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On September 1, 2021, the VII Regional competition of youth business ideas “Youth-Erudition. Stimulus-Innovation "

Students and graduates of institutions of higher and secondary vocational education, graduate students, young scientists, schoolchildren of grades 10-11 - young people aged 15-30 can take part in the Competition.

Entrepreneurs, the school season has begun! Let's learn and learn new things. We will tell you about one interesting event: a training seminar “Choosing sources of business financing”.

What interesting things are you planning to tell?

-Rekhin Yury Nikolaevich, Head of the Economic Department of the Yaroslavl Branch of the Main Directorate of the Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District;

-Trokhalev Mikhail Vasilievich, Chief Economist of the Economic Department of the Yaroslavl Branch of the Main Directorate of the Bank of Russia for the Central Federal District;

-Shugaev Denis Valerievich, General Director of the Fund for Support of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses of the Yaroslavl Region;

-Kolesov Roman Vladimirovich, Cand. end auk, associate professor, deputy director of the Yaroslavl branch of the Financial University.

From September 1 to November 18, 2021 in Yaroslavl on the basis of the Yaroslavl branch of the PRUE G. Plekhanov, the VII Regional competition of business ideas “Youth-Erudition. Stimulus-Innovation ". The main objective of the Competition is to draw attention to youth entrepreneurship and identify promising entrepreneurial projects. render completely.

On November 17, within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Week, the results of the Competition were summed up in the Yaroslavl branch. The expert commission was presented with the works of 23 contestants in the nominations business idea and scientific and technical development.

The anniversary of the company is not only a holiday, but also a public event, primarily for commercial purposes. The task of the leader is not just to have fun, but to establish useful contacts with business partners, resolve some issues, and besides, it is possible to unite the team, improve its work. Therefore, the organization must be taken seriously.

Objectives of the event

Anniversary, and any corporate event can pursue several tasks:

  • Increase the value of the firm. Employees must see that the company provides an opportunity for career growth, that it itself is promising. And for this, the management needs to communicate with ordinary employees, tell in an informal setting how it went to success, as well as how the company developed before their eyes.
  • To unite the team. Positive emotions experienced together bring people together. This is further expressed in accelerated work, in the fact that employees begin to help each other, without waiting for an order from the boss.
  • To demonstrate to competitors and partners the advantages and success of the company. This is an important point for medium and large firms. Of course, this is achieved through a spectacular event. And of course, it must be covered in the media.
  • Charge the team for further work. Not only trainings and conferences raise sales, but also the company's birthdays. Of course, if the top management of the company takes part in them. The leader is always an example for subordinates.
  • Building relationships with investors, partners, officials. It is imperative to invite them to the holiday. Of course, VIP guests should also be given due consideration. During such informal meetings, you can learn valuable information, as well as solve some business issues.
  • Relax yourself. Nevertheless, the anniversary of the company is, first of all, a holiday. Therefore, after it, people should be rested and fresh.

The algorithm for organizing the event is as follows:

  • It is necessary to decide on the main and secondary goals.
  • Select the holiday format based on them.
  • Set the most convenient date, time and place.
  • Draw up a holiday plan, starting from the arrival of guests, ending with their departure. In this case, you need to take into account all the subtleties, including force majeure situations.
  • Send invitations to the company's anniversary to employees, partners, investors and in the media. In the invitation cards, describe the event plan, date, time and place.
  • Think over the menu. After determining who will come and who refused, you can create a guest list. And already based on it, think over the menu.
  • Form organizing teams. Divide responsibilities between them. Here it is better to ask for help from special agencies that help to celebrate the birthday of the organization.
  • Create scenarios for entertaining quizzes, quests and other events. Order performances by artists, musicians.
  • Design and order corporate gifts for guests.
  • Decorate the room nicely. Be sure to order this service from design professionals to avoid mistakes.
  • Prepare a festive table. This is also ordered from restaurants.

Actually, these are all stages of preparation for the event. But after the holiday itself, it will be useful to analyze the experience and draw conclusions.

Top ideas for the company's birthday

Below we will consider several creative ideas for the company's birthday, as well as scenarios, quests for the celebration. By analogy, you can come up with your own competitions and events.

The following ideas for a company's birthday may be popular with many:

Corporate gifts for the anniversary of the company

- Internships in large companies in Russia and the region.

- Workshops, foresight sessions and discussions from key experts in the field of the new economy.

- Exhibition "Technological Excellence".

- Informal communication with the management of the largest companies in the Ryazan region and networking events.

- Master class on "packaging" projects for investors.

- Final selection for the acceleration program "Mentoring in Technological Entrepreneurship".


As a student, I failed in business, and then in 2.5 years I earned an apartment in Moscow and a BMW. Walked in sunny Spain and visited 14 countries of the world: sea, palm trees, the sound of the sea, beautiful people and other buzz. What kind of earnings I tried, what worked and what didn't. And how do I make money on the Internet now. Perhaps my experience will help you Show in full.

I come from Chelyabinsk, spent all my childhood and youth there. He lived in an ordinary 9-storey panel building, with an elevator with brown trim inside and black melted floor buttons, from hooligan lighters)). He studied at a regular school. Then he entered the Faculty of Physics at Moscow State University and moved to Moscow. While studying at the university, I began to think about how to make money. He worked part-time in various jobs. He worked as an installer and loader at a construction site, at McDonald's, as a courier, washed cars at a car wash, wrote texts on freelance, completed tasks on websites, left links on forums). I even tried to make money in slot machines, I was naive then, what to say))). But I quickly realized that I would only earn a penny and spend it quickly. And most importantly, I will lose time. From that moment I began to think about business. I also realized that if you open a business, then you need to do it while I am studying at the university. I understood that this is the only time when you can take risks and try something, because then it will be difficult. There were examples of older people who already had children, family and work. There is no time and energy for business then. In general, the system works in such a way that it is beneficial for it that the person would be under control.

