Hookah exotic! How a student earns about 200,000 rubles a month on hobbyists

Opening a hookah bar from scratch was considered unprofitable until recently. But, with the adoption of the law banning smoking in public places, this idea is being visited by an increasing number of entrepreneurs. The reason for this is the vacancy of this niche in business circles and the growing profitability of this service. This primarily concerns the owners of cafes, restaurants, clubs.

The majority of the smoking population, when visiting places of entertainment or recreation, certainly use hookahs. Step-by-step instructions, a business plan, all the nuances for opening a hookah bar from scratch are given below.

Distinctive aspects

The main advantage of the hookah business is its specificity. Not all owners of establishments have introduced smoking of a flavored mixture into the menu. Many cafes and restaurants were not allowed to smoke before the smoking ban. The same establishments where smoking was allowed discovered a new line of income, and a significant one.

Is it profitable to open a hookah bar from scratch?

A feature of the hookah business, in addition to its demand, is the payback in a short time. With the right simple business plan, spending a small amount of money, the business can pay off in 3 months.

Hookah equipment suppliers themselves can help a novice businessman. By agreement between the supplier and the owner of the establishment, the first prepares rooms for hookahs and receives 60% of the income for this, and the second sells, taking the remaining 40% of the profit.

Despite the low cost of hookah accessories, the price for using such a service in all entertainment places is high, it exceeds the cost at times. Therefore, doing such a business is very profitable and timely. The competition is not great.

How much does it cost to open a hookah bar from scratch?

You can open a business in a new building, hire employees, buy everything you need for smoking. It will not be superfluous to recreate a cozy home atmosphere or oriental themes. Then the investment will be serious, up to 200 thousand rubles. Because people will not only smoke, but also eat and drink alcohol.

If you set up a smoking room in already operating establishments, then a small amount, up to 50 thousand rubles, will be enough to purchase mixtures, tobacco, coal. It is better to buy them directly from the East, it will be cheaper, and the quality is higher.

It is believed that the hookah appeared at the beginning of the 17th century in Asia Minor. However, the Indian and African versions of the appearance say that in the East, tobacco smoking with the help of this device began much earlier. In Russia, hookah smoking began to gain popularity in the early 2021s. Over the past 2 years, the business idea of ​​opening a hookah bar has been popular among entrepreneurs.

How to open a hookah bar?

If you are attracted by this business area, and you have decided to open a hookah room, you need to analyze the market in your region. Today, more and more hookah establishments appear in every city, which indicates high competition in this area. For example, over 300 hookah bars have been opened in Moscow over the past year. At the same time, some entrepreneurs note that this business is seasonal. During the summer period there are fewer visitors than in the fall and winter.

To implement a business idea, you will need 400,000 rubles or more. This amount includes:

  • rent of premises - from 15,000 rubles;
  • purchase of equipment - from 40,000 rubles;
  • purchase of coal, mixtures, drinks and sweets - from 60,000 rubles;
  • furniture and renovation of premises - from 280,000 rubles;
  • advertising costs - from 10,000 rubles;
  • paperwork - 5,000-10,000 rubles.

When realizing an idea for a hookah bar business, you should pay special attention to paperwork. If alcoholic beverages are sold in your hookah bar, you will need to obtain a license to trade in alcohol. You can get this document from your local executive authorities.

Today in Russia there is a law banning smoking hookah in public catering establishments. Businessmen get out of this situation in different ways. Someone opens an institution that serves only tobacco-free hookah, while selling alcoholic drinks and food. Other entrepreneurs use a different trick: they offer hookahs filled with tobacco, while drinks and food are served to visitors as a gift from the establishment. However, in this situation, problems may arise during the inspection of state bodies. Another way out of this situation is to invite visitors to come with their own drinks, having receipts for the products brought with them in order to avoid problems during checks.

Hookah bar design

  • small mosaic;
  • bright drawings;
  • vases;
  • fabrics - velvet, silk;
  • natural materials - wood, stone and much more.

When implementing this business idea, you need to create the appropriate atmosphere: dim lights and the right music. Calm music will help visitors unwind.

Hookahs appeared in our country relatively recently. The history of the hookah in Russia begins in the 90s of the last century, when mass tourist trips of our fellow citizens began to the countries of the Middle East, as well as to Turkey and Egypt. Today, probably, there is no longer an adult who would not know what a hookah is. And there are a great many fans of hookah smoke. Recently, whole hookah bars have even begun to open for leisure activities in a company with an exotic unit. And some families already have their own home hookahs.

A young man from the city of Kremenchuk earns money on such amateurs to raise money. In his city, the guy created a successful hookah business. And he is ready to share his experience with our readers.

ATTENTION! Reconomica just tells you another idea for a profitable business, but do not forget that smoking is harmful to your health. And hookah smoking is also not harmless, and sometimes it is dangerous.

