Crazy business ideas

The other day I learned very interesting news. Delusional ideas were at the center of the discussion. Judge for yourself.

Bacon scent

A large American perfume company has developed and released a scent with a bacon scent. Yes, you heard right: not freshness, not floral aroma - bacon.

The company's marketers suggested an extraordinary move. Hopefully the goal was just to get the company out loud. They needed a powerful informational reason for this, and they found it.

It was assumed that male office workers would be the main consumers of this scent, and the use of this scent would make them more attractive to female employees, especially closer to lunchtime.

Funny idea. But! Already in the first month of the announcement of the fragrance, 1,500,000 bottles were sold and orders received, and the demand continues to grow. The company's marketers were forced to provide for a deterrent action and offered each customer 12 bottles of a bonus - the thirteenth as a gift. Contrary to all expectations, orders for 12 bottles went more often than one. So think about it - is such a crazy idea?

Free baseball cap!

One of the Moscow construction companies has completed the construction of an apartment building in a prestigious area. Apartment prices danced around a million US dollars. It was necessary to sell expensive housing. A very interesting move was proposed by the promoters of the project. All over Moscow, posters appeared with the inscription: "Every buyer of an apartment in our house - a baseball cap as a gift." It's a completely delusional idea to offer a baseball cap as a gift to a millionaire.

They still talk about this action. Including in professional circles. Opinions were divided, and in the meantime, all the apartments were sold. Almost 10 years have passed, and the construction company is well known. Decide for yourself.

Keep your kids safe from crazy ideas, or not?

Oh, those typos

One large advertising agency received an order - it was necessary to conduct an advertising campaign for a large customer who was engaged in rewinding electric motors.

Entrepreneurs want to make a special, premium product. But investors are well aware that bananas and toilet paper always win.

"Thinking in Images", Denis Bugulov's online course

What do you imagine when you say "startup"? Crazy creative business idea. But what is born in the minds of our start-ups can hardly be attributed to this category, often it is something completely beyond the bounds of logic.

For example, recently I was in Astrakhan at one forum and massively talked with young people and adolescents (it is simply impossible to call them young entrepreneurs). The event was with an investment session, at which these young talents were supposed to present their projects, ostensibly to investors. I was shocked.

Here comes a man about 25-27 years old and says: "I want money to hold an international dance festival." When asked how he is going to return this money to investors, we get an ingenious answer: this will happen when tourism develops in the region. And such an idea is not offered by a boy, who seems to have to understand that the development of tourism in the region is one story, and his festival is another.

A girl comes out; She wants to organize the training of students at the university who will go to work for enterprises, and their employers then, perhaps, will return the money for their education when these students go to work for them. On the first question, and what is the point for enterprises to return money for training, when a ready specialist has already come to them, we do not get an intelligible answer.

And imagine - like this, four hours. Once again, you are convinced that all these start-up parties have completely corrupted the entire entrepreneurial environment, because the only thing that young people take out of there is that you can cut money for free without even thinking about returning. Although they are young, they begin to show the logic of a scoop: when you talk to them about money, the first thing they offer is to make an estimate. But the estimate is expenses, tell us about the income, but almost no one can do that. If the project is called social, it definitely means that someone just wants to spend a certain amount of your money and not be responsible for anything.

I have been following such events for five years, and almost everyone who speaks at them leaves the market or becomes full party-goers who rush around with the same ideas for years and ask for the same the same money - usually a million dollars.

Let's take the older generation - those who already have real entrepreneurial experience and want to discover something new. Another disease here is the desire to find a blue dream and engage in a highly intelligent business. In the consumer market, a common mistake is to target premium. Restaurateurs are drawn to consomme with profiteroles and waterfalls, retailers are drawn to premium stores in the regions. Experience shows that in any business toilet paper and bananas wins, namely, a mass product. I know how electronics and food are sold, and how much more is sold. Mercedes doesn't make money from the S-Class, but from the C-Class. A premium product is just a mass PR product.

New products are the same. We are regularly visited with some special Spanish beer, Japanese juices and the worst case for business: "This is not here." If not, then the probability is 99.99% that it is not necessary. There is no Ferrari in Pyaterochka, so what?

I just want to say: “If you think you are a startup, don't try to invent something like that. Keep it simple. "

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The founders of the businesses discussed below had no problem cultivating devilry. Moreover, their businesses are doing, at first glance, completely absurd things. We wouldn't be surprised if we find out that the editors of Yahoo! Finance, when preparing a note based on an article from Forbes, every now and then exclaimed: "Damn, what did this guy smoke?" But fact is fact: crazy ideas often generate unimaginable amounts of cache. Hot delirium worth millions - it really happens!

Goose Police

Business is, first of all, a concept. In today's world, conventional commercial schemes do not work due to the oversaturation of the market with goods and services. Most often, original business plans that have never been used before are effective. Some ideas turn out to be so extraordinary that, at first glance, they are perceived as downright delusional or completely inadequate. Surprisingly, many of them work and generate considerable income. As practice shows, even the dumbest business ideas can produce economic benefits, despite the skepticism of others.

