Canteen business plan with calculations 2021

Inexpensive, but delicious home-style food is not so common in canteens. How to open your own establishment, draw up a business plan for a canteen, what risks to take into account, and how to attract a consumer so that the business becomes successful.

Catering establishments of the middle price sector have been in demand at all times. Their regular visitors are students, for whom it is easier and cheaper to buy a complex lunch away from home than to cook on their own in a hostel, visitors and business travelers, employees of offices and nearby institutions. Food that is close in taste and quality to homemade food at an affordable price and at a convenient time is the key to the prosperity of the dining room.

Business idea description


The demand for the services of a canteen located in a good location is quite high. The income of the modern average person does not allow him to eat in a restaurant every day. Taking lunch with you to work is not always convenient: there is no way to warm it up, for example. Snacks on the run with sandwiches negatively affect health and mood, so a dining room located within walking distance with a large selection of dishes in the middle price segment will attract attention. The same can be said about breakfasts, lunches, dinners: to save time on cooking for a person who cooks only for himself (especially if there is no such opportunity), to buy some ready-made meals at home is a great opportunity to diversify the menu and save time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • a profitable and profitable business;
  • it is easy to find qualified personnel and arrange the business to your liking;
  • a consistently high demand from visitors.

  • high competition;
  • small amount in the check;
  • large start-up capital;
  • close attention from outside sanitary and epidemiological stations and supervisory authorities.

Minuses are not critical, having set a goal, you can turn them into pluses, bypass competitors by offering something of your own, individual, conquering the hearts and stomachs of customers once and for all.

Development Prospects

Well-established work of one catering point can be a start for opening a network of establishments united by idea, style, theme. Expanding the possibilities, you can

  • food delivery to your home or office;
  • ordering banquets, corporate parties with a small budget (such a service will certainly be in demand, especially among the regulars);
  • food preparation and delivery for outdoor events - picnics, gatherings in nature in gazebos.

Every year catering establishments are becoming more and more popular among the population of cities and towns. In the last century, in the era of building socialism, the country's leadership generally planned to replace the traditional way of society and firmly establish food in the life of the population not at home, but in canteens, in order to free housewives from the cooking process so that they do something more useful and interesting for themselves and society.

Since then, canteens have been opened and opened at various public and private institutions. They are associated with low prices for food and decent quality. Today it is not necessary to open a canteen at any organization, and the market system of the economy allows everyone to do this.

General organizational matters

It's worth starting with an important procedure: "legitimizing" the business. This is necessary in order to formally and safely perform the provision of services. To do this, you must register and obtain all the necessary permissions. Firstly, this is the discovery of the IP, for which the following is necessary.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, any adult citizen of the country can open an IP. You can register both in person and electronically.

The package of documents has the following structure:

  • Applications for opening an individual entrepreneur in the form of Р21001 (in 1 copy; if the application is submitted in person, then notarization is not required);
  • A receipt that confirms payment of state duty - 800 rubles (this amount is an integral part of the cost of opening an IP).
  • Copies of the main page and the page with registration from the passport (you will also need to present the original).
  • Copies of TIN.
  • Applications in the form 26. -1 (this is an application for the transition to a simplified taxation system, you can submit it within 30 days after the USRIP record sheet).

The following package of documents will be required directly to open the canteen:

  • Sanitary and Epidemiological Conclusion from Rospotrebnadzor. The list of sanitary requirements for the dining room can be found in SanPiN 2.. ... 59-00. To prepare for all inspections, it is also worth studying the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights."
  • Product quality certificates. In the dining room, all meals must strictly comply with government regulations. You can order such a service at private certification centers that certify the conformity of products to all requirements and standards.
  • The developed production control program, which must be coordinated with Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Permission from Rospozhnadzor. To obtain it, it is necessary to install a fire alarm, purchase fire extinguishers, develop an evacuation plan and ensure the availability of 2 emergency exits.
  • Contract for disinfection of air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Waste disposal agreement.

