How to create your passive income from scratch: 20 real ways

How to create passive income by bidding for bankruptcy + TOP of other ways

Do you want to have passive income, but do not know where to start and in what area to develop? I will share my experience and tell you about popular ways to make money effortlessly.

To understand how to make money on passive income, you need to figure out which strategies are suitable for this and which one to choose.

What is passive income?

To put it simply, you will receive money without bothering yourself with routine activities, and will be able to do what you want, without being tied to a workplace and schedule.

For this, it is important to correctly organize the process:

  • choose a suitable source of passive income;
  • calculate its pros and cons;
  • understand how much you need to invest.

Some people think that they need a solid start-up capital, otherwise there will be no "return". In this article, you will learn how to find a way to earn money and get by with small funds:

Likewise, you don't always need millions to create passive income.

Sources of passive income

When someone is looking for an opportunity to earn additional income, most often they are advised to find a temporary part-time job. But what if you don't have the time or energy for it? In this case, you need to find ways to generate passive income - making money with a little investment of time and effort on your part.

Try Index Funds

Index funds allow you to receive income from investments in the stock market absolutely passively. For example, if you invest in a fund based on the S&P 500 index, your funds will be invested in the general market, and you will not have to think about how to manage your money and whether to sell or buy shares of certain companies. All these points will be managed by the fund, which forms its investment portfolio depending on the state of a particular index.

You can also choose a fund that works with any index. There are funds dealing with various business sectors - energy, precious metals, banking, emerging markets, and others. You just need to decide for yourself that you want to do it, then invest money and relax. From now on, your stock portfolio will operate on autopilot.

Make YouTube Videos

This area is developing very quickly. You can shoot videos of absolutely any category - music, educational, comedy, movie reviews - whatever ... and then upload it to YouTube. Then you can connect Google Adsense to these videos, and they will show automatic ads. When viewers click on this ad, you will receive money from Google Adsense.

Your main task is to create decent videos, promote them on social networks and maintain enough of them to generate income from several clips. It is not so easy to shoot and edit a video, but after that you will receive a source of completely passive income that can last a very long time.

Not sure if you can do this on YouTube? Michelle Phan has combined her love of cosmetics and painting with video shooting, has gained more than 8 million subscribers, and now she opened her own company with a capitalization of $ 800 million. / P>

Try affiliate marketing and start selling

This is a passive earning technique that is more suitable for blog and active website owners. You can start promoting any products on your site and receive a flat fee or a percentage of sales.

Making money this way is not as difficult as you might think, because many companies are interested in selling their products in as many places as possible.

You can find partnership offers either by contacting manufacturers directly or on specialized sites. It is best if the advertised product or service is interesting to you or corresponds to the topic of the site.

Nowadays everyone is trying to make money using different methods. Someone starts their own business, someone goes to work for other people, and some prefer to receive money without extra effort. This can be done with passive income. What is it and how to create it? You will learn about this in this article.

Passive income allows you to make money without having to do any work. This method is a great option for people who prefer to spend their free time outside the office. In fact, it allows you to get money out of thin air. But it also takes a lot of effort to create passive income.

What is passive income

Passive income (or residual) is a way of making money that does not require a person to perform any actions. We can say that these are funds for previously completed work. That is, you once invested a certain amount in a business, and now this business provides you with "easy" and stable income.

Sounds tempting, but successfully generating passive income is not easy. To do this, you need to acquire an asset from which you will receive dividends and interest in the future.

Active and passive income

Both of these types of earnings allow you to receive a certain profit. However, they have significant differences. Next, we have compared active and passive income to show you the difference between the two.

Types of passive income

Passive income can be of different types, each of which is described below.

  • Intelligent. Profit from this type of income comes from a previously created intellectual product: books, inventions, video clips, songs, etc. The author subsequently receives interest and royalties for the copies sold, as well as for the patent.
  • Marketing. Income is generated based on the created marketing network, personal website or own brand. Thus, such an asset provides you with a monthly profit for a certain amount.
  • Investment (financial). To create this type of passive income, you need start-up capital. In the future, these funds need to be invested in securities, real estate or stocks. After that, you will receive certain interest and dividends from the contributions made.
  • Legal. This type of income is enjoyed by many citizens by law. It includes pension and social payments, as well as material assistance. But in order to receive these payments, you must have legal rights to them and draw up the relevant documents.

Sources of passive income

There are many sources through which you can provide yourself with passive income. The following are the most common ones. Having studied the information about each source, you can choose the option that suits you.

How to secure additional income for yourself?

Imagine that you receive 10,000 rubles in addition to your salary every month. At the same time, you do not waste your time and effort to earn them. Nicely? Certainly. And if we are talking about 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 rubles? After all, then you don't have to work at all! Tempting? Yes! How realistic and applicable is this to your life? Let's see how, acting within the framework of the law and morality, to secure a source of passive income?

What is passive income?

This is the money you receive from unearned sources of income. A clear example of passive income for everyone is interest on a deposit or payments from a rented odnushka. The mechanics are simple and transparent: we put money in the bank - we get interest on the deposit; we rent an apartment - we get a rent from the tenant.

It is a pity that the profit from bank deposits is low, and to buy a living space for renting, there is not enough active income either. What to do? Fortunately for investors, there are many more tools for earning extra money. And the profitability on them can be higher than in the bank, and they are not like an apartment.

Sources of passive income

We offer to consider them according to the principle of the applied efforts. The resulting groups are:

    Difficult, long, unpredictable costs, unknown profit

    Examples: starting your own business, creating a product of intellectual activity - developing a computer program, inventing a device, writing a book, song, script, play, etc. Such tasks require great dedication, but if everything works out, your the brainchild will provide you with a lifetime. Let's take starting your own business as an example. If you go this way, then in order to provide yourself with a source of passive income, you will have to make significant efforts, invest a lot of money, resources and time. However, there are no guarantees of success. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 businesses are closed in the first 5 years. There are difficulties, long, expensive, low income

    Example: buying an apartment for rent. The favorite version of passive income for most of our fellow citizens. It currently has several disadvantages, including high cost and low profitability. Plus, finding a good deal takes a lot of time, even if you hire a realtor. Especially when it comes to buying an apartment for rent on the secondary market. Easy, fast, affordable, potential income is higher than in a bank, sometimes significantly

    Passive income - obtaining additional material resources with a small investment and minimal effort. Sooner or later, any person will think that the desire to earn more is not enough. Constant part-time jobs take a lot of time and do not give enough money, the moment has come for something cool.


    About passive income

    There is a category of people who do not work in the generally accepted concept, but live only on income from passive income. Their income consists of interest or dividends from a financial asset, rental housing, copyright. There are many ways to generate passive income without initial capital, but this method will take a lot of effort to implement.

    To create an additional inflow of funds, you need to work hard and hard - several years of active work will allow you to break out of the routine of a vicious circle and become an independent person, independent of the employer.

    Types of passive income

    There are several options for obtaining additional funds.

    Finance or investment - implies the investment of certain amounts of money with the subsequent receipt of profit. The main sources are presented:

    • with bank deposits;
    • leasing of real estate or equipment;
    • securities;
    • own business.

    Copyright - income arises from the creation of a certain product and its further replication. The information business is built on this principle, its sources include:

    • Creation of teaching materials;
    • Writing books, songs, poems;
    • Obtaining patents for inventions.

    Marketing systems - imply the creation of a network business structure, personal brand, commercial Internet sites.

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