Electric bike sale business idea

Well, next in line is another business idea with a seasonal product that sells very well, but many are frightened by the fact that the product is relevant for only five months a year. It's about the bike business. Due to the rise in fuel prices and the actualization of ideas for environmentally friendly transport, the bicycle is becoming one of the leaders in this niche. In addition, cycling is very beneficial for health and many people buy them to keep their bodies in good shape. Let's take a look at how you can start selling bicycles and where to go to grow your business.

Business format and premises selection

Bicycle retailing does offer a variety of options. Everything will depend on the initial capital and the willingness of the entrepreneur himself to work with seasonal goods.

There are two main formats for a bicycle business:

- trading on the market. It represents the rental of a certain retail space on the market during the seasonal time.

- opening a full-fledged store, for example, somewhere in a shopping center or a separate building.

We advise you to start with the first option. Why? Here are some main reasons for this:

It is all these factors that restrain entrepreneurs from opening a bicycle store, and stimulate them to work in more different conditions. But at the same time, in big cities, on the bicycle market there are large players who have already adapted to this seasonality and they manage to conduct business more thoughtfully, and most importantly, profitably. Perhaps it is worth learning from them and adopting some of the techniques for "survival" in the off-season.

It doesn't matter which trading format you choose for your bicycle business, you will need to purchase some of the equipment:

- trading tables for the sale of spare parts and components.

- stands and fixtures for displaying bicycles in a shop window or marketplace. In case of market trading, it will also be necessary to rent a warehouse for storing bicycles during the season, or buy transport for their transportation. Since the product is oversized, this is also a rather big expense item.

This business idea is remarkable in that there are serious prerequisites for its success both in the conditions of large cities, including those with a population of over one million, and when working in small settlements: small towns and even villages.

At the same time, starting in this business, according to experts, is quite democratic: you can start a business even at home and with a minimum of initial capital.

Let's try to understand this matter in more detail. Is it as beneficial as it is said to be?

Prerequisites for success

“Traveling by public transport is troublesome, but driving by car is expensive and already inconvenient,” complains Ivan Smolny, advertising manager of a small publishing house in Taganrog. - More and more often I look with nostalgia at my teenage "bike", only I don't really want to pedal, and the road is not close - 8 km. " A familiar situation, isn't it? There is a multimillion-strong choir of such cries from the heart throughout the country.

Indeed, even the most budget compact car requires a parking space, while a two-wheeler can easily be brought into the back room. Interest in this type of transport is also fueled by foreign television plots, recalls an expert on urban infrastructure Angelina Vysotskaya from Moscow. “I would like to advise you - use a bicycle, and if you do not want to constantly pedal - use an electric bike, which, by the way, can be made from an ordinary two-wheeled bike,” the expert comments.

Indeed, the analysis of the situation shows that a boom in demand for light and, especially, light electric transport is brewing in our country. And speaking specifically about electric bicycles, we are already talking about a market with a capacity of at least 2-3 billion rubles a year with an almost completely free entrepreneurial niche.

In other words, there are more than enough arguments to get started in this business.

From a professional perspective

Our portal turned to a young engineer Ivan Yashin with a question: "Is it easy to convert an ordinary bicycle into an electric two-wheeler?" It turns out that it's not even difficult at all. To do this, simply replace the rear wheel with a motorized wheel and install a motion sensor.

In general, there are a lot of schemes for converting an ordinary two-wheeled friend on foot traction into an electric bike, and they are all realizable at home or in a garage. Even if the task is to turn the "great" into a light electric scooter, which moves exclusively due to the energy of the battery, then no technical problems are expected here, says Ivan Yashin.

A metal or business idea in 22 billion rubles. $ on broken bicycles - looking for profitability.

★ ★ ★ Checking, applied to Russia - is this version and is it such an accessible structure for creating this business?

- Donald Trump quoted this business in 2021 in his TV series: "How Much Is America Worth?"

About financial income in the world dimension from used bicycle trash, where business analysts have calculated the aggregate demand for products of the bicycle-custom market at 22 billion rubles. $.,

In such a country of consumers - fans: "Custom - made in USA", like commodity America.

Earnings from the resale of used bicycles?

★ ★ ★ Let's try to adopt a basic home business plan as options for a hobby or earning a #pre_retirement!

For a start, it makes sense to try to buy one bike at a not very expensive price, to bring the appearance of the bicycle copy into the factory order. Then try to sell on "AVITO" and "YULA", more expensive than all costs.

???? It is quite possible that this is a business idea that you can implement now ????????

Examples, motor vehicles - like ???? mopeds make easy money ???? and unambiguously fast, however, here too, transactions take place mainly during the summer season!

It can be difficult for an aspiring entrepreneur to find a niche where competition is minimal.

However, with due diligence, you can find ideas for a startup that are guaranteed to bring high profits.

An example of a promising business is the sale of electric bicycles.

Electric Bicycle Business

In our country, retail sales of electric bicycles are poorly developed.

Some residents of small settlements do not even know about the existence of such electric transport.

Opening an electric bike store can be a profitable endeavor.

The popularity of bicycles is due to the fashion for a healthy lifestyle.

Many residents of our country have become less likely to use cars, preferring to travel by means of transport that do not harm the environment and also contribute to maintaining health.

Electric bicycles are a great alternative to the usual regular bicycles.

They are practical, maneuverable and ergonomic. They can quickly move around the city and transport small-sized loads.

In Western countries, e-bikes are used to deliver groceries. They are purchased by travel companies conducting excursion tours.


The goal of the project is to organize a bicycle rental office in Rostov-on-Don. The services are aimed primarily at young people (men and women) aged 15-30, as well as families with children. It is planned to open two rental points - in the city center and in the recreational area (see Sections 2, 3 of this business plan).

The prerequisites for the successful implementation of the project are the popularization of cycling as a means of urban recreation and the improvement of many areas of the city, including its central part. The project does not require significant capital investments, the initiator of the project independently performs most of the functions related to the implementation of the project. The project risks are low. The investment attractiveness of the project is confirmed by the integral performance indicators given in Table. 1.

Table 1. Integral performance indicators

Discount rate (r-year),%

Discount rate (r-month),%

Discounted Payback Period (DPP), months

Net Present Value (NPV), rub.

Return on investment ratio (ARR),%

Internal Rate of Return (IRR),%


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