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⭐ The brightest business community of the Orenburg region

⭐ Organizers of the first women's business forum in Orenburg "Business Spring"

⭐ Our goal is to popularize women's business!

Come to our guest meetings, join the Association - together we will achieve more!

Become a part of the business community!

Leave an application to join the Association of Business Women of the Orenburg Region and become a part of the brightest community.

Traditionally, it will take place on January 20.

The cost of participation in the game is 500 rubles.

Meeting point st. Salmyshskaya, 51 "Resto-mesto"

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs of the Orenburg Region, together with the Svetlana Shcheglova School of Etiquette, invite you to spend productively the weekend in a chic cottage in the city center!

Congratulations to everyone on the official start of the working year!

Use the Eisenhower Matrix to make this a productive year and not get bogged down in routine!

This is one of the planning tools that most successful people use.

I invite a partner investor to jointly organize food production in Orenburg. A new trend direction, over the past year, sales have grown by 60% in the Russian market, including among the largest players. Despite this, there are free segments that can be occupied in a timely manner. render completely.

Large retail chains such as Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, gas station chains, Auchan, Metro and others willingly take the products they sell to the shelves.

The required amount of investments at the initial stages is at least 1 million rubles. There are prospects for growth in a federal company. The investor's participation in the activity itself is not essential. By implementing this project, you can provide yourself with a useful and profitable business for many years, which will recoup your investment many times over. More than buying any off-the-shelf business.

Now, given the current circumstances, there are few good and relevant directions on the market. If you have free funds for investment or business, then food is a product that will definitely always be in demand.

Call, we will meet and discuss the details. Orenburg89501899245

I sell LLC with and without account 2021-2021 Various IFTS and OKVED Full set of documents Moscow and regions, send to regions EDS connection, Kontur, Sbis Companies under VAT Warranty for each company

What will be our partnership;

1. After ordering the goods, we will deliver your cargo to your warehouse, 2. We will come to your warehouse, 3. We will organize and promote your business in a short time.

P. ... Earnest request to those interested about; "Is it possible to borrow money? and delivery is free?" Please be so kind as to respect your time and ours.

All details on request WhatsApp, Viber, Tel; +79515370070 Taganrog.

Create photo content that can improve the efficiency and profitability of your company. render completely.

✅Portrait photography. A business portrait will complement your image of a successful, reputable specialist. Only an experienced photographer can reveal your personality so that no one has any doubts that you are a successful professional.

✅Individual photography. In addition to photography, we provide our clients with a "turnkey project" service, which includes the development of printed materials: catalogs, booklets, leaflets, posters, etc. - without restrictions on circulation and format, including design and layout.

✅ Advertising photography. We are ready to take responsibility for the entire process of creating an advertising visualization for your company, from developing an idea to its implementation. We will take care of both the creative and the technical components of the project.

✅Interior photography. Competent interior photography is an opportunity to increase the value of your object.

✅Reporting photography. Depending on the scale and format of the event, we will provide you with one photographer or a whole well-coordinated team with clearly assigned responsibilities. We will also compile for you a detailed list of required plots and angles for a successful result.

Shooting for your business should retain your existing client base and bring new clients from your target audience. I understand this, so my workflows are structured to close all these requests: Show in full.

1. Fast - you will receive ready photos in 1-3 days

2. You can see the finished result immediately during the shooting

What profitable business to open in Orenburg? To do this, an entrepreneur needs to understand the specifics of the area, choose a segment in which demand exceeds supply.

Region Features

The region is a fertile ground for business development. Students come from Kazakhstan to get higher education.

Favorable conditions for tourism have been formed in the Orenburg region. Nature, salt springs - this is of interest to tourists from other regions of Russia and from abroad. Sports are supported in the region. This is favored by the emergence and development of teams that play football and basketball.

These factors allow doing business in each of the directions.

Best Business Ideas

What business to open in Orenburg? Free and promising niches include:

Printing and copying services

Many educational institutions are concentrated in Orenburg. The vast majority of textbooks are located in libraries. You cannot use the materials at home. Students and pupils require the services of copy centers. To prepare for seminars and tests, students make copies and study books at home. The copy station is located next to the library. The demand for services will also be in the shopping center.

Equip each such point with equipment for printing services. These include the printing of materials, firmware, photo printing. Students require diplomas and dissertations, binding and hardcover placement.

Writing papers for students

Students often need help preparing reports. These include diplomas, dissertations, tests and abstracts.

Competition conditions, as always, are simple: Show in full. - be a subscriber of the group * glavmed56 - repost this entry on your page

Hurry up, the ticket price is increasing every day.

“Conference Concentrate 15. is a step-by-step instruction for the development of your business, an author's program, where serial entrepreneur Ayaz Shabutdinov will share with you all the intricacies of doing business.

Reviews of people who visited the last Concentrate.

Hurry, places are limited!

Do you have your own business or are you planning to start your own business in the near future? Then you should definitely visit the Concentrate from Ayaz Shabutdinov!

4 years ago he was an ordinary student from Izhevsk with a big dream. Today Ayaz owns a huge holding, which includes more than 30 companies. render completely.

Greetings to Orenburg from Ayaz Shabutdinov - a young millionaire, founder of the Like group of companies.

Come to the Concentrate and meet him personally!

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