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Surely many of you have heard statements that creative people do not know how to make money. This article will prove the opposite with specific examples. After reading the article, you will learn that nowadays there are a lot of business ideas for creative people, which in turn are very profitable. And make sure that creative people know how to make and earn as well as the average person. So let's go over a few creative ideas for business with you.

Aquarium Design Business

As for the aquariums themselves, you can make them for every taste: small or large in size, simple or complex shapes, built-in somewhere or not.

What do you need to start your own business?

Aquarium design cannot be called a home business, since this work is directly related to glass and glue, which is unsafe for others, besides, finished products take up a lot of space, and you need to store them somewhere. In order to reduce costs as much as possible, you can rent a garage for this production, and if you have one, then this is generally excellent, you will not have to rent it out.

And now about income. An unadorned aquarium of small sizes (no more than 10 liters) costs about 120 rubles. The same aquarium, only already decorated (with a filter, a lock, artificial algae) costs from 1000 rubles. About 10 of these aquariums can be made per day. Its cost is no more than 300 rubles. Accordingly, the daily net profit can be about 7,000 rubles, and the monthly - 210,000 rubles.

Tattoo Business

What is needed to organize such a salon?

First, you need to solve all the issues with the documents, as they say, to make this business legal in order to avoid various problems. You need to register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

Creative ideas for business


Any business brings its owner freedom and makes him happy. And all because, having taken up his own business, a person can do what he likes very much and what he wants, but not what his boss likes and wants. In addition to all this, a person will already decide for himself how long and on what days he will work, which in any situations can be very useful. However, before starting your own business, you should find out what you would really like to do. Every person on this planet has their own preferences. Creative people can be attributed to a separate group, since what works well for ordinary people is hardly suitable for such people. But in our time, there are also a large number of creative ideas for business. We will now consider them. So, let's start.

Business for creative people on forged products

Costs of starting a forged business

For the production of forged products, you need at least three machines, which will bend metal in the right directions, produce stamped products, make spirals, and so on. The cost of a standard set, consisting of three machines, which are equipped with an electric drive, is approximately 200,000 rubles. To install such machines, a table of 1.5 × 2 meters is sufficient.

In addition, from the equipment it is necessary to purchase a welding machine, which costs about 6,000 rubles, as well as a furnace, the cost of which starts from 10,000 rubles. Part of the investment will go towards renting premises, about 30,000 rubles.

Now let's talk about the estimated profit. The simplest forged lattice with dimensions 1400 × 1300 costs about 7,000 rubles, and its cost is about 600 rubles, including the costs of electricity, the purchase of fittings and paint. More complex forged things, for example, some decorative elements will cost much more. As experienced craftsmen note, the recoupment of all costs can come in a couple of months - with constant and regular orders.

Production of souvenir paintings on chipboard

To open a business for the production of such souvenir paintings, you will need a computer, a color inkjet printer, a place for processing the product (you can use your garage) and PVA glue. In the work, you can take pictures of very popular artists, views of the sea or any attractions of our or other countries, portraits, and so on.

A few words about the product itself. It has the appearance of a monolithic picture, embedded deep into a vintage-styled base in gold or stone, with chopped edges. The most common dimensions of the finished product are 16X20 cm, 25X35 cm.


Ideas of creativity for business Introduction Surely many of you have heard the statements that creative people do not know how to make money. This article will prove the opposite on

A business at master classes and training lessons, with the proper organization of all processes, can be very profitable and easily scalable. In this article, we will talk about starting a business in the format of a creative workshop, find out what courses can be taught, how to advertise, and how much money it will take to start a business.

In the context of this business idea, a creative workshop is a space for people who want to get acquainted or learn some kind of art, for example, mold pottery or paint their own picture, under the strict guidance of an experienced master. This format comes in both large and small cities.

The first thing you will need to do at the stage of analyzing such activities is to decide on the format of the future creative studio. You can offer master classes and courses for both adults and children, and this choice will significantly change the approach to organizing business processes.

It makes sense to launch training programs on creativity for adults only in large cities, and the main target audience will be young people 18 - 25 years old. It is most beneficial to organize short master classes, after which a person will be able to take a souvenir or a painting made by himself with him.

Children are a more general target audience for creativity courses. It is worth noting that even during the economic crisis, the market for children's goods and services suffers least of all, since parents try not to save on education and purchases for the child. The target audience will be children aged 6-15 years. The training program includes a whole list of programs that are divided according to the direction of creativity and the duration of the master class as a whole. After each course, the child receives not only theoretical, but also practical skills in clay modeling, drawing, application and other areas of creativity that are interesting to him.

