Garage business: the best ideas with little investment

Greetings, guests and subscribers of the investbro blog. u! A garage is a great asset, an investment in which can generate both passive and active income.

The garage can be rented out for someone's business, or you can start your own business in it. Today I will tell you how to invest in your own garage business with a minimum of effort and money.

Garage statistics

According to the results of social research conducted by the Khamovniki Foundation in 2021, more than 15% of the working-age population is involved in the garage sector. Fund employees conducted 163 interviews in 60 localities of the country and counted about 17 thousand production facilities in garages!

The project was attended by such cities as Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Anapa, Ulyanovsk, Perm, Naberezhnye Chelny, Saratov, Togliatti, etc.

The areas of activity chosen by garage entrepreneurs are different - from agricultural and auto repair shops to educational services and handicraft industries.

In garages, they arrange tire service and car washes, horse stables and saunas, shoe repair and furniture manufacturing, clothing stores and the creation of spare parts for factories.

How to organize your garage business

Sometimes, the ingenuity of entrepreneurs who create the most unexpected types of activities in their garages is often surprising. But experts still believe that the garage is not such a universal place for production and trade:

  • The rules and standards of fire and sanitary supervision must be observed here.
  • It is not recommended to organize food production in the garage.
  • The Rospotrebnadzor service may require the creation of additional sources of lighting, communications and hoods.

It should be remembered that at any time a garage located within the city limits may be in the demolition zone due to the construction of residential and commercial facilities, road construction.

What remains of the pluses?

  • There is no need to pay rent for the premises, and if the garage is not owned, the rent will be minimal.
  • Large selection of fields of activity.
  • Low threshold for entering the project: some types of business in the garage will require a minimum investment.

As practice shows, it is often enough to have your own garage box, an idea and an unshakable desire to achieve your goal.

What kind of business is best to organize in your own garage? Consider the most affordable and simple business ideas available to everyone.

Garage business in Russia today [sc: year]: opportunities

Starting your own mini-business in the garage is an effective way to make money when no other business ideas bring either money or spiritual satisfaction. A small business can start with manufacturing in a garage.

The easiest and most realistic way to start your own garage business is to open a car workshop. In this case, there is no need to hire a staff, purchase expensive equipment. All that is required is your own skills.

Auto repair shop in the garage box

In the future, when things start to gain momentum, paperwork will not require much work and time.

How to use your garage to start your own business

What kind of business can I open in a garage? Ideas for manufacturing in a garage can be gleaned from Europe, as there it is quite common among aspiring entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of ideas for developing a small business in your own garage, namely:

  • a small car service;
  • opening a retail outlet;
  • creating a workshop for the production of a wide range of furniture;
  • seasonal storage of bicycles, tires and tires (especially important in big cities);
  • renting a garage box.

Nowadays it's hard to live without additional income. For many, the way out of this situation was a business in a garage. The decision to start a business is often accompanied by a host of obstacles and difficulties. Lack of funds for purchasing equipment and renting premises is one of the main reasons for postponing a business "for later".

But some, the most stubborn people, find a simple way out, it would seem, from the most hopeless situation. By purchasing just one machine, many people embody their business ideas in the garage.

By purchasing just one machine, you can start production in your own garage, this is the way of starting a business that has existed for many years.

Quite a few, now successful entrepreneurs, started their production from a garage.

Running a garage business for men has become a popular promotion method in the early stages of entrepreneurship. According to statistics, about 15% of the population of Russia is engaged in businesses in garages or other outbuildings. The average “garage” businessman is a 35-year-old man living in the region of Russia. Most entrepreneurs of this type conduct an underground type of activity, but some of them register an individual entrepreneur or LLC, regularly pay taxes, and are engaged in a completely legal business.

The garage business is by no means a new idea. 30 sq. meters for many years in a row, "handy" men opened a tire service and service station. But now, with the development of technology and the availability of almost any equipment, the business opportunities in the garage have expanded to limitless.

Laser cutting

The most popular garage business idea is laser engraving and cutting.

