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Until recently, it seemed that the medical care business would not be in demand by the population, because it is difficult to compete with the powerful system of free medicine. However, more and more people are willing to go to private doctors. Therefore, the question of how to open a medical center is becoming increasingly popular. With the proper organization of the case, this business can bring not only moral satisfaction, but also material reward.

Who can do the medical business

It is generally accepted that only people with higher medical education can create a clinic. Of course, having experience and specialized knowledge will be a plus for you. But when planning, and even when you begin to draw up a business plan for a medical center, the skills of a talented manager and organizer will be much more needed. Often the founders are people who had nothing to do with medicine before. Perhaps as patients.

Another scenario is the organization of a clinic at the initiative of an insurance company dealing with health insurance coverage.

In any case, the creation of a private clinic is a titanic work. There are a number of conditions that must be met. This is licensing, the collection of permits. All restrictions are intended to protect people. It is dangerous to admit to treatment those who are unable to monitor the quality of the medical care provided. That is why opening a medical center will require you to take a responsible approach and comply with all established sanitary and legal standards.

Business form

When opening a center, they usually go through the procedure of establishing a limited liability company. This is somewhat more complicated than creating an IP.

It is necessary to prepare the charter of an LLC, a constituent agreement, collect the amount of the authorized fund, register in the Unified Register of Legal Entities. And pay the state duty established for the registration of an LLC.

Of course, you need to register with the tax office by choosing a suitable taxation system.

Profile definition

Before opening a medical center, define the directions that will be presented there.

Of course, it is easier to opt for a narrow profile: dentistry, for example, or cosmetology. It is more difficult to get licensed by general-purpose institutions. But on the other hand, you will be able to provide a whole range of services in the future.

However, the development of related areas in medicine can be included in your strategic development plan.

Medical business: how to open a medical center

Material on the topic: "Medical Business Ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Business on honey - how to organize?

One of the popular foods for sale is honey. It has many useful properties, thanks to which there will always be demand for it. Therefore, starting a business on honey can be a successful start for a budding entrepreneur in his career. About the nuances and intricacies of opening such an enterprise further in the article.

How to start starting a business

Business on honey is a type of entrepreneurial activity where you can make great money. Before opening a trade in such a product, a novice entrepreneur must resolve several issues. The most important nuance is the choice of the assortment of honey for sale and its producers.

The second option for partnership is buying honey from beekeepers. In this case, the filling of the mixture in jars and plastic bottles will need to be provided independently. For this type of product, you can make a mark-up of 100-150% of the cost. But in order to start packing honey yourself, you need to purchase special equipment - a dosing unit. Also for this it is necessary to hire additional workers and provide them with premises. In fact, this will be considered the opening of an almost full-fledged production.

You can also organize a home business - by opening your own apiary. No more than 60 hives can be installed for one person. To organize the production and sale of finished packaged honey, you can also connect with other beekeepers. So you can expand such a business, get big profits and partially insure against losses. But opening your own apiary means having practical experience in the honey business and beekeeping. It is also best for an entrepreneur to live in the countryside not far from the apiary. There is more than enough work in the apiary both in summer and winter.

To open an owl apiary, you need to be prepared for the following expenses:

  • Installation of hives - from 3 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of bee families (a good family will give about 5 tons of honey in the summer) - from 4.5 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of inventory and special clothing - from 18 thousand rubles.

Initial investment: how much should you invest in a business selling honey?

The size of the initial investment in the honey business will depend on the planned sales. The cost of opening a large-scale enterprise can be about 300 thousand rubles. The main costs will be incurred for:

Until recently, it seemed that the business of medical care would not be in demand by the population, because it is difficult to compete with the powerful system of free medicine. However, more and more people are willing to go to private doctors.

In recent years, the field of health care has become more and more attractive for financial investments. Medical startups firmly occupy the niche of projects that, being a promising business area, provide an opportunity to benefit society.

Features of medical startups

The market of medical services is very specific and in order to navigate it correctly, it is necessary to answer the main question: who is the client, consumer of a product or service? Two persons are interested in new medical developments: the doctor and the patient. Most of the existing startups are focused on the latter.

One of the actively developing areas is related to tele- and mobile medicine. Enthusiasts see a future in which traditional visits to a medical institution are replaced by communication with specialists through communication devices, as well as monitoring the patient's health using a variety of devices. Already, there are sensors for monitoring pulse, breathing, and even detecting the approach of an epileptic seizure or stroke.

An important layer among medical startups is the development of various programs aimed at optimizing the quality of medical services. These can be both bases for the accumulation of information about patients, translation of written documentation into electronic format, and systems for assessing patient satisfaction with the activities of a particular medical institution.

There are a number of separate sites, the purpose of which is to make it more comfortable for patients to find the right doctor, whose authority is confirmed by a special rating system and ratings. At the same time, often, in order to get and stay in the base of this project, doctors need to regularly pay a "membership fee".

Do not forget about such a relatively simple idea as the creation of sites for placing medical content and communication of visitors. It can be a platform aimed both at patients, with the possible consultation of specialists, and at attracting doctors to improve their professional level and discuss topical issues of medicine.

