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Services are just that sphere of activity that for some reason in our society is often "lame". Two extreme options are usually observed here: either the echoes of the unobtrusive "Soviet" service, or everything is beautiful, but with exorbitant price tags. render completely.

Firms with an adequate ratio of price and quality are clearly not enough, and there are even fewer people who can work professionally in the service sector. So you have every chance to fill this gap in the direction that is closest to you. And there are dozens of them.

Therefore, we are calling you 13 types of services that have not died for many years and remain relevant in 2021.

Yes, there are already a lot of them. Yes, yours will be about three hundredth in the city. Create an agency so that people come to you, and not in the first 299. Study the specifics of the work. Join the regional and Russian guild of realtors. Provide services professionally. Earn customer trust. By following these and other rules, one day you will become the owner of one of the largest real estate agencies with a high rating in your city.

This business in our country appeared relatively recently, but already has sufficient demand. Complex cleaning in company offices, shopping and business centers, tidying up buildings with panoramic windows - this is the sphere of activity of employees of cleaning companies.

More and more often professional cleaners are invited to clean houses, especially when it comes to putting things in order in large areas. Why not try yourself in this business? If you are interested in this direction, then leave your comments under the article and we will provide you with more detailed information about this type of business and interview one of the owners of the Omsk cleaning company.

Here is another area of ​​activity that has gradually entered our everyday life. Outsourcing is the performance by a third party company of any function for an organization. This is useful when the organization needs certain non-core specialized services. For example, it can be accounting and auditing, legal advice, software services, and so on. Outsourcing companies work with customers under contracts, under the terms of full or partial outsourcing.

By choosing this type of activity, you and your employees will perform intermediary services between potential employers and applicants for various kinds of work. It will take the creation of a database of those and others, labor market monitoring, interviews and professional testing of candidates for a particular position and other events. The work is troublesome, but for professional personnel officers it is quite feasible and profitable.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a must in our time. It is required both for work abroad and for recreation when we travel, and just gives a feeling of self-confidence. Anyway, suddenly someone will have a burning desire to re-read the English classics in the original!

The knowledge of foreign languages ​​that we acquire at school does not always correspond to our requests that arise in the process of life. And here language courses and schools come to the rescue. The demand for this type of service is stable, groups are being recruited constantly. If you want to try yourself in this type of business, you don't have to be a polyglot yourself. It is enough to have good organizational skills and recruit a staff of professional teachers.

Sewing atelier is another service sector in which you can be successful if you wish. You can make money both on individual orders and on sewing school uniforms, overalls, costumes for dance groups, and so on. Create an image for yourself and then it will work for you! Carefully approach the recruitment of personnel - you do not need "crooked hands".

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We regularly hold meetings for entrepreneurs!

We get acquainted, share our experience, brainstorm, set goals and achieve them!

In the group and at our live meetings, we have already met a large number of entrepreneurs in our city.

And we continue to do this, because the advantages of such an event are obvious. Many of us have found colleagues, partners, friends and even clients.

You still have a cool opportunity to tell about yourself with the help of the #MM_Business card heading.

Know your customers, anticipate their expectations, and they will come back to you again. And clients are the foundation of any business.

For your attention - a selection of books about love. About mutual and lasting love between you and your client.

Friends, colleagues and all interested!

We are glad to welcome you to our group. We believe that in the regions, in Omsk, you can live, work, create and develop, and not just try to leave it. Show in full.

This project is conceived in order to show and be convinced of this. Omsk is not alone in "Neftezavod".

Which ultimately turned into a large-scale business forum in Omsk - BIG BUSINESS FORUM - bbfomsk. u

We hope that our project will contribute to raising the level of entrepreneurial culture and business climate in general in Omsk.

Friends, I invite you to participate!

The financial market is multifaceted and is far from being limited only to classical instruments for business financing.

November 11, 2021 is a great opportunity to figure out how to use bonds to attract funds, what is the issue of debt securities, what features exist. render completely.

The round table will be held online: 14:00 to 16:00 Omsk time. The event is free of charge and has an informational and educational nature.

Target audience of the round table: owners and top management of organizations, leading employees of financial departments, expert community.

Issuing companies that have already entered the corporate bond market, professional participants in the securities market, and representatives of the Moscow Exchange will share their experience.

Come on April 7, 2021. to the Business Incubator of OmSU for a new program of additional education "INTERNET-ENTREPRENEURSHIP"! The course is intended for those wishing to create and develop their own business project. The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of the entrepreneurial process and the skills required by an entrepreneur. The course covers the entire process of creating an Internet project from finding an idea to bringing a product to market. The result is the preparation of a real Internet project and its protection. The classes are taught by Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Sudakova, a teacher of the department. "Marketing and Advertising" of the Faculty of International Business, Omsk State University.

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