Various materials can be engraved. Engraving on leather is widely used in sewing accessories-cases for glasses and phones, belts and gloves, notebooks, etc.

Plywood and wood cutting is used for making toppers, board games, lettering, wooden constructors.

In search of a highly profitable business, many entrepreneurs are interested in projects that require less investment. After all, in order to receive something, you must first give something. The more money is invested, the higher the profit will be. If the budget does not allow you to waste too much money, then you can reduce costs. Especially a lot of money is spent on paying rent. A month passes quickly, and a novice entrepreneur may not have a permanent income yet. If you implement your ideas in the garage, you can really save money. You just need to have your own garage, equipment and equip the premises for work.

It is convenient to use the garage for work because you don't have to pay rent, and you won't have to travel far. After all, garages are usually located next to the house. Men like to disappear in this room all day long. They can monetize time spent in the garage.

Preparation, business organization

As mentioned above, for any business, you need to have a room. It is difficult for beginners to take rent right away, even if their wallet allows them. Until the business does not generate income, spending money on premises may not be profitable. This option may only be suitable for a well-promoted business.

For a business to bring good income, an entrepreneur must choose the right business idea. You need to pay attention to where the garage is located before starting work in it. If there are residential areas nearby, then you can open a retail outlet or a car service.

If the garage is inconveniently located, then you need to learn about the needs of the target audience and create conditions for customers to be comfortable going to the garage.

Now that you have already found a suitable business for yourself, you can start preparing the premises for work. It will be difficult to work without this:

  • insulation of the garage;
  • communications (water, sewage, electricity);
  • interior and exterior decoration.

Repair work is carried out with special building materials and appropriate tools.

Important: Do not forget about meters, sanitary and fire safety standards! If an entrepreneur does not have all the necessary documents, his business will be closed immediately!

If there is a warehouse in the room, then you can make an inexpensive finish: insulate, paint, make and install racks.

Everyone who has ever thought about the idea of ​​their own business from scratch stopped as soon as they found out the prices for renting premises. This problem scares off start-up entrepreneurs, because it is associated with high financial costs at the first stage. Accordingly, the development of the case is hampered.

And here the main role is played by the presence of a person's own garage, which, with the appropriate approach, becomes a source of income. The main thing when organizing a business in a garage at home is to decide on the option of work, by performing which, over time, you can turn your efforts into a permanent source of profit.

An introduction to the garage business

Almost every type of entrepreneurship requires space for the implementation of ideas in life. However, when a businessman taking his first steps has a garage, albeit a small area, at the disposal of a businessman taking the first steps, you should no longer think about finding a rental space. The item of expenses, which implies the payment of monthly bills, except for utility bills, also disappears. Having your own garage will help you not to worry about maintaining the order that most landlords require.

But not every car garage is suitable for a business idea. For example, an uninsulated building with a small area cannot be used for storing cars or other vehicles. Therefore, when organizing a small business or production in a garage, it is worth considering all the nuances of the chosen direction of your own business.

To determine directly the type of business direction, the following factors are taken into account:

  • personal preferences;
  • skills and knowledge;
  • material opportunities;
  • free time.

The last point concerns situations when a person has a main job, but gradually realizes that a side hobby brings much more pleasure and money than the main source of income.

The chosen type of entrepreneurship is based on the receipt of material profit, as well as on a sense of deep satisfaction from the work performed. It is difficult to achieve the desired financial result without the second component. If you are worried about what kind of business to open in the garage, pay attention to directions that will bring pleasure.

By the way, according to statistics, the leader in this direction is the southern part of the country. Here, more than half of the residents started their own business in a garage building. As for the middle lane, the percentage of garage entrepreneurs is 25% of the registered owners of such structures.

  • No rent.
  • Availability of a choice of types of business in the garage 2021.
  • Self-planning of costs, both time and financial.
  • Creating a comfortable working environment.
  • An opportunity to start your own business without large financial investments.

There is a tendency when professional auto mechanics or factory workers with extensive experience, as well as young citizens endowed with imagination and a desire to work, invest in the garage business.

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