The above are startups that are in one way or another related to the IT market, but do not forget about the possibility of providing offline services. Such projects should include such newfangled trends as deciphering the individual genetic code, the development of unique pharmacological preparations and test strips.

top medical startups

In 2021, according to the global news portal Business Insider, the following successful medical startups determine the direction of the industry:

Proteus Digital Health

Proteus Digital Health - special microcircuits are built into the tablets of this manufacturer, which, when ingested, send an appropriate signal to the application informing about the patient taking the required dose. In the fall of 2021, the first drug aimed at treating schizophrenia was approved.

Over the past 20 years, a large number of private clinics and laboratories have appeared in Russia, which work according to Western quality standards. The revenue of one of the most successful medical projects - the network of private clinics "Medsi" owned by AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov in 2021 amounted to 11.7 billion rubles. Sometimes businessmen create medical infrastructure when they themselves are faced with its lack. So the founder of USM Holdings Alisher Usmanov, after he had a detachment of the retina, built ophthalmological clinics in Moscow and Munich. Forbes Life reviewed private projects created over the past 10 years in the field of medicine and healthcare that are changing the space around, making it more technological and comfortable. And healthy, of course.

Vladislav Tetyukhin Ural Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

In 2021, scientist and businessman Vladislav Tetyukhin sold shares in the titanium corporation VSMPO-Avisma and with the money received - 3.3 billion rubles - began to build a hospital in Nizhny Tagil. Another 1.2 billion rubles was added by the government of the Sverdlovsk region. The Ural treatment and rehabilitation center started working in two years. By the time of its opening, six and a half thousand residents of the region were waiting for joint replacement surgeries. “We are used to making titanium for aviation, but we have a failure in medicine,” Tetyukhin said in an interview with Forbes in 2021. The line for the operation did not move for years, people died without waiting for medical help. So the area's center was needed.

“Vladislav Valentinovich was not interested in the return on investment,” says Alexey Shchelkunov, director of the center. - The goal of the project is to help people with whom Tetyukhin worked for many years in the titanium production. Titanium is used to make structures that are installed in the human body. People deserve to receive medical care in modern conditions ”.

At the beginning of 2021, shortly before the death of Tetyukhin (he died in April at the age of 87), the regional Ministry of Health "for unknown reasons," as the director says, reduced the number of quotas by 1000, thereby setting the center is threatened with closure. “The feeling that we are being destroyed,” said Tetyukhin. However, after the meeting of the philanthropist with the regional governor, the hospital was given quotas back and was given a state contract for more than 200 million rubles.

Patients from all over Russia turn to the Ural Center for help. 98% of operations are done free of charge under compulsory medical insurance. According to the director of the center Shchelkunov, the Sverdlovsk region dropped to fifth place in terms of the level of disability of the population, and Nizhny Tagil, a monocity, received 450 new jobs.

The philanthropist Tetyukhin's business is continued by his sons Dmitry and Ilya and a team of their associates. Now the problem is being solved, how to finish building what the “titanium investors” do not have enough money for: a rehabilitation complex, a new hospital and a sports medicine office.

Senior Group Nursing Homes

Entrepreneur Alexei Sidnev has created the largest network of private homes for the elderly in Russia, Senior Group, with a revenue of 700 million rubles a year. The idea of ​​business came to Sidnev during his American student days. In 1999, a student at a business school drew attention to the structure of the Marriott company: "The most profitable part of the business, which is not customary to talk about publicly, can only be seen in the company's statements - nursing homes."

Almost ten years later, Sydnev decided to start his own nursing home business. At that time, the businessman was successfully working in London and was preparing to become the only Russian partner of the Booz consulting company. Suddenly Sidnev returned to Russia and opened his own startup. In 2021, the act seemed controversial to many. When meeting Sidnev, acquaintances almost twisted their fingers at their temples.

How to start a business in the field of medicine, beauty and healthcare in the year - examples of a working business

Modern medicine is a separate way of earning money. Private services and certain categories of goods appear most often due to the constant employment of clients who want to get a quick and high-quality solution to health problems for their money.

According to medical experts, this field of activity will retain its position due to some of its peculiarities.

The medical business is kept afloat by the high incidence of disease in the population. A person would rather refuse a trip abroad than a qualified timely treatment of a suddenly aggravated disease.

State clinics cannot receive help through the CHI system.

On the other hand, health insurance (VHI sector) shows a tendency to be dependent on corporate customers. Over the past 3 years, imported materials and medicines have grown in price. The existing medical institutions were forced to raise prices for their services by a maximum of 10 percent. Demand is always there, but it is extremely inelastic.

For business to flourish, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the provision of services to individuals and to improve the level of service. The current economic situation is such that the population's ability to pay has decreased, respectively, the demand has shifted from expensive treatment to the middle price segment.

Starting preparation for the start in the field of medicine, be ready to hire highly qualified specialists - it is on them that the success of the future enterprise will be based. Each specialist should know what exactly he is responsible for. In a crisis, it is better not to hire "extra" employees.

Comparing the impact of the 2021 crisis with what we are all seeing today, we can conclude that apart from the economic one, there is a clear political subtext. Such negative factors as sanctions and counter-sanctions have appeared. All this led to the fact that the demand for paid services remained at the same level and even increased, and there were fewer opportunities to pay for it. The capital and regional private clinics, which have felt the impact of both past crises and this one, have survived due to: systematization, a clear balance of budgets, and competent management.

Clinics keep in touch with their visitors and are able to retain regular customers.

Success story in the medical business

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