Air Sales

Daniela Dorrer, an entrepreneur from the Bavarian village of Adlkofen, came up with the idea of ​​selling to her customers intestinal gas from cows, packaged in cans. The appearance on the shelves of such an unusual product was well received by the buyers. Moreover, cans with barn flavors (that's exactly what Stall Duft was the name of the product packed in plastic containers) were snapped up at a record speed.

Daniela has launched her website to sell cow gases worldwide. Most often, unusual goods are bought by Germans, Australians and Chinese

Life in a modern city is filled with the aromas of gasoline, rubber and plastic. For some, these smells are familiar, but for people who have moved to noisy cities from a quiet and calm countryside, they are not. According to user reviews, the opportunity to breathe in the air of the village brings you back to childhood, awakens nostalgic memories. The mixture of the smells of straw, rotten wood and a cowshed is so familiar to the villager that they draw from the subconscious a lot of pictures of childhood.

According to Daniela herself, such a product is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent that can cure, for example, a headache. The entrepreneur recommends not poisoning with pills, but inhaling the natural rural aroma, which, in her opinion, is much more effective than pharmaceuticals. When the portion of the "medicine" runs out, you can buy another one, the price of a liter can is a little more than $ 8.

The plans include expanding the assortment - packing the aromas of the poultry house, goats, pigs and other rural animals. In the future, Daniela Dorrer hopes to launch the sale of fragrances from different regions of Germany and other countries, expand the geography of her products, start selling the air of historical places and tourist attractions. Her plans are far from empty projects, since sales are proceeding with enviable stability, the goods on the shelves are not stale.

Daniela even plans to release shower gels and other barn-scented beauty products.

Outsourced socks

This is the name of the famous service of the BlackSocks company, the founder of which is Samuel Lichti. The idea is simple: for $ 89, a user buys an annual subscription, according to which he receives 9 pairs of socks twice a year. The project started back in 1999 and during this time has managed to cover 79 countries. Income, declared in 2021, amounted to $ 5 million, which indicates a high demand for this service.

The service relieves a person from the need to search for identical socks every day

The idea is that the user stops wasting time looking for clean socks (according to Mr. Lichti's calculations, every man spends 12 hours annually on this). In addition, the person is completely relieved of the concern about the acquisition of this toilet item - socks will be sent on time and in sufficient quantities.

The idea was born in rather curious and unpleasant conditions for Samuel. While working as a junior consultant at an advertising agency in Zurich, he once took part in negotiations with Japanese partners. At the end, everyone was invited to a tea ceremony. Tradition dictates that everyone should be without shoes. Samuel, who did not anticipate such a turn of events, found himself in an unpleasant situation - in the morning, getting ready for work, he habitually chose two identical socks from a pile of socks and mechanically put them on, not paying attention to the hole. At the ceremony, he was ready to sink into the ground - it seemed that everyone was just looking at his big toe sticking out of the hole.

For the most part, business projects are not distinguished by anything outstanding, repeating standard postulates and calculating the options already passed. There are many ways to make a living, but they usually fit into the standard thinking of the average entrepreneur.

But there are also such business ideas, which are not easy to comprehend, and it is almost impossible to believe in the demand for such a proposal among consumers. Many will regard the idea of ​​an extraordinary entrepreneur as idiotic, but whatever you call it, it can bring in a solid and even enviable income. Hard to believe? There is real evidence that custom projects can be great moneymakers.

Home interior for those who do not like cleaning and cleaning

Such furniture was nicknamed simply: "Furniture for lazy people", but in fact, it is very convenient and practical, especially if there are many children or pets at home. With such an interior, which is produced by the Slobproof! Company, it will become much easier to maintain cleanliness.

Designer furniture from Slobproof! from Maryland is custom designed only. Soft chairs, couches, sofas are distinguished from ordinary ones not only by the exterior, but also by the unusual fabric, which has a unique patent. What's unusual? Absolutely no stains remain on such upholstery - from animal paws, from juice or wine. Very convenient, isn't it?

Debbie Wiener, founder of the "lazy furniture" company, told the background to the appearance of such unusual furnishings. Difficult family life, where small children and pets rule, constant cleaning that does not bring results, led her to the idea of ​​creating a sofa that does not have to be constantly cleaned of various contaminants. Having bought such upholstered furniture, it will be possible not to change the interior for a long time, since the upholstery will remain clean and beautiful.

Regular cleaning of furniture makes it unusable and aesthetics are lost, so many consumers decide to order furniture from Debbie Wiener, which allows her business to flourish ..

Business for lovers of retro - electronic games from childhood

As it turned out, there are a lot of old games fans. Someone asks for such an unusual birthday present, while someone creates their own unique collection of retro games. Of course, I really want to please such a collector, but where to get the legendary "Pac-Man" or Bomberman? Now you don't have to go far - Michael Weir and employees of his company "Dream Arcades" are engaged in the execution of piece orders for the production of electronic old games.

The devices that Dream Arcades' games are based on are universal machine emulators that can recreate most of the pre-existing games.

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