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Although the statistics authorities indicate that the consumption of alcoholic substances in Russia has dropped significantly in recent years, most independent media outlets, like ordinary citizens, are sure that this information is true only on paper. There are plenty of strong drinkers in our country, and only official data show that the level of alcohol consumption is 10 liters per capita per year. Why is this data considered to be understated? It's just that the statisticians can only investigate legal sales.

There are a lot of people who want to make money on such a profitable business, and often, for the sake of making a profit, people go around the official procedure. The most popular home-made drink is moonshine - the word itself is familiar even to children, and jokes about home distillation are based on very real facts. Well-made moonshine should really be sold, because this product is clean and harmless. But first you need to find out how to legally sell moonshine.

Important! Many people are sure that it is impossible to legalize their activities. But with a little effort, you can go from an ordinary “ferryman” to a successful entrepreneur!

Ways to officially sell moonshine

Of course, selling alcohol in secret to a narrow circle of people seems like a good idea and most people are genuinely indignant when law enforcement agencies seize equipment as a result of such activities. Logic, civil law says that the consumer himself chooses a counterparty (read - the seller), the product suits him - why is it punishable? The problem lies in low-quality products, which are often found even among licensed manufacturers, so the potential health hazard of home brew is quite obvious.

From the above it follows that the sale can only be carried out with a special license and compliance with the legislation on the production and circulation of substances containing ethyl alcohol. This is quite troublesome if you intend to create an entire manufacturing enterprise, because for large-scale activities you will have to invest a lot of money: this is a state duty on a license, compliance with the statutory capital of a legal entity, the cost of connecting a system for moonshine. A start in this industry sometimes requires up to 20,000,000 rubles! However, large-scale production also provides a quick return on investment.

Interesting! The popularity of this drink has greatly increased in all countries of the world. Today, the monthly volume of deliveries of moonshine to many countries from Russia has increased 2-3 times compared to the volume of eight years ago. Large enterprises, accordingly, have colossal income in this area.

The situation with individual entrepreneurs is a little easier (they are also allowed to engage in similar activities). Of course, you have to spend money, and a lot of paperwork, but believe me - it's worth it. The starting requirements are:

  • to issue an individual entrepreneur - today it is easy to do it, and almost everyone knows how to do it. It is necessary to pay a state fee for this, but it is not so great;
  • sign an agreement with a laboratory for product control;
  • obtain a certificate for equipment (the old will not work);
  • set up a device to measure the alcohol content correctly.

Of course, it is necessary to pay taxes for conducting any business activity, which, in fact, ensure legality. Even complying with all the requirements, but avoiding paying state fees, you run the risk of suffering serious negative consequences.

However, there are always people who want to circumvent the legal order or "save" on contributions to the state treasury. It is desirable for them to know what measures of responsibility can be used by law enforcement agencies.

Moonshiners during the Soviet era were associated with something illegal, criminal and partly comical, if we recall the famous trinity from the cinema. In 2021, even very respectable and influential men are engaged in the production of strong alcoholic drinks at home.

The interest of a solvent audience in this area determines the feasibility of a business selling moonshine stills. It remains only to choose a direction, assess the prospects and implement the idea.

How much can you earn selling moonshine still?

The state has made a significant contribution to the future of moonshine networks. The amendments to the Tax Code provide for an increase in excise taxes, which will lead to an increase in prices for strong alcoholic beverages, and in parallel - to the demand for moonshine and home-made beer.

In interviews, owners of moonshine stores give quite optimistic sales figures - about 100 devices can be sold per month. Average prices for equipment vary from 6 to 12 thousand rubles, but there are options for 30-50 thousand.

Customers belong to different categories:

  • Economical. They purchase inexpensive equipment to make spirits at home for themselves, and not overpay in stores.
  • Summer residents. They use the device as a tool for processing the crop, making a profit for their own use.
  • Bankers, officials, businessmen. They buy expensive equipment, realizing themselves in an interesting hobby.

The average profit of a store is from 210 to 570 thousand rubles per month.

With such indicators, you can recoup the initial investment in 7-10 months if you find adequate suppliers, competently approach the issue of organizing trade and advertising, or choose the best franchise option.

Development options directly affect business profitability. More income is generated by a wide range of related products. Some are inclined towards multi-brand display cases, while others prefer to stick to one manufacturer.

Recently, for making moonshine, one could end up in the dock and get a sentence. In this way, the state tried to fight moonshiners. But considering modern criminal law, you can find articles relating to moonshine. But in this case, punishment is possible only for the sale of alcoholic beverages. You can neither prosecute or impose a fine for the production of moonshine.

Law FZ

Federal law regulates the production and circulation of ethyl alcohol and other alcoholic beverages. With regard to home brewing, there is a 20-fold decrease in the unlicensed threshold. If before there were 4,000 decaliters, now it is 200. These amendments bring home alcohol production back to home consumption.

