How easy it is to start a business in Moscow: how the city helps a budding entrepreneur

Some citizens believe that Moscow is a city of great opportunities, where you can open any business. In fact, it is very difficult to survive in this indifferent to the whole metropolis, let alone start your own business. The 2021 business ideas collected in this article with minimal investment in Moscow will help you choose a promising area of ​​activity that can be successfully developed in the capital.

Organization of celebrations

Creative, sociable people who want to open a business in Moscow with minimal investment can organize festive events. In order to do this, you need about 300 thousand rubles. The number of agencies for organizing holidays in our country is constantly growing, few people want to become truly successful. The most demanded services are corporate parties and weddings.

The main feature of such a relatively new business in Moscow in 2021 is that you can start it literally from scratch, or vice versa, spend several hundred thousand rubles on opening it. Experienced entrepreneurs do not recommend buying expensive equipment at the start, as you can simply rent it. When a business starts to grow, the first thing to buy is audio equipment. One set costs at least 100 thousand rubles. Over time, you can think about buying a professional video camera, camera and costumes for various competitions.

Of course, such a business is quite complicated. If you do this business, you will have to work long and painstakingly to achieve success. This activity is suitable for energetic, ambitious people who are able to build a business with creativity and originality.

Organization of quests in the city

For indoor quests, you will need serious financial investments, so it is better to start by organizing games of a competitive nature in the open air. This one can be detective stories or spy quests. Recently, many small business franchises have started to appear on the market 2021 in Moscow. They allow newbies to work under the name of a well-known company in ready-made scripts.

In all major cities there are firms that organize quests. One game room can bring up to 1 million rubles of net income per month. The cost of 1 hour of the game ranges from 800–3500 rubles. Script development can be ordered on freelance exchanges, but it is best to have your own scriptwriter on staff. Offer something new all the time and you won't suffer from a shortage of customers.

Visage, make-up at home

In modern conditions, business in Moscow with minimal investment at home is a fairly promising area of ​​activity that brings good profit. Almost every woman knows how to properly apply foundation and mascara, choose an eye shadow, and more. Why not do it professionally? Of course, making makeup for a client is much more difficult than just putting on makeup in front of a mirror, therefore, before starting work, you need to complete special courses in makeup and manicure. You will have to pay 7-8 thousand rubles for training. In addition, you need to purchase a set of professional cosmetics and tools. For all this, you will spend another 10 thousand rubles.

Moscow is a huge city where, it would seem, all the “tasty” places for doing business have already been taken. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, a large number of residents need more and more new objects of trade, services and other areas. In our article, we will tell you what kind of business you can open in Moscow so that it brings good profits.

Trade area

If you are going to start your own business in this direction, then a grocery store in the "near home" format would be a good option. Again, don't try to compete with the online giants. But a small supermarket in a residential area would be a worthy option.

It's also a good idea to open a stationery store in an office block or in an area with a large concentration of educational institutions.

Considering the number of cars in Moscow, the conclusion suggests itself that the service stations in the capital are unlikely to cope with the large flow of orders. And in any case, with competent promotion and reasonable prices, even with an abundance of competitors, you can easily find your customers.

Not a bad idea - mobile tire fitting. A broken wheel or an urgent replacement of summer tires with winter ones often puts the driver in a difficult position. It is not possible to get to the service station, and then mobile tire fitting will come to the rescue.

Tourism Industry

The tourist business in Moscow is also not fully saturated. Especially when it comes to ecotourism, agritourism and the organization of paid fishing. The near abroad is a great holiday option in times of crisis, and many people will gladly respond to your ad.


Hostels have been gaining momentum lately. They are very popular in European tourist cities. You can also find a lot of hostels in Moscow, but so far this niche is not fully filled.

To open a hostel, an ordinary three- or four-room apartment is quite suitable. However, the more rooms you have, the more people you can accommodate. This type of accommodation is preferred primarily by young people, who care not so much about the level of comfort and lack of neighbors as the budget price. All they need is a bed with clean linen, Wi-Fi, shower, toilet, washing machine and kitchen with a minimum set of utensils.

School of Foreign Languages ​​

Foreign languages ​​have become so widespread that when applying for a job, you practically have no chance without knowing at least one foreign language.

Are you planning to become an entrepreneur or are you already developing your own business? The Moscow government is ready to help! It doesn't matter if you are going to open a startup, scale up your business or go for export - the city authorities provide support to novice and established businessmen at all stages of business development.

The city provides assistance free of charge: The Moscow Government is interested in creating the most comfortable conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, because it is he who develops the Moscow economy.

Getting information about doing business at MBMMOS

Where to start? MBM Startup School

If you are just thinking about starting your own business or taking your first steps in business, MBM. OS (GBU "Small Business of Moscow"), subordinate to the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the city of Moscow, offers to take a free five-day intensive "MBM Startup School".

  • find an idea, analyze the market and develop a business plan;
  • understand how to build a brand, promote a product and manage sales;
  • understand the basics of accounting, taxation and the legal aspects of doing business;
  • master the skills of team building and work on personal effectiveness.

We continue to develop at all stages of business - MBM Online Academy

If the offline format does not suit you, you can study remotely. All courses are divided into three programs:

  • Start - for aspiring entrepreneurs;
  • Progress - for experienced businessmen;
  • Pro ("Pro") - for those who want to improve their business competence in certain areas of business.

Thanks to MBM Online Academy, you can get information on many popular topics - from strategy and market analysis to sales and personal effectiveness. The advantage of online learning is a convenient schedule: you can study from 15 minutes a day, watch and review video lectures at a time convenient for you. The tests at the end of each lesson help to self-test and consolidate the material. Upon successful completion of all modules of the course, the user receives a certificate.

We pump knowledge on specific business topics

Every week the city hosts up to 30 free events - seminars, trainings, master classes, conferences and forums are held in different districts of Moscow.

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