How my hookah business began

My name is Oscar, I am from the city of Kremenchug. Since childhood, I understood that in order to get what you need for life, you need to work physically or mentally. I did a lot of things, there were various part-time jobs, but at the age of 18, when I entered the university, money was sorely lacking. The question arose - how to make money, but not miss school.

Once we went with a friend to Kiev to play football and came across an advertisement for renting a hookah, never met such services, but we were very interested in this topic. We decided to give it a try and ordered. After 1.5-2 hours, a young guy arrived, brought a hookah and everything necessary for him.

Purchase of the first hookahs and necessary components

I was struck by the thought: why not try it yourself in your city, where a quarter of a million people live. There must be demand, though not immediately.

Returning home, we discussed with a friend and decided to buy 2 hookahs, make an advertisement and try. We were the first to start providing such services in the city.

The purchase of two hookahs cost $ 250 with all the accessories, plus you had to buy tobacco and coal. To begin with, we bought 30 packs of tobacco and 5 packs of coal, the prime cost of a pack is $ 1., a pack of coal, in which there are 200 pieces, cost $ 4. Tobacco and coal are needed, since when renting we have to give tobacco for one dense filling and 4 coal.

Hookahs are very popular among people who want to relax after hard working days.

Hookah smoking came to us from the East and almost immediately gained popularity, moreover, it continues to attract supporters of this form of recreation. Many entrepreneurs, paying attention to the growing popularity, decide to open their own hookah bar. Where should you start, what is the sequence of actions?

Legal Requirements

An entrepreneur who decides to start this type of business should be aware that there will be certain difficulties on his way. It's all about the law on the prohibition of smoking, so it is very difficult to open a hookah bar in a catering establishment. But there are several ways to get around this prohibition. For example, offer your visitors a hookah without nicotine. There are many types of smoking mixtures made on the basis of fruits, milk, wines, etc. This approach will allow you not to break the law and provide this popular service to your guests. By the way, the hope that it is possible to somehow deceive the control is very illusory, and in this case the game is not worth the candle. The penalties for violating the smoking ban are large sums.

Video: the problem of illegal hookah bars in residential buildings of cities

How to open a small hookah bar from scratch: from idea to business plan

Aspects of planning before opening a hookah bar include:

  • selection of the format of the establishment and target audience;
  • selection of location and premises;
  • calculation of costs, profits and payback periods;
  • business registration;
  • advertising and promotion of services;
  • hiring personnel.

Financial issue - how much does it cost to open a hookah bar

It is rather difficult to answer the question of how much it costs to open an establishment. It is necessary to take into account many criteria that affect the volume of costs. The main financial costs can be entered:

  • preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • rent of premises. Its cost directly depends on the area, location, cost of repair and decoration work and much more;
  • purchase of equipment and furniture;
  • purchase of hookahs themselves and mixtures for them;
  • employee salaries and contributions to pension and other funds.

  • 1 Action Plan with a Focus on Marketing Strategy
  • 2 Getting Started
  • 3 Gathering Information
  • 4 Selection of premises and design for a hookah bar
  • 5 Furniture for a hookah
  • 6 Board games
  • 7 Ventilation
  • 8 Registration
  • 9 Hookah Marketing Strategy
  • 10 Hookahs
  • 11 Minors
  • 12 Hookahs
  • 13 Tobacco
  • 14 Checks
  • 15 How much does it cost to open a hookah room
  • 16 Profitability and return on investment
  • 17 Conclusions

Action plan with a focus on marketing strategy

Hookahs are in demand. People are looking for places to sit, relax after work, relax. Therefore, the hookah business is now dynamically developing, and the niche itself is very attractive for entrepreneurs. The advantage of this area is that a business can be launched with a small investment. Even novice entrepreneurs can cope with this task. And the purpose of this review is to increase the likelihood of success for this venture.

We do not recommend opening a hookah bar in the summer. The bulk of clients at this time are resting abroad or at resorts. Open it in September-October. And next summer you can make a small cafe on the veranda.

In our example, we consider a hookah bar, which is located in the area of ​​the Shchelkovskaya metro station in Moscow. Its business model has the following introductory characteristics:

  • start-up capital - 500,000 rubles;
  • rented area - 60 m2;
  • return to payback - 4 months.

Where to start

What do you need to open a hookah bar? To do this, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Collect information;
  • Choose a room, make repairs in it;
  • Buy equipment and furniture;
  • Register an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • Prepare for inspections;
  • Buy tobacco blends and tea;
  • Organize a workplace and leisure for visitors;
  • Hire staff;
  • Organize the work process;
  • Design and launch marketing activities.

This is the standard procedure. For all its simplicity, the hookah business has its own characteristics, which can be noticed only with the appropriate experience.

Collecting information

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