their address. The client must pay for the service separately - this will cover the cost of gasoline.

If the burger shop is successful and brings in significant profits, then you can invest the income in opening a real cafe with a full menu.

Everyone has long known about the dangers of fast food, but the modern pace of life, half-hour lunch breaks, time for food on the way from one place of work to another is the starting point in order to create and implement a business -plan of the burger. For cities and towns, it will differ in initial costs and payback period.


McDonald’s, KFC, Three Little Pigs, Teremok - the network of large fast food restaurant businesses is expanding every day. The main course of the menu of all these fast food restaurants is the burger - a cut bun with a cutlet, cheese, vegetables, herbs, onion rings. And yet, each institution has its own characteristics. They are not in the quality of service, but in additional products:

  • McDonald’s is popular with children due to the happy meal sets, which until recently were an integral component of french fries. Now it is periodically replaced with apple slices.
  • The KFC restaurant chain relies on full portions of chicken meat with branded sauces.
  • Three little pigs attract customers with inexpensive salads and freshly brewed tea served in teapots. This creates a leisurely home-style meal.
  • Teremok is an association of several representatives of the public catering sector, combining a canteen with hot full meals, a pancake, a hamburger.

What all chain canteens, cafes, fast food restaurants have in common is that they sell food to go. This greatly reduces the need for footprints. Large chains have practically abandoned reusable tableware, which gives visitors confidence in the sterility of containers, dishes, glasses and mugs.

What are the benefits of working side by side with competitors

Individual entrepreneurs working independently and under a franchise lease trade places in a common pavilion - the principle of a public catering point that has a common name. Principle of operation: - "each product will find its buyer" is good in many ways:

  • The slowness of some sellers is compensated by the speed of reaction of others.
  • The breadth of the assortment is provided not by one, but by several cuisines, while each point specializes in preparing the same type of dishes.
  • Having gone for one pie or a hot sandwich, the visitor has the opportunity to supplement his choice with hot tea or coffee, which are not on the hamburger menu.

This type of trade is justified in places of a large crowd of people - shopping centers on the central streets of large cities, near metro stations, train stations or stations for sending minibuses, the route of which exceeds 2 hours. Before a long trip, visitors will definitely want to eat or take a drink and something to eat on the road. back to contents ↑

Choosing a location for a burger

As a vivid example of the mutually beneficial coexistence of McDonald’s with a canteen and a coffee shop, you can call the point near the station. metro Ligovsky Prospekt and Ligov TRK in St. Petersburg. Despite the proximity to each other and the work of each of these points with other catering establishments, the influx of people in them is constant due to the optimally chosen place of trade. There is a certain benefit to each of the members of the community due to equity participation:

  • in the payment of utility bills;
  • rent;
  • the cost of recognizing the premises as suitable for cooking in large volumes;
  • hiring technical personnel;
  • carrying out repairs and improvements.

There are many such examples. Typically, these burger shops operate under the franchise of large fast food restaurant chains. Business concept, marketing moves, recipes are dictated by the franchisor. If you like everything in the activities of the company of this network and do not want to change anything, then you can ask for protection, information and financial support from the parent company of the network.

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