How a young girl can start her own business with a start-up capital of 80,000 rubles

Probably, in every, even a small town, you can see many cosmetics stores, which are full of various brands of perfumes and the selection is actually quite good in most of them. Also, do not forget about such large retail chains selling cosmetics as Avon, Oriflame, Yves Rocher and others, whose representatives are everywhere. From all this, the question arises - how can you enter the cosmetics market and start competing with all competitors? How to stand out? The answer was found by many entrepreneurs - it is a perfume trade on tap.

Yes, this is a narrow niche, but still, due to the crisis, not everyone can buy expensive cosmetics, which are packaged for a certain volume, but customers are almost always ready to buy a small tube of good, high-quality perfumes.

Business format and premises search

In big cities, large retail chains are already operating on this principle, but in small cities - this format of selling perfume can be an excellent start for a novice entrepreneur.

This business is most likely for women. Since they are the ones who understand this and can offer the client exactly what he needs. So, consider this fact when recruiting staff for your store.

If you decide to open, then it is worth looking for a rental space in your city. The first thing to consider is shopping malls. To start, you may not immediately consider a huge area for a store, 15-25 sq. ., but as an option, if a shopping center is promoted and there are many customers, you can rent a small shopping island and display at least a minimum of products.


Yes, for the bottling perfume business, you will need to purchase special equipment. We are now considering the option when you rented an entire room (not a trading island) for your store. First, there are showcases. They usually order backlit glass racks. Secondly, it is furniture for organizing a workplace for the seller. Thirdly, this is a variety of equipment so that you can pour perfume right in your department. Fourth, this is a container for spillage. It can be glass, plastic and metal. Be sure to purchase different colors of the bottling bottles, as well as different form factors. So, for example, it can be:


The larger the range of your perfume shop, the more customers you can attract. As you know, everyone has different tastes, and perfume is a product that is perceived by emotional perception, so you need to give the client as many choices as possible.

Now on the market of draft perfumery there are a huge number of wholesale suppliers of goods that can be found using the Internet. Take a trip to their stores, evaluate the assortment and decide which suppliers you would like to work with.

Consider both the expensive products and the cheap perfume segment. This way you can reach the maximum possible range of potential customers, depending on their financial situation.

When opening a perfume shop, you also need to purchase gift wrapping that you can offer to customers as an additional service. This works great. Gift boxes, films, and more, all of this will bring you profit.

Bulk perfumery is one that is sold on tap. It provides an excellent opportunity to repeat what has been created, to touch the scent, to make the perfumes of world brands available. Even a wealthy person cannot afford to purchase 10-20 types of bulk perfumes from famous couturiers and fashion houses.

Content of the article:

When buying on tap, we only pay for the scent, not for someone's name. We buy a product without overpaying for shape and packaging. The technological process for the production of bulk and elite perfumes is identical. Perfume is distilled water mixed with perfume. The resulting mixture is then heated in a large vessel in complete darkness.

What is draft perfume?

Let's start with registration

For a start, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur. When registering, indicate the main type of activity according to the OKVED classifier. Please note that the classifier has been changing since 2021.

52. 3 Retail trade in cosmetics and perfume.

Type of taxation: UTII. Store area should not exceed 150 sq. ... For a filling point of perfumery, this is more than enough. This taxation allows you to reduce the fixed contributions of individual entrepreneurs. Open a checking account and print. We proceed to the preparation and opening of the store.

Shop Opening Guide

1. We buy bulk perfume wholesale.

Approximate prices for RENI draft perfume, 100 ml bottle - 250 rubles.

Wholesale websites:

  • e-reni. u;
  • reni. u;
  • reniparfum. u;
  • ru.

Many of us dream of starting our own business with little investment, but do not always know where to start and in which segment to work. The answer is sometimes very close, but not everyone pays attention to it.

Today's guest of Reconomica will share with you the experience of running his business, which consists of reselling perfumery. It seems to be a simple matter - buy and sell, but here, as in any business, there are tricks. There is a lot of interesting information here that will be useful not only for novice entrepreneurs, but also for buyers of perfumery.

The idea of ​​selling perfume came spontaneously

Greetings to all readers. My name is Nadezhda. I am from Makhachkala, but now I live in Stavropol. My father is a military man, I was born and raised in Dagestan, although we are rooted in the Voronezh region.

I sell perfumes and arabic aromatic oils for bottling. Now I have two points for the sale of products in two shopping centers in the city. Each outlet brings me from 20 to 35 thousand a month. I have been in this business for two years and have already gained experience in this business, which I am going to share.

It all started with souvenirs

I started my business spontaneously. During my studies in Stavropol, I often brought souvenirs from my native places. Prices in Dagestan markets are much lower than prices in Russia. Dealers from different regions come to us for various household goods. In our markets, products from manufacturers from Iran, Turkey, and a number of Arab countries are distributed. But it will not be about that, but about spirits.