In this article, we will consider the format of opening a creative workshop for children, since it is more promising from a financial point of view.


To conduct official activities, you will need to register your business.

  • open IP.
  • indicate OKVED for activity. For Russia, this is code 85.2 (childcare, if you recruit children's groups) or 92.1, which determines the type of club work. If you specify OKVED 80.0, you will need to obtain a license for educational activities. For Ukraine - 85.9, with the subsequent receipt of a license for educational activities.
  • issue a lease agreement for the premises.
  • obtain permission from the SES and the fire service.
  • to hire staff.
  • purchase only certified equipment and supplies for creativity.

It is best to contact an experienced lawyer in your city for help, who will help you to properly collect and execute all the documents for your business.

Types of services

A creative workshop, how a business can offer a whole list of services to its clients. This could include one-day master classes or lengthy skill-level training programs.

Also, there is a whole list of creative directions that you can suggest for study.

To make someone happier even for a moment is the strongest inspiration for the artist Olesya, whose talent has become a professional vocation. Let's take a look at what her creative workshop is, talk about the artist's personal success and the difficulties associated with the "creative" business.

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The stereotype of an eternally hungry poor artist is dispelled by the work of such masters as our heroine. An artist is individual in his own business, which can be as versatile as talent. He is certainly helped by his own name, which becomes a stronger brand with each new masterpiece. The main thing is to work, doing the work as efficiently as possible, while constantly improving yourself, learning new techniques and techniques.

“And do work with people in mind, not money,” adds Olesya.

Matter of life

It seems that there is no such thing in the world that could not be decorated with Olesya's original drawing, moreover, invented for a specific thing: clothes with an author's painting, silk scarves, books, notebooks, walls of houses, painted dishes, beautiful plates.

“I am an artist, I draw, I create different things,” says Olesya. - This is my life, a way of self-expression, this is what I always do and live by.

First of all, it's a matter of life.

The creative workshop has grown out of a hobby. Olesya has been drawing all her life, as long as she can remember. She was born into a family of artists, and at the age of six, the little artist's works were exhibited at her first exhibition. It was the parents who instilled a love for the traditions of folk art. Olesya's creativity was based on deep folk traditions. And her own vision and creative fantasies create very original plots on everything that the artist's brush touches.

The secret of success, as Olesya herself explains, is in exceptional exclusivity.

"Everything is done by hand, of the highest quality, skillfully, even if it takes a long time, but the point is to get an original product as a result, unique in its performance."

How an artist can make money from his talents - 9 business ideas for creative individuals.

For some reason, it is believed that an artist should always be hungry. In fact, you don't have to be on a starvation diet to make a career in the arts. These nine startup ideas can awaken the dormant entrepreneur within you and build a business around your artistic ability.

BusinessNewsDaily publishes some of the best business ideas for artists.

Art Dealer

Imagine, in order to earn a living, you just need to find works of art and sell them to connoisseurs of this very art. If you have the money to rent space in a crowded area, you can open your own art gallery and help other artists become recognizable. As with any business, choosing a niche and building your reputation is like a race against obstacles: you will constantly need experts and new marketing tools. Once you've built a good client base, you'll start hanging out with some of the most famous artists at the parties and exhibitions in your gallery.

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Whether you work with cars, real estate or clothing, you have a wide range of artistic airbrushing applications. To get started, you need to purchase specialized equipment (air compressor, stencils and of course paints and an airbrush). Airbrushing is performed in a well-ventilated room, in extreme cases, a garage will also do. Alternatively, you can sell your own airbrushed paintings at local fairs or online.

Stained glass / mosaic

For the nosy artist, creating stained glass and mosaics can be a great business to start. You can work directly with clients, fulfilling their whims. Or, if you have the ability to produce a large number of items in a short time frame, you might consider selling pre-made stained glass windows. Online marketplaces like Etsy are a safe place to start. However, if you have a lot of unsold goods, it is best to resell them at your local craft fair or other event.


Any festival would be incomplete without a cartoonist painting unique portraits of visitors. With Learn-To-Draw online tutorial. om you can learn the tricks that cartoonists use and start building your portfolio. Then look for events in your city where you can rent a booth or a suitable spot on a crowded street. Once you have earned a reputation, you can serve school holidays, weddings or children's birthdays for a flat fee.

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