Just then all sorts of courses like BM and Likes started. I read various articles, watched videos on the Internet. Parents gave money, and I also earned money, so some finances were saved. I read somewhere that buying a business franchise is the safest and most stable business. Then I believed it. Stopped for a movers franchise. But I quickly realized my mistake. The business had to be closed after about two months, because I could not find clients. I tried to set up direct, but I only lost the budget without knowledge and skills. In general, I lost almost everything then. Then the understanding came that the main thing in business is sales, and the product / service is secondary. And in order to earn good money, you need knowledge and skills that most do not have.

Made a decision to study. He studied at various business courses. Now I understand that for the most part it's a waste of time and money. Then I realized that I had to find an experienced marketer right away and get a job with him. And so he did. I passed the selection, completed the test task, passed the interview and I was hired. I had to work hard. Since there was no experience and knowledge, they took me for an internship without payment. In fact, I now understand that this is even a plus, because the person was interested in my growth and revealed all the secrets for me. If you work for a salary, then there is no development. After about 6-8 months of hard work, I gained experience and already organized my own business, along with the person I worked for. At that time, traffic arbitrage was on the rise. This is when you buy traffic and send it to different affiliate networks. Then I started making 100,000 rubles a month selling other people's goods. Now the topic has already been eaten, there is no money there. But then it was the BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY FOR A STUDENT

Now I am doing business on the technology of contact Internet sales. I will say this - with money and personal time, everything is even better. Perhaps you bought goods over the Internet or used any services. And you have probably seen advertisements on the Internet selling various goods. So you can say I am engaged in the mass sale of other people's goods via the Internet, but using a technology that is still little known to anyone. The skills I gained during the internship helped me a lot to advance in this area.

I'll tell you about the results for 2.5 years:

Cryo show for dessert

Alina Babenkova, an eleventh grader from Samara, decided to take up unusual non-alcoholic cocktails. She named her startup "Fairy Pairs", assembled a team of schoolgirl friends and has already found its first clients. Offers several services: fantastic cryo show in lab coats, nitrogen cocktails, Dragon's Breath dessert. In general, "magic in a glass" - and only 100 rubles apiece. By the way, Alina's team is in principle in favor of giving up alcohol.

Call a web designer

But a 10-grade student from Nizhny Novgorod Vasily Shchepin chose the "digital" direction and created the "SchoolDo" project. In fact, this is an online store with services where freelance students can find a part-time job. You register, upload a portfolio - and set the price: how much you want to get for your work. For example: create a brand book, business card, logo - from a thousand rubles. PHOTOSESSION? From 500.

- This is a convenient, safe and stylish Internet platform where schoolchildren and students can earn on their skills and knowledge, - Vasily describes his project. He has already created a website and is working on a mobile application.

Cats and people

Diana Istomina from Kemerovo also decided to create her own Internet site: not only for people, but also for animals. Her project is the "Lovely pets" marketplace, where you can post advertisements for the sale of pets, services and products for them. There will also be a forum, articles and advice on pet care. Now Diana is finalizing the last sections of the site. And at the same time he manages to study at school, to participate in Olympiads in social studies, economics, and law.

Gadget Charger

Artemy Zagainov, an 11-grade student from the Moscow Region of Khimki, loves smart things and innovations. Therefore, he decided to promote "advanced" furniture - tables with built-in coils for wireless charging of gadgets. These will come in handy literally everywhere: in offices, universities, and city cafes. Put your smartphone on the table? And he not only lies, but also charges. The gadget will say thank you.

Thermo glass

Contests on social networks are the best remedy for oblivion, boredom and loss of contact with subscribers. A properly organized competition will give you not only a pleasant excitement on the corporate page, but also much more reach for subsequent posts, and will also lead to new followers.

We've prepared a selection of social media contest ideas that will work regardless of your business. The main thing is to choose prizes that are of value to your audience. For example, it can be something from your range of products or services, if you are a seller or manufacturer. Alternatively, offer to try a new product that is not yet on sale - many will fall for such an exclusive. If you are not tied to goods or services, you can donate tickets for an event that your audience is waiting for (concert, movie, etc.). It's up to you, but remember that a gift will always be better than even the biggest discount.

Facebook Contest Ideas

Due to the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm, contests that include comments will have maximum reach. But this does not mean at all that your competition cannot be tied only to likes. Follow your audience, give them what they are waiting for, and any activity will be greatly appreciated.

Ask a question

This is one of the simplest contests there can be. Ask an open-ended question (that is, one to which you cannot simply answer "yes / no", but you need to express your opinion) and choose the best answer. You can ask a question about how people use your product in an unusual way, ask them to share a recipe, or come up with a name for something. This will provide you with a stream of comments and elevate your post.

Arrange a vote with smiley likes

Ask your subscribers which is better: This or That - and ask them to vote accordingly. Almost everyone willingly takes part in such voting, because it is not difficult, does not require much time and is simply cool. The winner can be, for example, the most active participant in such polls throughout the week, or you can choose randomly via random. rg and similar services.

P. ... Just the other day, Facebook announced that it would be mercilessly banned for such voting. So far there have been no precedents, but everything can be expected from Zuckerberg.


The spirit of competition is present in each of us, so feel free to arrange small quizzes and friendly competitions. It can be an enlarged image of something that needs to be guessed, or two almost identical photographs to find a certain amount of differences between them, etc.

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