Dining room requirements

For functioning, it is necessary that the catering establishment meets the following requirements. First of all, this is the presence of ventilation along with air conditioning systems, as well as fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems. For a room, an important component is the height of the ceilings (for dining rooms, the height should reach more than 2 meters). Also, the room must comply with building codes and SNIPs. To ensure safety, it is necessary that the room has 2 emergency exits.

Next, you need to decide on the location of the room (based on the above conditions). Usually on the streets and in the media it is rare to hear or see advertisements for a canteen, so the place should be walkable and lively. Often the dining room implies the construction of a separate building, but it is allowed to be located on the 1st floor of the house. It is recommended to place such establishments where there was already an organization with a similar type of activity. You can consider the option of opening next to an office space or some other organization (university, factory).

Investments Profit Payback 1. 25.0097.00 per month11 months

The niche of food and products never loses demand even in times of crisis for the country. People need to eat anyway, and if they do not have money, they switch to cheaper food and restaurants, but do not refuse to eat, as opposed to entertainment. In this article, we want to consider a business plan in which we will tell you how to open a canteen for 20, 50 and 100 seats. We will give all the calculations and you will find out how much you can earn in this niche.

Positive aspects of the niche

As for the disadvantages, they include the limited number of dishes on the menu.

Today, the most popular dining format is the free-low. This option is chosen by many entrepreneurs who have decided to figure out how to open a cafeteria from scratch. The equipment is divided into several blocks - the so-called "islands". The visitor can move from one block to another and choose the dishes he likes. This saves time and reduces the need for additional staff.

Due to the convenience and perspective, this format is often chosen by other entrepreneurs - owners of cafes and even restaurants. But they can not be considered as direct competitors - if people come to a restaurant to relax, then to the dining room - just eat.

Dining room format

Closed canteens are usually tied to the organization they belong to, so opening them is not easy. To understand how to open a canteen in an enterprise, it is important to have successful negotiations with management. This is the first and most important step. But it is better to opt for open-type establishments. This provides more room for maneuver and more room for business management. In addition, this allows you to get additional profit by organizing various events, weddings, banquets, large bulk orders.

It is better to choose the standard mode of operation: from 9 to 18 on weekdays, from 10 to 15 on Saturday, Sunday is a day off. But if you know the working hours of enterprises and establishments located nearby, then it is better to adapt to them. So, if the cafeteria is located not far from the university, where couples start at 8:00, then it is better to start work from 7:00 - perhaps one of the guys wants to have breakfast before the start of the school day. If, however, there are offices nearby that work until 19.0, it is better to extend the opening hours to 20.0, etc.

About clients

The main visitors to canteens are office workers, students, office workers, so the main load falls on the lunch break - from about 12 to 14 hours. But there is another category of people who are not tied to such a tight schedule - workers, drivers and taxi drivers. But nevertheless, it is better to focus, first of all, on the first segment and look for premises not far from large business centers, institutes, government departments. And if you want to start a canteen from scratch, your business plan must include this point.

Do I need permissions to open the cafeteria?

Thinking over their own business, many entrepreneurs give preference to establishments in the catering segment. Despite the fact that there are some difficulties in this area, including bureaucratic ones, the field remains relevant and attractive. The fact is that using a business plan for opening a canteen with calculations, you can quickly reach a high level of profit. Let's consider what needs to be done for this.

Public catering market analysis

The catering market has always been attractive to investors and entrepreneurs. With proper management in this area, you can open an institution that will make great profits. What do you need to know first?

The restaurant business is one of the first to take a hit in case of economic troubles in the country. Citizens begin to eat less often outside the home, deny themselves traditional entertainment, and also minimize the number of solemn trips to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. With all this in mind, is it possible to open the dining room right now? The answer is yes, and there are reasons for this:

  • The canteen is an excellent example of a simple establishment that caters to the widest possible audience due to low prices. If the income of the population falls, it will not be burdensome to go to the canteen;
  • even despite the difficult economic situation, people are still interested in non-standard projects in the field of public catering. If you think over an interesting concept of an institution, it will always have its own client audience;
  • the corporate catering market is quite free. It is very easy to enter it, there are few competitors and excellent prospects for development. The dining room belongs to the corporate catering segment and can be opened in an institution with a target audience, for example, at a school, in a hospital, in a business center;
  • the format of the canteen is very well known to the potential audience, the menu is designed for a wide circle of consumers;
  • such an institution as a canteen can always discover the possibility of additional income, for example, banqueting.

