How to open a bakery on your site: a business plan

Our grandmothers were right when they said: "Bread is the head of everything!" This is especially true when it comes to freshly baked, aromatic pastry with a crispy golden crust. Who doesn't love fluffy buns with sweet fruit filling or diet baked goods with cereals and seeds. Probably, we can safely say that bread is a product that will always be in demand in all CIS countries. This means that the production of bread and muffins is a win-win business that will quickly pay off. In our article, we will take a closer look at how to open a bakery from scratch, step-by-step instructions and business secrets.

Documents for registration

If you want to open one retail outlet or directly engage in the production of baked goods at home, then it is best to issue an IP (the status of an individual entrepreneur). To do this, you need documents:

  • Application.
  • A document confirming the payment of the state fee.
  • Taxpayer identification number.
  • Passport.

If there is a desire to create several trading platforms, each of which will have its own bakery, then in this situation it is better to register an LLC. The following documents will be needed:

  • Charter of the company.
  • Minutes of the meeting of the LLC co-founders.
  • Agreement for the lease of a production workshop and / or a sales area.
  • An employment contract with a company manager.

Mini bakery

Where to start? Open your own bakery at home or create a large-scale production? Before answering these questions, study the different bakery formats and how they differ from each other. The first type that we will take a closer look at is a mini-bakery.

This type includes a home business option. Characteristic features: availability and lack of large financial investments. The main thing you need to focus on is the constant search for buyers and / or wholesalers. However, if you open an online store, you can sell and then deliver the baked goods directly to customers. The main principle of success is to find and offer a truly unique and tasty product. Before starting a bakery from scratch, describe the costs step by step and in detail, including the costs of developing a stylish design and creating a website.

Bakery on Wheels

Trading bakery products and sweets using a mobile bakery is convenient and profitable at the same time, but only in large cities. Choose crowded places or points with good traffic. A big advantage of the business on wheels is the lack of binding to the lease of a production workshop and a sales area. The main advantage of this bakery format is flexibility. Consider the main disadvantage - in such a bakery it will be possible to install only low-power equipment, so you will have to make baked goods in small quantities. Whether or not it is profitable to open your own bakery in this situation is a moot point.


For many people who want to invest in their own business, opening a confectionery bakery will be the best solution. Despite the fierce competition in this segment, with a competent marketing strategy, you can take a strong position in the market and make good profits. In this article, we present a detailed business plan for a confectionery bakery, where we will justify the feasibility of the project, calculate the payback period and profitability.

Confectionery bakery business plan

Even a mini bakery can generate a stable income of 80-200 thousand rubles a month. This type of entrepreneurial activity is attractive, first of all, by the stability of demand. Despite the fierce competition, this niche is not fully filled and with high-quality products, a large assortment and well-established distribution channels, one can count on success.

Against the background of large players who present bakery products in a very meager assortment, mini-bakeries respond more quickly to seasonal customer preferences, trends in the world of culinary, etc.

Why write a business plan?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make a very common mistake and start implementing a project without thoroughly studying the market, analyzing the competitive environment, drawing up a production and financial plan.

This poses significant financial costs and maximizes risk. If we talk about a business related to the production of bakery products, then it may seem simple to many novice businessmen. The production technology itself, sales channels are all simple and understandable even for novice entrepreneurs. But do not forget about the weaknesses of the project, about its risks, which can cause serious damage to the business.

With a competent business organization, with a clearly developed marketing strategy, you can quickly reach a payback and good profit. A lack of weaknesses, ignoring strong competitors, on the contrary, will lead to losses and business closure.

Project Summary

The section reflects the relevance of a business idea and the feasibility of doing business in this direction.

The goal of the project is to open a confectionery in a city with a population of about 300 thousand people.

The advantage of this business idea is a very wide target audience, which can be expanded further, offering confectionery products for different groups of the population.

The smell of fresh baked goods in the morning will make even the laziest person go out of the house to a bakery shop and buy a fresh loaf with a crispy crust for breakfast. A bakery is a profitable business for a small business, because bread is a basic necessity, and buns, cakes and cookies are an integral part of any table. If you still don't know what business to start in a small town, a bakery is the best option!

Bakery and confectionery is a promising area of ​​small business in 2021, the main thing is to select reliable sales channels and find your consumer. The main difficulties in the opening process can arise only with the paperwork and obtaining permits, otherwise the development of a business depends solely on its owner. How to start your own bakery from scratch

If you, thinking about what kind of business you can do, have chosen the direction of a bakery-cafe, where you can not only buy fresh pastries, but also drink a cup of strong coffee in the morning, you are thinking in the right direction. The bakery is a kind of women's business, they perfectly understand what customers are waiting for, they are ready to develop an ideal and comprehensive range and provide customers with sensitive service. Visiting these pastry shops is fast becoming a tradition, making small businesses a profitable business.

