How to make money in dollars: a few simple, affordable and proven business ideas

These ten popular startups are helping people get through the tough times of being blocked by Covid-19. Here are the Top 10 startups that have grown strongly during the coronavirus crisis, have attracted investments and are in demand among users, especially in European countries that have been hit hard by the pandemic. These services have made tremendous progress in the global startup scene in 2021.

Zoom's video conferencing service has risen to the top amid a new culture of group communication and social distancing during the pandemic. Millions of people around the world use the video conferencing app to keep in touch with family and friends, and to work remotely.

Users get creative with virtual chatting with quizzes at home and accessible public places, and they have happy hours with birthday parties via Zoom.

The company claims that the number of users grew to 200 million per day in March, up from 10 million in December. Politicians also use video services, for example, Prime Minister Boris Johnson used Zoom to communicate, along with Twitter.


Babylon Health startup provides a general practitioner service, the service allows you to video chat with a doctor. With many surgeries closed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Babylon offers people the opportunity to see a doctor and consult from their own home.

A British digital health startup unicorn has also created an app to track coronavirus symptoms. In early March, a Care Assistant was launched to check and track Covid-19 symptoms, which offers NHS-approved information via a free app.

Founder and CEO Dr. Ali Parsa explains that this helps patients determine if they really need to talk to a doctor. The app currently has ten thousand AI interactions every day, and Babylon is making sure the platform can handle the increased demand. Before the coronavirus, Babylon could handle 3,000 concurrent AI consultations; this number has since risen to an incredible 250,000.


Food supplies surged during the coronavirus as people were isolated. Gousto, a London food service provider, has seen tremendous growth, reporting a 28% increase in family boxes.

With eating out, there was no longer a choice, many turned to food delivered to provide healthy and delicious meals. Gousto offers over 50 recipes per week for packaging and door-to-door delivery at an average price of £ 2.98 per meal per person.

The company said it currently delivers 4 million meals a month across the UK and will surpass 400 million by 2025. The startup received a £ 33m investment as the business thrives on lockdown. The round of funding was conducted by Perwyn with BGF, MMC and Joe Wicks in April.

Until 2021, in Russia, for example, programmers who received 30 thousand rubles were sure that they were earning about a thousand dollars a month. Today, even if they receive twice as much for their work - 60 thousand rubles, they earn 800 US dollars, at best. And this is not an exact amount. By the end of the month, when the exchange rate may once again rise, the specialist will receive his 60 thousand rubles, but in dollars this amount is much less. Features of the Russian economy.

Therefore. Earnings in foreign currency, in contrast to the unstable Russian ruble, allows you not only to keep what you have received, but also to increase what you earn. Literally, only on the fact that earned money is not credited in rubles.

Hobiz. u, at the request of readers, has collected accessible and working business ideas, where the process of earning goes directly in expensive currency. That cannot but rejoice the heart, head and wallet of the earner. Business ideas are pretty simple, but that's why they are valuable. Yes, in many of them the amount of earnings is small - from a couple to hundreds of US dollars. However, this is not the main point. It is important that the dollars! $ 10 in early March 2021 "cost" 650 rubles, full-weight and Russian. By March 14, after two weeks, the “ten” had already pulled 750 rubles. Jokes and jokes, and the increase in earnings was more than 15%. And if $ 10 was in place, a more substantial amount, for example, $ 800, the "extra earnings" received exclusively on the difference in exchange rates amounted to "extra" 8000 rubles. Is that good? Very good! With such fluctuations in exchange rates, you don't have to ask for a raise.

So, what are these business ideas where you can make money in dollars? Before reading the list, you can warm up and play. Hobiz. u made a test of 12 questions, where you need to guess the year using the average US dollar exchange rate. From it you will learn that the dollar was once worth more than 2 million rubles. Or, you can find a year where the American currency was cheaper than the ruble. In general, take the test and find out for yourself.

The most obvious way is to make money on the difference in exchange rates. The simplest: bought cheaper, sold more expensive. Whole exchanges are devoted to this, better known as Forex. Of course, this all has a rather negative connotation, since it is nothing more than speculation. However, who said that speculation is not earning?

Pure earnings are speculation. Most of the sellers, found everywhere - speculators, buy in bulk cheaper, sell at retail more expensive. The whole difference is that currency speculators choose money as a commodity. This is the only difference.

So, currency speculation is the very first and simplest way to make money in foreign currency. There is no need for special knowledge. The main thing is that the value of the US dollar, in relation to the Russian ruble, constantly grows. And, perhaps, now is precisely such a time.

Here are some business ideas on this topic posted on hobiz. u:

By the way, analysts also have a similar opinion. Literally, even before the next crisis, on hobiz. u had such news: exchange trading in the foreign exchange market was recognized as the most profitable home business during the crisis.

This type of earnings is suitable for everyone whose working talent is highly valued by foreign employers. Since the latter are paid in foreign currency. Mainly in US dollars - as in the generally accepted international monetary equivalent.

For Russian specialists, this income is possible remotely - programmers, designers, copywriters, marketers and other intellectual professions. All of these professionals can receive orders through popular freelance exchanges.

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