I often brought perfume samples. In our market, their cost is three times lower than in Stavropol. For example, a 3 ml probe. we have 50 rubles, and in Stavropol, and in other cities of Russia, from 130 rubles. And that's just the retail price. The quality of these perfumes is not inferior to those sold in the promoted retail chains. I cannot say that these are originals, but I also strongly doubt that in retail chains 100% of the products are original.

I have bought perfumes more than once in chain perfumery stores and I can say that if you decide to choose something in the range of 1500-2500 rubles, you can try everything in this segment and choose nothing. With a shortage of funds for branded perfumes, there is nothing to do there, and apart from the nausea from cheap smells there is nothing else to gain. Girls will understand me, and not only girls.

These are 3 ml probes. in Dagestan they cost 50 rubles apiece. This is retail price. If you take a batch of 100 pieces, then the price may even be 35 rubles. These perfumes are sold for 100-130 rubles.

Good product becomes popular quickly

For this reason, my fellow students have always contacted me to bring more perfume. I didn't wind up a lot on the goods I brought. If I bought a 3 ml probe. for 50 rubles, then I sold for 100-130. By the third year of study, I had already brought a decent amount of products. By March 8th or New Year's holidays, the number of orders was such that I had to hire a taxi and an assistant. I could not carry it all alone. People bought 5-10 pieces of different probes, so the quantity of goods gradually increased. So the idea came to me to start selling perfumery.

Do you want to start a perfume business? If so, here is a complete sample perfume line business plan that you can use for FREE. The article presents an analysis of the Russian perfumery industry, gives recommendations on organizing production and drawing up a business plan, and presents the calculation of opening a perfumery production in 2021.

To open a perfumery production, you need to understand not only business, but also chemistry. And also be a creative person with a good sense of smell and taste, allowing you to find such scents that people will fall in love with.

Perfume production starts with ... packaging

To not just open a perfume factory, but to create a real brand, you need to start by designing bottles and packaging and looking for manufacturers or suppliers of finished containers.

Creating a perfume package is almost as difficult as creating a perfume itself, because a bottle should not only attract attention, but also reflect the intention of the perfumer.

Content of the business plan

Analysis of the Russian perfumery market

The global perfume industry generates $ 3 billion in revenue per year with a projected 3.4% annual growth. Of course, crises affect the production and sales of perfume, but in general the industry is considered stable.

The modern Russian market of perfumery and cosmetics, according to experts, takes a 2% share of the world market. In 2021, the Government prepared a strategy for the development of the perfumery and cosmetics industry until 2030. The document contains a detailed analysis of the state of the market, lists in detail the systemic sectoral problems and forecasts an increase in production volumes by 2030 to 1.08 billion rubles, which corresponds to an increase of 1.9 times relative to the current level.

From October 1, 2021, perfume labeling rules are in effect. It is assumed that the measures introduced will help to clear the market from counterfeit products. At the same time, there is a possibility that perfumery will rise in price, and some players will leave the market altogether.

The perfumery industry is capital-intensive, which is associated with the high cost of owning equipment, purchasing raw materials and the need to maintain qualified personnel. Most large companies tend to have low production costs because they use automated systems. However, the capital cost of starting up production from scratch is usually very high.

Attachments: from 40,000

Payback: from 1 month

A profitable business with a stable income without large start-up investments is the dream of a novice entrepreneur. The idea of ​​“selling oil perfumes for bottling” fully meets the needs of such an applicant. The direction fits perfectly into the realities of the Russian market, given that many people want to use the aromas of an elite perfume, but not everyone can afford to overpay for advertising and branded packaging.

Business Concept

The bottled perfume is an affordable version of your favorite scent without overpaying for the brand. Innovative developments have helped to reduce the cost significantly, while maintaining the quality of the original products. The method of creating bulk perfume is identical to the production of elite perfumery: purified water is mixed with perfume and oils, heating the container in a dark room. The good profitability of the bottling perfume business allows you to generate income from the first months of launching the trade.

Opening a small point of sale for bottled perfumes purchased from a trusted supplier is the main point of earning money. The business benefit is the buyer's interest in paying less for an expensive scent.

For example, a bottle of the iconic perfume Poison, Christian Dior costs $ 100. The purchase price of bulk perfume will cost only 10 cents!

Only a true expert can determine the original, of which there are not so many. However, there are many more people who love "famous" fragrances, but do not have the means to purchase them.

What is required for implementation?

To implement a business idea, you need to purchase a product. The main criteria for choosing a supplier:

  • the concentration of the perfume composition in the perfume is not less than 20%. Anything less is no longer considered a perfume, but is eau de parfum or eau de toilette;
  • the supplier provides certificates confirming the quality and safety of products;
  • a good supplier will attach advertising brochures to the order and provide comprehensive information about the product;
  • discounts are an important factor for the initial stage of development. Check with the supplier representative about possible bonus programs for the first purchase.

Step-by-step startup instructions

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