Global B2C Business Ideas

While walking around the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, we unexpectedly met our native DoDo Pizza. Great respect to Fedor Ovchinnikov!

I was impressed by the idea to dream up all together.

What global business can be deployed so that it can be found in every more or less large population center? Perhaps I or someone else on this list will find an idea for my big project as well (lately I’m starting to think about it more and more).

Let's introduce some restrictions.

  • We are talking about developed modern countries and about people with average incomes.
  • We're talking about a B2C business, where the customers are end users, not another business.

In the beginning, I copied ideas from offline. But, it turned out to be much more interesting to generate online ideas all with the same restrictions.

First line of ideas

At least every tenth family would use such services or buy goods several times a year.

  • Fast food / catering. McDonald's, Dodo and others in the same segment.
  • Food and consumer goods. Magnet, Perekrestok, Auchan and other Spary + shops within walking distance.
  • DIY. Leroy, Castorama.
  • Furniture, comfort. IKEA, Hoff, Leroy.
  • Clothes. Various chain boutique brands, from Levi's to Reserved.
  • Technique. From Yulmart and Eldorado to Telephone. at.
  • Banks. People need to keep their money, and all plastic cards are here.
  • Link. Mobile communications, internet, television.
  • Food production. All sorts of local vegetable farms, farms, cheese and meat.
  • Public transport.
  • Beauty salons, hairdressing salons. Here are all sorts of barber shops. In poorer countries - they cut their hair at home, but nevertheless, professionals do it - everyone wants to look beautiful.
  • Medicine. In the Russian Federation, many use its free version, but nevertheless. It may not always be free.
  • Pharmacies ..
  • Kindergartens and preschool development.
  • Schools .. Again, in the Russian Federation, in most cases, schools are free, but. it may not always be this way.
  • Laundries. In the comments, we were convinced that on most of the planet, people have not heard about doing laundry at home (although I'm not sure about that yet).
  • Pets. Feed, all sorts of nishyachki and so on.
  • Liquor stores and bars. Hookah bars.
  • Cinema and entertainment.
  • Mail, miscellaneous forwarding, delivery of orders from online stores ..

Continuation of the first line of ideas: software and online

At least every tenth family uses this software and services several times a year.

Many people yearn to be free and stop working for hire. This is the dream of students who want to have "their own" money, and adults who already have some life experience and capital. However, only a few manage to succeed, invest successfully and receive dividends. The root of the problem is the lack of suitable ideas that would suit the taste of potential buyers. Dummies are often mistakenly guided by the successful examples of Russian entrepreneurs.

One of the ways to resolve the situation is to introduce unprecedented concepts in the business and service sectors. You can even create a new niche with a smart approach and the ability to adapt. The smallest number of rivals and the demand on the part of the buyer will certainly bring positive results and quick profits.

By choosing a certain area and relying on the experience of other countries, you can start a business that will not only become profitable, but also bring satisfaction to the entrepreneur.

European concepts for implementation in our country

Nowadays, Russian entrepreneurs have great opportunities for the development of Western specialists. In 2021, the most top business ideas will be related to the service sector. The good thing is that there is the Internet, which is a means of advertising (if we are talking about consumers) and a means of education (if we are talking about increasing the quality of a product manufacturer). Further, your attention will be given a list of the most successful projects that have become quite in demand in the West.

Unusual Vending Devices

Not by hearsay familiar to all mankind devices located in public and crowded places, as a rule, offer simple services - making coffee or selling essential food products like milk, water, chocolate. Out-of-the-box thinking can expand the boundaries of such devices. For example, you can convert them to:

  • manufacturers of rolls or ingredients for their preparation;
  • over-the-counter medicines;
  • brochures, books, magazines and other printed materials;
  • creating a photo of various formats;
  • personal hygiene items, consumer clothing.

Of course, the main principle should be called that you need to try to place this unit in large crowded places, for example, in large department stores, amusement parks, city centers, and so on. Who knows, but maybe you will be lucky, because everything once started with milk and water, and now they have introduced chocolate and coffee. So why not experiment?

VR technology for football fans

Various sporting events can often be seen everywhere. But even the most inveterate fans cannot always attend every match with the participation of the team they like. All that remains is to watch them play through a computer or TV screen. However, even a small company is able to make a camera system around the entire perimeter of the stadium. The recordings from the cameras are transferred to the system that powers the VR. As a result, if a fan has a special helmet or glasses, then he will be able to get the maximum pleasure from such viewing, while he can be located with maximum comfort: in the warmth and comfort of home, with a cup of tea, for example.

Cybersports training

Cybersport is a hobby that brings considerable income to experts in this business. Not so long ago, it was included in the register of sports disciplines, but the champions of this sport, as a rule, do themselves, because they have to acquire a lot of equipment and technology. However, it is more profitable to study this field with the help of a trainer. A person who has gone through all the hardships and achieved maximum efficiency can teach many tricks. And without help it will be many times more difficult.

Silicon Valley is still the number one startup ecosystem in the world. The ranking of the "best cities for startups 2021" was presented in the analytical report Global Startup Ecosystem 2021. New York and London ranked 2nd and 3rd in the ranking, Beijing and Boston ranked 4th in the rankings.

And what about the rest of the world's start-up ecosystems? It is not surprising that the United States is still in the lead, as the rating includes several cities in the country.

Silicon Valley ranked first, with 10 points in each category. New York and London also showed excellent results, but lost to the Valley in the "knowledge" category.

Other US cities that made it to the ranking include Boston (5th place), Los Angeles (6th place, along with Tel Aviv), Seattle (9th place), Washington (11th place), Chicago (14th place) and Austin (19th place).

Europe is moving forward with confidence

London is the best place for startups in Europe, tied for second with New York.

Over the past few years, Stockholm and Amsterdam have shown tangible development and climbed the list: this year Stockholm took 10th place, and Amsterdam - 12th, moving up three lines from last year and seven - from 2021.

They are followed by Paris (13th) and Berlin (16th), which are also in the top 20.

Bern, Geneva and Munich are the other cities in the ranking but not in the top twenty, tied for 31st place with Dallas and Miami. They are followed by Copenhagen and Dublin, which are in 36th place with Delhi, Melbourne and Montreal.

Asia continues to develop its startup ecosystem

The Global Startup Ecosystem 2021 report notes that Asia is taking off especially in 2021, as 30% of the top startup ecosystems in the ranking are located in the Asia-Pacific region.

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