Now the district militia officer is unlikely to come to "guests" with an inspection, as in the old Soviet times. This can only apply to those who make moonshine in industrial volumes.

For citizens who make home brew at home, the law does not affect in any way. Moonshine stills are freely sold in specialized stores. Since the sale is not prohibited, then the use of equipment for its intended purpose cannot be qualified as a violation of existing legislation.

Administrative Articles and

If moonshine is treated as an administrative violation, then you should take a closer look at Art. 14. or 14. Administrative Code. If police officers qualify actions under clause art. 14., then there is a punishment for illegal business activities. To sell any products or goods, registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC is required. A fine of 500-2021 rubles is provided for illegal trade. This can be called the mildest punishment.

The next option is to use the second paragraph of Art. 14. . In this case, the punishment for the lack of a license to trade in alcoholic beverages. The fine is 2021-2500 rubles. A prerequisite is the confiscation of the moonshine still and finished products.

There is a third option - the sale of products limited by law. In this case, the fine is 1500-2021 rubles.

Which of the above items is up to the law enforcement officials. Each of the options must be proven in court. There must be compelling evidence of the charge.

Criminal Article

Moonshine and illegal trade sale is governed by Art. 171. In this case, the punishment may be as follows:

The owners of moonshine still are often not perceived adequately by other people. In general, there are too many myths around moonshine, moonshine still and people who drive moonshine. All thanks to the cute films by Leonid Gaidai about moonshiners and the dog Barbos. And the moonshiners of the late 1980s - 1990s had a hand: they generously added diphenhydramine to their swill, did not separate the heads and tails, and cleaned poorly. The moonshine was full of fusel oils, methanol and acetone were present. The heads of the lovers of the cheap drink exploded in the morning. But that did not stop them.

In the 2021s, home brewing became a hobby for people who want to drink good drinks. Moreover, the hobby is expensive.

Everything starts innocuously enough: you just want to dispose of the apple harvest or plums in the country. At least that's how my moonshine still appeared. And I also thought that I would consistently have high-quality alcohol at a very favorable price. At least much cheaper than industrial whiskey and Calvados.

Finally, no one can calculate how much effort, time, nerves you put into moonshine. Because if you want to make a good, high-quality, aged distillate, you will need all this with a margin.

Let's go back to the cost price. I will tell you by an example of what I do, based on my volume and the yield of the drink.

Initial data

My moonshine still has a capacity of 25 liters.

The tank for the mash is a maximum of 25 liters, but in fact it is set at 22-23, because there must be room in the distillation still.

At the exit from one portion of the mash, a slightly different amount is obtained, but in the region of 4.5-5 liters of forty-degree distillate.

Fruit Moonshine

Braga: about 18 liters of apple juice + 3 kg of sugar + 3-4 liters of water + yeast.

Apples from the garden. Therefore, I can't even say exactly how much is needed in order to expel such an amount of juice. About 4-6 buckets, depending on their quality and juiciness.

For many, an interesting question is, what is the cost of moonshine, how profitable is it to cook and consume this product? Taking into account the fact that in Russia the final price for alcoholic beverages produced in the factory is regularly increasing, and the quality is so-so. The cost price of 1 liter of home-made moonshine is much lower, and the quality is several times higher, therefore, many people prefer to buy a device, and then start making homemade drinks.

On the question of whether it is profitable to drive moonshine, it is worth giving an affirmative answer, it is really profitable and practical. This approach will easily save on the consumption of factory-made, not always high-quality alcoholic beverages.

Attention, the sale of alcohol by individuals in Russia is prohibited! But you can produce it for yourself, for your family and treat your friends. This is perfectly legal.

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Many interesting and practical articles are planned!


So, how much does moonshine cost today, what ingredients are needed to make it?

Consider the pricing for February 2021. The cheapest moonshine that can be made at home is sugar, you need to take yeast, granulated sugar and ordinary filtered water as the main products.

I make 2.5 liters of 40 degrees moonshine from three liters of sugar, 12 liters of water, 50 grams of dry yeast.

We will calculate based on the minimum and maximum cost of the components.

The cost of sugar as of February 2021 decreased to 35 rubles (stock) per kilogram. You can easily find it for 40 rubles. T. costs for 3 kg of sugar from 105 to 120 rubles.

Dry yeast from 100 rubles per 100 grams (and you need 50-60 grams) to 15 rubles per 11 grams, you need 5 sachets, a total of at least 50 rubles, a maximum of 75 rubles.

Water from 0 rubles from a tap or from a spring, up to 5 rubles per liter purchased. You need 12 liters for the wash and about 10 for the second run for dilution. I use a three-stage filter, the cost is negligible. Total minimum 0 rubles, maximum for 22 liters - 110 rubles. Try to keep this figure to a minimum - put filters, go to the spring, use tap water - moonshine will still work, but it may taste a little harsher.

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