How to make money on hand made from $ 300: 10 cool ideas

If you are tired of monotonous work that does not bring any pleasure and love to create something with your own hands - this is a great reason to try yourself in the handmade business.

Like any successful business, a DIY home business starts with a good idea and great desire. For your inspiration, I wrote an article where I collected the most interesting and new about business hand made from scratch, ideas of 2021. Who knows, maybe you will like some of these ideas, and you will be able to create products that will bring you a good income. So let's see what's new in hand made 2021.

Belt Bags

Small shoulder bags, which everyone associates with either travelers or conductors, are a real must-have in recent years. Today they have become as classics as practical backpacks, and such an accessory can be found in the wardrobe of every second fashionista.

In sewing, such handbags are quite simple, even a novice master can make them with a little hand stuffing. The complexity of the work will depend on what material the bags will be made of, what type of decor you choose.

In such work, you can use linen and cotton, artificial water-repellent fabrics from which tourist backpacks are also sewn, fur and leather - both artificial and natural, and even plastic. As a decor for belt bags, prints and embroidery, glitter decoration, hand painting are suitable.

Examples of work:

Wall Stickers

Do you like drawing? Then you may like the idea of ​​creating watercolor stickers with your own creativity for room decor. Such products have an adhesive base with which they are fixed to the wall surface.

This decor is sold in sets. For example, 15 stickers each. The buyer sticks them on the walls as his soul desires, or adheres to the recommendations, repeating the same composition that the master made in the photograph of his product.

What can be drawn on such pictures is limited only by the artist's imagination. It can be hearts, stars, flowers, animals, fruits ... A set of stickers can be either the same pattern or completely different, but make up a complete composition with its own atmosphere.

Weaving baubles, sewing plush toys, knitting mittens or soap making - any hobby can become a source of income with a competent distribution of efforts and the right business strategy. We tried to find out how to succeed and capitalize on our talent by talking with successful masters.

What is handmade?

You won't find a definition of this term in any dictionary. Handmade could be translated into Russian as "handicraft" or "creativity", but most "handmade" will not agree with such a simplification, because for them it is a special way of self-expression and even a lifestyle.

Traditionally, handmade include knitted or sewn toys, wicker jewelry, various accessories made of ceramoplastics, beads and felt, some interior items, such as pillows, napkins, bedspreads and even handmade paintings.

Clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, postcards, bouquets, bookmarks, notebooks, watches, bags, belts, even food - these are just the main names that you will find on any handmade-market. The main distinguishing feature of all these things is their uniqueness and singularity. Each product is created by hand, and therefore cannot have copies in any way.

In a market economy, the winner is the one who can offer the buyer something most interesting, beautiful, convenient - in general, something the most. And it is this very thing that makes handmade items. These things are in great demand, and therefore, sooner or later, from making things for yourself and your friends, creativity turns into the production of unique things for sale.

Where to start?

It doesn't matter if you create original things from kindergarten or did your first thing a couple of days ago, with due diligence and the presence of skillful hands, you can start your business right now. It will be based on your handmade products, successful advertising, the desire to share with the world what you are doing, and the ability to quickly adapt to the situation.

As a rule, all masters start selling things by accident, most often to friends. I made a thing for myself, a friend saw and asked for the same, after which her acquaintances became interested, and such word of mouth led to you a completely unfamiliar customer.

But you can start promoting your business through social networks. Creating a VKontakte group or Instagramm profile is the most obvious way. What exactly is required for this?

Earn on hand made: the most profitable directions


Various models (cars, airplanes, houses) made of wood, wool, and other natural and environmentally friendly materials are in the greatest demand. These are dolls, cars, Christmas tree decorations.


You can list for a long time - sweaters, hats, blankets, socks and much, much, much more. That's really "the field is not plowed."

Pay attention! By the way, knitting things and building a profitable business on this is a great option for a pensioner to make money.

Women's Bags

Unique models made by hand from original materials with unusual drawings will surely find their customers.

Earn on hand made: paintings

Any. For example, painting or applique embroidered with beads and others. It all depends on skills and talent. The paintings depict still lifes, landscapes, but futuristic themes, blurred figures and other original images are in greatest demand.

Interior Decorations

Many people wonder how to start making money at home. Usually these are mothers on maternity leave or people who need to improve their financial situation. There is a category of talented people who turn their home hobby into a profitable business. Nowadays, the handmade business is very popular and in demand, and there are many ideas for it. The main criterion for a successful start is to do what works well and brings pleasure, then potential clients and first orders will be attracted.

It is very important to do everything efficiently and take into account all the wishes of the customer. You can create a page on social networks, which will post the work performed, reviews of satisfied customers. If you do your job conscientiously and efficiently, then the business will definitely go up. Below will be presented the most popular and popular ideas for handmade business.

Foamiran Jewelry

Foamiran is a new material that is great for use in needlework. You can make many beautiful accessories from it, such as hairpins, headbands of incredible beauty, wedding boutonnieres, twigs for decorating bouquets and much more. This material is very easy to stretch, which allows you to give it any shape, you can cut it with scissors and even use a curly hole punch.

Interesting! Foamiran is completely non-toxic, it can be washed with running water, while it will not lose its properties and shape.

This material is also called foamed rubber, fom, revelor. It makes wonderful toys. Foamiran is very popular in such a direction of needlework as fom-floristry.

Toys for children

This is a very profitable business, as children are the most important thing for parents, and there are never many toys. You can offer customers to sew educational rugs, soft cube, textile balls, books. They can also be made from wood. These very popular toys are now a business board, pyramids and sorters, alphabet cubes, constructors, wheelchairs and tops, and much more. Thread toys are also very popular. You can knit a doll or a funny little animal, a multi-colored ball. Very cute animals can be made from pom-poms. Usually, yarn is taken as the main material.

Wool felting

In this way, you can make toys, shoes, clothes, jewelry and more. Things turn out to be very cute, delicate, especially toys - you can't take your eyes off them.

Important! There is wet and dry wool felting. It differs in its manufacturing technique.

Conducting master classes

At the moment, master classes are a very popular area. If you have a certain talent, for example knitting or sewing, you can conduct such master classes. It is possible to make good money by teaching or consulting. Master classes in cooking are gaining great popularity; this is probably the most developed direction in this regard.

Here are 15 steps to start a handmade business. These tips will help you make extra money selling your handicrafts (merchandise).

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on offline sales, i.e. at thematic exhibitions (markets). Such events are attended by lovers of handmade gizmos, so to speak, hunters for something interesting, unusual and original.

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Decide what product you will make

The very first question you need to ask is "what product do I want to make?" Perhaps you already have a few ideas, or perhaps none at all?

Look online, in shops, at local fairs and think:

  • What really catches your eye?
  • What do you have a penchant for?
  • What materials are you comfortable working with?

It is very important that you enjoy creating and working in your chosen niche.

Examples of products on the site

How to understand if there is a demand for a group of goods you like - read on.

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