The main advantage of the canteen over the end consumer is low prices. There is a large selection of dishes and a small average check. It is this factor that makes the establishment attractive and accessible to customers.

Modern entrepreneurs have become more responsible for the opening of catering outlets. Now, before entering the market, the concept of the institution, its pricing policy, location and other factors are seriously thought out. This allows you to neutralize risks and reduce the likelihood of failure to a minimum.

Opening the canteen at the initial stage: choosing the format and concept

In the past, canteens were associated only with municipal institutions. This significantly reduced their level of prestige. The modern format of the canteen is closer to that of a cafe, with a noticeable advantage - low prices. The canteens are betting on the common consumer, therefore they offer a wide range of simple dishes and have an unpretentious interior.

There are several formats of establishments:

  • a canteen in a business center is the most prestigious type of establishment in the corporate catering segment. It can offer its services to both the staff of the center and visitors. Can be used as a place for business negotiations, parties, corporate events;
  • a canteen in a municipal institution - as a rule, is designed for a limited audience of this institution;
  • a city canteen is the closest option to the format Cafe. Provides service for any visitor. Entrepreneurs choose a location close to places with large traffic of people, large organizations, educational institutions;
  • a canteen in a shopping center - it takes up a small area compared to all previous formats. May be part of a food court.

In order to understand which of the above options is right for you, you need to assess the level of competition in the city. More attractive segments will be those where the competition is low. In addition, it is quite difficult to open a canteen, for example, in a municipal institution. This requires additional permissions.

Choosing a concept for the establishment

Canteens, cafes, stalls selling fast food - today you can find it at every step. However, starting your own business is not as easy as it might seem. More than 70% of new establishments cannot withstand the competition and are closed within several years without having paid for themselves. In addition to the large number of competitors, there are several other nuances that put the business at risk. A business plan for how to open a canteen will help you avoid critical mistakes, which will provide an opportunity for growth and a quick return on investment.

A little about the market

This industry is the first to take on all the consequences of the crisis and the decline in the welfare of citizens. People are increasingly staying at home, preparing containers with food for work, trying not to visit institutions where they have to spend money. Therefore, every entrepreneur faces the question: "Is it necessary to open your own canteen at all in difficult times?" The answer to this question is quite positive, because if you wait for an opportunity, you can miss out on possible prospects and profits. The worse the market is, the higher the chances of standing out, surpassing competitors in quality, in ideas, in relation to customers.

The dining room is the segment that is designed for all categories of citizens. The main thing is to choose the right place and concept. As statistics show, such institutions are visited by businessmen to ordinary students, i. people who do not have enough energy or time for home cooking. There will be no problems with audience analysis.

There are several pros for opening a canteen, not a cafe or small restaurant:

  • The canteen format is more familiar to the consumer.
  • If you design your menus correctly, you can reach a large audience. It is worth noting that today it is difficult to meet a person who is in good health. If you put a little emphasis on this part and choose the right list of dishes, there will be no end of customers.
  • Low check - the amount for lunch, dinner or tomorrow does not hit the consumer's pocket. Sometimes it is cheaper to go out to eat in such an establishment than to spend hours at the stove at home.
  • You can always find additional income. How strange, but many still celebrate weddings, corporate parties, birthdays in canteens. It is inexpensive, fun, the main thing is that the square allows it.

The payback period for the project is quite fast. If you do everything right at the beginning, then the investment in the interior and concept will pay off within 9-12 months. The establishment will bring a steady and good income. A business plan for a dining room with 50 seats will help determine priorities.

How to start a business

Before an entrepreneur begins to collect a package of documents for opening his own canteen, you need to take care of the initial details. In this section, you can get acquainted with examples of the concept, with the selection of ideas, with funding.

What the future canteen will look like

The flow of clients depends on the correct choice. There are several winning options to get a quick return on your investment:

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