Check your business idea before starting your own business

There are a lot of ideas for startups on the Internet. For many, business plans are described in detail, calculations and formulas are given. Why are many people afraid to create their own company and start making money? As you understand the meaning of the phrase "The master's work is afraid" is not entirely applicable here. Fear of something new, unusual rhythm, unknown, may interfere with the lack of knowledge. But a novice entrepreneur needs to have only minimal knowledge in building the processes of the chosen direction.

I think the main problem is that those who start a new business, first of all, need to be sure that the cost of entry will pay off and turn into a full-fledged source of income. Therefore, in today's article, I propose to find out how to test a business idea for strength and viability even before it starts. Let's talk about choosing the right direction for your business.

Is it worth starting a business?

Anyone who at least once in his life thought about starting his own business and leaving his job is familiar with the following questions:

  • What business can you start?
  • What business can you open in your city or village?
  • Will the choice be right? Profitable?
  • Engage in production or is it better to go into trade or service?
  • Will it not turn out that I will spend years or months and get zero as a result?
  • Is it worth starting your own business at all?

These are the very questions seasoned entrepreneurs can easily answer and stop most people on their way to a successful venture.

Business Planning Scheme:

Reasons for starting your own business can vary. As a rule, this is what people who strive for independence want. Some want to have a stable and high income. For others, self-realization is important. Still others want to make a profit by continuing to pursue their favorite hobby. The fourth is interested in the very process of the formation and development of the company, and so as not to contact the bank, but to raise the startup on its own. Fifths expect dividends from investments.

Launching your venture opens up great prospects, especially when compared to working for an uncle. But before starting, the idea must be carefully weighed, evaluate all your capabilities and think over the details as much as possible. It is not difficult to become an entrepreneur. This task is feasible for every purposeful person. The main thing is not to ignore the main stages that a novice businessman who decides to open a business in 2021 should pay attention to.

If you have ever said “I want to start my own business, but I don’t know which one”, then I recommend that you carefully read this article and analyze the presented materials. Read, and most importantly, put it into practice!

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Each of the novice businessmen wants to achieve incredible success and get huge profits in a short time. But entrepreneurs also want to get the maximum guarantees that their business will not "burn out" in a few months.

In this article, we gave a brief overview of several time-tested business ideas and gave advice on creating unique companies. Here you will find clear instructions on how to test a strategy for its effectiveness.

Proven Business Ideas

With the development of technologies, business opportunities are expanding, and the companies themselves are becoming more non-standard and modern. But technological areas are not always effective means of earning money.

We do not recommend getting into cryptocurrency or starting an enterprise on the latest ideas and strategies without specific knowledge and skills.

There are much simpler and standard business ideas, the competent development of which will bring large profits:

  • creation of a system for the delivery of goods using our own couriers or by concluding contracts with the relevant services;
  • opening a non-standard studio for advertising promotion;
  • opening an atelier or organizing a beauty salon;
  • opening sections and studios on martial arts, teaching foreign languages, creativity, etc. Business will gain popularity if professionals in their field and titled experts in a particular field of training participate in the classes;
  • the creation of specialized online stores (selling puzzles, theatrical costumes, products limited in the country).

We should also highlight the work of business ideas on the Internet. Online projects do not require large investments, unlike offline enterprises.

The Internet greatly expands and simplifies business opportunities. It allows you to do everything from creating specialized websites and training platforms to selling webinars and master classes.

Every idea can be made effective and unique. To do this, you need to organize a non-standard and attractive presentation that will inspire people and make them go to you.

Checking and analyzing the idea for effectiveness

Starting a business seems simple: invented a product, made it, and started selling. But first, it would be nice to test the business idea for strength. It may turn out that the product is not needed by anyone - then the money invested in it will be lost.

To avoid this, we will be helped by the experience of entrepreneurs who lost money because they did not test their idea in advance. Here's what to do to avoid losing money.

Find out if there is demand for the idea you are going to invest in

Before starting a business, it is better to check whether the product will be needed by consumers. To do this, you need to check the demand. There are several ways: interview friends and family, order a paid survey, or check through the search sections of the sites.

The fastest way to check demand is to go to Yandex. Ordstat and Google Trends. These are special sections of the Yandex and Google search engines that show how many queries people type into the search bar on a given topic. Here's how it works:

For example, we want to sell paintings in Volgograd. Suppose there is an artist who is ready to paint to order. It is necessary to check how many people are looking for "paintings to order" in search engines.

After filling in the search line, Yandex will show how many people are interested in this service

Step 2. We drive into the line "paintings to order".

In total, about 11 thousand people were interested in paintings to order in Russia over the past month. At the same time, 10 thousand people were interested in portraits to order. This can be remembered for the future as an idea for promoting the service

Step 3. Select the required region in the "By regions" section.

The table shows the demand in any region. For example, it turns out that more people are interested in custom-made paintings in the Krasnodar Territory than in the Volgograd Region

A total of 84 people in the Volgograd Region were interested in custom-made paintings. If you remember that not everyone who is looking for a "painting to order" is ready to buy it, it turns out that this amount is not enough for a business.

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