To open a bakery, it is enough to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur (IE). You can also work as a legal entity (LLC or CJSC), however, such registration forms are suitable for serious market players with a solid authorized capital and several founders. As a taxation system, you should choose UTII or STS.

Starting a business consists of several stages:

  • assortment definition;
  • room selection;
  • receiving documents;
  • room equipment;
  • recruitment.

Contrary to popular belief, the development of the bakery business from scratch is available to almost every novice businessman. Subsidization programs, small business loans will help create start-up capital and give life to your project.

Document package

In addition to the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur (LLC), you will also need the following permits:

  • conclusion from SES;
  • conclusion from firefighters;
  • certificate of product conformity;
  • hygienic certificate and certificate quality.

The conclusion from the SES can be obtained from Rospotrebnadzor after passing all examinations confirming the compliance of the premises with the requirements. Also, the building must comply with safety standards and be equipped with a fire safety system. Compliance certificates can be obtained from the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Bakery range

A small bakery and confectionery can make a profit of 80,000 to 300,000 rubles a month. This type of business is attractive due to stable demand and relatively low competition.

Bakery products belong to the segment of essential goods that are in constant demand. In the modern economy, a whole niche has opened up for private bakeries that offer delicious freshly baked products.

Against the backdrop of a meager assortment of products from bakeries, the products of small bakeries benefit from their unique taste and variety.

In this article, we will consider in detail the most important aspects that need to be considered when drawing up a business plan, and we will learn how to open a mini bakery and pastry shop.

Where to start?

First of all, the personal participation of the owner in this project is highly recommended. It is very good if you already have practical skills in this area. If not, then you definitely need to take the appropriate courses. They can last from a couple of weeks to several months.

It all depends on the specific school, as well as the future specifics of your project. It should be understood initially that at least the first year you will have to spend a lot of time at the stove. But on the other hand, it will give you invaluable experience, as well as an understanding of the success of the assortment and prices, the quality of products and the correct organization of business processes.

It is recommended that you think about its specialization before opening your own bakery and pastry shop. For example, you can only bake all sorts of snacks with different fillings, or go for extremely sweet products. The choice of literally every key component of the project depends on the future range of products: from the list of raw materials and equipment to the size of the premises and the size of the start-up costs. Therefore, many experienced pastry chefs advise first of all to decide what your bakery will produce.


As you already know, before starting any kind of entrepreneurial activity, you need to officially register as an entrepreneur or establish your own company. Recently we have already raised the topic of registration and considered the differences between SP and LLC in a comparative table.

Most Russian bakers make their choice in favor of an individual entrepreneur. This is due to the simplicity of the registration procedure, accounting, as well as the ability to switch to a simplified taxation system.

The smell of freshly baked bread leaves no one indifferent. In addition, unlike factory bread, it is stored longer, and the range of small bakeries can be quickly updated. That is why bread from small bakeries is purchased not only by end consumers, but also by retail outlets. And a bakery with its own cafe is a favorite way to have a quick breakfast or lunch. In a word, products from small bakeries are always popular, and the market with such establishments is far from saturated.

Typical Bakery Business Plan

To open a business and not make a mistake, you need not only a good business plan, which will spell out the requirements for equipment and personnel, the calculation of costs, revenues, profits. But also a number of mandatory steps that must be taken:

Starting your own business always needs a detailed plan. It should include a list of expenses and a calculation of profits. But the main thing is indicating the stages of business development:

  • Development of an idea, original concept, name, bakery format.
  • Selection of premises, purchase of the necessary equipment, personnel search.
  • Business registration in the necessary instances: tax service, hygiene certificates, opening a bank account.
  • Together with the chefs and new staff, a bakery menu, assortment for sale is prepared.
  • Next - production and start of sales. Receiving proceeds, calculating profits.
  • Depending on ambition - distribution of profits for the development of one establishment or a small network of bakeries.

Depending on the chosen format, steps for developing a brand or purchasing special equipment may be added to the organizational plan. But there will be no fewer steps in opening a bakery. And it is better to pass each one carefully so as not to correct mistakes in the future.

Mini-bakery on site: documents

Since food directly affects the health, well-being, and sometimes the life of consumers, there are many strict rules imposed on them. These are requirements for the place of production, documents, personnel. You will need a set of documents, which is not difficult, but you need to collect:

  • Permission of firefighters;
  • SES certificate and the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological control;
  • Each health worker must have a medical book.
  • A contract for a premise, its lease or ownership.
  • Individual entrepreneur license ..

All documents must be kept in the bakery and in case of checks they must be presented immediately. But in other bakeries, if you are planning a network, you can store only copies of conclusions and certificates on product quality control.

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